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The cost of getting there

There was a recent story that caught my eye talking about how the Bahamian tourism industry is losing out due to the high cost of getting to the Islands. This has been my experience. A few years back I brought the whole family to Abaco for Spring Break. We found a great place and booked […]


Truth. Now… let me show you my new gear. We are full of contradictions and inconsistencies and that proves one thing. We are human. When I read about a $1,100 trout rod I was incredulous. “Stupid” I thought. No trout (OK, almost no trout) is going to really, really test your tackle. You don’t need […]

On finishing

I do a lot of cooking and so I buy the big spice containers. I have to say, when I finish one, a big container of garlic powder or onion powder or cumin, there is a sense of accomplishment. Finishing one of those says “You are serious about it. You have put in your time.” […]

Time with my vice

I forget just how much I enjoy sitting at the vice and pounding out some flies. My vice and tying table don’t live in the house. I’m relegated to the garage, but that means I can be a bit messier than my wife would allow inside, so it could be all for the best. The […]

The very worst thing you could do

What is the very worst thing anyone you know has ever done? You really never know what people do when they go home and shut the door. I mean, you might think you know, but you don’t. You never really do. People are dealing with all sorts of demons and issues from addiction to mental […]


I love hats, but I’m particular about which hats I sport. They need to mean something to me. I need to feel a connection to them. Not only that, but I am so white as to be almost transparent and I need something to keep me from frying. I’ve had two friends in the last […]

Another fishing video… this time Mexico

This is three years old, but damn, it is really well done. This is fishing out of a place called Pesca Mahahual. I’ll be heading to Mahahual (although just the regular Mahahual, not Pesca Mahahual) here in a couple weeks, also with my dad. We are hoping to get into some tarpon (maybe getting my […]

Bonefish Revolution (Cuba vid)

This looks pretty nice. Well done. Cuba remains one of my favorite trips ever.  

Micro Film Competition – BTT + Nautilus

One minutes. That’s all you need to put together for the Micro Film Competition with BTT and Nautilus. Here are the details: Nautilus Reels Micro-Film Contest For Immediate Release July 7, 2017  Contact: Mark Rehbein Director of Development, BTT 786-618-9479 Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is pleased to partner with Nautilus Reels to host the […]

Hawaiian Bonefish Exception

Hawaiian bonefish are super, super spooky. But… sometimes, they aren’t. One fish that fell well outside the norm (the norm here defined by guide Kenny and from my own observations on the day) was a fish that I basically dabbed. (dab. verb. While fly fishing, to present the fly without casting by simply placing the […]

My Hawaiian Bonefish Skunk is Dead

It is a family vacation we are on, but, of course, there is a little fishing in the mix. We are on Oahu and I managed to convince my wife to part with me one day so I could try and break my Hawaiian bonefish hex. I’ve been to Hawaii a few times and I’ve […]

Kids, trying to get to the Bahamas

This story came out a while back. Two kids from Florida went fishing. They tried to make it to the Bahamas. They went missing and months later their boat was found near Bermuda. Their life jackets were in the boat. A phone was even in the boat. The kids were not. They’ve been missing for […]

What do the new restrictions mean for Cuba fly fishing?

Well… don’t ask me. Ask Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures… because, those guys know. They put out a detailed piece about the new Trump travel restrictions and what it means to you, the anglers who want to go sample what Cuba has to offer. Here it is.  I went with Yellow Dog’s Jim Klug back in […]

Do you podcast?

Did you know The Drake has a podcast? It is called The Drakecast and it is totally worth a listen. Here it is. I really love the format… the story telling… the way you are brought into the stories by the audio. I think you’ll love i...

Some good news from Florida

It didn’t escape my notice that something good happened in Florida last month. Here is that news, from the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.  Basically, this move should help with those horrid, toxic discharges from earlier this year. And in case you are wondering why that matters…

Father’s Day

I don’t remember the context of the conversation, but I know I said “fishing pole.” My dad paused and turned to look at me. “Rod, son. It is called a rod.” He said it with such seriousness, such utter sincerity. He was not joking around. That was maybe the most serious I have ever heard […]

Ugh… Cuba Edition

Trump getting ready to make it harder for Americans to go to Cuba… because that makes sense. Looks like he won’t get rid of all the gains we’ve made, but Trump is set to make it more difficult for Americans to travel to Cuba and to do anything when they get there. This is a […]

The tide of life

I was searching for an analogy earlier today for the fast passage of time and it occurred to be that life is, very much, like a tide cycle. The water comes in and that is your youth. As you grow so do your opportunities. The flat opens up for you. You can explore. You can […]

Casterbating is a sin

Casterbating – v – casting a fly line repetitively without shooting the line or adding much/any distance to the cast. You see the fish, on your own, or with a guide, and you start casting… and you keep casting… you need a little more distance and you are letting out a foot at a time… […]

A tip for the Trump administration on finding leaks

OK Trump, you want to find leaks? Turn your administration inside out and fill it with water. (Bannon says they already are)

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