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This Is A Picture Of The Very First Starbucks

14 hours agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

Although I didn’t know it was at the time, this grainy photo of the original Starbucks is one of the worst, but first, from before foXnoMad was even a concept. For some reason taking a picture of every Starbucks I came across (and/or Bill Gates) became a personal photographic scavenger hunt. Show More Summary

Do Airfare Booking Sites Offer Different Prices Based On The Device Or Browser You’re Using?

17 hours agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

There is a lot of evidence that airline booking sites and airfare search engines offer different pricing to people based on their location – more specifically, by country. There is less evidence for, but many more rumors of, airlines manipulating prices based on the physical machine you’re searching from (e.g. Show More Summary

How To Download Google Maps For Offline Use And Why You Should When Traveling

2 days agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

Smartphone GPS are great for navigating, especially when you’re traveling, but not terribly useful if you don’t have a mobile Internet connection to actually download the background maps. (Or don’t want to burn through a data plan.)Show More Summary

Cuba Is Not What You Think It Is

3 days agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

There’s a romanticism behind most revolutions, particularly those associated with the now iconic images of Che Guevara. In 2015, a record number of tourists (nearly 3.1 million) visited Cuba, sharing stories online of brightly colored buildings with photos of rebellious ladies in their 60s smoking cigars. Show More Summary

This Is What A 10 Hour Flight Looks Like Condensed Into 150 Seconds

One of the best features of many smartphones, particularly the iPhone 6s, is the time-lapse feature. Recently, on an Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna to Washington D.C., I had an unexpected opportunity to capture a very amateur time-lapse of the entire 10 hour flight. Show More Summary

7 Good Reasons You Should Visit (The Country) Georgia Soon Or Even Better, Now

You might not know a lot about the country of Georgia, a lot of which is due to the fact that it’s hidden in a part of the world that doesn’t often make headlines. Georgia is a country that shouldn’t be a travel afterthought, especially...Show More Summary

These Sniper Bullet Holes Show How Far Sarajevo Has Come From The Bosnian War

2 weeks agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

Modern Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a small Balkan city sprinkled with cafes full of stylishly dressed young people. Nearly a quarter of the population is under the age of 25, meaning many were born after the 1992-1995...Show More Summary

5 Reasons To Use Airplane Mode Even When You’re Not Flying

4 weeks agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

Despite the name, airplane mode can have a lot of advantages for travelers whether used on a plane or not. The airplane mode feature on most smartphones and tablets cuts off cellular, wireless, and Bluetooth connections so they don’t interfere with an airplane’s communication systems. Show More Summary

The Best Point And Shoot For Travelers Might Be This 2 Year Old Panasonic Lumix

last monthLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

The best technology isn’t always the newest, particularly for people who travel often. Gadgets tend to take a beating when you travel, from jolts of bus rides to constantly being stuffed into backpacks and pockets. A generation or two...Show More Summary

Why Missing A Flight Isn’t Such A Big Deal And What To Do If It Happens

last monthLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

The one event most travelers try to avoid at all costs is missing their flight. Whether you you show up at the airport 3 hours early or cut it much closer, fear of missing a flight can induce panic, terminal sprints, and philosophical debates on rush hour traffic flows. Show More Summary

The Cave Where Batman Found His Soul Is In A Rural Indian Village

last monthLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

Located off a very dusty road in a village of a couple of people between New Delhi and Jaipur, India, is one of the Rajasthan states most impressive sites. So little known is the Chand Baori stepwell in Abhaneri, that nobody bothersShow More Summary

The Best Restaurant In Pristina, Kosovo, Might Be The Best Health Food In The Balkans

2 months agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

The concrete construction of Pristina, the capital of the small rebellious republic of Kosovo, isn’t the prettiest. Old cement apartment blocks with weathered paint are evidence of a stalled economy, the similar story shared by many disputed and autonomous territories around the world. Show More Summary

Targu Jiu, The Best City To Visit In 2015, Is Making Its Own Tourism Trail In Romania

2 months agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

There may not be a whole lot going on in Targu Jiu, the city you voted as the best to visit in 2015, but much like Craiova, the residents of this southwestern corner of Romania are deeply passionate about it. You hear a lot about ‘off the beaten path’ places everyone seems to know about. Show More Summary

The Starfleet Academy Experience In New York City Is Federation Utopia For Trekkies

2 months agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

There are a lot of geeky reasons to travel so when I heard about the interactive Starfleet Academy Experience on board the Intrepid Museum in New York City, I knew I had to make it a part of my annual convention pilgrimage. The Starfleet...Show More Summary

You Don’t Know You Like Belgrade Yet, But You Do

2 months agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

Work for accommodation and food with This post is sponsored by HelpStay, a trusted global community that enables people to travel and share their help in exchange for a volunteer stay. 60+ locations around the world including Serbia. Show More Summary

5 Unusual But Useful Tips For Traveling With A Toddler

2 months agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

This is a guest post by Lillie Marshall, who’s previously written about traveling while pregnant. Lillie is a travel blogger at and mother to two young children. Find her at @WorldLillie on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and beyond. Show More Summary

Be Sure To Do This Before Visiting The Tesla Museum In Belgrade, Serbia

2 months agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

One place you really shouldn’t miss while you’re in Belgrade, Serbia, is the Nikola Tesla Museum. The Tesla Museum is an interactive experience about Tesla’s past as well as our technological future. A history about one of the world’s...Show More Summary

The Best Way For Foreign Travelers To Order A Taxi In Belgrade

3 months agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

Hopping into a taxi – or even finding one – in a foreign country can be a daunting experience. Once inside you never know if you’ll see a working meter or have a sweet talking cabbie who knows how to extend your route just up to a price you’re not likely to argue about. Show More Summary

WiFox, The Map Of Current Airport Wireless Passwords Worldwide, Is Now Available On Android

3 months agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

WiFox is a map of airport wifi and lounge passwords from around the world that’s updated in real-time with information verified from other travelers, pilots, and reliable sources. Last month I released WiFox for iOS, starting today it’s available for Android devices on Google Play. Show More Summary

Everything You Need To Know To Prepare For A Trip To Vietnam

3 months agoLifestyle / Travel : foXnoMad

This is a guest post by Claudia Tavani, a former human rights lawyer and academic who has previously written about traveling in Cuba and the 5 best beach in Sardinia, for foXnoMad. Claudia, who is from Sardinia, abandoned her careerShow More Summary

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