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From A Work In Progress (II)

2 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

From the same work in progress as this, although that has changed in the meantime. I write very slowly, as you can probably tell (and yeah, I fudged the geography a little). Comments are still down because I haven't had time to fix them, but feel free to send me a message on twitter. She hadn't anticipated the boat. Show More Summary

On "Hardness" in Science Fiction

2 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

I don't know if the geeky things I choose to read online on a regular basis just aren't diverse enough (a strong possibility, given my recent analysis of my 2015 reading list), or if something has happed to cause a number of folks to...Show More Summary

Reading Breakdown for 2015

2 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

I hope to get back to reviewing books again in the next couple of months, but as I didn't get much of that done at all in 2015, I thought I'd do another breakdown of my year in reading. This year I did not read to a program as I did in 2014. Show More Summary

The Stone Boatmen, by Sarah Tolmie

3 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

I've been meaning to write about this book for quite a while, but if I had the time to be writing about books I'd still be doing it for money. So: my apologies for the delay, and for how short this is going to be. Simply stated, The Stone Boatmen was the best thing I read in 2014. Show More Summary

Comments Are Down

3 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

Hey kids. Comments are disabled until I wrap my head around the current comment spam issue I'm having. Could be a while; I'm a touch busy at the moment.

Reading Breakdown for 2014

3 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

So apparently my only blog post for all of 2014 was a breakdown of my reading statistics for 2013 and a plan for how I was going to improve those statistics (specifically in terms of gender) for 2014. I had planned to write a few reviews—and...Show More Summary

2013 Reading Summary and the Plan for 2014

4 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

I don't generally keep track of my reading on any sort of statistical level. I read what I read for reasons that are as much about the mood I'm in when it comes time to start a new book as anything else (probably more than any other reason, to be honest). Show More Summary

I Write Terrible Poems

5 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

Don't you just hate really earnest poetry? I don't mean the seriousness and melodrama of the Victorians, or the obliqueness of the Modernists, or even the loony bullshit of sound poets (well, okay, maybe I mean the loony bullshit ofShow More Summary

A Bit of News

5 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

It's been a long time since I've updated. Some things have happened that have kept this blog a low priority: I did some freelance work, switched jobs a couple of times, and have gone through some personal issues. I've taken on a newShow More Summary

Friday Reads: Blueprints of the Afterlife, by Ryan Boudinot

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

"Friday Reads," if you're not familiar with the phrase, is a phenomenon on Twitter where folks use the #FridayReads hashtag to talk about, and usually recommend, the books they happen to be reading (you know, on Friday). It doesn't sound like much, but it's kind of fun and cute and whatever, the way Twitter hashtags are. Show More Summary

Godblog, by Laurie Channer

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

Godblog wasn't a bad book, but there were some structural problems that kept it from being a really good one. Most of the first hundred pages could have been cut without damaging the plot, and it would have given the book a tighter, more focused feel. Show More Summary

The Complete Lockpick Pornography, by Joey Comeau

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

So here's the deal: The Complete Lockpick Pornography is actually two short novels, Lockpick Pornography and We All Got It Coming, which has been described as its "thematic sequel." I picked it up at Indie Lit Night at the Starlight Lounge this past Tuesday, where Joey gave a hilarious reading, and we had a great chat. Show More Summary

Community Without Dan Harmon

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

As a fan of Community, it's been a week of ups and downs. First there were rumours of cancelation, trotted out like the reliable workhorses they proved to be when the show was put on mid-season hiatus. And then we got the reprieve; thirteen more episodes, but getting moved to Fridays starting in June of all months. Show More Summary

Biographemes and A.S. Byatt's The Biographer's Tale

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

This paper was researched and written over the course of almost a year, starting in May 2002 and ending in April 2003, under the direction of the amazing Dr. Sarah Tolmie, at the University of Waterloo. Many things have changed since then, and I would not come to all the same conclusions today. Show More Summary

Exit, by Nelly Arcan

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

This piece originally appeared in issue 83 of Canadian Notes & Queries under the title "Half In Love With Death." Viktor Frankl, founder of the Viennese school of existential psychotherapy called "logotherapy," wrote that happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. Show More Summary

Walk Like A Man, by Robert J. Wiersema

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

Full disclosure: I consider Rob a friend, though I by no means claim membership in the Circle, and Rob knows that I have enough respect for him to be unflinchingly honest in my assessment of this book—indeed, because I respect him, I could not behave otherwise. Show More Summary

Community, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, and Rumours

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

Here's the deal, kids. Nobody's been cancelled yet, except 30 Rock. Here's what went down: There has been talk on Twitter and blogs and whatnot that 30 Rock was getting a 13 episode season for next year, which would be its last. That...Show More Summary

Country: The Twisted Roots of Rock 'n' Roll, by Nick Tosches

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

One of the things I like about good music writing is, somewhat surprisingly, something it has in common with good sports writing: you don't have to be a fan of the subject matter to enjoy it. For the most part, I don't care for country music. Show More Summary

The Maladjusted, by Derek Hayes

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

Appropriately titled, the common denominator across nearly all of the stories in Toronto-based author Derek Hayes' first collection is a character who is so wrapped up in themselves, has internalized their neuroses to such a degree,Show More Summary

Soon This Will All Be Gone, by catl

6 years agoEntertainment / Books : Vestige

Full disclosure: I was the copyeditor for the cover art of Soon This Will All Be Gone, but I had no involvement with the music; indeed, I haven't even met the band in person. I went to see catl with a friend of mine a little over a year ago. Show More Summary

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