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Generate multi-resolution images for srcset with Grunt

As Mat Marquis recently summarized on SmashingMag, the srcset attribute allows developers to specify a list of sources for an image that are delivered depending on the pixel density of a user’s screen. An example of how srcset may be … Continue reading ?

Traceur-TodoMVC – a Backbone.js app written with ES6

I’m pleased to present a re-write of the Backbone TodoMVC app using ECMAScript 6 features such as classes, modules and fat-arrow syntax. Check out the literate version of the source code as we’ve filled it with helpful comments. The example … Continue reading ?

Release the Kraken! Announcing Yeoman 1.0

Last week, I had the pleasure of ‘officially’ releasing Yeoman 1.0 live at BrazilJS. Our core team (incl. Paul, Sindre, Pascal and Stephen) as well as our contributors put a great deal of love and effort into the project over … Continue reading ?

Detecting Critical Above-the-fold CSS With Paul Kinlan (Video)

tl;dr: In this video, Paul and I demo a new experimental bookmarklet for detecting critical above-the-fold CSS. External CSS stylesheets are render-blocking, meaning the browser won’t paint content to the screen until all of your CSS – specifically, media=’screen’ CSS … Continue reading ?

Tracking ECMAScript 6 Support

ECMAScript 6 is being progressively implemented by browser vendors over time and as such there is no ETA on it being available in all environments. Whilst specs and implementations continue to mature, you may find the below resources helpful in … Continue reading ?

Checking in front-end dependencies

Package management is an important and evolving area in front-end development. It’s also a contentious one with some favoring Bower, others preferring npm and Browserify and a number remaining undecided about the true benefits of these tools. Regardless of the … Continue reading ?

Making Maven Grunt.

Introduction Developers working in agencies often tell us that they want to be able to use modern front-end tooling in their workflow. One set of options this manifests as is using Grunt for their build tasks (instead of Ant, bash … Continue reading ?

Gone In 60 Frames Per Second: A Pinterest Paint Performance Case Study

In my new article with Paul Lewis on Smashing Magazine, we discuss how to improve the paint performance of your websites and Web apps. This is an area that we Web developers have only recently started looking at more closely, … Continue reading ?

Jank Busting With Daft Punk

Yesterday, I looked at the new Daft Punk web experience on Pitchfork. It was visually stunning, featuring rich-animations throughout. I noticed however that scrolling on the page felt quite janky. Scrolling was sluggish and stuttered regularly. You could reproduce this … Continue reading ?

Author In ES6, Transpile To ES5 As A Build-step: A Workflow For Grunt

Preface: This article assumes prior knowledge of Grunt, the JavaScript task runner and that you've heard of Traceur, the to ES5 transpiler by Google. Getting started guides are available for both projects. For information on the current state of … Continue reading ?

Taming The Unicorn: Easing JavaScript Memory Profiling In DevTools

“The Unicorn has a special ability to help it's master when in trouble. When tamed, they will not attack humans or tamed creatures, but will attack anything else with negative karma" The DevTools Heap Profiler and Timeline Memory view can … Continue reading ?

Yeoman Update: announcing 1.0 beta 4, Windows support, Refreshed Angular, Backbone, Ember generators and more.

Today we're happy to announce the release of Yeoman 1.0 beta 4. A number of large updates have been made to the project since beta 3, covering scaffolding, performance improvements and overall stability. The community around the project has also … Continue reading ?

DevTools Extensions For Web App Developers

The past year has seen many leaps made to improve developer productivity through better tooling. We're paying increasing attention to our workflow and many of us have spent time optimising our usage of tools like Grunt, Bower, Yeoman and the … Continue reading ?

Take Care When Using Null Transform Hacks For Forcing GPU Acceleration

At my jQueryTO keynote on paint optimization, I mentioned the performance benefits of promoting DOM elements to a composite layer using GPU acceleration in Chrome. Moving compositing of page layers to the GPU can offer better efficiency than the CPU … Continue reading ?

DevTools: Visually Re-engineering CSS For Faster Paint Times

Increasingly, whether it’s on desktop or mobile, users want their web experience to be snappy and delightful. This means that even if the browser is busy rendering the page or loading in content, the user should still be able to … Continue reading ?

The New And Improved Developer Toolbelt – Video From Fronteers

The recording of my talk from Fronteers is now up: In it I discuss the front-end developer tooling landscape spanning the command-line, your editor, real-time feedback, build process and a few other (hopefully) helpful pieces. Slides are also available.

Tooling For The Modern WebApp Developer – Video From DotJS

The video from my DotJS talk in Paris is now up. I hope it's useful. In it I walk through how to performance profile your apps using DevTools Timeline and the Heap profiler, debugging your mobile apps using Overrides, sexy SASS Source … Continue reading ?

The Breakpoint – Tooling Tips And Tricks (Playlist)

I and that gentleman Paul Irish have been doing a regular show on tooling - helping developers improve their workflow using the Chrome DevTools, Yeoman and more. The last five episodes are now up and you can keep track of … Continue reading ?

Record, Examine, Fix! – Performance Optimisation With the Chrome DevTools Timeline and Profiles

  We all want to create high performance web applications. As our apps get more complex, we may want to support rich animations and that ideal 60 frames a second that keep our apps responsive and snappy.   Being aware of … Continue reading ?

A Few New Things Coming To JavaScript

I believe the day-to-day practice of writing JavaScript is going to change dramatically for the better when arrives. The coming year is going to be an exciting time for developers as features proposed or finalised for the next versions … Continue reading ?

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