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National Book Awards longlist for Young People's Literature announced

The four day rollout for the 2014 National Book Awards began today with the announcement of the longlist for the Young People's Literature category. Here are the ten finalists:Laurie Halse Anderson, The Impossible Knife of Memory Gail...Show More Summary

Things to review this week

Funny how plans change a bit when sick with an upper respiratory virus. I did quite a bit of reading these past few days, but some of those will be tricky to review due to reading them in French, which is not one of my three best languages for reading-to-reviewing. Show More Summary

2014 Prix Medicis longlist announced

Earlier this week, the 2014 Prix Medicis longlist was announced. Being that the Prix Medicis is one of the premier French-language literary awards and that I am still working on my reading fluency in the language, I plan on reading several...Show More Summary

Louise Glück, Faithful and Virtuous Night

First divesting ourselves of worldly goods, as St. Francis teaches, in order that our souls not be distracted by gain and loss, and in order also that our bodies be free to move easily at the mountain passes, we had then to discuss whither...Show More Summary

Eimear McBride, A Girl is a Half-formed Thing

Picture how she comes. Our Lady in white, when you're not looking. She beckons you to Christ. Pray to be chosen. To bear her secrets for the world. A dying world. Please don't to me or catch her floating on the stairway. Reaching out. Show More Summary

Upcoming reviews

Had planned on writing a couple of reviews today, but I have been battling a kidney stone attack (my first ever) since early this morning and I haven't had energy to write anything at all until now. But assuming that it does pass inShow More Summary

Brief thoughts on the 2014 Man Booker Prize shortlist

The 2014 Man Booker Prize shortlist was announced earlier today. Out of the six finalists, I have already read five and reviewed four (with the fifth to be reviewed later this week). Although as is usually the case with such awards, if I were choosing six favorites, not all six would have reflected the ones on this list. Show More Summary

Neel Mukherjee, The Lives of Others

He has begged all morning outside the landlord's house for one cup of rice. His three children haven't eaten for five days. Their last meal had been a handful of hay stolen from the landlord's cowshed and boiled in the cloudy yellow water from the well. Show More Summary

Jesus Torbado, Las corrupciones

It is now a trite and often misleading thing to label an artist "the voice of a generation." Too frequently, this praise thrusts the artist and his/her work into a glaring spotlight that happens to accentuate any imperfections there might be in the work. Show More Summary

Going to be doing a Tolkien (re-)reading/reviewing project this month

Some things just occur spontaneously, I suppose. After finding Serbian editions of The Silmarillion and The Children of Húrin in a used bookstore last week, I found myself musing that I had never reviewed those books or The Hobbit. Then...Show More Summary

August 2014 reads

August was a much busier reading month for me, due in part to being laid up for much of the second half of the month with a work-related back injury. I finished 39 books in August, most of them first-time reads. Also reviewed the majority of the books read then as well, with again around twenty reviews written during the month. Show More Summary

Jeff VanderMeer, Acceptance

Writing, for me, is like trying to restart an engine that has rested for years, silent and rusting, in an empty lot – choked with water and dirt, infiltrated by ants and spiders and cockroaches. Vines and weeds shoved into it and spouting out of it. Show More Summary

The "long tail" of reviewing, or why it's hard to judge reader desire by momentary stats

Read a post today by Justin Landon on his perception that multi-volume SF/F series are declining and social media/the internet are at least partially responsible. I thought several of his arguments were weak, especially in relation to readers not caring as much for latter reviews in a multi-volume series. Show More Summary

Thinking about taking up a José Saramago reading/review project for the coming years

I have several José Saramago works (poetry, prose, drama, essays) in Portuguese and Spanish translations that I have never reviewed. I'm contemplating trying to locate, read, and possibly review in the future those major works of his (and some minor ones) that I haven't yet written about here. Show More Summary

Elsa Morante, Arturo's Island

Quite apart from endearments, I lived entirely without kisses and caresses, and out of pride, I had to approve of this. But sometimes, especially in the evening, when I was alone in a room and started to miss my mother, mother came to mean precisely caresses. Show More Summary

Leatherbound Book Review: Elsa Morante, History

It is known that such a feeling gnaws at its victims with the ferocity of a tireless rodent, and often compensates them with dreams. Mussolini and Hitler, in their way, were two dreamers; but here is where their inherent difference lies. Show More Summary

Ludmila Ultiskaya, Daniel Stein, Interpreter

4. January 1946, Wroclaw LETTER FROM EFRAIM CWYK TO AVIDOR STEIN Dear Avigdor, Did you know I managed to find Dieter back in August last year? He is alive, but stuck in a monastery! When I heard he had become a monk I could not believe it. Show More Summary

Looking at my 2014 reading/reviewing goals, 2/3 into the year

Today marks the 242nd day of 2014. There are 123 days remaining in the year, so roughly 2/3 have already passed. Thought I would post an update on my 2014 reading/reviewing goals, note some changes, and lament one or two that have already failed. Show More Summary

Bryan Lee O'Malley, Katie

Many stories, whatever their medium of expression or genre of storytelling, often begin with real-life encounters with people and a simple "what if?" pondering that leads to a series of other questions that in turn engender a story. This was the case for Bryan Lee O'Malley (author of Scott Pilgrim) in his latest graphic novel, Seconds. Show More Summary

Some late August Foreign Book Porn

Made my monthly trip to McKay's today. Found quite a few titles in translation in languages that I want to learn. Above are four Serbian translations: J.R.R. Tolkien, The Children of Hurin; Tolkien, The Silmarillion; Salvador Dali, I am a Genius; and Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude. Show More Summary

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