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Lake City to Come Under New Management? – Northrop Set to Buy Orbital ATK

Orbital ATK, the defense contractor who manages and operates the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, will soon be bought by defense giant Northrop Grumman, according to an article released on Reuters. The purchase price is expected to be close to $8 billion USD. Show More Summary

New Super Night Owl Suppressor from Geissele at Modern Day Marine 2017

Gun accessory manufacturer Geissele has revealed its first ever production suppressor. The new can, called the “Super Night Hawk”, was revealed at the Modern Day Marine 2017 industry demonstration. Soldier Systems Daily broke the story...Show More Summary

Geissele Introduces VSASS Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle at Modern Day Marine 2017

Geissele has taken the step from manufacturing accessories, to making the guns themselves: The company released its new VSASS semiautomatic sniper rifle system at the Modern Day Marine 2017 industry demonstration. News of the new rifle was first broken by Soldier Systems Daily, via an article available at this link. Show More Summary

How to Deal With the Firearms and Ammunition That Were Damaged By Flood

This article is written to help people who suffered from the recent floods to deal with the firearms and ammunition which have been damaged by the water. It is important to know how to properly restore, salvage or dispose of firearms...Show More Summary

Serbian Zastava Special Forces AK Magazines

In the the constantly expanding category of ‘things I didn’t know existed’, TFB reader “ABKThereal” sent me these pictures of Zastava 7.62×39 AK magazines made specifically for the Serbian Special Forces. These mags are made with a combination...Show More Summary

B.E. Meyers BOARS-M2 Optic Mount

B.E. Meyers has announced a new optic mount for M2, M2A1, and M3 series of.50 caliber heavy machine gun platforms. The BOARS-M2 is a two part low profile QD optic mount. A base is installed onto the receiver and then the mount is attached. Show More Summary

S&W 500 Explodes In Shooter’s Hand

Cole McCartney posted up this cell phone video of Ian shooting a S&W 500. It explodes in Ian’s hands and the barrel goes flying.   Unfortunately the video ends before Ian reacted to the explosion. I hope he is alright. This looks rather violent.   The post S&W 500 Explodes In Shooter’s Hand appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

10 Most Expensive Firearms Sold in September 2017 Rock Island Premiere Firearms Auction

If you are reading The Firearm Blog on a regular basis, then you must remember that earlier we have published articles identical to this one. We’ve been looking at the ten most expensive firearms sold in main auctions of America’s largest firearm auction houses: James D. Show More Summary

Another early .40 S&W subgun prototype from IMBEL

As already mentioned in an earlier TFB article, Brazilian police agencies were quick to follow a trend to adopt the.40 S&W round, introduced in the early 1990s as a wonder solution for most LE pistol and submachine gun needs. The local...Show More Summary

Silent Single Shot Fun: AAC .300 Blackout H&R Handi Rifle

The H&R Handi Rifle is one of those guns that we all kind of looked over for years, that is until AAC teamed up with them to put out the AAC.300 Blackout H&R Handi Rifle. The single shot rifle used to be in just about every gun shop in America until H&R closed. Show More Summary

Geo-Pak Hunting App for your iOS and Android Devices

Billing itself as “The Ultimate Hunting Multi-Tool,” the Geo-Pak Hunt app offers hunters a variety of planning and stalking tools that are run from your phone or tablet. The Geo-Pak Hunt app can be had on the Google Play and Apple App Store. Show More Summary

POTD: Suppressed CZ Skorpion VZ 61

Today’s Photo Of The Day comes from Czechoslovakia (indirectly via Mac Tactical) in the form of a VZ 61 Skorpion machine pistol. This particular Skorpion is chambered in.32ACP and is outfitted with a Schreyer Weapons Systems AculeusShow More Summary

Additive Manufacturing In The Firearms Industry – Analysis

Tea. Earl Gray. Hot. Someday I want to turn to a space in my kitchen wall and utter those words – and get results. In my barn, however, I someday want to turn a space in the wall and speak “Silencer. 5.56mm. Length six inches. Diameter 1.75 inches. Show More Summary

50 State Suppression: the Muzzle Loading SilencerCo Maxim 50

SilencerCo recently announced a suppressed gun that is completely legal in all 50 states of the USA. Additionally, the gun does not require an FFL nor a 4473 stamp. Further, it can be ordered online and shipped to your front door. Sound too good to be true?  Meet the Maxim 50. Show More Summary

Russian PL-15K Pistol Described by the Designer (VIDEO)

Kalashnikov Media, a dedicated media website of Kalashnikov Concern, has released a video where the designer of PL-15 and PL-15K pistols, Dmitri Lebedev, talks about the compact version of his pistol. Here is that video (with English subtitles). Show More Summary

TFB REVIEW: Flint River Armory CSA45 Carbine

The Flint River Armory CSA45 is a side-charging carbine chambered in.45ACP that operates on a gas piston system and uses standard AR15 fire control parts. My expectations for this gun were admittedly low – another AR carbine in a caliber I don’t buy/shoot, made by a relatively unknown manufacturer is a recipe for disappointment. Show More Summary

Guncrafter Industries BC-17 Hellcat Custom 1911

Even though I am not a purveyor of steel and hammer-fired pistols, I can still appreciate fine craftsmanship when it comes along. The firearms artists at Guncrafter Industries have just announced a new 1911 model chambered in.45ACP, 9mm and.38 Super called the Hellcat. Show More Summary

Wearable Device to Assist Medical Evacuation of Australian Soldiers

A recent press release from Australian Department of Defence announced that two companies will be granted a $700,000 (possibly Australian dollars) from Australian Next Generation Technologies Fund to develop a soldier wearable device which will collect data concerning the soldier’s condition and location in the battlefield. Show More Summary

New Firefield Impact and Impact Duo Reflex Sights

Firefield has introduced a couple of new reflex sights called Impact and Impact Duo. The main difference between the two is that Impact Duo has a side mounted red laser sight. Both sights are non-magnified and are designed for close range target engagements. Show More Summary

Springfield Armory SAINT M-LOK Now Legal for the California Republic with Survivor System Stock

The Springfield Armory SAINT has found considerable attention and buyers in what is a very soft modern sporting rifle market. First, introduced with a Keymod forearm. Then, offered with a free-float M-LOK handguard as to not ignore the M-LOK fan base. Show More Summary

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