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Devonwall back on the agenda in September?

The Boundary Commission for England has set out its timetable for the review of constituency boundaries in the run up to the next general election. The first draft will be published in September this year, with a second draft in October 2017 and the final proposals will be laid before Parliament in September 2018. Show More Summary

Tony Blair's ad man "wants him to get Alzheimer's"

Peter Souter is an ad man. He is chairman of the agency TBWA and worked for Tony Blair and the Labour Party in 1997, 2001 and 2005. He is used to crafting his words to have the best possible effect. So you would think he would understand...Show More Summary

Beware a wounded chancellor

It hasn’t been a good week for George Osborne. His budget started to come apart at the seams faster than any since 2012 and the Iain Duncan Smith affair seems likely to prove fatal to his leadership ambitions. But that doesn’t mean that the chancellor is no longer a force to be reckoned with.The problem with the budget isn’t that it had holes. Show More Summary

George Osborne announces three mayors for Bristol and King Guthrum the Third

More devolution is on the way to some pretty strangely drawn lines on the map following the budget today. And some of the existing devolution deals - including that to Cornwall - have been strengthened.The Chancellor has always been a fan of devolution on his own terms. Show More Summary

The sugar tax has more holes than a fizzy drink addict's teeth

The Chancellor's traditional Budget rabbit-out-of-the-hat is a sugar tax. Except it isn't a tax on all high sugar foods, but just on drinks. Except it isn't a tax on all high sugar drinks, as milk and fruit juice based drinks are exempt. Show More Summary

Trump gets burned

Finally - a way to beat Donald Trump.Apparently he likes his steaks well done. A trait shared by just 8% of his fellow countrymen and women. The Donald might get some cross-over love from those who prefer their beef cooked medium-well...Show More Summary

Labour guarantee the Tories a free ride on Snooper's Charter

Tonight the Labour Party gave the Conservatives a free ride on the Investigatory Powers Bill, otherwise known as the Snooper's Charter. Together with the SNP, they sat on their hands and abstained when it came to the vote, thus guaranteeing...Show More Summary

Even Labour’s handpicked economists think Corbyn is a loser

Back in September 2015, newly elected Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn announced a team of economists to advise him and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell. McDonnell’s stated ambition - “to develop a radical but pragmatic and deliverable...Show More Summary

A ‘Progressive Alliance’ is an oxymoron

Much as I have a great respect for former St Ives MP Andrew George, I think that the efforts he and others are putting in to creating a form of progressive alliance to take on the Tories are doomed to failure.The plan is to unite Labour,...Show More Summary

Why the government's new housing bill could be disastrous for struggling communities, And older people. And people with disabilities.

Passing through the House of Lords at the moment is a housing bill which will have huge ramifications for social housing across the country. And it could spell the end of struggling rural communities in places like Cornwall.The Bill does two key things. Show More Summary

David Lammy fined £5000 for mayoral robo-calls

While the Electoral Commission and police appear to be paying pass the buck with regard to excessive campaign spending by the Conservatives, the Information Commissioner is busy enforcing another area of electoral law. David Lammy MP...Show More Summary

I feel dirty

I feel a bit dirty. I have to accept it, but it is not comfortable, nonetheless.You see, I agree with George Osborne. And (believe me this is worse), I agree with Brandon Lewis too. I don't think extending Sunday shop opening hours is a bad thing.Today's defeat for the Government - and by quite a sizeable majority - is disappointing. Show More Summary

Why Marco Rubio is like the Liberal Democrats

Nate Silver has written a very interesting comment on the problems faced by American Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio on the FiveThirtyEight site. It made me think about the similarities between the senator and the Lib Dems. I’m notShow More Summary

Bloomberg won't run for President

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he will not be running for the Presidency as an Independent. He seems to have seen through the numerous consultants and others who were persuading him that he could win.TalkShow More Summary

Keeping your local campaign going during the EU referendum debate

This post on the US Campaigns and Elections blog highlights the plight of Lib Dems (and other parties) campaigning in the run up to the May elections.For the Presidential primaries in the original post, read the EU referendum. It isShow More Summary

Did Conservatives Facebook spending break the law?

So here’s a thing. During the 2015 general election, the Conservatives spent more than a million pounds on Facebook advertising. This spending was targeted incredibly carefully at the people the Tories wanted to most reach - the people who had been identified as swing voters in marginal constituencies. Show More Summary

Trump has a bad night - but not nearly as bad as Rubio

Four states voted in yesterday's Republican presidential stakes. Two backed Ted Cruz and two went for Donald Trump, but it was a very bad night for Trump - and an even worse one for Marco Rubio.The two states that backed Trump were Louisiana and Kentucky. Show More Summary

Trump-eting the size of your, er, hands

If you thought the Republican debates couldn't sink any lower than five men screaming at each other in front of a baying mob, they did last night.There were only four of them (Ben Carson presumably values his hearing enough that he has...Show More Summary

Hillary's VP - the runners and riders

So Hillary Clinton has survived a bit of a Sanders scare and is pretty set to be the Democratic Presidential nominee. So the next question is who she picks to be her running mate.Traditionally, a Vice Presidential choice was used to balance out the ticket in terms of age, geography and ideology (think Kennedy/Johnson). Show More Summary

Super Tuesday Results - Good for Trump, Better for Hillary

Yesterday's Super Tuesday results are in and they are good news for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz and John Kasich did ok but Bernie Sanders (despite four state wins) and Marco Rubio (despite his first) did badly....... Show More Summary

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