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Union Politics

John Rentoul strikes me as a fair-minded person and he uses his regular column in The Independent to remind readers that the intervention of union bosses in Labour's last leadership contest resulted in a win for Ed Miliband despite the fact that a big majority of individual party members voted for his brother, David. Show More Summary

Gerrymandering in Greece

The BBC published a great piece the other day on the snap 'bail-out' referendum in Greece which exposed the Syria-led government as doing its level best to gerrymander the result. In the UK a trade union strike ballot could not be conducted...Show More Summary

'Tieless but Clueless' (30/05/15)

The Guardian reports on the latest twists and turns of the debt repayment saga in Greece which is becoming more farcical by the day. In recent weeks Greek citizens have withdrawn some like 30 billion Euros from Greek banks, preferring...Show More Summary

North Lanarkshire Update

Another reader from North Lanarkshire has been in touch to share an experience involving equal pay and the GMB trade union.Hi Mark I was reading your blog about the GMB union.When these claims first started we that heard that we mayShow More Summary

Tieless But Clueless (29/04/15)

The Times lays bare the brutal truth about the negotiating tactics of the Syriza-led Greek Government which has completely wasted the opportunity to put forward a credible package of economic reforms that can inspire confidence at home, while building trust with its European neighbours. Show More Summary

Get Off Your Knees! (04/09/15)

Once a year, newspapers like The Guardian and Observer give the TUC a chance to say how it would put the world to rights and someone, normally from the research department, is then called upon to write an article for the general secretary setting out its stall on the eve of the TUC's annual congress, which this year is being held in Liverpool. Show More Summary

North Lanarkshire Update

I received a number of angry emails from GMB members in North Lanarkshire who say they are intent on resigning from the union over its handling of their equal pay claims. Now I can well understand people's anger and frustration, but if you ask me resigning from the union would simply let the GMB off the hook. Show More Summary

Cure For Cancer (02/01/15)

Here's an interesting article from The Independent in which an eminent doctor argues that it's a waste of time and resources trying to find a cure for cancer. Now I take his general point about a 'planned' death having significant advantages over a sudden death or a long, slow decline into dementia or Alzheimer's. Show More Summary

Putin's Russia

President Putin has allegedly given his supporters in Chechnya to run the country as they like, so long as they prevent this part of the Russian Federation from breaking away and claiming its independence. And they appear to be taking him at his word if this report in The Guardian is anything to go by. Show More Summary

Look Back In Anger (09/04/11)

The Telegraph newspaper ran a great article yesterday - setting out the timeline and all the key milestones in getting to the truth over the MPs' expenses scandal. The details are reproduced below which make very interesting readingShow More Summary

Tieless But Clueless (28/04/15)

The Guardian reports that things in Greece are going from bad to worse and that political support for the Syriza-led government is collapsing which comes as no surprise as their strategy involves little more than blaming everyone else for the mess of the Greek economy. Show More Summary


Ian Hislop surprised me on Have I Got News For You (HIGNFY) recently because more often than not I agree with the editor of Private Eye who, by and large, speaks a lot of common sense. But he went off the rails with some rather ill-judged...Show More Summary

Suicide Note

David Miliband has maintained a dignified silence since losing the Labour leadership to his younger brother Ed, but chose to speak out recently as the scale of the party's defeat begins to sink home. In this piece for The Times Rachel...Show More Summary

Union Priorities (29/06/15)

GMB members in North Lanarkshire must be hopping mad at the importance union leaders attach to the Labour Party and its various leadership contests - compared to, say, their efforts in relation to equal pay. Here's a message from 'Sir'...Show More Summary

Persona Non Grata

The BBC reports that Sepp Blatter will miss the Women's World Cup Final in Canada presumably because the FIFA President has been declared persona no grata by the Canadian football authorities. What a great piece of news management, especially today - Canada Day. Show More Summary

Abdicating Responsibility

The Guardian has plenty of commentators who are only too happy to blame everyone but the Greeks for the terrible mess of the Greek economy. But in this opinion piece Daniel Howden hits the nail on the head when he says that Syria is abdicating responsibility by holding a referendum to endorse its own failure. Show More Summary

North Lanarkshire Update

I keep and eye on the GMB Scotland web site to see if the union has anything useful to say about the situation in North Lanarkshire where hundreds of GMB members are struggling to understand what's happening with their equal pay claims. Show More Summary

The Rake's Progress

The Rake's Progress was a tale of decline and fall which seems to be the fate of Russia's space programme after a series of recent disasters, reported in this piece from The Times. Putin’s space dream dragged into £1bn black hole A series...Show More Summary

NLC Update (30/06/15)

Here's a lovely email from a regular reader in North Lanarkshire who'd like to know how she can help get justice for GMB members over their outstanding equal pay claims. Now I'll give some thought to that, but isn't it heartening to see people expressing solidarity with their fellow workers. Show More Summary

Avoiding Responsibility

The Independent reports that north UK Muslim family is trying to blame the police for the actions of three sisters who effectively kidnapped their own children and took them off to join IS in Syria, unbeknown to the fathers involved....Show More Summary

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