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Singapore Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel hits back at his critics

Very interesting chat with Sebastian Vettel yesterday as we walked into the Marina Bay circuit together from his hotel. I had intially been told to be there for midday (which considering we are all operating on European time meant that my body got up at about 3.30am in order to make it). Unfortunately when I [...]

Korean GP circuit inspection delayed again by 'long bank holiday weekend'

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that the “final” track inspection deadline of September 21 for the Korean Grand Prix came and went with no word from the governing body. I have written about this before. F1 circuits are supposed to be signed off by the FIA 90 days in advance of racing. Somewhere [...]

Jenson Button: "From now on I'm going to be aggressive. Take risks. It's more exciting." Discuss.

Speaking with Jenson Button following the race on Sunday it was interesting to note his mood. Despite the 18 points he collected for his second place, and the fact that Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber had both failed to score big, he was still peeved that he had lost out on seven points which could [...]

What does the Ferrari team orders outcome say about FIA president Jean Todt?

Not sure if anyone noticed but there was a little news line that ran in The Sunday Telegraph last weekend concerning the outcome of the Ferrari team orders hearing. I understand that FIA president Jean Todt wanted to see Ferrari hit with a further financial penalty and a suspended ban for their shenanigans at Hockenheim. Clearly [...]

Italian Grand Prix: Christian Horner admits he may impose team orders

Ferrari’s let-off has everyone here very riled up. For me, it is simple. They should have been properly punished (as I have argued before, what is the point of a rule unless you back it up?). But as for team orders in general, allow them. Drivers would have to stand up for themselves just as [...]

YouTube strikes again as FIA launch investigation into Felipe Massa's start in Belgium

Another strike for fan power. More amateur footage – this time of Felipe Massa’s Ferrari positioned ahead of its grid slot at Spa last weekend – has prompted the FIA to launch an investigation into why the error was not picked up at the time. Technically, Massa’s positioning should have resulted in a drive-through penalty for [...]

Niki Lauda clarifies his stance on team orders

Interesting to note that Niki Lauda has denied making those comments, widely reported a few weeks back, to the effect that Ferrari would get a “pasting” at next week’s World Council hearing into their actions at Hockenheim. “I’ve never said that stuff,” Lauda told the Italian press. “On television I only said that team orders [...]

Did Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel deserve a drive-through penalty at Spa? And has the German lost the plot?

One of the most interesting talking points to emerge, wet and bedraggled, from a typically rainy Belgian GP surrounded the driving of Sebastian Vettel, who ended the race of the hapless Jenson Button after 17 laps. Most inside the media centre were of the opinion that Vettel was guilty of impetuosity (at best) and recklessness [...]

Should Fernando Alonso be punished for Ferrari's team orders?

Four team principals (well, three team principals and a chief technical officer) were put up for the press in Spa this afternoon: Martin Whitmarsh (McLaren), Ross Brawn (Mercedes), John Booth (Virgin) and Mike Gascoyne (Lotus). They were asked for their thoughts ahead of the World Council hearing into Ferrari’s use of [...]

Belgian Grand Prix: record breaker Rubens Barrichello celebrates 300 not out

Some really nice stuff from Rubens Barrichello this afternoon. The Brazilian had more than the usual cluster of journalists around him at his 2.05pm sit-down for two reasons. Firstly, everyone wanted to know if he was still seething from the incident with Michael Schumacher in Hungary before the summer break when his old Ferrari team [...]

Michael Schumacher's arrogance can no longer be tolerated in Formula One

Should he stay or should he go? The jury was out on Michael Schumacher even before he attempted to send Rubens Barrichello to heaven in Hungary. Has the picture changed in the wake of Sunday’s grand prix? Yes, but not because he is a dangerous and controversial racer – we knew that already. He should [...]

Quick update on hotel situation in Korea

In the wake of my post on my trip to Korea, I promised some intel on the hotel situation out there and here it is, courtesy of one of my travel companions, Eugene Bari (who runs… it made me chuckle so much I thought I would reproduce it in its entirety. Eugene writes… The interesting thing [...]

Ferrari and Fernando Alonso backed by Schumacher. What does that tell you?

Here’s an easy way to decide debates about sporting morality. 1. See which side Michael Schumacher’s on. 2. Take the other side. Rarely will you be in the wrong. And so it proved again at the German Grand Prix, when Schumacher immediately defended Ferrari’s blatant and cack-handed team orders. Well, at least he’s not a hypocrite. Clearly, [...]

Abalone porridge and karaoke… gearing up for October's Korean Grand Prix

I really didn’t expect to be spending the week in between Silverstone and Hockenheim belting out karaoke on a bus in South Korea. Yet somehow that is exactly what I found myself doing after accepting a late invitation from the Korea Tourism Organisation to recce the new circuit they are building out there, which is [...]

Someone is not telling the truth. Is it Ferrari or FIA race director Charlie Whiting?

Fernando Alonso had a funny day on Sunday. His race was ruined once again by a safety car – the second time in two weeks after the “manipulated” (according to the Spaniard) result in Valencia. He then got changed into his football strip and watched his country win the World Cup from Ferrari’s motor home [...]

Does Robert Kubica's contract extension mean Michael Schumacher is staying at Mercedes?

The news that Robert Kubica has signed to stay on at Renault until the end of 2012 has been largely glossed over in the British GP feeding frenzy, but it could hold the clue to one of the paddock’s most interesting ongoing storylines. Kubica is one of the most highly-regarded drivers on the grid and was [...]

Red Bull's Mark Webber gives new meaning to demonstrations in Parliament Square

The intense battle between McLaren and Red Bull now extends to YouTube videos… McLaren have been big on viral marketing in recent months with videos of Lewis and Jenson building their own race car and sitting in Ayrton Senna’s famous Mp4-4. Now Red Bull have followed suit with a PR stunt in Parliament Square at [...]

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button imagine driving Ayrton Senna's MP4-4 around Monte Carlo

Another McLaren viral marketing video on YouTube. I don’t know where Lewis and Jenson find the time…

Fernando Alonso apologises for suggesting Valencia race was 'manipulated'

Interesting blog from Fernando Alonso on the Ferrari website, effectively apologising for his post-Valencia outburst when he intimated that the race had been “manipulated” in Lewis Hamilton’s favour. “Obviously, in the clear light of day, I am much calmer than I was in the moments immediately following the race,” Alonso said. “At the time, I [...]

Whither now for Formula One's in-season testing regulations?

Following my blog last week asking whether Ferrari’s ‘media’ track day was a bit on the dodgy side, it was interesting to watch the debate heat up in Valencia. I was assured the issue would be “discussed by engineers in small huddles” but in fact it attracted the attention of some rather larger fish. First [...]

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