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Das Tal Alpha Give Away!!!!!

Invoking an air of Diablo combined with Don’t Starve, Das Tal readies for their alpha test. The Developers have been working hard over at Fairytale Distillery to get ready for this moment. The table is set, the candles have been lit and it is time. Time to get out your trusty Scythe (my favourite weapon [&hellip

A Hearthstone Nut’s Live Review of Warcraft as Told to a Warcraft Lore Nut

This review CONTAINS spoilers to the Warcraft film to any of those unfamiliar with Warcraft lore. If you’re one of those people, then how dare you! At least you’ll get learned from both perspectives. I didn’t get a chance to see Warcraft for almost tens days after its release. I know, I know, bad blogger. [&hellip

Leeroy Jenkins Returns Oh So Appropriately

It was the eleventh anniversary of the Internet meme known as Leeroy Jenkins in mid May. I’m sure you were aware of this, since our Twitter account let you know. Right? I’m definitely going to assume that you know what it is. But Shaktaji pointed out that such an assumption isn’t safe anymore. For one, [&hellip

The Novel Post: Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood Review

This review of the Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood novel by Paul Cornell is of the spoiler-free variety. Check out the entire Blizzard catalog in our Extensive Extended Universe post. Oh, so you are interested in the tie-ins to the Warcraft film. Welcome. Warcraft: Bond of Brotherhood tossed readers some two decades into the past of the [&hellip

The Novel Post: Warcraft: Durotan: The Official Movie Prequel

This review of the Warcraft: Durotan: The Official Movie Prequel novel by Christie Golden is of the spoiler-free variety. Check out the entire Blizzard catalog in our Extensive Extended Universe post. Oh, so you are interested in the tie-ins to the Warcraft film. Welcome. Warcraft: Durotan sees Christie Golden return to the Warcraft universe where she [&hellip

Does Anyone Care About the Warcraft Movie Tie-ins?

You’re probably well aware that Warcraft, a film some ten years in the making, is finally hitting theaters in the United States on Friday. If not, I’m thoroughly impressed with your dedication to not consuming any media that has a shred of advertising. The marketing machine around greenskins versus pink skins (why is greenskins a [&hellip

Lore’d of the (Hearth)Stone: Archmage Khadgar “Man O’ Mystery”

THERE YA ARE! BACK FROM YOUR ADVENTURES? The hearth is lit and you have a deck of virtual cards at your disposal, but who is that wonderful hero who holds your fate? Are you a Penniless Paladin, a Worth Opponent or a Mediocre Monk? I know I am! Come join us as we investigate the [&hellip

The Novel Post: Illidan: World of Warcraft Review

This review of the Illidan: World of Warcraft novel by William King is of the spoiler-free variety. Check out the entire Blizzard catalog in our Extensive Extended Universe post. I toyed with the idea of changing the tag for our The Novel Post for Illidan: World of Warcraft. If you’re remotely in tune with the [&hellip

PAX East: Shenanigans & Hijinx

We hope you’re keenly aware that we attend a lot of conventions to not only educate and entertain ourselves, but to bring you the most interesting morsels of information from each event. Naturally, we like having a little bit of fun during our travels across the country (and, occasionally, the world). Case in point, Trauma’s [&hellip

PAX East: Oh, There’s Cosplay Here You Say?

Did you know that the Penny Arcade Expo is a celebration of all niches nerd? It truly doesn’t matter what you’re into, the breadth of interest is amazing. Collecting retro games, eating mediocre food, video games, card games, board games, insane collections of dice, incredibly focused 3D printing shops, kinda everything is present at the [&hellip

PAX East: The Many Major Modifications in Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Orcs Must Die! Unchained has been available in some form of early access for years now. Numerous F2P Friday appearances and various convention interviews prove that its existence hasn’t escaped our attention. Not in the least. The combination of Robot Entertainment’s proven tower defense pedigree with PvP – and more recently, a return to PvE [&hellip

The Legend of Michael Klump!

This past weekend was a blast. Eleven computers, thirteen people, enough potato chips to feed an army, beer, too few showers, liquor and nearly 72 hours of LAN party mayhem. It was like all of us were without major responsibilities, be they kids, jobs or the social necessities that require maintaining a viable relationships with another human [&hellip

PAX East: You Can’t Spell TD Without Castle Assault + a ‘D’

Hello Lorehounds! Why don’t you take a break from your screen, pull up a chair to your favourite table and unbox Castle Assault. Inside you will find everything you need to spend the night crushing your adversaries. Castle Assault is a 1-2 player Tower Defense infused board game. The game starts off fairly simply. Roll [&hellip

PAX East: What’d It Take To Get Sentinels of the Multiverse Digital?

When I think of sentinels one image comes to mind, the giant robotic hunters from the 90s X-men cartoon. How is that relevant? You’ve got me, it’s not. But now you know a random fun fact, and, potentially another shred of evidence to date me. Anyways, sentinels inside Sentinels of the Multiverse are not antagonists [&hellip

PAX East: Marooners Won the Global Game Jam On Purpose

Analytics isn’t strictly for Major League Baseball. Nope. The fine folks at M2H Games applied the idea of Sabermetrics to game development to come up with a sure-fire contender to the Global Game Jam competition. The company devised a winning strategy by analyzing previous finalists and winners. It wasn’t as crazy as determining slugging percentage [&hellip

PAX East: Unadulterated Master of Orion Demo Interview

Fans of the 4X genre of strategy games don’t miss much. They kinda can’t. Missing the smallest detail could ruin an entire week’s worth of planning a military assault, diplomatic tie or economic collapse. That’s why we’ve decided to break from our typical editing traditions for convention coverage and provide the most raw, uncut and [&hellip

PAX East: Brawlhalla Adding More High-skill Gameplay

If you’re anything like me you enjoy a solid challenge. A successful flexing of your own personal skills against a foe, AI or corporeal, leaves you with a sense of success. Even when it leaves you with soul-crushing defeat it can reinforce your interest in medium of combat. Brawlhalla does this like few other games [&hellip

PAX East: In Livelock Humanity is Dead, Long Live Humanity

Tuque Games is bringing something new to the Arc of Perfect World Entertainment. The developer will pop PWE’s paid-for cherry when it releases Livelock later on. Until now, the company and its gaming portal have only featured free-to-play games. That’s right, Livelock will be the platform’s first buy-to-play game. The Arc platform has mostly MMORPGs [&hellip

PAX East: Chronicles of Elyria is Doing Everything Different to Save MMORPGs

When a company claims it’s “doing something different” it is often hyperbole. Chronicles of Elyria, the upcoming MMORPG from Soulbound Studios, understood that. Instead of fluffy marketing speech about how adding a new spell completely changes the game the company opted for more hardline changes. Out goes the normal business models. That’s plural. CoE doesn’t [&hellip

PAX East: What to Expect from the World of Tanks Comic

On Saturday night, we were treated to a special unveiling of’s latest community catnip. The company unveiled a new partnership with Dark Horse to bring the universe a World of Tanks comic. Dark Horse doesn’t take its licensed intellectual properties lightly, as you’ll probably well aware. But a comic about a historical adaptation of [&hellip

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