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You get more whether you like it or not

Videoness edit by Rick Mikesell of Trouts. -Alex who knows you know that the fish of 2:23 is pure awesomeness.

AV overloaded.

Three days =Seventy-two hours =Four thousand, three hundred and twenty minutes =Two hundred and fifty-nine thousand, two hundred seconds of my life that I was not paying attention.I don't know how much longer I can go on.Baby Jesus help me.

Port Sulfage, In Some Particular Order of Epicness

Ziiiip. Push. Pause.The sound of the wrapped push-pole reminded Alex of a guiro as it slid through the guideā€™s gloved hands.Ziiiip. Push. Pause.The boat crept along through stained water near the bank where birds and small creatures watched suspiciously. Show More Summary

Just like Alex, I too can be a winner

My post to Field and Stream, Has won me a "Little Red Fly Fishing Book" bue to my non fear of self exposure!And this may hurt your eyes.

more teasage

Because I didn't do shit today, you will just have to wait longer. But here is a little something to tide you over. You can also look at this. -A


I know little of hunting, let alone Bow Hunting.I know your basics;-Be quiet-Use your safety-Bring Ammo-Don't shoot your buddy-Don't hunt with Cheney.Rusty Ulmer (my soon to be father in law), along with his brother Randy, are both very well known bow hunters. Show More Summary

Shake the dust off.

"The Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus), also known as Channel Bass, Redfish, Spottail Bass or simply Reds, is a game fish that is found in the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Northern Mexico. " Get Some.

delicious murder

The white truffle hid in the cool red folds. The garlic was angry and prowling and the olive oil made traction impossible. Absolutely no footing at all. The elk was long dead and the ectomycorrhizal fruiting body was sure to follow.There was a low hum in the dim evening light that was felt more than heard. Show More Summary


From Alex, Aaron, and I,We wish you the best for 2012.Now enjoy the Photo.

Santa didn't pay too close attention...

Yeah.-Alex who will be sure to post awesomeness with said awesomeness.

hey guess what

Almost a month ago she said..... YESKyle- I don't know what is wrong with her, but I am happy


Luke sat with his back against the cold rock, his hat pulled low on his head. A Winchester repeating rifle leaned against the low rock wall to his right as he squinted his eyes against the wind and looked out over the pass.Walter had...Show More Summary

Busy Busy Busy.... A small over view.

Lack of posts, lack of fishing, planning a wedding, and work have been keeping me from posting as much as I would like.I have still been able to make it to the "Meth Lab Trailer Pond" but the carp still have been testing my skills. By...Show More Summary

This, Plus This, Plus These

Morgan Tattoo Rum, Plus Arizona Green Tea, makes Kyle a happy man. Also makes sea monkeys on Mars much more interesting

that other thing.

A long time ago, before it was fly fishing, it was something else. A different thing that sucked the green pulpy marrow from my pants pockets.Now, in the quasi-wintery slow AZ fishing season, that other thing has been picking on my mind a bit.Couple new o-rings, a updated hydrostatic test and it's game on, baby. Show More Summary

tasty flesh

-Alex who knows to the victor's kin goes a small percentage of the spoils.

I feel much better about myself

Stick to fishing,Put down the snack cake,Eat a salad every now and then,Don't be a dumb ass.

got some bigguns up'er on the rez.

Chris Williams Trappers Den Taxidermy - Lakeside, AZ. For the low low cost of $18,000 dollars you too could have the chance to kill a world record elk on the beautiful White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. And it will only cost you an extra $3,000 if you shoot anything over 375 B&C....yeah.


Sometimes you go to the cold mountain lakes.Sometimes there is a guy that you didn't know you kinda knew, but not really, fishing from the dock.Sometimes he hooks a nice fish.Sometimes you take a photo. -Alex who is embarrassed that he forgot to reset the exposure compensation on his camera... amateur move, bro.

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