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Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten free recipes come in handy when you have to cook a gluten free meal or you have someone on a wheat free diet. Such a diet is followed by people who have coeliac disease. This is a condition that hinders the uptake of nutrients by the intestines. Gluten is a protein that is found in […]

Favorite Recipes without Gluten

Take a look at the video below showing a wonderful range of gluten-free meals:

How to heal and diminish stretch marks

Pregnancy stretch marks appear because the body is not accustomed to fast growth.  The skin cannot keep up with extra weight, so it stretches to accommodate your growing body.  There are no preventable measures to stop stretch marks.  They can only be treated after the fact.  To make your skin healthier, you may keep your […]

Healthy BBQ Sauce from scratch

Here’s a healthy Paleo Caveman-style Barbecue Sauce Recipe For ya!

How to Bake an American Flag Cake

Check out this awesome video about baking a cake with a flag

Barbecue Cookoffs

Barbecue cooking competitions are all about food and fun.   All participants and attendants should enjoy themselves especially when eating meat in the midst of the serious competition. If you are interested in going for a barbecue competition, these tips will enable you to make good choices. Start by competing at local level Although it is […]

Sticky Pork Ribs

I really wanted to share a pork recipe this week. Humanely raised pork is in the news at the moment since Coles supermarkets announced plans to source pork only from farms that don’t use sow stalls. I think it is interesting that themes like humane...

Nine ways to use home made chicken stock

I saw chicken stock being sold for $9.00 for 500 mls the other day, almost the cost of a whole chicken. Which is spectacular when you think about how it is made. Chicken stock can be made with those parts of the chicken you normally...

Poached chicken with ginger scallion sauce

I’ve read somewhere recently about food as fashion and I think it’s very true. Whether it be the proliferation of new techniques, like the foams and gels in upmarket restaurants, a darling ingredient of the moment like fiddleheads or finger limes, or even a food...

Raspberry ripple oatmeal with oven dried apple

Do you eat at least two servings of fruit each day, as recommended in nutritional guidelines? I find it easy in  the summer with cherries and nectarines and strawberries around, but a little harder in winter when it feels like it’s just apples and oranges...

Lemon, lime and poppy seed muffins

Oh dear. I had planned to make a few little changes to the recipe I found for lemon poppy seed muffins but not quite this extreme. The beauty about getting a recipe from one of the well established blogs is that people will often have...

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