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How to Build Better Products in 5 Days

This process controls costs, reduces the waste of going in the wrong direction, and "works miracles," according to some of the companies that swear by it.

10 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Companies in Los Angeles

They aren't 50-feet tall, but these impressive women-entrepreneurs tower over their competition in the City of Angels.

Great Job Sites for Recent College Graduates

Looking for a job is a full-time job in and of itself. The good news is that the following sites have consolidated a lot of the information you need to get the ball rolling.

3 Keys to Getting the Best Work From Millennials

Stacey Ferreira, co-founder of AdMoar, explains why managers should be willing to give young workers responsibility over projects.

21 Habits That Make Your Presentations Come Off Completely Unprofessional

What's the point in giving a presentation if you appear incompetent? Here are some deadly habits you need to avoid.

Encouraging Social Sharing and not Social Browsing in the Workplace

Many reports show that over half of US employers block social media access in the workplace but is that a smart decision?

7 Public Speaking Exercises to Perfect Your Pitch

Having a good pitch can either make or break your business--so start honing those skills.

3 Ways to Thrive as an Introvert Entrepreneur

Of course introverts can build great businesses. Just not in the exact same way as extroverts.

Why Young Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Be Afraid of Hiring Older Workers

Joel Holland, founder of Video Blocks, explains why you shouldn't feel awkward about giving advice to people with more experience.

Why You Can't Lead a Business Without Knowing How to Follow

Tom Yorton, CEO of Second City Works, explains why efficient organizations often don't have clear-cut followers and leaders.

Shark Tank recap: There’s no crying on Shark Tank!

One weapy businesswoman gets no deal but other entrepreneurs cry tears of joy when the sharks bite

Entrepreneurial Inspiration Starts At Home

What do you attribute your entrepreneurial success to? For Sir Richard Branson (and other entrepreneurs), success started at home.

The 1 Shocking Phrase That All New Managers Should Use

These aren't the words that trip off the tongue for new manager. But two leadership experts say you should try them.

3 Easy Ways To Be Seen As An Industry Expert

While most people think it takes years of experience to become an expert in their field, they are following the wrong path.

Meet the Two-Person Business That Wants to Help You Control Your Dreams

Founded in 2011, Bitbanger Labs has grown its sales by about $3 million since 2012. The core product: A lucid dreaming mask.

For Restless Entrepreneurs: Finding Your Purpose Beyond Profit

Purpose-driven businesses make the world a better place, and they can easily make money while they do it.

7 Services That Will Help You Grow Your Business With Influencers

Like it or not, Internet "influencers" are here to stay, and they can help you be successful.

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