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Pros an Cons of Shooting Alone Versus Being a Group Photographer?

An age-old question in life, not just photography, is are you a pack animal or a lone ranger? Everyone reading this will have their own answer to this question, it’s not even a black and white answer. In this article, the question posed...Show More Summary

The Introverts Guide to Photographing People

Being an introverted photographer is a challenge, especially if you actually enjoy photographing people. As introverts, we tend to be happiest on our own, with family or with close friends. We avoid large groups and people that we don’t know well. Show More Summary

7 Tips to Help You Capture the Perfect Landscape Photo

Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres of photography and it’s easy to understand why. After all, every single person at some point in their life has probably looked at a landscape photograph of an epic scene with dramatic...Show More Summary

A Guide to Working with Different Focal Lengths for Macro Photography

At some point in your photography journey you may be fascinated by pictures capturing living creatures in great detail, flowers close-up, and in general intimate vistas, which may go unnoticed in our daily viewing habits. Such shots are commonly described as macro photography. Show More Summary

How to Make Your Digital Photo Look Like a Polaroid Using Photoshop

Nostalgic for the printed photos? Polaroids are coming back as trend as are many vintage things. Do you want to achieve this effect while still maintaining the advantages of the shooting digital? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to...Show More Summary

3 Things You Need to Know to Get Started with Infrared Photography

Infrared light is not visible to human eyes. The light your eyes see is that within what is referred to as the “visible spectrum” and infrared (IR) lies beyond this band. Thus Infrared (IR) Photography requires special equipment beyond your standard camera, to tap into this “unseen” world. Show More Summary

Thoughts and Field Test of the Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 Wide-Angle Lens

If you’re a mirrorless camera shooter on the market for a fast wide-angle lens, look no further than the Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 lens. While this lens is indeed manufactured by a third party gear company, Samyang of Korea, don’t let brand names fool you. Show More Summary

How to Shoot and Process Better Waterfall Photos

Everybody loves a good waterfall image with a long exposure, but in this article, I’ll show you how to capture more detail and motion in that fascinating tumble of whitewater. Water is the most powerful force of nature on our planetShow More Summary

RAW Versus JPEG – Which one is right for you and why?

Most cameras today can shoot pictures in one of two main formats: RAW versus JPEG. The debate about which format to use is as old as digital photography itself and the internet is rife with articles, blogs, videos, and seminars illustrating the differences between the formats as well as opinions regarding which one to use. Show More Summary

How to Use Adobe’s DNG Profile Editor to Make Custom Camera Profiles

Have you ever heard of Adobe’s DNG Profile Editor? No? It’s okay if you haven’t because up until about a month ago I had no idea it even existed. It’s a little bit of an Adobe secret. Despite being a relatively unknown piece of software...Show More Summary

Weekly Photography Challenge – Water

Water, water, everywhere. Your challenge this week it to photograph water in some way – it could be the liquid form or frozen in the form of ice. Pick flowing water or still water. Capture it frozen in time or with motion. The choice is yours. Show More Summary

5 Fun Tips for Photographing Water

Here’s a quick video of five fun ideas and tips for photographing water from the team over at COOPH. ? Let’s have a look at them one by one: Frame your subject in ice – we’ve covered that topic in more detail here: How to do Frozen Object Photography at Home. Show More Summary

How to Turn Your Photos into Painterly Style Watercolor Art

It’s fun to be creative with your photos, elevating them beyond a digital image and into painterly style art instead. Perhaps you have a great shot of your dog but the neighbor’s bright red car is distracting in the background. Maybe...Show More Summary

How to do Wedding Day Portraits of the Bride and Groom in Under 20 Minutes

Wedding days are super hectic, there’s no doubt about it. My couples and I agree on a wedding day photography timeline so we know exactly what is expected at every hour of the wedding day. Yes, we are flexible but having the order of...Show More Summary

Long Exposure Photography 101 – How to Create the Shot

It’s easy to get caught up in the fast nature of photography, technology, instant results, presets, etc. But what happens when you slow your photography right down? This tutorial will introduce you to the 101s of daytime long exposure...Show More Summary

How to Create Colorful Artistic Images Using Oil and Water

Colors are the smiles of nature. We see colors all around us and it makes us feel happy and alive. Just imagine a life without color, where everything is simply in black, white and in between, how dull and boring it would be. Luckily, our beautiful world is full of colors. Show More Summary

How to Make a Dramatic Portrait with Light Painting Using Items Found in Your Home

In this article, I’ll show you how to do a fun project you can do with friends and a little light painting. You can do this, using things you likely already have in the house. It’s always fun to experiment with different and creative ways of using light in photographs. Show More Summary

Announcing the Three Tamron Contest Winners

The Winners of the Tamron 100-400mm Di VC USD Ultra-Telephoto Zoom, Tamron SP 35mm F/1.8 Di VC USD, and Tamron SP 70-300mm Di VC USD lenses are… A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered the recent contest from our friends at Tamron.Show More Summary

7 Tips for Creating Natural-Looking HDR Landscapes Using Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR is one of the best and easiest photo editing programs available for quickly creating HDR images. With that said, it has a wide range of tools and filters to help you achieve your HDR goals. To help you sort through them all,...Show More Summary

4 Tips for Nature Photography Beginners

Nature photography encompasses a range of outdoor photography genres. This includes, but is not limited to, landscapes, weather phenomena, astrophotography, birds, and wildlife. Each of these categories has their respective specialized skills and can be expanded further. Show More Summary

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