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Do you really understand your buyers?

Do you really understand your buyers? No matter what you sell or whether your buyers are purchasing your wares for themselves or on behalf of their company – you are selling to human beings and they’re an odd bunch.  They make decisions based on some very odd triggers, beliefs and reactions. Show More Summary

Your 80/20 marketing plan

One of the age-old rules in business is that 80% of your revenue is generated through 20% of your customer base. While the numbers may not align perfectly – the axiom is accurate. Your best customers generate the lion’s share of your earnings. Show More Summary

Leveraging the power of converged media

I think the idea of leveraging the power of converged media is both an old and a new idea.  Media has changed (to say the least) but the idea of a media mix is hardly a fresh concept. We’re talking about media differently today and I think that’s smart. Show More Summary

The fourth quarter sprint has begun

It’s do or die time.  We have 3 months until the year is over and the scorecard is tallied.  How are you doing on your marketing and sales goals for 2015? You can’t afford to let up on the gas as we approach the fourth quarter.  It’s now or never in terms of your year […] The post The fourth quarter sprint has begun appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute.

6 steps to creating an effective infographic

There’s no doubt that infographics are an influential element of today’s marketing landscape. They take advantage of your audience’s ability to process visual information quickly and to retain the key facts long after the words have faded. Show More Summary

How are your multicultural marketing strategies?

CMOs acknowledge that they need to have strong multicultural marketing strategies but despite rapid population growth and strong support for initiatives within marketing circles, CEO and board support falls far short, failing to assist marketer’s ability to prioritize and fully fund their efforts. Show More Summary

How do we connect with our audience?

We talk about wanting to engage and connect with our audience but what does that actually mean? Global marketers see the value of making their digital interactions with customers and stakeholders richer, more personal and predictive....Show More Summary

Best practices for creating infographics

Whether you know what they’re called or not, we all consume infographics every day but when it comes to using them to market your own business — what are the best practices for creating infographics? Most people are a combination of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners and about 65% of us are mainly visual learners. Show More Summary

Are you leveraging visual content?

If any of the trend reports from the last five years are accurate — visual content should be a critical element in your marketing and content strategy. If’ve you’ve master this — you’re in the minority.  While a picture may be worthShow More Summary

No one wants to be sold

Here’s a truth we seem to want to ignore — no one wants to be sold. Ever. Think about some of your favorite stores.  Beyond the merchandise they have – what do you love about going there?  Odds are your favorite stores became your favorites because of the experience you had.  So you go back […] The post No one wants to be sold appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute.

Dollar cost averaging equals marketing

If we’ve learned anything over the last decade it’s that the stock market is volatile and difficult to predict with precision. Even Warren Buffet can’t tell you exactly when a stock will go hot or drop like a rock. Which is how the whole concept of dollar cost averaging came to be. Show More Summary

Fundraising is marketing

Let’s face it — fundraising is marketing. I love the stories of the good old days in my community.  You’ve probably already heard the same sorts of stories in your community too.  How the “founding fathers” would gather over coffee and...Show More Summary

Pinpoint your sweet spot customers

We’ve talked quite a bit about the importance of understanding who you can delight when it comes to looking for new customers — finding those sweet spot customers and turn them into your best marketing tool. Rather than trying to beShow More Summary

Playbook for word of mouth

Ted Wright’s new book Fizz (affiliate link) is a fantastic playbook for word of mouth that’s fun to read and easy to connect with your business and how you could take the examples and modify them to work for you. Wright works hard to...Show More Summary

Are you minding your packaging?

The smartest brands know that having an awesome product/service is important but how you present that awesome product or service matters too.  Yes, it probably costs more. And yes, it means you have to keep upping your game. So there’s risk and cost in making that choice. Show More Summary

If they don’t care, are you even there?

Your creative needs to be creative.  No doubt about that.  But sadly, many people think that’s enough. I received an email from a college student, asking if he could interview me. Two of his questions in particular caught my attention because they put the spotlight on a dangerous mistake that many seasoned marketers make. Show More Summary

No one likes you

Like millions of businesses around the world, at some point in time, you decided to hop on the Facebook train.  You created a presence with either enthusiasm or distain (seems everyone starts at one end of the spectrum or the other) and posted your first update. Show More Summary

Becoming a marketing master

You don’t have to be a good writer or have a mind for marketing to set a goal of becoming a marketing master. You just have to be willing to do the hard work of learning how to do it and practicing it regularly. There’s a huge body of research that has studied how people […] The post Becoming a marketing master appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute.

Who shouldn’t you serve?

Who shouldn’t you serve? I have often said that the power of a good brand is not only does it attract your sweet spot customers but it repels the wrong customers. Too many businesses adopt the “every dollar is a good dollar” philosophy which inevitably brings them misery, unhappy customers and financial losses. Show More Summary

Show your customers that you care

In previous posts, we’ve explored the idea that a potential buyer has to know, like and trust you before they’re going to buy anything from you.   In this one, I want to dig into the trust part of the equation a little deeper and how important it is to show your customers that you care. […] The post Show your customers that you care appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute.

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