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The Little Horse With a Littler Horse Illusion

I’ve got quite an interesting horse illusion for you today! Have any of you seen this going around social media lately? Meet Da Vinci, the foal with a rather unusual birthmark, if you will. Dubbed Vinny by his owners, this little chestnut...Show More Summary

Table Skiing Illusion

Good morning, good morning… It’s Monday and the start of a new week! For lots of people, including me, that mean back to work. Not always my idea of a good time, but those bills aren’t gonna pay themselves, eh? It’s been pretty toasty here lately. After tons of rain and chill we’re finally getting […] The post Table Skiing Illusion appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Fun With a Seeping Man Illusion

Good day! I hope everyone is having a fun weekend! I, myself, ended up seeping in finally. I don’t get much sleep at all these days, so every once in a while I need to let my body recharge! So, please forgive me that today’s illusion is late… In honor of finally sleeping more than three […] The post Fun With a Seeping Man Illusion appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Crazy Optical Illusion Coloring Page | Fun for the Kiddos!

A coloring page or two can keep kids busy for quite a while, giving parents a little bit of silence and peace. Some parents prefer to hand their kids a nice coloring book or a fun little coloring page that they printed off of the Internet. Show More Summary

Guy Leaning Against a Tree Photo Illusion

Does anyone have any plans for the weekend? I’m thinking about getting in a little hiking again if the weather holds. I haven’t gotten the chance to get out in the woods much this summer, because of the crappy weather and tight schedule. Show More Summary

Little Guy Escapes From Lined Paper Drawing

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Little guy escapes from lined paper drawing! I guess he got sick of hanging out behind bars… I love a good lined paper drawing, and this one has to be one of my favorites! The little guy in the drawing just looks so bummed at the top of the […] The post Little Guy Escapes From Lined Paper Drawing appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

The Brocken Spectre Illusion

Good morning to all, and what a beautiful morning it is! I have something a little different for you today. Take a look at the photographs below and tell me what you see… When I first saw these images, they looked like someone had taken pictures of ghostly beings or figures. They almost had a […] The post The Brocken Spectre Illusion appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Fun Tree Man Legs Illusion

I’ve been posting some interesting photo illusions lately, and I have one more for you today. Today’s tree man illusion isn’t artistic or Photoshopped, but it’s just a fun photo with a clever pose. That tree really looks like a pairShow More Summary

Creepy Floating Ghost Boat Optical Illusion

I have a pretty creepy illusion for you today! It’s a floating ghost boat! Ooooo-OOO-OOH! Unlike yesterday’s illusion, which I’m still wondering if it’s Photoshopped, I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that this image hasn’t been edited at all. Show More Summary

Lady Sitting in The Woods Photo Illusion

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend! The weather is finally cooperating here, after weeks of nothing but rain, so I’m hoping we can get in a bit of hiking here today. Getting out of the house and back to nature is just so soothing,...Show More Summary

Ew! Chewing Gum Shoe Illusion

Don’t you hate stepping in gum! It gets all stuck to your she and streeeeetches… Ew! It’s grows! In remembrance of all of the chewing gum I’ve stepped in, I have sort of a fun and interesting shoe illusion for you today! It looks like...Show More Summary

Mother Nature’s Caterpillar Illusion

Mother Nature can be a pretty tricky lady sometimes! Some of the fantastic creatures that roam the earth today are simply amazing! Like this slithering green snake…   Doesn’t look like anything very special does it? Well, look againShow More Summary

Are Repelling Magnets the Way of the Future?

You’re probably here because you wondered how in the world this chess board was floating, right? Well, it’s not exactly an optical illusion. It’s all possible with the use of magnets! We probably all have a few magnets around the house, most likely on the refrigerator. Show More Summary

A Mirror Illusion or Two

We all have our favorite types of illusions. Of course, the classic optical illusions are great, but photo illusions can be fun too. Myself? I love a good mirror illusion, and I found you another dandy today! This mirror illusion is absolutely beautiful, I think. Show More Summary

Matchstick Math Brain Teaser

Good morning! I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again—finding illusions that havent already been posted on the site before is getting pretty tricky! I mean, we’ve done them all it seems, from the classic illusions to the more obscure ones, Photoshopped gems to perfectly timed photographs. Show More Summary

Dragon Dog Fire Illusion

With summer here, I’m sure a lot of you are sitting around crackling fires in the evenings. And, roasting marshmallows and making S’mores of course! Summer fires are a great way to enjoy summer evenings, and the whole family can getShow More Summary

Two Faced Illusion With Makeup

Everybody has met someone in their life that as two faced. You know the type! Someone who tells one person one thing, then turns around and tells someone else something completely different. Ugh! I hate that sort of attitude! But, IShow More Summary

Crazy Long Necked Giraffe Illusion

A zoo trip is usually in our schedule every summer. The kids love it, and it’s just a great family outing. Our local zoo is pretty good about keeping up the exhibits and adding fun new things every summer. We’ve had the chance to see...Show More Summary

Sexy Gams Fishnet Stockings Shadow Illusion

Ooh la la! I have a fun illusion for you guys today! If this were the 19th century, it could even be considered a little naughty! Lucky for us, though, we’re in the 21st century,’s just a fun shadow illusion… When I first sawShow More Summary

Cartoon Dog Hidden Word Illusion

I love me a good hidden word illusion! So much so that I tried my hand at making my own hidden word illusion the other day. I have to warn you – it’s a masterpiece, and it might make you a little jealous! It’s a pretty simple one, but it was still pretty fun to […] The post Cartoon Dog Hidden Word Illusion appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

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