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Is it a Swan or Squirrel??

I love summertime! I usually like to take advantage of warm and sunny summer days and take the kids for a walk. Yesterday was one of the rare sunny days we’ve had in this otherwise wet and disgusting summer, so I did just that yesterday. The kids and I went for a walk in the […] The post Is it a Swan or Squirrel?? appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Simple Crooked Lines Optical Illusion

I’ve been having a bit of trouble lately trying to find new and different illusions to feature on the site. I’ve realized that there are only so many illusions out there, and they aren’t exactly being created at an industrial rate. Today, I have a pretty simple lines optical illusion for you. Show More Summary

National Geographic Shadow Camel Illusion

Wow! While watching the TV show Brain Games last night, and they showed a pretty awesome photograph that I just had to share with you guys! Check out this National Geographic camel illusion! It’s pretty obvious that this is a photograph...Show More Summary

The Headless Girl Illusion

The weekend’s almost over, but that’s no reason to lose your head! Or, maybe it is… This headless girl illusion is an example of a perfectly posed photograph. It looks like this girl is not only headless, but also carrying her head under her arm. If I had to guess, I’d say that there are […] The post The Headless Girl Illusion appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Fun Love Seat Illusion

Well, the weekend is finally here, kids! That means I finally get to go furniture shopping. I need a new sofa and love seat something terrible, and I’m looking forward to updating my living room. In honor of my furniture shopping escapade today, I’ve found a fun illusion to share with you. Show More Summary

Curtain Illusion by Rob Gonsalves

I have an awesome curtain illusion from an amazing surrealist painter today! Take a look… Did you see the beautiful city skyline first? Or did you see the curtains? Depending on how you look at it, you an actually see both. The curtains...Show More Summary

Coca-Cola Illusions for Plants Make Us Happy Campaign

Creative advertising is hard to find these days! Maybe that’s why this Coca-Cola Plants Make Us Happy campaign really caught my eye. This ad campaign is a series of optical illusions depicting plants. Each ad illusion includes a short...Show More Summary

Are UFOs Real??

The existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life can spark a heated debate. Some swear that aliens from other planets really do visit us, while others scoff at their existence. I, myself, am not quite sure where I stand. I won’t completely...Show More Summary

Crazy Moving Arrows Illusion

Anomalous motion illusions, or simply motion illusions, are static images that appear to move. These types of optical illusions are sometimes confused with GIFs or other types of animations but the images themselves don’t actually move. Show More Summary

Sleeping Man or Clown Illusion

Speaking of ambiguous… I’ve found you a pretty interesting illusion today. I have to warn you, though, if you have coulrophobia (clown phobia), this one might give you may want to avert your eyes! This is one of those very ambiguous illusions that can be seen two different ways. Show More Summary

Crazy Woven Tube Illusion

It isn’t every day that you run across an optical illusion that really makes you stop and go…”whoa”! Hopefully, today’s tube illusion will do just that… When you look at the image, it looks like the string is weaving a series of pipes, or tubes. Show More Summary

Square Panel and Circle Illusion

I have a pretty creative and crazy illusion for you this morning! It took me a little bit to actually see this one, so I figured I’d share with you guys. Hopefully, you can see them before I did. Now for the illusion. Take a look at this panel of squares and tell me how […] The post Square Panel and Circle Illusion appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Impossible Object Illusion

Impossible objects are some of the best and most amazing optical illusions out there. When you look at an impossible object, you can’t just glance at it and move on. Nope. You usually end up staring at it for a while. Running your eyes along the lines and pieces of the object, trying to make […] The post Impossible Object Illusion appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Animal Illusions – It’s a Jeep Thing!

Good morning! Today’s animal illusions are brought to you by Jeep. Well, sort of. Okay they’re not really brought to you by Jeep, per say, but they’re definitely inspired by Jeep! More specifically, these animal illusions are part of one of Jeep’s recent ad campaigns. Show More Summary

Accidental Photo Illusion | Nice Legs!

I love accidental illusion photographs! Here’s a pretty interesting illusion… Nothing really looks out of place in this photo illusion until you really take a good look at it. At first it just looks like a couple cuddling on the couch. Show More Summary

Stacked Block Optical Illusion

I’m in the mood for a classic optical illusion today. Anyone else? That’s a little easier said than done on here, though, since we’ve already featured pretty much all of the classic optical illusions out there, like the blivet and the Penrose triangle. Show More Summary

Grabbing the Light Illusion

Sometimes the position of the camera makes all the difference. That’s evident in todays light optical illusion. In this image, it looks as if the balls of light are filling the bowl. The chopsticks are positioned in such a way that they look like they’re picking up a single ball of light. Show More Summary

Creepy Devil Illusion

Sometimes i run across an illusion that’s just plain creepy and gives me the heebie jeebies. Today’s devil illusion is just such an illusion. The creep factor is strong with this one… At first glance, this image looks a little like the devil, or at least a very evil old man. If you look a […] The post Creepy Devil Illusion appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Only the Shadow (Illusion) Knows…

Sometimes when you look at an image, it’s all about angles and perspective. How you look at something makes all the difference sometimes. Today’s shadow illusion is a perfect example of this! When you first look at it from this angle, this shadow illusion is a little difficult to process. Show More Summary

Deceiving Jeans Optical Illusion

I’m not even quite sure how to introduce today’s illusion. I’ve written, deleted, and rewritten the intro to today’s post four time, and nothing sounded right. Either it’s such an amazing optical illusion that it leaves one speechless or I’m just out of it this morning. Show More Summary

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