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Looking back and forward… Belize

I was recently looking through the blog for something about my trip to Belize last year and I was surprised that I had written so little about my time on Caye Caulker. It was a great trip, although maybe it could have been better from a fly-fishing perspective… I only had one day to really […]

Andros, all of it

A really interesting video about Andros… from the crabs to the sponges to the fisheries. Worth a watch, even if PS does make a couple brief appearances.

King, Ansil Saunders and Bimini

A cool story, if you haven’t heard it already, about Dr. King’s trip to Bimini, going out with guide Ansil Saunders. Check it out here. I had not heard about the bust of Dr. King out there in the mangroves. That’s kind of cool, I th...

Guys… come on…

I read this article by Amanda Monthei and cringed. I’ve interviewed many women here at Bonefish on the Brain over the years and when I do I make a point of not asking the “As a woman…” question. These are not “female anglers,” they are anglers, many/most of more skill and wider travel than myself. […]

#OneCoast and Costa

Well… Costa… good stuff. I recommend you watch and support their efforts. Looking forward to seeing you again, Keys… looking forward to it. Go on… book a trip in the Keys.


The Cliche of Gin The water, most days, in most of the places I love being is gin clear. It is as clear as water, but you just can’t say that, right? It’s like you aren’t even trying. It is as clear as stale 7-Up. It is as clear as simple arithmetic. It is as […]

Possibilities – SUP edition

Increased range… getting in places I couldn’t get in before… If you had one, where would you take it? I can think of creeks in the Bahamas that I’d love to have this thing on. I can think of places south of New Orleans I’d be keen to try this out on. Where would you […]

G&G with some bonefish fly selection pointers

Hey, you like bonefish? You want to have the right flies? Check out the Gink & Gasoline post about, ya know, stocking your fly box for bonefish. The only thing I’d add to the list of pointers would be this. Have some flies without flash. It is another variable to take into consideration. Really, really […]

Your 2018

So… where are you headed this year? Leave your plans in the comments!

2018 – A preview

Man… what is 2018 going to throw at me? I have some idea, but I’m sure there will be some surprises in the mix too. Here’s what I KNOW is happening. Belize, Caye Caulker, Spring Break. I’m going back to Caye Caulker with my (will be) 11 year old daughter. We liked the trip so […]

Imagine the Bahamas without conch

It isn’t hard to imagine. I know I’ve seen conch too small to be legally harvested make their way to the shell piles. Here’s a story about measures being proposed to preserve the conch fishery into the future. There is something here about illegal foreign poachers, but all that damage you’d want done could be […]

2017 – A review

What an odd year it’s been. I got out, I went some new places, I had some different experiences, I caught some new species, I met some new people. It was another year where my days fishing for trout diminished. I think I fished for trout exactly three days… all with my daughter and a […]

The BEST looking reel

Right? Introducing the new Redington I.D. reel. This is probably going to go on my striper rig. Thanks Redington!

In praise of the woman angler

It has been a bit hard to see so many icons fall these last few months. Some were folks that have been important to me (oh Louis…), but my discomfort is more than made up for by women maybe getting out from some of the absolute horse shite they’ve been dealing with for just about […]

Number 1 thing on my Christmas Wishlist

It is the critical element. Every trip I’ve ever had, or ever will, will start with this vital component. It gets harder and harder to find these days. Work is humming and there are a thousand little things poking up that demand my attention. There are the kids. They need their watering and care as […]

Get Lionfish on the Menu

If you see it on a menu, buy it. If you see it in a store, buy it. Lionfish. Damn hoover of an invasive species which is really screwing with reefs in the Caribbean. I’ve seen these fish in Belize. I’ve seen them in Cuba. Cool story...

A post for SOs and spouses… this is what your flats fisherman wants for Christmas (2017).

Folks… forward this on to your loved ones if you’d like to drop hints, but don’t want to just fill out an Amazon Wish List. Flats Anglers have needs… special needs… needs that are different from Rocky Mountain trout anglers or a bass fisherman. We are special. First… there is the sun. The sun is […]

Two hours in the Bay

Every once in a while I’ll catch a window. Last weekend I had one, bookended by dad duties, and I snatched it. I drove the 5 minutes to my new home water and realized I picked up the wrong boots, but crammed my feet into then anyway, and I set about the methodical duty of […]

Seven Years Ago – I got lucky

Oh thanks Facebook Memories. I saw a pic today from seven years ago of me holding a tarpon from Belize. That fish capped of a really wild day of fishing out of El Pescador with my friend Shane from The Fly Shop in Redding. That tarpon was the final piece of my grand slam, made […]

Bahamas Regs… where things stand now at the end of 2017

I’ve been traveling, so haven’t posted more about this, but I’m sneaking a few minutes here at work to get some more news out. The Bahamas regs put into place earlier in the year are still on the books, but won’t be enforced until a thorough review can take place.  That’s the long and short […]

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