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5 Inspiring Roland AIRA Performance Videos

We've been hearing from a lot of DJTT readers who have seen some of Ean's AIRA performance videos on his Facebook page and been asking us about the gear and how/why someone would want to use it in a production or DJ setup. For a funShow More Summary

Creative Live Looping Techniques In Ableton Live

Many live producers and performance artists rely on looping as a way to build a sonic landscape and craft unique shows that vary every time. Beatboxers, finger drummers, and musicians of all types have taken advantage of a loop-based performance. Show More Summary

MIDI-Mapping The DJM-900 Mixer To Traktor

Did you know that in loads of DJ booths around the world, there's a controller that's already there? The Pioneer DJM-900 is completely MIDI-mappable, and can be used in any number of diverse ways - learn how to set it up with this tutorial from new DJTT contributor Angel.

Scratchbot: A Robot DJ That Can Scratch And Cut Records

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

It’s becoming clear that automation is the future for many jobs and industries out there – but did you ever think it might come to the DJ turntablism world? DJTT member mushrooshi has shared exclusive details with us on project to build robots that can gate the crossfader and manipulate vinyl in time with the beat. […]

Watch Vekked’s Incredible DMC Online Routine: PDX-3000, Monty Python and Sega

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

One of the best things the DMC DJ Championships has ever done was open up their competition to online submissions and allow DJs to use a wider range of tools in the Online competition than just simply two turntables and a mixer. We'd always enjoyed routines from talented DJ Vekked, and this one is not to be missed.

Portable Keyboards: The Yamaha reface Solution for Producers

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Inspiration can strike anywhere. Sometimes the commute to work can be the birthplace of a new melody or a late night of watching TV can create the need to jam out. Guitarists have the luxury of being able to play anywhere with theirShow More Summary

Instant Variation For Percussive Loops In Ableton Live

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Varied percussion in your tracks can be painstaking to program and often we’re guilty of having a ‘loop-and-forget’ mentality! This is an easy trap to fall into and can halt your tunes from giving the listener enough variety to keep them interested. Show More Summary

Routine: Jayceeoh On CDJs, Turntables, Serato Club Kit, and DDJ-SP1

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

We love seeing club DJs who have a refined set of technical skills that goes beyond mixing from one track to the next - so Serato's recent highlighting of LA-based DJ Jacyeeoh is really awesome. He started out as a battle DJ and now has moved onto regular club work and production.

2015 Edition: What Controller Is Right For You? All-In-One vs Modular DJ Setups

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Whether you're buying your very first DJ controller or getting a new one, the question "Should I go modular or all-in-one?" will come up. Deciding between these workflows can be an important choice, as both have specific advantages you may not be aware of. Show More Summary

Video: Watch Ill Gates + KJ Sawka Destroy A Midi Fighter, Prep For Battle

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Ill Gates has long been an advocate of DJ and producer humor, and this time he's gone full mastermind, creating a parody trailer promoting his new duo act, Unsung Heroes. That's him and KJ Sawka ("the human drum machine"), and in this video they square off in a humorous battle-prep-montage that looks like a cross between Rocky and the trailer for 2014's Whiplash.

Video: Amp Live On The Business Of Being A Modern Producer

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

DJTT is good friends with the incredible producer Amp Live, who has been crafting beats and producing records since the 1990s as a part of Bay Area rap group Zion I. Recently we had a chance to bring him into the DJTT studio for a class...Show More Summary

Can You DJ Off The Internet In A Club? Djay Pro + CDJs + Spotify Reviewed

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

We've seen time and again in the music industry how streaming services are taking over - but in the DJ world, owning your own music has stayed the norm. Today Ean takes a closer look at how Algoriddim's djay Pro could be changing that, reviewing the app and its integration with Spotify.

Akai’s New Pad Controllers: MPD218, MPD226, MPD232

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Akai is has been a friend of producers and finger drummers since the release of their Music Production Centers (MPCs) in the eighties. Fast forward a couple of decades and the company gives the world a new, USB MIDI controller that changed the way artists perform. The MPD gave performers like Justice and The Glitch Mob a new way to […]

Creative Tips for Pioneer FX: Spiral Effect

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

In a DJ set, having predictable control over your mixer or controller's effects unit is critical. So when an effect like Spiral shows up on a mixer, it's often avoided because it's initially confusing and unpredicatable. In today's tutorial, learn how to make the most of Spiral's pitch delay effect found on Pioneer mixers and the XDJ-RX.

Stems: Luciano, Carl Craig + Kerri Chandler Discuss The New Music Format

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Just a few weeks ago in Barcelona, there were a slew of talented artists performing for the Sónar festival. It was perhaps easy to overlook an event at the parallel Sónar+D conference that packed several legendary DJs and producers in a single room. Show More Summary

Why Every DJ (Even Big Names) Need Spontaneity In Their Sets

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

At the EDMBiz conference in the middle of June, in the lead-up to this year's EDC in Vegas, three big dance music artists argued over how important unique and spontaneous DJ sets should be from one show to the next. On the side of extreme importance: Z-Trip. Show More Summary

iTunes 12.2 Update Causes Issues With Rekordbox, Traktor, Serato

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

DJs should always be hesitant to update to a new version of any software that they depend on, from system updates to new firmware. Today, we’ve learned that a brand new version of iTunes (12.2) has started causing major issues with all major DJ software. Why Is iTunes Changing?  For a lot of DJs, iTunes […]

3 No-Fail Ways To Record Your Live DJ Set This Weekend

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

Chances are that you are going out this weekend (or staying in) to play a gig. Recording your set should be a no brainer: it's great for learning, promotion, and posterity. However most DJs show up and, in the stress of the moment, skip the recording process because it feels too complicated. Here are 3 dead simple ways to record your live DJ set this weekend.

Limited Edition Green Midi Fighter Twisters

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

We've had a number of requests for unique colored Midi Fighter Twisters from our friends, fans, and even a few famous artists who are using the device - so we decided to make out a super limited run of Twisters that have a unique look to them.

What To Do When Your DJ / Production Gear Gets Stolen

2 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : DJ TechTools

It's a pretty terrifying prospect: return home or to your studio only to find broken glass, a busted lock, and empty shelves. DJs and producers often lots of very valuable gear, so today we look at a few ways to help get your gear back and start making / mixing music ASAP after getting robbed. Show More Summary

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