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North Lanarkshire Update

I wrote a post the other day about an ongoing pay dispute in Glasgow City Council where the unions are running a campaign under the slogan of 'Justice for Jannies'. Now I would have thought that there must be lots of other groups inShow More Summary

Glasgow City Council Update

Here's one of my favourite posts from the blog site archive which shines a light on the behaviour of the local Unison branch during the long fight for equal pay in Labour-run South Lanarkshire Council. Makes me laugh my head off every...Show More Summary

Facing the Flak

Rafael Behr had a thoughtful piece in The Guardian the other day in which he argued that the Labour will never find its way back into government until the party faces up to its obvious problems in terms of public perception. Some ofShow More Summary

Politics and Narcissists

Ken Clarke, the veteran Tory MP, hit back at those in his own ranks who are using the EU referendum to mount a Conservative leadership election. The former chancellor told the BBC's Today programme: “I think Boris and Donald Trump should...Show More Summary

Howling at the Moon

John McTernan has some fun with this column in The Telegraph in which he delivers a positive assessment of Tony Blair's legacy. But however rational McTernan's analysis may be, he knows that any praise for the former Labour leader draws...Show More Summary

North Lanarkshire Update

I wrote recently about North Lanarkshire Council's response to my FoI request on equal pay, pension entitlements and the Council's draft accounts. As regular readers know, the Council dragged this whole business out for months untilShow More Summary

Blame Game

Here's another good article on the fall-out from the Scottish Cup Final between Hibs and Rangers last weekend. As Gordon Waddell pointed out in the Sunday Mail, rather than facing up to the behaviour of the fans on the day the whole nasty business is turning into a blame game. Show More Summary

Sea of Crap

Glasgow Green experienced one of its recent cultural visits from the Orange Order at the weekend which I witnessed first hand both before and after the event. My normal walk along the River Clyde was slightly slower than usual as I had...Show More Summary

Mad Nad and Bonkers Boris

The ridiculous Nadine Dorries is one of a number of Conservative MPs who have been calling for the Prime Minister's head over the weekend for allegedly telling 'porkies' and 'operating being the limits' of fair campaigning in the great EU referendum campaign. Show More Summary

Bams Versus Bigots (28/05/16)

Stewart Robertson is the professional face of Rangers FC and operates as the Ibrox club's managing director. Yet Robertson's comments on events surrounding last week's Scottish Cup Final beggar belief if you ask me, because what they really say is 'our fans might be Bigots but they're not as bad as your Bams'. Show More Summary

North Lanarkshire Update

A reader from North Lanarkshire dropped me a note to ask who is carrying out the Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) in connection with the Council's late-running job evaluation (JE) exercise. Is it this chap Ian Brewster who has apparently...Show More Summary

More Readers' Comments

Here are some more readers' comments on topical issues that are connected, directly or indirectly, with the ongoing fight for equal pay Job Evaluation (JE) exerciseThats exactly what I did. Have never needed them once and when a did need them to fight our case let down very badly with a take it or leave it attitude. Show More Summary

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Prime Minister Tsipras of Greece pleads for dialogue over Russia turning a blind eye to the fact that President Putin has used military force to annex Crimea, part of an independent sovereign Ukraine until the Red Army rolled in 'invited' by Russians speaking separatists. Show More Summary

The Horse's Mouth

The Health Service Journal (HSJ) published a great scoop yesterday with a leak from inside the BMA, the doctors' union. Now the BMA is a trade union like any other, arguably far more successful than most, yet often likes to present a...Show More Summary

Useful Idiot (09/04/15)

Alexis Tsipras looks to Moscow but risks becoming Putin’s useful idiot by Natalie Nougayrède - the GuardianHostility to Germany has brought the Greeks and Russians closer but for Athens the move is risky ‘Is Alexis Tspiras’s government about to sell itself off to Russia ? Probably not. Show More Summary

Avoiding Austerity

Private Eye, the UK's best and only fortnightly satirical magazine, had some invaluable advice for readers on how to avoid austerity and get on in these harsh economic times. THE VAROUFAKIS GUIDE TO AVOIDING AUSTERITY 1 Become Finance...Show More Summary

Idiot Leftism (07/05/15)

The Times published an excellent editorial on the 'idiot leftism' of what passes these days for government in Greece. 'Tieless, Cut Clueless' as the Greek-born economist Vicky Pryce said recently. Greek Guilelessness Tsipras is culpably...Show More Summary

Gangster Capitalism (09/04/16)

How ironic it is that the left-wing style of student politics which is the driving force behind the current Greek Government should try and get into bed with the gangster form of capitalism that embodies President Putin's Russia. The...Show More Summary

North Lanarkshire Update

A number of readers have been in touch to say that they can still see the union statement on the Home Support service on the Facebook page of the local Unison branch. Well I've just had a look myself and I can't see anything, so maybe you have to be a member to read these words of wisdom. Show More Summary

How It All Began

Action 4 Equality Scotland burst on to the scene on 15 August 2005 after a BBC Scotland film crew travelled to Newcastle to explain the fight for equal pay that had been raging in the north east on England with Stefan Cross Solicitors leading the way. Show More Summary

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