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This Is The Weirdest Cracker Ad You Will Ever See

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

Created by Strawberry Frog for Wasa Crispbread, we present to you, perhaps, the oddest cracker commercial you will ever see. And when we say odd, we don't mean bad. We just mean, well, odd. A woman on a business trip in Sweden decides to go to a yoga class. Show More Summary

Promoter Forces Concert Goers to Watch This Guy Flip Out on Ecstacy Before Attending

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

Here's an interesting approach to festival promotion. Made Event, the promoters of electronic dance music concerts, including, Electric Zoo, has launched "Come To Life." The campaign encourages attendees to organically enjoy -- rather...Show More Summary

This Penelope Cruz-Created Agent Provocateur Ad Has So Much Thong-Clad Ass And Bulging Breast You Will Need to Excuse Yourself to Release the Tension

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

This is just what every man who is stuck in the desert wants, right? Not water. No way. That's boring. How about a bevy of bodacious babes shaking their booty in Agent Provocateur lingerie? Oh yea. That's way better, right? Of course...Show More Summary

Without Admitting Its Products Were Ever Bad, Johnson's Touts Reformulated Baby Products

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

Without admitting the ingredients formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, present in 100 of its baby products, Johnson's Baby, which earlier this year began introducing reformulated products, is out with a delightfully fuzzy, feel good campaign...Show More Summary

Check Out These Three Can't Miss Events During Affiliate Summit

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard of Clickbooth and their epic parties during ad:tech and Affiliate Summit. While continuing the tradition of the Affiliate Nation Mega Party, they are also thinking smaller with two limited capacity events during Affiliate Summit, held at the New York Marriott Marquis August 10-12. Show More Summary

You Won't Believe What Happens to These...Oh Who Are We Kidding...Watch These Apartment Renters Get Scared Shtless In Prankvertising Stunt

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

Borrowing heavily from the Paranormal Activity and Saw movie franchises, Danish apartment rental company Lejebolig is out with a video which aims to reming people to use their common sense when renting. Apparently, there are a lot of...Show More Summary

Paris Hilton is Back in New Carl's Jr. Ad!

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

Can you believe it's been 9 years since Paris Hilton washed that Bentley while eating a Carl's Jr. BBQ Burger? Well, she's back. Hilton, 33, makes a cameo appearance in an ad featuring Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson. As the...Show More Summary

This Nun Has A Dirty Little Habit

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

OK, now we've gone too far. Are we really to believe that a washing machine needs a cleaning product to clean it when, um, let's be honest, it cleans itself every time it runs because, oh, WE PUT DETERGENT IN EVERY TIME! Anyway, that little bit of logic hasn't prevented Tide from introducing its Washing Machine Cleaner product. Show More Summary

Here's How to Best Serve Brand Advocates (And Haters) Who Have 'Occupied' Your Brand

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

Welcome to the social era where­ your brand has officially been Occupied. The relationship between your image and your values is increasingly determined by your brand advocates. The future of your brand is subject to your community and...Show More Summary

STUDY: Top Ten Clickable Native Advertising Topics for the First Half of 2014

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

Native advertising pioneer MGID identified the top-ten Internet content trends for the first half of 2014 today, having aggregated engagement and virility from millions of visitors to more than 3,000 entertainment, lifestyle and sports websites. Show More Summary

PR Agency Announces Mundane Office Move With World's Highest Press Release (27 Miles)

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

In what may or may not be a first, UK-based PR agency Houston launched what it's calling the World Highest Press Release. The agency, which is announcing a mundane office relocation, launched a very un-mundane campaign whereby a laminated...Show More Summary

This Ad Campaign (And A Bunch of Other Stuff) Was Paid For in Meat

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

To prove that Montana's Best of BBQ Sampler event is irresistible, the Montana's team tried to shoot an entire ad campaign by bartering with BBQ ribs, sausages, chicken, brisket, and shrimp. And it worked. Created by Vancouver-basedShow More Summary

RESEARCH: How Ben & Jerry's, Hollister KPMG Won With Paid, Owned And Earned Media

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

The old adage, "you get what you pay for" may no longer be true when it comes to traditional paid media investments. Effectiveness of traditional advertising and paid media - TV, newspaper, print - is on the decline, so marketers are choosing to push their dollars to social advertisements. Show More Summary

Giant Orca Eats SeaWorld CEO In Front of Comic-Con Attendees

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

As thousands of Comic-Con fans deplane, the first thing that they'll see won't be a promo for the next Avengers film or The Walking Dead but a huge graphic cartoon of a captive orca with SeaWorld's CEO in his mouth. The display, which...Show More Summary

Watch This Model's Boobs Bounce All Over the Place (in Slow Motion) in A Strapless Sell A Strapless Fitness Tracker

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

Fact: Boobs bounce when women run. Fact: Society thinks bouncing boobs are somehow offensive. So what happens when a woman wearing a strapless top jogs along the beach -- in slow Chariots of Fires plays -- while her boobs bounce uncontrollably all to sell a "strapless" fitness tracker from TomTom? The ad gets banned, of course. Show More Summary

Watch How This Computer Security Brand Explains Its Product Using A Disappearing Go-Go Dancer in Hot Pants

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

There are bizarre ads and then there is this ad from Netherlands-based Ziggo which is promoting computer security software. In the ad a seemingly unsuspecting guy in a coffee bar is innocently working on his laptop. Suddenly, a woman in white Daisy Dukes hops on top of his table and does a little dance. Watch what happens next.

A Little Contract Dispute Isn't Going to Stop This Footballer's Wife From Stripping Down to Her Undies For Ultimo Lingerie

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

And while we're on the topic of lingerie, here's yet another ad confirming the apparent fact only super hot women wear lingerie. This ad, for Ultimo, has British model Abbey Clancy sporting several version of the brand's under things. It would seem the old adage holds true. Show More Summary

Penelope Cruz Is About to Freak Us Out With A New Agent Provocatuer Ad

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

Last year, Penelope Cruz work with Agent Provocateur to create a dazzling video in which lingerie-clad women frolic about in a mansion as a man wearing sunglasses ogles them while strolling through. In the end, the epic lust-fest isShow More Summary

Teen Prefers Huge Cans Over Committment

3 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

In what could have been a far more hilarious take, though perhaps not as sweet, this Nestea commercial from Toronto-based Zulu Alpha Kilo has some fun with huge cans. In the ad, we have a teen professing her love to her boyfriend who,...Show More Summary

Check Out These Fine Asses Sporting MeUndies For 365 Days...And Having Lots of Sex

4 months agoMarketing / Advertising : Adrants

We all have our favorite clothes we like to wear and, perhaps, even our favorite underwear. MeUndies underwear brand would like us to believe its underwear is so comfortable, we'd wear it 365 days a year. Now hopefully they aren't implying we wear the same pair of underwear for 365 days because, you know, that would be gross. Show More Summary

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