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Camok says

is this thing on? It's about to get real in this bitch.- Lord Camok

The Last Post

Once upon a time there was a fly fishing blog called Fat Guy Fly Fishing. It was a fun and silly blog, and it made lots of great blog friends and was a place where people could feel easy about the nonsense of the world.One day the father...Show More Summary

And the Goo did leadeth him

into one more season. For best results use in a poorly ventilated space. Hey look, a unicorn!

Upward Towards Whatever

I think I can feel something coming. There seems to be an anticipatory nature to my thoughts and movements. Over the last year I have seen a sea-change, but where the roles of form and substance were reversed; the physical transformed while the substance for the most part remained the same. Show More Summary

Lists and maps and picked guide brains in full 4-color glory, oh my!

In the introduction to this book, Lefty Kreh begins by saying, "Tailwaters are the salvation of fly fishing." It would stand to reason, then, that if you feel the need to be saved, and you would like to know where to go, have a detailed...Show More Summary

Cue the lightning bolt

And he did speaketh unto his peoples, "read thyself these words, for they are total awesome sauce." Pulp Fly: Volume Three Introduction by Michael GraciewithErin BlockAlex LandeenPete McDonaldMiles NolteTom ReedTom SadlerBruce SmithhammerApril...Show More Summary



For Luzzie: Smoke on the Water.

Eating and sleeping are the only activities that should be allowed to interrupt a man's enjoyment of his cigar.-Mark Twain.The subject: Trinidad Habana Reserve Siglo VI Initial inspection proved this to be a handsome cigar. The wrap was smooth and head/cap were finished nicely, which lead to a neat cut. Show More Summary

Recent places: Lees Ferry/Marble Canyon "Float That Shit" ep.2 - Defying Death.

The tire blew. The tread, which had apparently spent the last couple hundred miles slowly detaching itself from the cap piles, belts, and carcass, slammed like a gunshot as it bent the bumper and dented the fender before flying to rest...Show More Summary

Lost count.

-Alex who reminds you to drink less if prone to spins during prolonged contemplation of the night sky.

Don't Bite Me, Asshole

I was doing some late night yard work, an as I grab the hose I got bit by a Diamond back rattle snake. So he had to die. The asshole The Bite marks gutting I killed it so I must put it to use this is lunch now a gift the the Fiancee, showing her what happens if she bites me_Kyle, who is feeling a bit sick. Maybe I should have gone to the Hospital first.

Trophy Room

Not mine, but I wish.This is the extension built onto Rusty Ulmer's house because he needed more room for more heads. I just put the cat on the last pic because he was in a funny position.

This is where.

This is where the writing goes.This is where I talk sunburnt shoulders and cold toes; about canyons and thin sky and clear water and sandstone rocks that fall and splash into the river at night and the cicadas that fall and splash into...Show More Summary

Vermilion morning glory

Floated that shit.Stuff to come.For reals this time.No bullshit.Seriously.-A

float that shit

This is a float, brother. Pack that shit and get to the flowing river, brother. What is that thing? You don't need that shit. Throw that shit out, brother. You got some pants and a fly rod? Then you all good, brother. What has two thumbs and pshops pre-float? This guy. Show More Summary


You sit in a small boat floating in the pacific.Behind you a miles long trail of fish oil and blended parts, identifiable above the waterline as a boat-width calm strip that undulates slowly toward the horizon as a shark swims close and eats the man-up's fly. Show More Summary

Your Cure

Are you feeling tired?Are you experiencing an acute lack of excitement?Feel like the world has a vice grip on your gonads with no relief in sight?Introducing Pulp•Aid! Pulp•Aid is your cure for boring daily life. Made from only the...Show More Summary

Mikesells Makos: A Video

I have more to say about the subject of sharks and fly rods, but for now I leave you with this videographic deliciousness, edited from last weekends gopro footage.Enjoy.-A

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