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The 2 Ways People Become Cool

The two factors that control your being seen as truly cool come under scrutiny in a new study of the personality traits of those we want to emulate.

The 2 Biggest Problems in Borderline Personality Disorder

The newest approach to borderline personality disorder allows you to test just how well you, and those you care about, cope with life's emotionally challenging situations.

Four Ways to Feel Happier and Enjoy Your Happiness

We think of happiness as a desirable state — unless you fear that your happiness will be fleeting. The latest research shows 4 ways to become, and stay, happy and enjoy the moment.

Why the Narcissistically Entitled Are So Difficult to Please

The entitled's narcissism can make dealing with them difficult indeed. Knowing what’s behind their fussiness can make your life, and possibly theirs, much easier.

The Many Mini Ways to Show You Care

It doesn't take a grand gesture to show someone that you care. With a "micro" act of kindness, according to new research, the payoff can be surprisingly high for both of you.

Do You Create the Rejection You Fear?

For some people, the prospect of rejection colors all their close relationships. New research shows how these overly sensitive individuals turn off the people they most care about.

The Introvert’s Worst Nightmare

The strength of the introvert is the ability to use quiet reflection and introspection when needed. New research shows what happens when the situation requires being outgoing.

Why Toxic People Get Ahead

Having a relationship with a toxic person is bad enough, but when your boss is toxic, there’s even more at stake. New research shows how the toxic manage to succeed.

A New, More Reliable Way to Spot a Liar

Who will cheat and who will be honest is as perhaps as crucial a distinction to make as any involving human behavior. New research on dishonesty suggests there’s a way.

Do Your Favorite Actors Share a Personality Disorder?

You may believe that all actors have narcissistic traits in a professional that rewards egotism. New research on the personalities of real actors shows you're only partly right.

Can You Identify Narcissists from Their Signatures?

Many believe that there’s some psychological meaning to handwriting, but so far there’s little to support this view. New research shows how narcissism figures into the equation.

How to Let Go When Your Relationship Gets Stuck

Relationships can go sour for many reasons. New research shows how to let it go when this happens to you and be able to move on, even if you take small steps toward that goal.

3 Core Facets of Narcissism, from Malignant to Adaptive

Narcissism continues to fascinate and perplex theorists, researchers, and the public. New research shows how to understand the 3 basic core features of narcissism's many facets.

Get to the Truth With This New Way to Spot a Liar

Who will cheat and who will be honest is as perhaps as crucial a distinction to make as any involving human behavior. New research on dishonesty suggests there’s a way.

How Much is Too Much When it Comes to Self-Disclosure?

In everywhere from social media to cell phone calls and conversations in public places, new research shows the dangers of the condition known as privacy fatigue.

The Best Way to Handle Your Partner’s Silent Treatment

Having your partner ignore you intentionally never feels very good. New research on relationships suggests what silence means, and how to cope when you’re the target.

Identity in Borderline Personality Disorder: A New Approach

Borderline personality disorder is often thought of in terms of early development of the self. A new measure of identity shows the continuing role of identity in adulthood.

What Can a Man’s Finger Size Tell you About His Sex Appeal?

When it comes to predicting the sex appeal of a man, new research claims it all boils down to the length of one of his fingers. But is this claim valid?

10 Signs of Insecurity Online

Feel you're on the outside looking in? It’s a miserable state of mind that social media can only worsen. Measure your own fear of missing out (FOMO) with this quick 10-item scale.

Your Ultimate Guide to Identifying a Narcissist

You may speculate at times on whether the people in your life are really narcissists. New research provides a 15-item informant’s guide to show you what you need to look for.

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