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Traversing The Rotation

You’ve probably heard the term min-maxing if you’ve been coming to Lorehound with any regularity. It’s a system for putting in minimal effort for the maximum gain. In effect, you [...]

Dominating the Year of the Dog or 2018 Goals

We let you know the major impact we had on the world in 2017 the other week. Now it is time to see how I hope to disrupt humanity in [...]

2017 in Review: Our Biggest Content

Crushing convention after convention can get a bit exhausting. PAX East, E3, NYCC, BlizzCon, PAX Unplugged we’re all over the country to produce original content from developer interviews to community [...]

The Top 3 Gaming Chairs For Your Home

Gaming chair styles are as diverse as the gamers who use them. They are also as varied as the games people play while using them. Long gone are the days [...]

Filling the Omega Sized Hole

The galaxy experienced a loss recently. As if the Infinity Gauntlet had been disturbed, abused or assaulted. The loss wasn’t initially apparent. A bit of background noise disappearing from the [...]

Hoping For Neverwinter Nights Enhanced x Neverwinter

About a week ago, a company named Beamdog managed to catch many of us off guard by announcing a remake to BioWare’s Neverwinter Nights. Remakes are hardly avante garde these [...]

BlizzCon: The Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Lore Review

Understandably, it isn’t common knowledge that we all expected a reveal yesterday morning during Blizzard’s opening ceremony for BlizzCon 2017. I don’t think anyone expected what would peek out behind [...]

BlizzCon: The Community, The Feels

One of the best things about hitting all the conventions we do with Lorehound is meeting new friends, and simply existing in the moment while surrounded by fellow gamers. It [...]

BlizzCon: Kobolds & Catacombs = Dominion & Ascension Lovechild

Constantly reinventing a video game cannot be easy. Today’s major products are meant to be a platform. A source of entertainment that people will constantly return to. Burnout is the [...]

BlizzCon: The WoW Classic Announcement is Cray Cray

World of Warcraft came out at the end of 2004. I’ll spare you the platitudes of what didn’t exist then aside from a measurable amount of the playerbase. Ponder on [...]

BlizzCon: Too Much To Handle

Mike Morhaime noted two big details about BlizzCon during his Opening Ceremony speech. The first is that this is the eleventh BlizzCon. The second is that the show, which has [...]

Console Neverwinter Saved PC Neverwinter

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios launched Neverwinter to the MMO masses way back in the summer of 2013 after switching the publisher (and owner) from Atari. The title returned [...]

Bless Online is Coming West – Finally! (After all?)

I live to hear the wonderful news of Asian games coming west. Bless Online is directed by Jacob Han, who also worked on the Lineage series, which I absolutely loved [...]

Ship of Heroes: Welcome to the Spaceship

…they’ve got fun and capes… Say hello to Ship of Heroes, a spiritual successor to City of Heroes that appeared out of nowhere – or should I say the depths [...]

What Would Get Me Back Into Hearthstone

I, like many out there, jumped on Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft pretty hard when it was released. For months I researched, played and wrote about Blizzard Entertainment’s first digital card [...]

Madalin Stunt Cars 2: Something A Little Different To Start Off Your Week

We hear at Lorehound tend to have a tight focus on our coverage for the day-to-day. Everyone once in awhile you wanna break out of the mold and see something [...]

Let’s do math! The Path of Glory in Hellfire Peninsula is Full of How Many Dead People?

There are quite a few topics within Warcraft lore one might consider METAL AS FUCK! One such of these that boggled my mind is the Path of Glory. Now, this wouldn’t [...]

A MOBA Hater Checks out Gigantic

I’ve got to start my review with a caveat: I really dislike MOBAs in general. That’s partly why I was asked to partake in the play throughs with iTZKooPA and [...]

Gigantic All in on Original Gameplay Decisions

We’ve been following Gigantic for ages. Not the “it’s been delayed forever to make it the best game ever” like Zelda, Gran Turismo or Warcraft 4. No, Gigantic has taken [...]

Can Neverwinter Save Me From Gamer Shame

Chances are that if you were to play Overwatch with me, you’d hate me. You’d think I had never played a first person shooter before. But I am not a [...]

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