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A Life Well Lived!

My Uncle Pat didn't last too long after his 100th birthday which came as no great surprise because his 'batteries' were pretty run down towards the end. He is being laid to rest today following a service at St. Catherine’s Church inShow More Summary

North Lanarkshire Update

I still receive emails on a daily basis asking for information and an update on North Lanarkshire Council's job evaluation (JE) review. The current position is that Action 4 Equality Scotland has asked North Lanarkshire Council to explain exactly how the backpay element of the JE review impacts on all A4ES clients. Show More Summary

PlaySchool Labour

I suggested last year that electing Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party made about as much sense as appointing the school caretaker (janitor) as its new head teacher. Not a bad analogy, as things have turned out, and although...Show More Summary

Johnson on Jeremy

Credit: PA Images Alan Johnson wrote a scathing letter about the behaviour of the Labour leader's office drying the EU referendum which explains d his reasons for backing the recent vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. “The lukewarm...Show More Summary

TUs Need New Gene Pool (10/06/16)

David Aaronovitch wrote an interesting article for The Times the other day (behind the paywall) in which he argued that its fine for people in leadership positions within membership organisations to hold views which are at variance (to the left or right) of the people whom you are paid to represent. Show More Summary

Unrepresentative Unions

Unrepresentative Unions (07/05/16) Len McCluskey has every right to support the Labour Party, but the Unite boss is deluded if he thinks he's speaking for the wider union membership when he says that "The Labour Party is our party".Show More Summary

North Lanarkshire Update

A number of readers from North Lanarkshire have contacted me about the role being played by the local trade unions over the Council's recent job evaluation review (JER). Lots of people are unhappy, apparently, at the lack of detailed...Show More Summary

Unrepresentative Unions

A timely poll from YouGov confirms that two thirds (66%) of Unite members think Jeremy Corbyn is doing badly as the current leader of the Labour Party. The largest since bloc (40%) think he's doing very badly w hich just goes to show how out of touch union bosses like Len McCluskey are with the views of ordinary union members. Show More Summary

'Macho Man' McCluskey

In addressing the Unite annual conference in Brighton yesterday, union boss Len McCluskey paid tribute to the murdered Labour MP Jo Cox before going on to use if you ask me, some really ugly and intemperate language i n defence of the current Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Show More Summary

North Lanarkshire Update

A reader from North Lanarkshire has shared an email in which she raises a query with the Council's chief executive, Paul Jukes, regarding the Job Evaluation Review (JER). Now this is a perfectly reasonable question if you ask me, one...Show More Summary

Boos and Boors

Andy Murray's victory at Wimbledon was a special moment which some buffoons in the crowd tried to spoil by booing when Murray mentioned the Prime Minister, David Cameron, by name. As it turns out Murray has much better manners than some of his boorish fans as he explained in a later interview: "Did I mean to embarrass Cameron? No I certainly didn't. Show More Summary

Psst.....pass it on! (06/07/16)

Jeremy Corbyn has a whopper of a mandate, don't you know, which he remarks upon at every opportunity as if this makes him immune to political attack. Well so what, I say. Because Tony Blair had a mandate before he was persuaded to stand down as Labour leader in 2007. Show More Summary

History Repeating Itself (06/07/16)

The real problem facing Jeremy Corbyn is that the people resigning from his front bench team are all elected politicians in their own right as well, elected by Labour voters and not just party activists. Just a few short months ago Jeremy...Show More Summary

'Bubs' Form Human Shield (26/06/16)

Len McCluskey was the first to call for Jim Murphy's head after the Scottish Labour leader presided over the near total wipeout of Scotland's Labour MPs at the 2015 general election. Which just goes to show that the Unite boss operates...Show More Summary

'Kamikaze' McCluskey

The boss of the Unite union, Len McCluskey, issued the following statement after talks collapsed over Jeremy Corbyn's continued leadership of the Labour Party: “I am dismayed at the statement issued by Tom Watson announcing his withdrawal from talks aimed at resolving the crisis in the Labour party. Show More Summary

Cuckoo in the Nest (06/07/16)

The author Robert Harris is a long-time Labour supporter and is running a campaign to save the party from the disastrous leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Harris set out his case in a recent article in The Times which contained this damning...Show More Summary

Unpardonable Folly

I watched Sir John Chilcot deliver his long-awaited report into the war in Iraq and while his criticisms were broadly as expected, two important and overarching points stood out. First, that Sir John and his team enjoyed seven long years to mull the whole business over and they also had the benefit of 20/20 hindsight before drawing their conclusions. Show More Summary

Blame Game

One of the good things about Twitter is that you get to read things that are seldom reported in the newspaper and broadcast media like this statement from a father whose son was killed in Iraq.

North Lanarkshire Council

I've been contacted by more readers in North Lanarkshire who say that their letters to the Council's chief executive, Paul Jukes, are being responded to by someone called Anne Burns, the acting Head of Business (Organisational and People Solutions). Show More Summary

Euro Winners!

As millions of Brits head off on their summer holidays only to find the pound in their pocket is worth much less than before the great EU referendum, not everyone will be disappointed. Nigel Farage may be resigning as UKIP's leader, but he'll continue for a while as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP). Show More Summary

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