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10 Monsters That Are Among Us

They are here, among us, and they look worst then you could imagine.

Cursed Name of the Firstborn Son

A tragic story about secrets that nearly destroyed one family, will truth give them some closure?

10 Famous Paintings That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Paintings are beautiful pieces of art, but here are some that will scare you, not many people would like to have those hang in their bedroom.

Crow`s Hill

A true story based mystery about disappearance of a young boy, who is still missing.

Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe Dragons Flew

Where did all the stories about dragons came from, and how they started spreading like fire no one can give the real answer. Scholars are offering some explanations, but part of us will never be satisfied, because we all want to believe in these magical creatures. Show More Summary

What Would Happen If a Methor Hit the Earth?

An asteroid is passing by our planet. It will be very near. This will happen on Friday. Have you ever thought what would happen if it would hit the Earth?

UFO's in Ancient Paintings

Is it possible that UFO has always been somewhere around our planet or even on our planet. How can the present of UFO on ancient paintings be explained?

My Strange Encounter With Fedora Man

True story which happened to me and the most bizarre encounter with an unusual and a little bit creepy man or whatever he is. Contact if you had the similar experience.

Secret UFO Files Opened in UK

After so many years the secret UFO files in UK are opened and available for all the people to see them. Most of the files are saying about the event which happened in December 1980.

The Shadow People

The Shadow People are the phenomena many people talked they have seen. It is still unknown what this is. Ghosts, demons, travelers from other dimensions or just our imagination.

Yellowstone Mystery Lake Music

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most beautiful places, but as well as you are to see some breathtaking landscape, there is a mystery you can feel or better say it to hear.

5 Year Old Girl Found Living With Cows

Scary but true story about a five-year-old girl living with cows. The only way she can communicate is by mooing. Can parents neglect a child so much? It seems that buzz was more important than a child life.

Highway Where People Go Missing

People go missing every day, but this highway got the name Highway of Tears. The worst thing is to be alone in pain. Let us try to help people who are suffering.

10 of the Most Hunted Places in the World

Some places seem to be more hunted than others. On some places, in the world ghost seem to be appearing more than on others. These are reported as the most hunted in the world.

72 Demons Evoked by King Solomon (Part II)

Part two about the daemons evoked by King Solomon, the ones described in Ars Goetia. These 36 out of 72 are not nicer than the first ones.

UFO’s In Ancient Paintings

The appearance of fiery chariots and hovering discs in Renaissance Era paintings – as well as beings working their controls and/or attired in garb that we commonly recognize today as spacesuits – proves, at least, that UFOs were being sighted in medieval times. While no direct connection can be isolated from this, between space aliens [...]

Secret UFO Files Opened In UK

Britain’s Ministry of Defense has opened the files on UFO sightings dating back to the 1970s and made them public, including witness accounts and the government’s response. Near RAF Woodbridge, UK a strange sight has occurred in 1980s’. In eastern England in the early hours of December 27, 1980, a very unusual thing has happened [...]

What Would Happen If a Meteor Hit The Earth?

An asteroid the size of football field will buzz past Earth on 15th February, near our dear planet. It will not hit our Earth, but if the case was something like this to happen, what would it look? An impact like this would leave such a big crater, size of Washington. Scientist are pretty sure, [...]

The Shadow People

For those who look, they will find. I remember when I was very small that some friend has told me that he sees some “shadow man” from time to time. and that man did nothing, just passing by. But I remember I was scared at that time and asked for the light to be on. [...]

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