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Trump Against the World

On top of everything else, today the FBI arrested a young man in Oklahoma City who had planned to blow up a bank. The man is associated with a right-wing anti-government movement calling itself the Three Percenters, which has ties to Oath Keepers and the Bundy Militia. Can we now admit we have a problem […]

Losers Gotta Lose

There are reports — I’m not sure they’ve been confirmed — that one person died in Charlottesville when a car plowed into counter-protesters. The video in this tweet is said to show some of what happened: Video of car hitting anti-racist protestors. Let there be no confusion: this was deliberate terrorism. My prayers with victims. […]

North Korea and the Carnival of Stupid

I’ve been struck by the sheer amount of stupid coming from both Right and Left regarding North Korea. From the rightie fringe, meet evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress, who has been ranting that God wants Trump to bomb North Korea and that the Bible gives Trump authority to do this. (I say that if God wants Kim […]

Tillerson Backtracks Trump

Yesterday the so-called president threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” if it made any more threats against the U.S. A few hours later, North Korea responded by saying it was considering a strike (one assumes a nuclear one) on Guam, which is overrun with U.S. military bases. Trump hasn’t directly responded to that, I […]

Trump’s Iceberg Is Ahead

Aaron Blake writes at WaPo that Trump’s base is officially crumbling. Trump assured us Monday that it was “stronger than ever.” Then came more polls that drive home how untrue that is. A CNN poll and an Investor’s Business Daily poll, both released late Monday, show somewhat different pictures of Trump’s overall approval. The CNN […]

The Beginning of the End Game?

John Kelly  has no control over the so-called president’s twitter fingers. His Monday morning tweet storm was as unhinged as ever.  He insists the Trump base is bigger and stronger than ever, and of course news media are all against him. Greg Sargent writes, This comes some 24 hours after Deputy Attorney General Rod J. […]

Here’s Your Ticket to the Fever Swamp

I was cruising around the Web this morning and saw this headline at Haaretz: What does this tell you about far-right Bannon affiliates? And why must we pay attention to these people? From the article: The driving force behind the campaign has been far-right blogger Mike Cernovich, who started sharing links to a website called, […]

It’s Grand Jury Time!

Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury to hear testimony on Junior’s meeting with the Russian lawyer, several sources say. Subpoenas have been issued, but so far no one has said who they’ve been issued to. Note that this grand jury is separate from the one that already was looking into Michael Flynn. CNN also […]

Trump’s Signing Statement on the Russia Sanctions Bill

So Trump today signed the Russia sanctions bill, although he attached two lengthy signing statements to it. The full text is here.  The first obviously was written by a lawyer. The second may have been at least partly dictated by Trump. Noah Bierman wrote for the Los Angeles Times: Trump signed the bill without cameras, […]

Is Trump Ignoring the Russian Sanctions Bill?

Five days ago, Congress sent a sweeping Russian sanctions bill to the White House to be signed into law. Trump hasn’t signed it yet. Various White House entities keep insisting that he will sign it. Mike Pence, who is in the Other Georgia, says he will sign it “very soon.”  But he hasn’t yet, and […]

Did Kelly Get the Mooch Fired?

Reading between the lines of a lot of news stories, my impression is that incoming Chief of Staff John Kelly either had Scaramucci fired as a condition of taking the job, or Scaramucci was unwilling to continue to work at the White House on Kelly’s terms. NPR: Scaramucci’s departure followed the Monday-morning swearing in of the new White […]

When Truth Bites

A woman who makes a really bad choices in marriage sooner or later faces a sad reality: The boy-child she married will never, ever grow up to be the husband she needs him to be. And then she has to make the choice — stay in a miserable marriage for the sake of the children […]

Reince Priebus Is Out

Only an idiot would take that job now, which makes this guy an idiot.

Don’t Mess With Lisa Murkowski

A lot of people are talking about John McCain’s “no” vote on “skinny” repeal. But this is more interesting: A lot of the media coverage in the wake of the vote will focus on McCain, because he’s the most famous, and Collins was always going to vote “no.” But Murkowski’s opposition was equally decisive and […]

Did the Joint Chief Just Diss Trump?

It’s subtle, but the Chiefs do seem a tad huffy. As you probably heard, yesterday the Embarrassment in Chief tweeted that there would be no more transgendered people in the military. After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow…… — Donald J. […]

Sessions Hangs On

Donald Trump is transparent in one way — he doesn’t know how to hide his motivations. It’s plain as day he wants Jeff Sessions out at Justice because Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, meaning he’s useless as far as Trump is concerned. Sessions probably took the job of Attorney General thinking that Trump […]

The Creature Lives

See Tierney Sneed at Talking Points Memo and Dylan Scott at Vox to make sense of what went on in the Senate today.

The Great Democratic Reboot: Why I’m Underwhelmed

So the Great Democratic Reboot was rolled out today. Let me express why I am underwhelmed. First Mistake. The Reboot was announced with an op ed by Nancy Pelosi in the Washington Post and an op ed by Chuck Schumer in the New York Times.  The CNN story has a photo of Schumer and Pelosi […]

Why the Democrats Will Not Take Back Congress Next Year

As badly as Republicans are screwing up, expect them to maintain control of Congress next year. Because the Democrats can’t lead an opposition out of a wet paper bag. Ed O’Keefe and Dave Weigel write in WaPo: Completely sapped of power in Washington, top leaders of the Democratic Party now believe that the best way […]

Let Them See How We Live. Let Them Come.

Behold, health care in the allegedly richest country in the world: The sick and the disabled pour out of these mountains every summer for their one shot at free health care, but this year was supposed to hold hope for a better solution. Donald Trump won the White House in part on a promise to […]

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