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EQN Round Table: Account Unlocks (Dev Discussion Video)

I’ll admit that I didn’t find the initial question about friends lists to be very interesting. Should friends lists be account-based or character-based? To me, this simply comes down to convenience versus privacy; there’s not much design discussion in the question. Design philosophies are what really interest me more than anything else. The answer seems

Grand Theft Auto Online Awarding Early Adopters a Stimulus Package

So what is the term is so 2009, the folks over at Rockstar Games are offering a “special stimulus package” for all players of Grand Theft Auto Online. Going out to anyone that logs in this October, a half million GTA$ will be deposited into GTA Online bank accounts of all players that log in.

WildStar Launching with Cross-realm Play

Neverwinter recently re-confirmed its intention to merge its servers to create a more universal in-game community. This is something Blizzard, which runs dozens of servers for World of Warcraft, has achieved by designing base technology to offer cross-realm PvP, questing and raiding. Show More Summary

EQ2: Tears of Veeshan Release Date Announced!

Dragons, dragons, everywhere… Everquest 2?s upcoming expansion features dragons front and center. The evil prismatic dragon Kerafym has stolen an ancient artifact and slain Yelinak. The New Combine Army has been fractured, and Kerafym is reaching beyond the bounds of time itself. The journey of Tears of Veeshan begins in Vesspyr: The Eternal Broodlands, where

SMITE Community Sees Hel Revamped Again

This week’s patch may not have released a new god, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Hi-Rez Studios has followed up the recent Odin revamp with the second round for Hel, Goddess of the Underworld. To be fair, Hel’s previous revamp was all inclusive, completely changing her play style. This time around it’s

Infinite Crisis Vlog Describes Differentiating Gameplay Features

The field of multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) is getting to be a highly competitive one. In fact, we wrote about the upcoming competition nearly three years ago after the announcement of Valve’s entry with DotA2. Since then it’s only gotten crazier. The MOBA genre being viewed by developers and publishers as the cash cow

SMITE: Demigods, Deities and Gods Explained – Tyr

SMITE: Demigods, Deities and Gods Explained is a column dedicated to introducing prospective players of SMITE to its massive back story of lore. From the Greek to Hindu, each week we’ll look at two characters from a major pantheon and provide a quick recap of their history and in what capacity their digital incarnation will

Spiritual Successor to City of Heroes Funded; Heading Towards Stretch Goals

The Kickstarter campaign for City of Titan began five days ago. Originally called The Phoenix Project to raise City of Heroes from its ashes, the spiritual successor to CoH has already met its modest goal of $320,000. As of this writing, some 2,300 backers have promised nearly $347,500. That’s an average of over $150 per backer! The

Game of Thrones Ascent Updated Ahead of Season 4

The Song of Ice and Fire franchise is enormous. Sure, the HBO series that Game of Thrones Ascent has tapped into the universe, but it – the game or TV series – has barely cracked the surface of George R. R. Martin’s incredible universe. And that’s exactly why Ascent has plenty of material to work

Return to Norrath: A Quick Look at Heroic Characters

Those of you who know me probably have some idea as to my reaction to Heroic Characters in EQ2. I had no intention at all of getting one. Well, that’s not entirely true – since I get a free one, I figured I might as well use it, and was planning on putting it onto

Allods Online Offering Subscription Server and Leveling Contest

Every f2p game I’ve ever seen has had calls for subscription only servers. Every game, every forum, I can’t think of a single one where I haven’t at least once seen a thread asking for a server for subscription members only that has no cash shop – just a monthly fee and everything in game.

Neverwinter Shards Returning to a Single Element Soon

Cryptic Studios has a history of handling its MMORPG server technology a bit differently than most companies. Expecting the inevitable burn from launch to a stable player base, the company has broken its servers into multiple distinct instances of a game and has broken its master server into multi shards. This enables the company to

Warcraft Movie Dated; BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Ticket Items Revealed

It appears that we can officially put the label of “development hell” to rest when referencing the Warcraft movie. To rest specifically because today brings the first official news from Blizzard Entertainment itself on the movie’s impending release. The Duncan Jones helmed, potentially Colin Farrell vehicle that’s to begin filming in January 2014 is to

Marvel Heroes v1.3 Gives Players Luke Cage, Lady Deadpool

Yeah, the sex changing Deadpool discussed in our after hours interview with Gazillion Entertainment at PAX Prime has become a Marvel-approved reality. He’s always been an oddball in this or any universe but changing his sex in this latest content patch goes far beyond breaking the fourth wall with inane references. Luke Cage is cool

EQ2: Restrictions Removed, Heroic Characters and Expansion Pre-orders

It’s currently a very beautiful time to be a free player in EQ2. Already one of the best f2p models out there, SoE just made it even better – the gear restrictions in place for bronze and silver accounts have been removed. Now, once the servers come back online after today’s patch, anyone, paying or

Infinite Crisis: Enter the Catwoman

A new champion has entered the fight to save the DC Multiverse from total annihilation – Catwoman! Reflexes, martial arts, a deadly whip and a hot catsuit – what more could you ask for? How about a video, and a beta? If you like what you see, there’s even a Founder’s Pack! Infinite Crisis is

Blizzard Reportedly Trademarks ‘Heroes of the Storm’

That pesky Garrosh Hellscream now out of the way, World of Warcraft players are rightfully looking toward the universe’s next expansion. That and the endless desire for the gaming community to spoil any big news that BlizzCon may hold when it returns in early November for BlizzCon 2013. Reports have been detailing for a few days that

Banned from TERA … for life!

I’ve been a gaming journalist, albeit a rather unknown journalist, for some years now mainly covering MMO games and spending much of my time playing them. In that time I’ve never received a ban, a temp ban or so much as a warning since I tend to follow the rules of the land. However it

Return to Norrath: Newbie Guides and Heroic Characters – How to Start at Level 85

Anyone who has spoken with me for more than a few minutes about MMOs knows that I love to tinker. I don’t just mean in the game – although I am a huge crafter – but with the game. I love mods and addons. I love to fiddle with my UI, to get it just

Latest WildStar DevSpeak Explains Ability Mechanics (Video)

Combat, it’s a pretty big deal in every single MMORPG. Ever. Not that I’m an omnipresent gamer to have played everything but I’m pretty comfortable making that blanket statement. As we’ve seen in our interviews, combat in WildStar is a wild ride. There’s attacking, dodging and damage mitigation. Usually, the attacks come as instants, a channeled ability

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