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Claudie Hunzinger, La langue des oiseaux (The Language of Birds)

Je ne sais pas ce qui s'est dit. Je sais seulement que ce fut mon tour. La question était: Est-ce que les livres nous regardent? Je savais que les tableaux, eux, oui, les tableaux que nous voyons nous voient du fond de leur éclat lointain – même quand ils sont proches. Show More Summary

Ali Smith, How to be Both

Consider this moral conundrum for a moment. George's mother says to George who's sitting in the front passenger seat. Not says. Said. George's mother is dead. What moral conundrum? George says. The passenger seat in the hire car is strange, being on the side of the driver's seat is on at home. Show More Summary

Laurie Halse Anderson, The Impossible Knife of Memory

At one level? None of this mattered. It was hard enough surviving day to day, both navigating the hordes at Zombie High and listening to the bomb that had started ticking inside my father's head. A little flirting with Finn? That wouldn't hurt. Show More Summary

A few things I'd like to write about this week

Been a bit busy this weekend to have much time to write reviews, but I do plan on reviewing the two Booker Prize finalists (Howard Jacobson's J and Ali Smith's How to be Both), along with at least two National Book Award-longlisted titles for Fiction (Phil Klay's Redeployment and John Darnielle's Wolf in White Van). Show More Summary

Tentative panels/signings I'll attend at the Southern Festival of Books October 10-12

Unless something comes up, I plan on attending my fourth straight Southern Festival of Books lit festival in Nashville this upcoming weekend, October 10-12. It's a (mostly) free event, with only parking costs being the only guaranteed expense. Show More Summary

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

There was Eru, the One, who in Arda is called Ilúvatar; and he made first the Ainur, the Holy Ones, that were the offspring of his thought, and they were with him before aught else was made. And he spoke to them, propounding to them themes of music; and they sang before him, and he was glad. Show More Summary

Angélica Gorodischer, Palito de naranjo

Para empezar, a las mujeres encarceladas nadie las visita nunca. A los varones sí, siempre. Siempre la mujer o la madre, y hasta la hija, pero eso es más raro, va los jueves a las dos de la tarde con paquetes de comida y de ropa, a veces con revistas, a veces con un ejemplar de la Biblia. Show More Summary

September 2014 Reads

Due in part to my back injury keeping me out of work for most of the month, I had more time available for reading. Finished 51 books this month, my highest for the year so far. Managed to finish above the 1 book/day pace for the first time since January and I moved closer to achieving most, if not all, of my 2014 reading goals. Show More Summary

National Book Awards' 5 under 35 authors for 2014

The National Book Awards have chosen the 2014 5 under 35 authors. It's an interesting list, including one (Phil Klay) on this year's longlist for Fiction:Yelena Akhtiorskaya, Panic in a SuitcaseAlex Gilvarry, From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy...Show More Summary

Kelly Barnhill, The Witch's Boy

Once upon a time there were two brothers, as alike to one another as you are to your own reflection. They had the same eyes, the same hands, the same voice, the same insatiable curiosity. And though it was generally agreed that one was slightly quicker, slightly cleverer, slightly more wonderful than the other, no one could tell the boys apart. Show More Summary

A couple of pics of my leatherbound books

This weekend, I bought my 101st leatherbound book, a Franklin Library edition of Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. I now own 78 Easton Press editions, 24 Franklin Library editions, plus 4 Folio Society books bound in buckram and 135 Library of America volumes. Show More Summary

Here's a list of already-read books that I want to have reviewed by October 31st

Although I have no energy to review tonight (been traveling much of the time that I wasn't watching college football), I have been trying to decide which reviews should be forthcoming. Seems that I have almost two dozen books that I've already read for which I haven't yet written reviews. Show More Summary

Marco Magini, Come fossi solo (As I was Alone)

Vorrei non dovermi ancora una volta svegliare in mia compagnia. Mi alzo e mi faccio la barba. Sono passate le undici e anche stamani non ho salutato i bambini prima che andassero all'asilo. Mi gira la testa, avanzo incerto verso il bagno che ha un odore chimico di lavanda. Show More Summary

Hedwige Jeanmart, Blanès

Pendant tout le repas je jouai avec les pages de mon cernet que j'avais déballé. C'était un bon papier lisse, un peu jaune. Comme dessert je choisis une crêpe aux fruits rouges. Et quand le serveur l'eut déposée devant moi, tout se passa à nouveau en dépit de moi-même. Show More Summary

J.R.R. Tolkien, Hobbitus Ille (Latin translation of The Hobbit, tr. by Mark Walker)

in foramine terrae habitabat hobbitus: nec foedum, sordidum madidumque foramen, nec extremis lumbricorum atque odore caenoso impletum, nec etiam foramen aridum, inane, harenosum, in quo nihil erat ad considendum aut edendum aptum; immo foramen-hobbitum, ergo commoum. Show More Summary


Tomorrow marks the 265th day of 2014. As of today, I have posted 111 reviews (86 of them being of 2014 releases) this year. I have nearly 75 books already marked for review by year's end. While this is daunting enough, I think I'm going...Show More Summary

The Franklin Library's 100 Greatest Books of All Time

Just now realized that I didn't have a corresponding list of The Franklin Library's 100 Greatest Books of All Time like I do for Easton Press's edition. Since I own several Franklin Library books, thought I'd highlight those here, so...Show More Summary

Weekend Plans

Still a bit lethargic post-procedure, so I'm not sure how much of this will get done, but here are a few things I'd like to do through Monday:1. Finish reading Ben Lerner's 10:042. Read Michael Pitre's Fives and Twenty-Fives3. Review...Show More Summary

Back "procedures" suck, in case you never knew that

Well, after enduring six weeks of often excruciating back pain after initially injuring myself at work trying to keep a 6'5, 230 lb. young adult resident from running out of the room, I finally had a procedure done this morning to alleviate the pain. Show More Summary

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