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Native Instruments Launches – First Look At Stems Creator Tool

Ever since the announcement of the Kontrol D2 and Stems at WMC people have eagerly been waiting for more details on the new file format. Native Instruments has just launched a dedicated Stems site, The site goes into more details on the stems format and the benefits for DJs, producers, labels, and developers. We even get our first look at the Stems Creator Tool.

Playing Vocal Samples Like An Instrument In Ableton

Ever wonder how artists like Flume and Flosstradamus are able to bend vocals and pitch them up/down like an instrument? It's actually quite simple and is an extremely popular technique used in lots of trap, future bass, and new R&B tracks. Today Multiplier is going to show you how to create a vocal instrument that can be played with a midi controller in Ableton Live.

Creating A White Noise Transition In Ableton Live

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

One of the advantages of using Ableton for live performance is the wide range of effects and the ability to combine these effects into custom "audio effect racks". Building your own audio effect racks allows you to make your own effects combos that are tailored to your performance. Show More Summary

Mixing With Traktor On A Modular Controller Setup Of X1s + Midi Fighters

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

One of the most popular DJTT articles was a discussion in 2012 about choosing between modular setups or all-in-one DJ rigs. Despite the influx of tons of fantastic all-in-one controllers and standalone gear like the XDJ-RX, modular DJ controllers are still a very popular, affordable, and versatile choice. Show More Summary

Getting Started With Midi Maps in Traktor

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Midi mappings are the link between Traktor and your controller. Without a midi mapping your midi controller has no way of communicating with Traktor. Working with mappings can be tricky at first, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Today...Show More Summary

djay Pro Introduces Force Touch, Beatpad 2, and Slip Mode

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

With Apple’s WWDC coming to an end a lot of new gear is coming out, and it follows that some of it applies to the DJ world. One of the companies we feature pretty regularly on the blog is Algoriddim, the folks behind djay Pro (Mac) and djay 2 (mobile). Here’s some of the new features forthcoming in djay Pro:   […]

What DJ Gear/Production Would DJTT Members Design?

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

In one of our recent members-only newsletters, I presented an open question to DJTT readers - if you had endless time and money, what gear would you design? There were some great responses - so today read some of the most interesting and unique dreams some of our community members have for the future of DJ and production hardware.

Ableton Temporarily Slashes Push Prices

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Ableton continues to rule the domain when it comes to a completely integrated hardware instrument for their software DAW, with the Push. We've seen it used any number of ways since it was first released in 2013 - sequencing drums, samples,...Show More Summary

Email Marketing 101: Subject Lines, Consistency, and Sample Script

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Email marketing is consistently ranked as one of the most effective and easiest forms of online marketing by marketing professionals. Social media is an effective way to reach new people and have passive touch points with current fans but your online marketing strategy should, as Hanzel would say, go one deeper. Show More Summary

Steal Mad Zach’s Quick Soundpack Switch Technique

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

If you've ever seen artists like ill.Gates, Shawn Wasabi, or Mad Zach perform live, you know that soundpacks are one of the best ways to really give a unique performance. The challenge is seamlessly switching between different soundpacks on the fly. Show More Summary

OWOW Midi Controllers: Small + Simple Design, Advanced Controls

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

There’s a brand new company out of the Netherlands aiming to own the market on tiny production tools – something to go hand in hand with other travel friendly production tools like the Teenage Engineering OP-1 or the KMI QuNeo. OWOW (the Omnipresent World Of Wizkids) have crafted five instruments that are headed to Kickstarter […]

Turn Your Maschine Into A TR-8 Style Drum Machine

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

There's a massive community of producers who use the Native Instruments Maschine software/hardware combo to craft beats and perform live. Today we want to highlight one awesome tool created by the crew over at PadBangers that allows you to use Maschine like a traditional drum machine (inspired by workflows on the Roland TR-8 and DSI Tempest).

CNTRL Tour 2015 Recap

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Last month the 2015 CNTRL Tour hit the road with an incredible line up of world class electronic artists. Artists like Richie Hawtin, Matthew Dear, Victor Calderone, Grime, Dubfire, Chris Liebing, and DJTT's own Ean Golden, toured across the U.S. Show More Summary

Mat Zo + The FPIA Take Aim At DJs Using Ghost Producers

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Over the last week, we've seen Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Mat Zo begin highlighting what he feels like is one of the biggest issues in the electronic dance music scene right now: the use of ghost producers. With the help of a few...Show More Summary

Launchpad Mk2 Revealed: Design Update + RGB Pads

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

This year's NAMM show saw the teasing of the Launchpad Pro, which got a bunch of awesome features including full RGB pads, velocity sensitivity, and MIDI in/out. But this week Novation is announcing a brand new base model of the Launchpad series, the Launchpad Mk2, which rocks an almost identical design to the classic but sports new RGB pads.

Setting Up and Using XDJ-1000s With Traktor Pro 2.8

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

With the new version of Traktor coming out just a few weeks ago and opening up HID mode to the sub-$1000 Pioneer XDJ-1000s, times are changing. Suddenly, a relatively affordable CDJ-style setup is available that works very easily with Traktor. Learn how to set up and use the players with Traktor in this guide.

Thunderbolt 3 Will Have The Same Connector As USB-C; One Less Cable To Worry About!

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Ask any DJ what the biggest pain is about having a bunch of different digital gear and usually one of the first things brought up is making sure you've got the right cables. Exciting news today from Intel, who are developing the next generation of Thunderbolt (3), and have decided to make the connector exactly the same as the USB-C connector.

The “Song Of The Summer” Is (Probably) Already In Your DJ Collection

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

A lot of the time, resident DJs are responsible for knowing what the trending tracks are and saving them for the perfect time of the night. Many of us know what it's like to be asked to play the same excessively popular song by different...Show More Summary

Vinyl Resurgence: Two New Pressing Plants Open In USA

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

There are only 40 manufacturing plants in the world that are capable of quickly pressing a run of vinyl records - so it is always exciting to see new pressing plants spring forward. As reported on The Vinyl Factory, two new plants have opened their doors in the US in recent weeks.

Quick Rekordbox Tips And Tricks With DJ Ravine & Cotts

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

DJ Ravine and Cotts are back with part 2 of their CDJ tips and tricks video. This time the focus is on Rekordbox. Pioneer continues to improve their music management software and there are lots of features that can be enabled to enhance your CDJ workflow. Keep reading to learn more about the rekordbox tips and tricks that Ravine and Cotts have to share.

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