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Kingdom Hearts 3 And The Final Fantasy VII Remake Are Even Further Off Than We Thought

If you were expecting to get your hands on either Kingdom Hearts 3 or _Final Fantasy VII Remake _anytime soon... your expectations are way too high. Square Enix revealed that you won't be getting your hands on either game for a while since they're both further off than we thought.

Is Blizzard Working On A Warcraft Mobile Game?

Rumors are running rampant about some of the projects that Blizzard Entertainment is working on. One of the projects is rumored to be a mobile game that may be based around the Warcraft property. So how did rumors come to the conclusion that Blizzard is working on a _Warcraft _mobile...

Monster Hunter XX On The Nintendo Switch Features An Extra Cool Ability

Capcom's reveal of Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch, a port of the recently released Nintendo 3DS version, came with some surprising reveals and an extra cool ability that a lot of people probably weren't expecting.

How To Kill Jason In The Friday The 13th Game

One of the most popular new non-AAA games to release is Illfonic and Gun Media's Friday The 13th: The Game. The third-person survival game features a group of camp counselors trying to survive an attack from Crystal Lake's infamous killer, Jason Voorhees. Well, there's...

Nintendo's Stock Has Hit A Major High

The release of the Nintendo Switch has been nothing but a huge boon of success for Nintendo. However, it's not just the Switch that has managed to bolster the appeal of Nintendo as a business. The announcement of a certain game coming to the Switch has allowed Nintendo's stock to hit a major...

Why Battlefield 1's Update May Change

The May update for Battlefield 1 is right around the corner. Right now it's currently going through the certification process, but it has a number of new changes in the works that will drastically change how some player-vs-player encounters will play out, as well as some major tweaks to...

The Friday The 13th Video Game Is Already Having Problems

Gun Media and Illfonic Studios finally managed to get their Friday The 13th: The Game up and out for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The multiplayer-only portion of the game has run into some problems when it comes to connectivity and stabili...

The Cancelled Prey 2 Actually Sounds Awesome

The original 2011 demo of _Prey 2 _at E3 had a lot of people excited about the game, but it never came to fruition. Bethesda and Human Head Studios ended up parting ways over the game, but some new information has released indicating that the game could have been pretty awesome.

The Next Episode Of Telltale's Guardians Of The Galaxy Has A Release Date

Telltale and Marvel's collaboration on The Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series will continue to press forward as the next episode in the popular series has received its official release date for home consoles, PC and mobile devices.

Sonic Mania May Have A Release Date

One of the most highly anticipated Sonic games set to release is the upcoming new-age throwback game, Sonic Mania. The title is a new-school take on the old-school 16-bit classics, and we may now have an idea as to when the game will officially release.

Monster Hunter Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch just had another major franchise added to its roster, with Monster Hunter XX officially announced for the platform. Much like the creatures you must track down in the game, we imagine this one is going to be absolutely huge.

One Of Mass Effect's Most Popular Races May Be Coming To Andromeda

There are hints and rumors spreading about the possibility of new content arriving for Mass Effect: Andromeda featuring one of the more popular races in the franchise that didn't make the cut in the original release of Andromeda.

Why Destiny 2 Won't Have Dedicated Servers

Before the community ramped up their interest over the topic, Bungie got out in front of the question and explained why Destiny 2 won't have dedicated servers.

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Trailer Is Exciting And Fun

The Lego Group and TT Games, along with Marvel Entertainment, released the full trailer reveal for the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Originally we had a small teaser sampling with a bit of Groot, but this time we get a heck of a lot more heroes in the fun and exciting new...

The Far Cry 5 Launch Trailer Is More Than A Little Disturbing

Ubisoft has finally pulled back the curtain on Far Cry 5, revealing that players will be visiting an unexpected locale this time around: The good ole' U.S. of A. The official trailer has also gone live, and it's already sparking a bit of debate.

Xbox One's Streaming Service Adds Co-Op, Changes Name

Microsoft is making moves and switching up their tactics with how they're addressing the gaming industry by dabbling in a streaming service similar to Twitch. They've opted to change the name of the service and they've even added a new cooperative feature.

New Trailer Shows Off Titanfall 2's Newest Mech

Respawn Entertainment has slowly been building up momentum thanks to having a quality product and a strong post-launch DLC plan. They've continued on with that plan with the release of a trailer for their newest mech set to arrive.

Pokemon Go's New Plan To Prevent Cheating Is Brilliant

Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go is still going strong and they're still pumping out new content for the game, along with working on brand new security measures... such as a way to prevent people from cheating. Their latest method is somewhat brilliant for those who have been scheming to get...

One Highly Anticipated Game Won't Be At E3

There are a number of games people are readily looking forward to at E3. One such game is the highly anticipated sequel to a game that people have been begging for, for years. However, this highly anticipated game will apparently not be making an appearance at E3.

One Of The Dreamcast's Strangest Games May Be Getting A Sequel

The spirit of the Sega Dreamcast appears to be alive and well, as one of the ill-fated consoles most bizarre games (and that's saying a lot for the Dreamcast library) looks to be getting a sequel.

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