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Home Waters – Bay Area Style

It wasn’t too long ago I was lamenting the fact there were no fish in the SF Bay Area to throw a fly at. That “fact” turned out to be pretty much wrong. See… there ARE fish to cast a fly at in the Bay (as some of you rightly pointed out). Stripers are my […]

Joan Wulff honored by BTT

When I’m trying to explain casting in the salt to someone I often end up mentioning Joan Wulff. Most folks who are new to the salt want to muscle their cast into the wind. All they need is more brute strength, right? More cowbell. But casting in the salt, in a 15 mile an hour […]

What happens when an exploratory trip doesn’t work out?

Exploratory trips sound awesome. Wouldn’t you want to be one of those guys who were first to break the story on river tarpon or the first groups to run down the man in Baja? Of course. But… for every Costa Rican river full of 100 pound tarpon there is probably a baking hot beach totally […]

Those that don’t get it will likely continue not to get it

Thanks Geneva… you continue to illustrate so many points so effectively. This is the sort of crap that gets spouted back when you make a case against the fly fishing regs put forward by the PLP and BFFIA (Gray and Smith). Let’s delve in, shall we? “you can see firsthand, them attempting to have reversed […]

And just like that… it’s gone.

Man… after all that BS, it looks like the new regulations will just go away. Poof. Like Keyser Soze. I am the Chairman of the Central & South Abaco branch of the Free National Movement. During the campaign, our candidate (and now Member of Parliament) James Albury made it clear that one of our first […]

Great news for the Bahamas… the PLP is out!

Ah… politics. Bahamian politics, to be exact. National elections were held in the Bahamas on Wednesday and the results are in. It was a landslide for the FNM. That means the PLP is out, and with them will be Minister Gray and the influence of Prescott Smith. The people of the Bahamas have spoken and […]


Interesting, fun, looking project coming out of Guadeloupe. Here’s the trailer.

What I learned about fishing for Peacocks

Southern Florida has a lot to offer, even to the business traveler on foot. Here’s what I learned about fishing for Peacocks around Ft. Lauderdale and Miami from just 4 short sessions. When you get to the pond/lake/canal you will see fish boiling out in the middle of wherever you are. Don’t cast at those. […]

Southern Florida… pretty darn fun

I had a conference to work in Ft. Lauderdale this last week and I packed just about as much fishing in as possible. I got in late on Tuesday, set up my booth on Wednesday morning and then went fishing. I fished with Dr. John, a doc I have known for a couple years now […]

Thanks Southern Florida

Oh, I think I like you Southern Florida. I think I like you a lot. Two new species in the books. So much water down here… so many places to check out. I wonder how many years it would take to fish it all. I’m working on very little sleep, but I’m enjoying the fishing.

FLL Bound

Ft. Lauderdale. Going to be there in a few hours. Amazing to be able to write this from an airplane. A Google-Maps view of Ft. Lauderdale shows a really fantastic amount of water. In that water are all sorts of things I’d like to catch, including Peacock Bass, snook and baby tarpon. I don’t know […]

At 75

My dad turns 75 today. He’s my longest-time fishing companion. As a very small boy we’d fish Hall Creek near his childhood home in Corning. Later we’d fish the Klamath River together for steelhead. We plugged away at our local Upper Sacramento River a bit, but didn’t really fish it until I hit about 21. […]

My Spring Break Snook – Belize – 2017

I open the door and look up and my heart sinks, just a bit. There are clouds… thick clouds, and a bit of wind and it is only 6:30 in the morning. I’m heading out to the dock to look for bonefish on this day, when we’ll be going out with a guide to fish […]

The trip to Belize

I had been preparing my daughter for a couple months for the trip to Caye Caulker. We’d have to get up early… like, 4.30 AM early, to start the journey. I knew it was going to be trying, on everyone. This isn’t a girl who deals well with a lack of sleep, or mornings. We […]

120 Days – Beautiful Short Film about Florida Tarpon

Man… this hurts a little bit, but in a good way. My Florida trip would be starting soon, but my Florida trip isn’t happening now. The fish are going to be showing up… the big migratory fish, the 100+ pound fish. They’ll be taking the same routes they’ve been taking for thousands of years. This […]

Dock fish

Oh dock fish… I could never be mad at you. The Sea Dreams dock was kind of money for me. Every evening and every morning there were bonefish there. Not only that, but they were, well, cooperative. They went out and came back and went out and came back and just kept on giving me […]

Sage Salt Season

Check out this nugget from the good folks at Sage.    

The plus and minus from Spring Break 2017 – Caye Caulker, Belize

Here’s the score card from Spring Break, Caye Caulker, Belize We’ll start with the Negatives: The one guided day coincided with the worst weather of the stay. Big rains and winds made the day a pretty short one for fly fishing and really tough looking for tarpon. The first night we were there happened to […]

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