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MIBs, Limo & Alien Being: Gone in 5 Seconds!

A Youtuber named SunnyAle discusses what she observed when she was a child living in California:“My sister and I were playing. I was like 7 or 8 years old (around 2002 or 2003) and at the place where I live there is an alley behind my house. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: 'Anal Probe' Tore Abductee's Colon -- Drink Motor Oil and Be Cured! -- 'Goblin' Attacks Sweep Zimbabwe

'Anal Probe' Tore Abductee's ColonI remember an event when I was a kid (1967). I recall waking up in my mom's room and seeing two- what I called big guys kneeling at the foot of the bed- they grabbed my heels and began to pull me. However, they were not pulling my body but like- my soul- was being pulled from my body. Show More Summary

Stan Gordon's 2016 Pennsylvania UFO, Cryptid & Anomalies Review

2016 Was Very Busy with UFO Sightings, Bigfoot and Cryptid Encounters across PennsylvaniaFrom Researcher: Stan Gordon Pennsylvanian’s reported encounters of the mysterious kind during 2016. Show More Summary

A Murdered Mother's Spirit Endures

Brandon, a police officer in Delaware, wrote in to Darkness Radio describing a strange sighting he had:“I am a police officer. I have been on the job now for 12 years. One night in the last week of July, 2013, I had been hanging out with some friends on my day off. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Flesh-Eating Worms Infest Florida...Again -- Corpse Bride in the Window -- Wild Elephants Roaming the United States

Flesh-Eating Worms Infest Florida...AgainThe stray dog came with bad news. This week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that a dog near Homestead, Florida—a city 15 miles north of the Florida Keys—was found with wounds infested...Show More Summary

Man or Beast?

An ex-military man named Alan was interviewed by Steven Strings about an encounter he had in Georgia:“I'm from Atlanta, Georgia and I'm a herpetologist. I travel frequently up into the north Georgia mountains, up into the Helen area in the national forest and, on this day, I was going up there to observe some wildlife that I frequently study. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Ethereal Wolf Encounter -- Unknown 'Creature' Captured on Camera -- New Evidence Surfaces in D.B. Cooper Skyjacking

Ethereal Wolf EncounterI want to share with you and your readers an encounter that my mother had. First of all, she was a no nonsense type of woman, very honest, and not given to any foolishness. This story she told me happened when she was a little girl of about 10 or 11. Show More Summary

Weekend 2 Cents: BEKs Infest Lakota Reservation -- 'Ectoplasm' in the Cemetery? - Lyle Blackburn on Arcane Radio

BEKs Infest Lakota ReservationAn investigation/shamanic group on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (Oglala Lakota - South Dakota) was called in to investigate and bless a home. The incidents began when two sisters observed a black-eyed boy outside the home. Show More Summary

The Woman Upstairs

An anonymous person wrote to Darkness Radio with a story about her scary experience:“This happened to me when I was eight years old. My cousin lived in a creepy house when we were young and it always gave me a strange feeling but I was never scared to go inside. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Cemetery 'Ghost Parade' -- UFO, Black Helicopter and Lost Time -- Vampire Bats Now Targeting Humans

Cemetery 'Ghost Parade'We were at the cemetery for the burial of my sister's mother-in-law. It was a cold winter day & I decided to wait in the car with my elderly mother while my niece and sister proceeded to the burial site where she...Show More Summary

Stop 'Killing Bigfoot'

Thursday, January 12, 2017Dear Friends, Colleagues, Associates and Caring Members of Society:I need your help and the help of as many people that you know to STOP the broadcasting of a US produced TV Show, “KILLING BIGFOOT” that will...Show More Summary

Possible Upright Wolf - Southeast Manitoba

I recently received the following account:My wife and I were visiting with my aunt & uncle in their home in 2013. They have a farm in southeast Manitoba. We were staying in the attic bedroom that looks out over the property. On the first morning, I was looking out the window around dawn and saw an animal running across the field. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: 'I felt like I was in grave mortal danger' -- Bumble Bee Placed on Endangered List -- 'You're crazy lady!'

'I felt like I was in grave mortal danger'Alan in Louisville, Kentucky called in to tell his strange story of encounter black robed monks:“Back in about 2003 I worked at the city jail here in Louisville and I lived kind of in a more remote area. Show More Summary

The Wandering Robe

Ryan, a sheriff in Texas, called in to talk about something strange he witnessed while patrolling a rural area in Texas:“It was 2013. This same time of year. Either late June or early July. I was patrolling a rural road, part of our county that had no houses on it whatsoever. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: 'Who answered the phone?' -- Alien Contact / Attempted Abduction -- Point Pleasant's Haunted Lowe Hotel

'Who answered the phone?'“My roommate and I had a strange experience during the night in 1992. I saw her get up to answer the phone when her boyfriend called (we had a bunk bed and I slept on top). However, she said I got up to answer...Show More Summary

Response: Attacked by Spirit Energy

I received several comments in reference to Attacked by Spirit Energy, where I described a spirit energy attack that I sustain in the hospital last week. I'd like to share one comment in particular:Mr Strickler, I had been meaning to send this email earlier but I have been busy. Show More Summary

Slenderman: 'What the Hell Did I Just See?'

In a video titled 'I Saw Slenderman...Scary Paranormal Experience,' Canadian YouTuber Brie discussed her experience of seeing the Slenderman in real life: “So basically I was laying in bed and I distinctly remember being awake because I could hear noises in the house. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Black-Eyed 'Ghoul' -- Asteroid Passes Between Earth and the Moon -- Aliens 'Probably Look Like Machines'

Black-Eyed 'Ghoul'“In the winter of 2000, I was working in a 24-hour porn shop in Calgary. My shift was 11 pm to 7 am on the Trans-Canada highway. The locals will know this spot. The usual business was truckers and the scorned 2:30 crowd from the bars.One night at 4:30 am, a "ghoul" entered the store. Show More Summary

MIB: Bright Flash & Lost Time

Rich in Washington called to recount his MIB encounter in 1979:“In 1979, I was 11 years old. I was frequently home alone. Both my dad worked and my mom was away quite a bit. I came home from school one day. I had ridden my bicycle home. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Sunken Eyes and Floating Black Fish -- UFO Author Ryan Sprague on Arcane Radio -- Sasquatch Messin' With Trail Cam?

Sunken Eyes and Floating Black FishClay in Ohio called in to tell of something strange he experienced in his youth:“I'm 43 years old and when I was a child, all the way up until I was in my early teens, I would have such fear that I could not move. Show More Summary

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