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In Need of Good Mobile Games

What to Play? My laptop and I exist in a perpetual state of anxiety, always asking when is the appropriate time to sit down and get some solid gaming done. [...]

Into the World of: The Exiled

We have been following The Exiled since its Kickstarter campaign, and are pleased to report the game has reached its final stage of evolution. The Exiled will be released in [...]

PAX South: Rockit Gaming Ensures Video Game Music Going Mainstream

The best time I had at PAX this year, was being able to hang out with the guys from Rockit Gaming and JT Machinima. The best thing about it is [...]

PAX South: Hello, thy Neighbor!

What you’ll see is a progression of work that I’ve been collecting for a few months now. In collaboration with the folks over at Tiny Build, who were kind enough [...]

PAX South: PROS and CONvention COVERAGE

TLDR Rating: 78% Workload: Moderate Boothload: Getting better all the time, but still not enough Usage of Convention Center: Meh Interesting Panels: Attended 2 (Minor note: Mostly YouTubers and Twitch [...]

The Traveling Pokemon GO Trainer Problem

Have you heard of the Traveling Salesman Problem before? If you’re not a computer scientist then you probably haven’t. That’s fine. Fear not, it’s easy to summarize. The idea is [...]

Let’s Talk Politcal Lore! 2017 the Year of the Red Menace?

Here I am, in the wake of this hype from this Fallout 4 CNN scandal, which I only caught wind of promptly at 10:10 PM from the AM Radio show [...]

DarkMorrigan’s Favorite 2016 Cons

Gaming can sometimes be a lonesome sport, I always appreciate the conventions that bring gamers – not the marketing and media – together to celebrate our love of video games [...]

The Future of Gaming: Zelda Go

While Pokemon GO captured the attention and hearts of the world it left myself wondering how the medium could be done better. With fun animated creatures to catch in the [...]

2016 in Review: Our Biggest Content

This the year 2016, the year of the monkey, is coming to a close presently. And with its slow last glimmers of this side of the sun before we repeat [...]

The All Stars of League of Legends

The Stars Outside of the top players of the world we have the Champions that allow those individuals to break boundaries and hyper carry the team to the enemy Nexus [...]

Blizzard’s Extensive Extended Universe

Last update: December 2016 Many people spent Martin Luther King Jr’s holiday schlepping around their house, possibly at work or, and this is the really good-natured people out there, donating their [...]

ESO – Homestead Arriving in February 2017

Who else is excited for housing in the Elder Scrolls? Count me in – and I finally have a date to look forward to. February 2017 will see the advent [...]

The Exiled: Das Tal, newer and shinier

This is Das Tal’s final Alpha running from now till the 21st. So final they even changed the name. Welcome to ‘The Exiled’. We are launching another Key Give away [...]

Azerothian Theory 101: Azeroth, the Anchor of Time?

What happens when time screws everything up that we know as lore and a simple retcon, an act Blizzard is so fond of doing, doesn’t necessarily fix the fracture in the [...]

Heavy-handed Pokemon Sun/Moon A Striking Difference to Pokemon GO

Nintendo has long been criticized by many gamers for being hamfisted in the opening moments of its titles. It’s all in a bid to placate various groups, from parental to [...]

BlizzCon: Is Anything Sacred to Heroes of the Storm?!

Blizzard Entertainment did not have had a new game to reveal. In the past that meant BlizzCon simply wouldn’t happen that year. That was then. The new Blizzard Entertainment has [...]

MOBA Monday: Let’s Play Dota 2 – ISA-Morderith edition

MOBA Monday is a weekly showcase of how to perform, eh, let’s go with adequately – we hope – in a multiplayer online battle arena. The streaming squad features the hottest, upcoming [...]

BlizzCon: Hearthstone Is Like The Universe, Infinite Expansion

Does the team behind Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft ever stop working? Do they sleep? We’re not asking these questions in jest. We’re serious. We’re a bit worried about them. We’ve [...]

BlizzCon: Top 5 Reveals

There’s never a consensus on the biggest moment during BlizzCon. Probably because there’s simply so much to do, planned and unplanned. Due to the little wrinkle called life why don’t [...]

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