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My Memories Live in an Old Farmhouse

Some places seem haunted. Not by ghosts, but by the past and by our memories.

You're Vulnerable, but I'm Immune

Do you worry about rumors? Are you concerned about fake news? False information might change other people. Of course, you’re immune, aren’t you?

Stuck on Repeat in Alzheimer’s Disease

If you have a relative with Alzheimer’s, you’ve probably experienced conversational loops. A topic comes once. Within a few minutes, you're back to topic again. Stuck on repeat.

When a College Education Makes Things Worse

What if a college education makes things worse? Should we worry about the value of education in the post-truth world?

He Said, She Said, and a Videotape

Sometimes we get caught telling a whopper. And sometimes, our whopper may not actually be a lie. How should you respond?

Taking a Stand When Taking a Knee

How we rewrite and romanticize memories of protests.

Is Taking a Knee the Wrong Way to Protest?

The US Vice President walked out of a football game because some players took a knee during the anthem. Vice President Pence believes that is the wrong way to protest.

Should I Boycott Football?

I love football. I played when I was young. I appreciate the beautiful ballet of violence. But I wonder if I should boycott the sport.

Should You Go to the Counter-Protest?

When the Nazis, KKK, and white supremacists march in your town, should you go to the counter-protest?

How Good is Your Autopilot?

Have you used an autopilot when driving? I don’t mean a self-driving car. I mean those times when you space out for a moment. Your mind wanders and your autopilot keeps you moving.

Distracted Parents and Problem Children

Have you seen them at the parks and in the coffee shops? Parents hypnotized by their phones and computers; unaware of what their children are doing. What happens to those children?

Why Bureaucrats Are like Three-year-olds

Bureaucrats have minds. Really. Nevertheless, they frequently display theory of mind failures – an ability they should have developed as preschoolers.

Why Bureaucrats are Like 3-Year-Olds

Bureaucrats have minds. Really. Nevertheless, they frequently display theory of mind failures – an ability they should have developed as preschoolers.

A New Way to Avoid Impulse Shopping

Impulse shopping. I walk into the store with a shopping list, but come out with things that were not on my list. Is there any hope? Maybe your cell phone can save the day.

Science Is Not Political

Nonetheless, science is embroiled in politics. Why is science so controversial, and why are the scientists planning a big march?

Good People, Evil Actions

Can anyone become a monster? We like to think that only unusual and horrible people do evil things. But what if anyone, even a basically good person, will perform evil actions?

Crowd Size, Line Length, and Conformity

When you quietly agree with the statements of a group, how does conforming change you? Can you retain your original views? Does conforming alter the way you see the world?

Does the Truth Matter?

Does the truth matter to you? No one likes being lied to, or at least that is what we say. But the truth is that we seem to like some lies.

These Dishes Didn’t Wash Themselves

Does anyone ever notice the work you do? Think about your unnoticed housework. All of those dishes washed and all of that laundry folded. Will anyone ever notice?

A Trump Effect for Sexual Harassment and Assault Memories

Memories can hide and wait. The election has provided a moment for sexual harassment and assault memories to return to awareness and become part of a national conversation.

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