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Sanatana Dharma, Vedanta, and the Bible : Essential Differences

Q: Although I don’t have a problem understanding all the concepts of Vedanta, the minute I reflect upon the Christian Bible it seems to all confuse me. I find the teachings so different, although they must be the same. It is the Bible...Show More Summary

Individual Spiritual Evolution and Why We Should Respect It in Others

To a friend who had questions about right and wrong and my position on certain questions regarding the personal conduct of others. Although Original Christianity (Sanatana Dharma) has beliefs, is has no dogmas. That is, there is nothing a person must believe or think about something. Show More Summary

Stories of Oliver Black, Yogananda’s Highly Advanced Disciple

To a person who wanted me to share what I know about Yoganandaji’s highly advanced disciple, Yogacharya Oliver Black. In 1968 I was able to go to Detroit for an SRF Sunday service at the Art Institute conducted by Yogacharya Black, and the entire next day I spent with him at his home. Show More Summary

Why You Should Have a Dharmic Approach to Religion

Q: I have read much of your site and The Christ of India and am interested in the dharmic approach taken by the Saint Thomas school–most of which seems natural to me. While there is documentation on Hindu acceptance and worship of Christ,...Show More Summary

Evil Spirits and Satan: Where Do They Come From?

Q: Where do evil spirits come from? The Christian Bible acknowledges them–Legion, for example (Mark 5:9; Luke 8:30). It is important to understand that in all relative existence there are only the Supreme Spirit, God (Brahman), and the seemingly infinite number of individual spirits (jivas). Show More Summary

Untold Stories of Mahavatar Babaji of Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi”

To someone who wished I would write anything I might know about Mahavatar Babaji that is not in Autobiography of a Yogi. I will tell you what others told me in India about Babaji. Dr. Mukherji Within a week of my landing in India inShow More Summary

Who Are the Ideal Householder Yogis?

Q: Someone told me that the Indian scriptures say if householder yogis only engage in sexual relations at night they are actually brahmacharis. Is this so? I have come across this in some “scriptural” books myself more than once. Nevertheless, this statement is not only false, it is foul. Show More Summary

Stories About Yogananda’s Second American Disciple: Warren Vickerman

To someone who asked for more about Warren Vickerman, the second American to become a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. The very first person I had a conversation with at the Hollywood SRF Center was Annie Vickerman, the wife of Warren Vickerman (“Vickie”). Show More Summary

Meditator’s Guide to the Mind Part 2—Seven Important Lessons

Originally posted five years ago today, this post is ever-fresh. So we share this excerpt from The Dhammapada for Awakening again. This the follow-up post of What Is the Mind?: A Meditator’s Guide, Part 1 Mind–the source “Mind precedes its objects. Show More Summary

New Book on Avoiding Meditation Delusions

Light of the Spirit Press has just published a new book in print and ebook format: Dwelling In The Mirror: A Study of Illusions Produced by Delusive Meditation and How to Be Free from Them, by Abbot George Burke. And for a limited time the ebook version is on sale for only 99¢. Show More Summary

The Benefits of Past Life Recall | Podcast

The subject of past life recall is a broad topic. So this interview of Abbot George Burke by our friend Bianca Vlahos of PBA-fm radio in Australia is a long one—just over 53 minutes. Among the questions Bianca asks is “What is the main...Show More Summary

Worship of God in India: Questions and Answers

Q: In India which is mostly worshipped: God with form (Saguna Brahman) or God without form (Nirguna Brahman)? Do you think that to worship the Personal God is better than to worship the Formless God? Certainly in India Saguna Brahman is worshipped more than Nirguna Brahman. Show More Summary

What Are the Many Faces of God?

Q: Reading Abbot Burke’s The Christ of India, (all in all a great book) I am a bit confused as to the disposition of Saint Thomas Christians on the matter of God? At one point, he states that they are Unitarian and at other times asserts they are Trinitarian, both practically and esoterically. Show More Summary

Past Life Recall: Is It a Good or a Bad Idea?

Q: Can someone today have had “no” past lives? Could this be the start of lives? We have many, many reincarnations in lower life forms before we ever reach human form. (See Robe of Light.) By the time we are (primitive) human beings we have no doubt been around for more than one creation cycle. Show More Summary

Update Available to Om Yoga Meditation

Om Yoga Meditation: Its Theory and Practice is available in print or as and ebook at, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Smashwords, and other online outlets. Over the last few weeks we have been updating one of the most important resources...Show More Summary

God or Godzilla?

The following is taken from a condemnatory review of The Gospel of Thomas for Awakening that was posted on the Amazon page where it can be ordered. It is extremely revealing about the attitude toward and the concept of God held by the reviewer–and most of contemporary Christianity. Show More Summary

Did Jesus Really “Pay the Price” for Our Sins?

Follow-up questions and answers to How Karmic Debt is Used by Great Masters Such as Jesus Q: Did Jesus Christ actually “absorb and cancel” the karmic debt of the world’s people and all sentient beings for all past present and future offenses? No, he did not. Show More Summary

Unique Spiritual Podcasts at Your Fingertips

It has now been two years since Abbot George began making podcasts on spiritual life available for our readers. We continually add new ones and now offer 38 podcasts on all different aspects of spirituality. We’re now approaching 100,000...Show More Summary

How Karmic Debt is Used by Great Masters Such as Jesus

To someone who asked how Jesus could have a personal karmic debt requiring the crucifixion for its expiation if he had become Christ and was in total conscious union with the Absolute. This was part of the Great Sacrifice made by Jesus. Show More Summary

The Important Need for “Reincarnational Health”

Q: I want to ask you if you know how one can communicate with family members that have passed on, and if you can offer any pointers in that direction. It is very important–necessary, actually–that after a certain time in earthly incarnation...Show More Summary

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