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Go With Passion

2 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

It was a fall evening in 2008 that I decided to start a tea blog.  In retrospect I knew very little (still do in fact.) However I did have one thing, passion, passion to learn, passion to know, and passion to try. Honestly I had no clue...Show More Summary

Musing On Tea

3 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

 "Wine is sunlight held together by water."                                            -Galileo Galilei If that is true, then what would tea be?  I'd venture to guess it would be something along the lines of:  tea is life infused into water. Show More Summary

10 Things in every tea session

3 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

Honestly as tea drinkers a lot of thoughts go through our head every single time we sit down to brew tea.  Granted not all of them are tea related, however I have found ten things we should all definitely think about every time we sit down to brew. Show More Summary

Tea with Dinner

3 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

I have to laugh how things can change.  I used to be a person who had tea when they were having tea, and ate when he was going to eat.  I almost never even had a small snack with my tea even though it can be fairly common. However with...Show More Summary

New Video Describing Balhyocha!

3 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

So lately I have been doing a lot of personal searching, and personal development and goal setting. One thing that didn't sit right was how far I drifted away from tea, and while the past few months it has been getting a foothold in my life again, I did not want the blog or the videos to go. Show More Summary

Why do you choose your your teaware?

3 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

I have run several small interesting experiments with my friends, namely when giving them a choice to use any cup I have to offer, who chooses which, and why did they choose that one?  Is there something about the shape, glaze, sizeShow More Summary

Tough Decisions, is it time for an end?

3 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

I sat down tonight, saying it has been too long since I last posted, I specifically carved out a solid stretch of time to work on a post.  Something I am not used to as my posts had before mostly been written on a whim, when the spirit hit. Show More Summary

Days that make us Remember

3 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

I am not going to lie, for a little while there I had started to forget what it is I actually like about tea, and why I spent so much time drinking it, and learning how to best prepare it.  I think if people spend enough time on anything eventually they will need to step back and reevaluate their situation. Show More Summary

Isn't it Ironic?

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

I've long stopped wondering about what people google to find this blog, but the past month has caught me chuckling to myself a few times due to the name I happened to choose for this blog and my current field of work.   I'm not sureShow More Summary


4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

Sorry for the horrible word play in the title.   However I've been thinking a lot about where tea ranks on my list of priorities lately, and I am not exactly sure.  I view it as an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable diversion, and still enjoy it immensely. Show More Summary

The Spirit of Tea

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

Through over 5 years on my blog, many things have changed personally, some at least in part inspired by tea.  As tea drinkers we get a lot of questions on what tea is to us, or why we drink tea.  Honestly though through those 5 years...Show More Summary

Cold Brewed [Steeped] Tea

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

In passing with another tea person I know I had a brief although provocative conversation.  I mentioned that I was drinking some Cold Brewed Keemun I made for a party I hosted, and his initial reaction was that it was a waste of good tea. Show More Summary

Matcha Monday Morning Maddness

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

Well it is quarter after three in the morning, a time I find a little bit ironic, as 24 hours ago I had not yet gone to bed, and in those past 24 hours I've gotten maybe ten hours of sleep, a questionable four Saturday morning, and six with so much promise bringing me to this point in time right here. Show More Summary

Morning Crane Tea group buy of Yi Ho Yeong teas

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

When I first started this tea blog, I really had no clue how far it would go, or who I would become acquainted with in the process, but rest assured as with most things, if you are in the circles long enough you eventually meet quite a few people. Show More Summary

Chawan, the tea lovers Super Bowls

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

So I couldn't help but laugh yesterday, while I have never been that much of a professional football fan, this year I've followed it far less than I have in quite a few years.  Somewhere in the endless mentions of the Super Bowl, I couldn't...Show More Summary

Warming up with some Aged Sheng Puerh

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

First I needed to warm up from a bit over 6 mile, hour long run in the ever falling snow.  While it was an incredibly fun and miserable run at the same time, there is just something impressive about the glaciers that were forming on my eyebrows by the end of the run. Show More Summary

Tea and Weight loss, Three Reasons For and Against

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

I am sure anyone that has been around the block in the tea world a few times has heard all sorts of wonderful health claims, including the magical claim that tea can help you lose weight!  Well, to go a little into my personal life again,...Show More Summary

Matcha Monday (and more)

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

It had been far too long since I have had matcha on hand, and I need to get a whole lot more.  I have oddly realized that Matcha may actually be the ideal tea to make in an office setting.  What makes matcha ideal? Well besides the few...Show More Summary

Tea Eye Candy!

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

Honestly, I am trying to get back on a somewhat regular posting schedule, but having been sick for the past few days, and realizing I probably can't write anything new and original about drinking tea while sick, I have decided to just...Show More Summary

Happy New Year! Tea Resolutions

4 years agoFood & Drink / Tea : The SipTip

A bit late to post this on my blog, but to all my readers out there Happy New Year!  While an otherwise great 2013 fizzled out with out much ado, 2014 started off rather incredibly, and yes tea was involved. But before I get on to the...Show More Summary

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