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Weekly Photography Challenge – Black and White Portraits

There is something very appealing about the simplicity of a portrait in black in white. It becomes less about the setting, background and environment and more about the person being photographed. This week we want to see what you can do to create your best black and white portraits. Show More Summary

Video: Travel Photography Tips – Shoot with a Purpose

The challenge with travel photography is that you may not get back to a location again anytime soon. So many photographers try and squeeze out as many photos as possible. The issue is lack of attention to detail and having any intentions or purpose before shooting. Show More Summary

DEAL: 87% off 44 Photography Training Cards for your Camera Bag

Have you ever gone out to shoot, but forgotten a technique you recently learned? We don’t all have a photographic memory, so having a compact reference guide at hand can help you recall what you learnt. That’s why the folks over at Photzy made these 44 printable Photography Training Cards called “Snap Cards”. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Better Winter Landscape Photography

Born and raised in Norway, my opinion might be slightly biased but winter is my favorite season for photography.  Sure, it’s a cold and harsh season but there are so many opportunities to capture beautiful winter landscape images both during the day and night. Show More Summary

An Introduction to Lightroom Classic’s Newest Tools

The announcement of Lightroom CC has been stealing all the thunder when it comes to Lightroom over the last few weeks. At the same time, however, Adobe made some changes and additions to the Lightroom you and I have been using (now called Lightroom Classic). Show More Summary

How to Capture the Feeling of Color and Create More Compelling Images

I am an unashamed lover of color. I say this because when I first started out as a photographer, color photography was considered inferior to black and white. This attitude was especially prevalent in the photo-art world. I found that...Show More Summary

Switching from Lightroom to ACDSee Photo Studio: Making the Jump Easy

Let’s be honest – over the past couple of months, more than enough has been said about Adobe’s recent change in policy regarding how the latest versions (yes, all two of them) of Lightroom are to be purchased and used. Articles haveShow More Summary

5 Ways to Take More Meaningful Photos This Christmas

Christmas goes by in the blink of an eye. But taking photos helps us to savour the moments long after the tree is gone and the kids are grown up. When you follow these 5 tips, you’ll have better and more meaningful photos this year. 1. Show More Summary

All dPS eBooks just $9 Today! (Save up to 80%)

It’s that time of year again where here on dPS we put together some amazing deals in the 12 days leading up to Christmas. In that time if you’re subscribed to our newsletter or watch the blog here you’ll get access to some mega-discounts...Show More Summary

Review of the Breakthrough Photography X4 CPL Circular Polarizing Filter

Make no mistake, this is, in fact, a review of the X4 Circular Polarizer from Breakthrough Photography. That being said, the entire subject requires a little bit of photographic geekiness in order to grasp the full understanding of the product being reviewed. Show More Summary

How to Quickly Process Your Holiday Photos with Luminar’s Accent AI Filter

The holiday season is upon us, and suddenly everyone seems to be in a rush. We all have a million things to accomplish in just a few short weeks. At this time of year, I’m always scrambling to get my Christmas photos processed and ready for viewing. Show More Summary

How to Use Still-life Subjects to Understand Focal Lengths

Do you think that using an 18mm lens or a 100mm one will only zoom in or out your scene? Why are camera lenses are measured in millimeters? Do you know what those measurements mean for your photo? If you’re not sure which lens to use...Show More Summary

7 Style Tricks to Steal from Other Artists

You’ve been taking photos for quite a while now but suddenly you notice your shots are looking a bit the similar. Same locations, same light, same style, same subjects. Yes, you can travel to new places once in a blue moon, but you itch...Show More Summary

Tips for Planning and Capturing a Creative Portrait

There is saying, in the photography world, that an image can be taken in a hundred different ways. This is especially true, as you have probably already noticed when capturing portraits. Portrait photography is probably the most popular genre, within the realm of the diverse world that is the art of photography. Show More Summary

Review of K&F Concept KF-885 Speedlight

A few weeks back I received the K&F Concept KF-885 Speedlight to test out and review. Now before I get into the review for this flash, I have to say that I have been a Canon photographer ever since I started my business in 2010. Even...Show More Summary

Tips for Photographing Reflections to Create Stunning Images

It can’t be denied. There’s something special about reflections that makes them a unique aspect of photography. Maybe it’s because a reflection just like a photograph is a gateway to another world, parallel but restricted. Also just like photography, reflections are a simplification of our world; they turn a 3D reality into a 2D representation. Show More Summary

How to Clone Yourself – Step by Step Tutorial

You have probably seen photos on the internet where the same person appears in multiple spots in a single photo. At first sight, you might not have believed it, and later you must have gone berserk looking for ways that effect can be achieved. Show More Summary

Weekly Photography Challenge – Wide-Angle

Different lenses produce a different look and effect in your images. Wide-angle lenses add depth and dimension to your images and give them a sense of three-dimensionality. They can be used to add humor and add interest as well. But, you must use a wide-angle lens properly. Show More Summary

Quick Video Tutorial – 8 DIY Photography Hacks for the Kitchen

Here is another fun video from the team over at COOPH. This time they’re playing with ordinary household items found in your kitchen. Here are 8 DIY photography hacks you can do at home Watch as they play with some eggs, kitchen utensils,...Show More Summary

The Importance of Being Honest With Yourself and Your Clients

If you do any photography for clients, either on a regular basis or whenever work comes your way, there can be a tendency to be somewhat creative when answering questions about your skills, abilities, and expectations. You might be asked...Show More Summary

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