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How to Clear Your Foggy Mind in 2 Minutes

Simple Exercise to Switch on Your Mind Are you bent on finishing a report or project but don’t have the focus to do so? You are not alone. A foggy mind is a common condition. It’s caused by stress, dehydration and lack of sleep. There...Show More Summary

How Reiki Relieves Emotional Stress

What is Reiki and How Does It Work? Reiki is an alternative healing technique that’s gaining momentum in pop culture and is even endorsed by Dr. Oz. Reiki is of Japanese origin which means, higher power (rei) and life energy (ki). How...Show More Summary

How to Treat Sunburn

Heal a Sunburn in 24 Hours Getting too much sun is inevitable even when you lather your skin with sunscreen beforehand. A good tan will definitely make you look vibrant. However, staying under the sun for too long could get you a sunburn. Show More Summary

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink to Rev Up Your Metabolism

How to Prepare Apple Cider Vinegar Drink for Faster Metabolism It is no secret that apple cider vinegar has lots of health benefits. What remains a secret are the ways on how to maximize its benefits as well as its preparation. One of the best applications of apple cider vinegar is weight loss. Show More Summary

Do These to Eat Less

Ways to Trick Yourself Into Eating Less Losing weight is quite difficult for many especially if one is a big eater. Commonly, when asked about the effective ways to lose weight, people think of doing elaborate meal planning and exercise routines. Show More Summary

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Magical Home Remedies for Treating Psoriasis Naturally Psoriasis is a skin disease that creates a flaking in the skin. The skin usually thickens, becomes red/pinkish and could look gross. While psoriasis is not contagious, people who have this skin disease still feel embarrassed and tend to avoid socializing with other people. Show More Summary

Eat Beans, Lose Weight

Beans, Your Ultimate Weight Loss Food We know berries are considered super foods. Teas have anti-oxidants and other amazing health benefits. And avocados are rich in healthy fats and other nutrients. But beans are rarely or never included...Show More Summary

Germany Joins Scotland in Seeking Ban on Gene-Modified Seeds

Germany Says No to GMO Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO are living organisms (both animals and plants) that have their genes modified through genetic engineering. Commonly, crops and livestock are modified to increase their yield to answer hunger and limited food supply. Show More Summary

10 Ways Cats Are Good for Your Health

Cats Are The Purr-fect Companions They may not say a word, but cats are the purr-fect companions. Not only are they good to keep you company, they are also beneficial for your health. Based on studies, cats can greatly affect your emotional and psychological health, and more. Show More Summary

14 Superfoods Help You Live to 100

Here Are the Hero Foods That Will Help You Live Longer The search for the elixir of life has started in the ancient times. But we now know that this elixir of life may be super foods that we eat every day but don’t realize it. Jamie Oliver, host of TV series, Jamie’s Super Food, […] The post 14 Superfoods Help You Live to 100 appeared first on Alternative Healing Post.

Extroverts Live Longer According to Study

The Role Played By Optimism to Enhance Longevity Despite the many health threats that could possibly shorten a person’s life, centenarians still manage to live a hundred or more years. How did they do it when life expectancy is now at...Show More Summary

Why Flaxseed Must Be Your Ultimate Health Food

The Health Benefits of Flaxseed Flaxseed is a known healthy food but not a lot know about its benefits. Knowing the health benefits of a particular food will help you maximize its use. Good practices in preparing foods will also help maintain the nutrients in them. Show More Summary

Top 5 Longevity Foods of All Time

These Foods Should Be in Your Must-Eat List With pollution and chemicals that the body is subjected to on a daily basis, it is quite understandable if the life expectancy rate of a person decreases by several years. According to statistics, an average American may live up to 73 years old. Show More Summary

Laughter and Meditation Have the Same Brain Wave Frequencies

Laughter and Meditation Have One Thing in Common They say laughter is the best medicine. And according to a recent study, laughter and meditation have one thing in common which is having the same brain wave frequencies. These frequencies are responsible for the good effects of both to the body. Show More Summary

Matcha, the Wonder Tea

Matcha Has Health Benefits Ten-fold Than That of Regular Green Tea For years, we have known that green tea has lots of health benefits because of its high anti-oxidant content. This property is the reason why green tea is good for the heart, boosts brain performance and aids metabolism which helps prevent fat buildup. Show More Summary

What is a Carborexic?

Is being a Carborexic Good or Bad? Protecting the environment from all sorts of harm is never a bad thing. In fact, it is the right thing to do. A lot of people do this and a huge majority does it a little bit extreme. These people are carborexics. They are overly obsessed with the […] The post What is a Carborexic? appeared first on Alternative Healing Post.

What Jennifer Aniston Eats for Breakfast and Lunch

Look as Fab as Jen with These Meals You know Jen Aniston, Brad Pitt’s ex and now Justin Theroux wife? Jennifer Aniston remains a Hollywood A-lister and a goddess for women to look up to when it comes to her figure. At 46 years old, the actress can pass for a woman in her 20s. Show More Summary

Viagra of the Brain Inspired Limitless Movie

New Drug is the Most Powerful Brain Enhancer in the World? Have you watched the movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper? It is a sci-fi movie about a guy (Cooper) who was experiencing the worse time of his life. Everything changed when...Show More Summary

An Onion a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

How an Onion a Day Can Keep You Healthy Onions are among the oldest spices, with its use and cultivation dating back to 3,500 years ago. They are present in every kitchen. But an onion is more than just a kitchen staple. In fact, onion is known to be a powerful antibiotic. It is a […] The post An Onion a Day Keeps the Doctor Away appeared first on Alternative Healing Post.

Is Homeopathic Medicine Safe for Babies?

Should You Try Homeopathic Approach for Babies? A large number of mothers have started to use a more natural approach to taking care of their babies. Non-GMO and chemical-free foods and stuff have started to gain popularity among mothers. Show More Summary

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