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How to Design a Wedding Album Simply and Painlessly

I’ve been photographing weddings for about nine years now, and I’ve found this to be the most effective and efficient way of designing and delivering a client’s dream wedding album. The method that I am going to describe keeps you in control of the process and still gives the client what they want and need. Show More Summary

How Including People or Manmade Objects in Your Landscapes Can Add a Sense of Scale

My natural instinct as a landscape photographer has always been to keep people and manmade objects out of my images. I want to create images of nature that are pure and free (or at least appear to be free) of human interference. That...Show More Summary

Overview of the New Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon’s 5D Mark line has embedded itself deeply in the heart of photographers. Although the price generally keeps this camera in the hands of professionals, hobbyists have equally drooled over its capabilities and power. It comes asShow More Summary

Tutorial – How to Use the Lightroom Map Module

The Lightroom Map Module lets you add your photos to a map so you can search and organize them by location. It’s quite a cool feature, so let’s take a look at the best ways to make use of it. 1. Using the Lightroom Map module if your camera has built-in GPS Photos taken with […] The post Tutorial – How to Use the Lightroom Map Module by Andrew S. Show More Summary

How to Understand Your Camera’s Light Meter and Get the Exposure You Want

Regardless of how you shoot, and whichever shooting mode you prefer to use, there is one item that remains constant – the light meter. Somehow, either you or your camera has to know how much light in on your scene in order to determine...Show More Summary

Some Annoying Things About Photography and Cameras

Photography gave me a creative outlet in life, and I owe so much to it. It’s my form of escape and a way to relax. It pushes me to explore new places and it gets me out the door. I love it dearly. That being said, there’s a lot about...Show More Summary

How to Create a Beautiful Bokeh Background

Have you ever thought that a sheet of aluminium foil can be used as a backdrop in order to create stunning bokeh effect? Before we start talking about El Bokeh Wall and how it can be achieved, let us first get to know what exactly the term bokeh means. Show More Summary

Side by Side Drone Comparison – DJI Mavic Pro Versus the Phantom Pro 4

Drones are becoming more and more popular and there is more competition on the market now. Phantom isn’t the only game in town anymore. But does the DJI Mavic match up? DJI Mavic Pro Versus the Phantom Pro 4 – Drone Comparison In this...Show More Summary

4 Tips for Capturing Beautiful Seascapes

Seascape photography can be both incredibly rewarding and incredibly frustrating at the same time. The entire process of photographing seascapes is slightly different than regular landscape photography and there are a few extra factors you need to keep in mind. Show More Summary

How to do Post-Processing of Focus Stacked Images

Let me take you on a short walk through Lightroom and Photoshop. There are relatively few steps required to process focus stacked images. In a previous article (How to Photograph the Images Needed For Focus Stacking), I went throughShow More Summary

Weekly Photography Challenge – Round

To get a head start on this week’s challenge, first head over to see these 19 images of round subjects. Then come right back! Weekly Photography Challenge – Round As you set out to photograph round things this week, keep in mind youShow More Summary

Round and Round – 19 Images of Circular Things

The earth is round and travels in an elliptical orbit around the sun which is also round. There are many natural objects that take on a round or circular shape. Let’s see how these 21 photographers captured a few of them. The post Round and Round – 19 Images of Circular Things by Darlene Hildebrandt appeared first on Digital Photography School.

How to Improve Your Art – The Creative Process in Photography

As photographers, we all want to be constantly improving our work. However, often this can seem like an uphill struggle, especially when you are just starting out. As an art form, photography is all about the creative process and exploring...Show More Summary

6 Steps To Better Photography

A few weeks ago I received an email from a new photographer who asked, “How do I make my images better?” At first, I chuckled, realizing that question has resulted in the production of thousands of articles here at dPS, and uncountable books, websites, and magazines. Show More Summary

How to do Creative Water Splash Photography with Off-Camera Flash

Photography gives us the unique opportunity to freeze time. Moments that normally can’t be seen because they occur in the blink of an eye can suddenly be captured by a camera with incredible precision. This gives us the opportunity to...Show More Summary

How to Improve your Photography in 21 Days

The web is saturated with top ten lists of how to be a better photographer. Heck, I’ve even written a number of them myself. Yet, one has to wonder, how much better can someone really become after reading just one article? Wouldn’t a...Show More Summary

Review of the Interfit Fluorescent Ring Light INT812

What is a ring light? Even if you don’t know what a ring light is, it is probable that you have seen photos made using them. As the name suggest, they are a light source in the shape of a ring, often, your camera is mounted on the light so the lens points through it. Show More Summary

How to Merge and Combine Images in Photoshop

The ability to combine images together is a very useful skill for photographers. Although most want to get the image right directly in the camera, there are instances where merging images together prove useful (and necessary). As well...Show More Summary

How to Photograph Your Museum Visits – Turn Limitations Into Creative Challenges

Do you feel frustrated that you are not allowed to make selfies in museums? Did a light reflection ruin the photo of your favorite artwork? Are the other visitors always in the way of your perfect shot? Then this article is for you,Show More Summary

Beyond Human Vision – Seeing More With Photography

Have you ever been frustrated because you don’t seem to be able to photograph a scene the way it looks to you, with your vision? Maybe you can’t get a sharp image even though the scene is perfectly clear, or perhaps the camera fails to capture the beautiful variety of light in a landscape. Show More Summary

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