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Army Chief Milley Says Army Has Developed New Bullet to Defeat Level IV Body Armor

During Thursday’s hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley spoke before the Senate and answered questions about the Army’s readiness and future modernization efforts. One of the concerns raised...Show More Summary

Should the Next Rifle Be a Bullpup? Honest Accounting Applied to the Rifle-Ammunition System

In three previous articles, we briefly discussed some of the tradeoffs involved in the bullpup concept, and some of the challenges they face in the field of military procurement specifically.  Today, we’re going to continue this deep-dive...Show More Summary

Nordic Components Pistol Caliber Carbine

Do you shoot competition with your spouse or partner but don’t want to drop the cash on two guns? The Nordic Components Pistol Caliber Carbine might be just the gun you are looking for. In this episode of TFBTV, Patrick takes the new carbine out to the range and puts it through the paces. Show More Summary

NEW: Gemtech Trek II Rifle Silencer

Often I get asked the question about silencer choices for someone just entering the NFA market. Even though the majority of the decision process is left to a particular shooters use case, for rifle caliber suppressors I tend to gravitate towards suggestions that include considerations for weight, length and price above all else. Show More Summary

Para Ordnance is BORN Again!… With a Remington Roll Mark on the Slide…

Many of us 1911 fanatics affectionately remember Para Ordnance for their high-quality, affordable pistol offerings. They satisfied a weak segment within the 1911 culture by making double-stack 1911s in multiple calibers that were not...Show More Summary

POTD: Kampfschwimmer

The Kampfschwimmers are a post war amphibious warefare group. They are frogmen of the Navy. These minimum requirements must be fulfilled by all candidates, to become certified for training: Applicants must be German citizens in the sense of the article 116 of the Grundgesetz (Constitution). Show More Summary

Berger Bullets Gets the Gold Medal Treatment from Federal Premium

Federal Premium produces a lot of quality boxed ammunition for those of us who may not reload, but want that hand-loaded consistency. When it comes to precision rifle shooting events, you consistently see one brand be lobbed down range over and over: Berger Bullets. Show More Summary

USMC Rifles, IARs, to Get More Integrated: Australian Company Kord Defense Wins Development Contract for Rifle Accessory Control Unit

Australian technology company Kord Defense has been awarded an 18-month, $2.25 million United States Marine Corps developmental contract for development and production of a Rifle Accessory Control Unit (RACU), which would attach to existing M4 Carbines and M27 IARs and allow control the rifle’s accessories from one grip. Show More Summary

IWI US Now Shipping Galil ACE Pistol in 5.56 with Folding Brace

Brace yourselves – the Galil ACE pistol in 5.56 NATO is here. The latest pistol version of the Galil from IWI US is chambered for the 5.56 NATO cartridge, feeds from standard AR magazines and comes with a folding pistol stabilization brace. Show More Summary

Winchester Launches New Super X Pump Shotguns

Winchester, after largely leaving the firearms business to focus on their core ammunition production, has been on a roll over the past few years getting new guns out to the market across their shotgun and rifle lines. The semi-auto guns, the Super X3 and new Super X4 have been well-received by the hunting community. Show More Summary

SA80: Part 5 & 6 With Forgotten Weapons – Pre-Production to The L85A1 & A2

I’ve had more than one e-mail from our dear readers on why I continue to write up Forgotten Weapons’ L85 Series. Outside the complaints of repetitiveness, the complaint that struck as the reason why I am publishing them came out – that no one wants to hear of the L85. Show More Summary

Birchwood Casey Goes From Targets to Rests with the “Nest Rest”

There are few things better than splatter targets at the range. While high-magnification spotting scopes can help with shot identification at shorter ranges, trying to group a rifle at extended range can be a bit of a chore unless there is some help. Show More Summary

Glock Goes Full Retar… Dark Earth with Latest Lipsey’s Special Edition

It can be argued, strongly, that much of the success of Glock owes to the Henry Ford-like the mentality of mass production with a little bit of Lotus thrown in. Make a whole lot of one thing and throw in simplicity for good measure.Show More Summary

Rifle Review: American Built Arms Howa Precision Rifle

(Authors note: Howa/Legacy Sports International did not work with American Built Arms on this project. American Built arms sourced a Howa barreled action and mated it with their Mod X chassis) There is a growing trend of “chassis rifles” hitting the market. Show More Summary

Expensive Bolt Action vs. Cheap AR-15

In this episode of TFBTV, James pits the new Ruger Precision Rifle – a high-end off-the-rack bolt action rifle with a $1,600 MSRP – against a $700 budget-build AR15 that James built himself. Which rifle will prevail? This test is done...Show More Summary

Florida CCW Data Stolen During Network Intrusion

Unfortunately, we need to add the firearms industry to the growing list of data breach victims. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the agency that processes Concealed Weapons Licenses for Florida residents, just announced that a data breach exposed 16,000 licensee’s information to an unknown source. Show More Summary

Packin’ Heat!… Federal Micro HST for your .38 Special

If you want self-defense ammo, the options are nearly endless. Countless companies are producing the world’s best or most impactful or deepest penetrating projectile on the market. So why should we care about Federal Premium’s line of Micro HST?… They specifically engineer this ammo to perform well out of short-barreled firearms. Show More Summary

Federal Premium Rolls Out HI-BIRD UPLAND for Bird Hunters of All Types

Federal Premium introduced a new field load of shotgun shells for upland bird hunters. It looks to serve a niche segment of the market, but hopefully this new offering is just what some hunters are looking for. The selling point for these new shotgun shells is greater lethality over longer range shots. Show More Summary

Update On The F&D Defense XAR Folding Rifle | The Coolest New Rifle We Have Seen

At the NRA annual meeting, we got a chance to talk with the guys over at F&D Defense about the new XAR folding rifle that got me reasonably excited and it appears that many others are reasonably excited as well. I imagine that the guys...Show More Summary

RECALL: Barnes VOR-TX .300 Weatherby 180 Grain

EDIT: I am now aware of Phil’s post, when I searched it didn’t show up in the results. Double coverage when talking about a recall isn’t really a bad thing though. Sorry about that.  Barnes has issued a voluntary recall of their VOR-TX.300 Weatherby ammo in the 180-grain variety. Show More Summary

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