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The Brazilian 9x19mm SAICO M1990 prototypes

40 minutes agoHobbies / Hunting : The Firearm Blog

When you, TFB readers not from South America, frequently comment that some of the prototype guns shown by this senior scribe in this blog were unknown to you, this is easily understandable as a mere consequence of your geographic distance from this continent. Show More Summary

Trijicon Awarded New Marine Corps RCO Contract

Marine Corps Systems Command has announced that it has awarded an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract to Trijicon Inc, for a total cost of $8,169,996. This contract specifies that the optics will be the Trijicon 4x32mm Rifle Combat Optic (RCO) with the TA31 Bullet Drop Compensator reticle graduated for the trajectory of the M855 round. Show More Summary

Verney-Carron Veloce: Almost a Semi-Auto Shotgun

French firearms manufacturer Verney-Carron makes a hunting shotgun called Veloce which features their Stop&Go technology earlier seen in their Speedline family of hunting rifles. The way the Stop&Go concept works is that after each shot, the bolt cycles back (extracts, ejects, cocks the hammer) and gets caught in its rearmost position. Show More Summary

Coast Products Announces New Gear

Coast Products announced several new items that may appeal to a range of shooters and hunters. The gear includes two new flashlights and a new folding knife. FX200 Knife Knives and guns go together like cookies and milk. Both products are tools that can increase your self reliance, and both can be used recreationally. Show More Summary

Beretta ARX 160A2 Among Peshmerga

A recent photograph has been posted on the Kurdish forum Kurdistan Sky Scrapers depicting a Peshmerga fighter with a Beretta Defense Technology 5.56x45mm NATO ARX 160A2 with a 12 inch barrel instead of a standard 16 inch. The rifle sports...Show More Summary

LaserMax Now Offering Lasers for LCP II

With its low price, tiny size and relatively good reliability, the Ruger LCP has become one of the most popular handguns for concealed carry today. However, it is not without its flaws and Sturm, Ruger & Co. released a second version of the pistol, the LCP II, that addressed some of the original gun’s shortcomings. Show More Summary

1:2 Scale Functional Copy of Volcanic Pistol

A company called Burke Gallery Guns manufactures functional (shootable) scaled down copies of American Old West firearms. What sets them apart from other miniature gun makers is that they make 1:2 scale guns (50% smaller). Most of other miniature replicas are much smaller. Show More Summary

Are We Gearing Up to Lose the Next War? “Overmatch”, Part 2: Bullets & Backbreakers

In the rush to augment the infantry’s firepower with new advanced small arms technologies, we may be on the precipice of crippling their ability to fight wars. The push to equip the infantryman with more powerful rifles and machine guns...Show More Summary

Bed Your 10/22 For A Quick And Easy Accuracy Upgrade! ????

If you are looking to squeeze a bit more accuracy out of your Ruger 10/22 there is no easier way than an action bedding kit from Volquartsen. The kit is designed to work with all types of wooden stocks, including the standard birch carbine stock and includes the bit needed to install the bedding washer. Show More Summary

Patrick Got Fired!

We stopped in on our friends over at Brownells and Patrick decided he wanted a job. After all, there is nowhere cooler to work (except for The Firearm Blog) for a gun guy! Well, it turns out that Patrick isn’t a very good employee in the traditional sense. Check out why Patrick got fired! Thanks […] Read More … The post Patrick Got Fired! appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

1,000 rds of Steel Cased Winchester USA Forged Shot Out Of Canik TP9SFX

Jim of Burst Review was doing a test and familiarization of the TP9SFX with RMR mounted on it. He shot through 800 rounds of steel cased USA Forged 9mm by Winchester before realizing he was close to 1,000 rounds without any lube or cleaning. Show More Summary

Bigshooterist Talks About His Frankengun (971D)

Jeff of Bigshooterist YouTube channel has released a video where he talks about the machine gun that he has created. This is a very strange looking firearm, to say the least. This gun is made of all kind of different gun parts fitted together to become an ultimate Frankengun. Show More Summary

POTD: Ridiculously Coupled AK Magazines

After posting yesterday’s long and curved AR15 Magazine, I came across something similar for the AK47.   The top photo looks like someone coupled two of these mags above. Anyone have hands on experience with these ridiculous magazines?...Show More Summary

Russian 7.62x25mm Factory Ammunition with Backwards Loaded Bullets from 7.62x39mm

Russian company TechCrim (known for designing the.366 TKM round) makes cartridges with very strange looking bullets. These are 7.62x25mm Tokarev cartridges with backwards loaded bullets. It is possible that a single round could mistakenly be loaded backwards, but not entire lots, right? It turns out, that they’ve deliberately done so. Show More Summary

“The Devil Went Down to… Arizona!” to help William Ruger make the MK I

Many of us were truly elated to see that Ruger had come out with their MK IV pistol that disassembles at the mere push of a button. Sadly, this answer to all of our problems… had a problem. It was recently recalled and has many consumers...Show More Summary

US Army’s New Magazine A FAILURE? USMC Test of Enhanced Performance Magazine Shows It Performed Worse Than Predecessor, PMAG

The US Army’s newest magazine for the M16 and M4, the Enhanced Performance Magazine (EPM), failed a recent USMC test of rifle magazines, according to a recent Marine Corps SYSCOM document released by National Review. The report shows...Show More Summary

Utility & Simplicity Personified: Stevens 301 Single-Shot

Stevens, under the Savage Arms family, has a simplistic, new single-shot shotgun they would like to announce to the world: the Stevens 301. Nothing we have not seen before, but affordability and utility are always a great find in any firearm model and this offers both. Show More Summary

Malaysian LE Teams Continue Counter-Terror Training

Earlier we reported on the Malaysian Counter-Terrorism Exercise Rimau that took place in a stadium and show-cased a number of Law Enforcement units rarely seen in the public sphere. Continuing the exercise with this post we have units...Show More Summary

US Army Testing “Exosuit” to Reduce Soldier Fatigue and Injury

The US Army is currently testing a new full body orthopedic “exosuit” designed to reduce soldier fatigue and injury, according to a press release made by the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) last week. Although similar in concept, the new suit is neither an exoskeleton nor is it a powered armor. Show More Summary

The USMC M16 / M4 Technical Manual – Oorah Manuals!

A Marine and his rifle makes perhaps one of the most individually lethal combinations on the planet. Marines and their rifles, even deadlier, and battalions, supported by individual and combined arms one of the most feared and revered fighting organizations on the planet. Show More Summary

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