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Top 50 releases of 2014: #31-40

#41-50Here's the second grouping of ten for the Top 50 releases of 2014 that I read. It's getting to be a bit harder to rank these, as these are some high-quality works.40. Siri Hustvedt, The Blazing WorldBooker Prize-longlisted story of art and sexism in the industry.39. Show More Summary

Best of 2014: Short Story Collections

I read 22 short story collections and anthologies that were published in the US in 2014. Since I only read 6 anthologies and didn't want to do a truncated section with them (as well as there being five stronger single author collections to fill out a Top 5 list), I thought I would note here that there won't be any anthologies on this year's list. Show More Summary

Top 50 releases of 2014: #41-50

For the rest of the year, I'm going to release in groups of ten my Top 50 releases of 2014 that I read. It was tough to reduce 165 reads down to 50 (a great many of these books have been featured on several prominent Best of Year lists), but these works should be of interest to most, if not all, readers.50. Show More Summary

Best of 2014: Translated Fictions

I only read twelve 2014 releases that were translations from other languages. Some of these were published prior to 2014 in the UK, but since I am an American citizen, I'll go by US release dates here. It was tough choosing which books to list here, in part because out of the thirteen read, nine were selected for my overall Top 50. Show More Summary

Best of 2014: Most Disappointing/Worst Releases

What better way to kick off covering the year that was (and for a few days, still is) than by listing those few 2014 releases that left me either disappointed or just were that bad? I tend to vet the books I choose to read/review, so there's a lot of mediocre to poor works that are eliminated from consideration before I purchase and/or read them. Show More Summary

Final nine 2014 releases reviewed

Although there were times that I wasn't for sure if I would be able to do it, I've finally managed to write something about each of the 165 books listed on this 2014 releases post. Although these will be barely 100-150 words in comparison...Show More Summary

End of year posting plans

Only a week to go in 2014 and it looks like I will indeed manage to achieve most, if not all, of my 2014 reading/reviewing goals. I'll be starting the Best of 2014 posts in earnest shortly, but for those who are curious about what I'll...Show More Summary

And on the penultimate day before Christmas, ten mini-reviews to delight even anti-squirrelists

Hard to believe, but before the week is over, I will have written something about every single 2014 release that I have listed here. Unfortunately, I haven't had much energy for reviewing at length, reserving that for finishing out the...Show More Summary

Final four foreign language 2014 releases reviewed

I have reviewed more current foreign language works this year (17; not counting pre-2014 releases) than I have in any previous year. These works, published in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian, have included some nominees and winners for major literary awards (Premio Alfaguara, Premio Strega, Prix Médicis). Show More Summary

Non-"core SF" recs for a hypothetical Hugo Awards nomination ballot, or rather, a Best of 2014 in non-"core" speculative fiction

I am unlikely to ever pay any money to be any sort of WorldCon member, but for those who are more interested in such things and who might be curious to see what sorts of works I would nominate for the fiction categories, below is a list...Show More Summary

Five October and December releases by women reviewed

2014 has seen the release of some outstanding works by women writers. Over 40% (granted, this is lower than the percentage published this year) of the 2014 releases I've read this year have been by women and by far, the majority of those releases have been at least well-written and entertaining. Show More Summary

Rabbits, Elk, War Hogs, and Battle Rams, Oh My!: Some thoughts on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

I believe I have said before that I am far from the target audience for action/adventure movies. I am generally not impressed with CGI "special effects" and explosions and large, crashing sounds tend to bore me with their redundant repetition. Show More Summary

Leopoldo Brizuela, Una misma noche

Si me hubieran llamado a declarar, pienso. Pero eso es imposible. Quizá, por eso, escribo. Declararía, por ejemplo, que en la noche del sábado al domingo 30 de marzo de 2010 llegué a casa entre las tres y tres y media de la madrugada:...Show More Summary

Santiago Roncagliolo, Abril rojo/Red April

Con fecha miércoles 8 de marzo de 2000, en circunstancias en que transitaba por las inmediaciones de su domicilio en la localidad de Quinua, Justino Mayta Carazo (31) encontró un cadáver. Según ha manifestado ante las autoridades competentes,...Show More Summary

Mid-December reviewing plans

It's nine days until Christmas, my usual drop-dead date when it comes to writing reviews for a year. I have 27 2014 releases left to cover, most, if not all, in 1-2 paragraph length mini-review round-ups. Starting after work late tonight/morning,...Show More Summary

Interesting article on the "clomping foot of nerdism" and the latest Hobbit movie

This weekend, The Telegraph ran an article that discussed how the over-emphasis on "realism" in fantasy (or to be more precise, the seeming near-elimination of "imaginative gaps"), especially in relation to adaptations/responses to J.R.R. Show More Summary

Folio Prize longlist announced

There are 80 titles on this list. I have read 27 of them (bolded). Based on the 1/3 that I've read, this is a good list of what was memorable in lit publishing in 2014, at least in the UK (some US-only releases I liked better, but that almost goes without saying). Show More Summary

Tomás Eloy Martínez, El vuelo de la Reina

A eso de las once, como toas las noches, Camargo abre las cortinas de su cuarto en la calle Reconquista, dispone el sillón a un metro de distancia de la ventana para que la penumbra lo proteja, y espera a que la mujer entre en su ángulo de mira. Show More Summary

A fine quote for a Friday in December

However the topic is considered, the problem of language has never been simply one problem among others. But never as much as at present has it invaded, as such, the global horizon of the most diverse researches and the most heterogeneous discourses, diverse and heterogeneous in their intention, method, and ideology. Show More Summary

Elena Poniatowska, La piel del cielo

– Mamá, ¿allá atrás se acaba el mundo? – No, no se acaba. – Demuéstramelo. – Te voy a llevar más lejos de lo que se ve a simple vista. Lorenzo miraba el horizonte enrojecido al atardecer mientras escuchaba a su madre. Florencia era su cómplice, su amiga, se entendían con sólo mirarse. Show More Summary

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