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League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Is Headed Back To The Big Screen

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is not a great movie. It does have fans, but there aren't many arguing the other side of that statement. But it is based on an popular, acclaimed collection of comics, and as such, the property is...Show More Summary

The Armageddon Honest Trailer Is One Big Middle Finger To Michael Bay

Ah, Summer 1998 รข?? a box office stuffed with would be hits and surprising misses all making their own deep impact on the consciousness of moviegoers. Among them was the second biggest film of the year, directed by a man we've all come to associate with summer blockbusters dumb as a box of rocks. Show More Summary

What The Rock Listens To When He Needs To Cry On Camera

Hollywood professionals can take inspiration from a variety of sources, be they cartoons, consumer products, or even real life figures, there's always something to keep the creative wheels turning. Actors especially need inspiration, as it can help them turn a good performance into a great one. Show More Summary

Jurassic World Is Going To Open To Huge Numbers

Jurassic World is set to take in a healthy amount of money when it is finally released on June 12. And it comes at a time when Hollywood is in desperate need of an injection of cash. Variety spoke to Phil Contrino, the chief analystShow More Summary

The Full Point Break Trailer Is Full Of Adrenaline And Extreme Action

Earlier we got a taste of the adrenaline-fueled action from the upcoming Point Break remake, but that wasn't enough. No, that was just a tease, and now they're back with a full trailer that wants to push you right up to the edge andShow More Summary

The 10 Greatest Wrestlers Turned Actors

Professional wrestling is as much a performance as it is a sport. For every mind-blowing physical stunt pulled off in the ring, there is just as much posing, posturing, and playing up a carefully crafted persona in front of thousands of people (millions if you count the TV broadcasts). Show More Summary

The Memorial Day Box Office Hit An Historic Low

While you were outside bathing in the sunshine, eating barely cooked meat from a barbecue, and enjoying a few brewskis over the glorious Memorial Day weekend, cinemas and multiplexes across the United States recorded historically low...Show More Summary

Jonny Quest Is Getting A Live Action Movie, Get The Details

At this point, in the world we live in, it's no use lamenting the fact that all of your favorite things are being remade, re-envisioned, and otherwise rehashed, because that's just reality. And today we can add another one to the metaphorical...Show More Summary

X-Men: Apocalypse Probably Bringing In The Morlocks, Get The Details

Part of the fun of the build up to superhero movies is the speculation and amateur sleuthing that goes on as we all try to figure out which of our favorite elements will make the transition from page to screen. In this day and age of...Show More Summary

The Point Break Trailer Teaser Has A Legit Money Shot That Has Us Very Excited

Teasers for trailers typically don’t do a lot to get our pulse racing. It’s like a mint before an appetizer, as a full trailer is really only setting up the actual feature, which is the meal. And yet, there’s a visual...Show More Summary

Hawaiian Natives Have Even More Problems With Cameron Crowe's Aloha

Cameron Crowe's island romance has already come under fire for a perceived lack of diversity in its culturally diverse setting of Hawaii. Now it appears that Aloha is in trouble again for being culturally insensitive, though this time the source is unexpected. Show More Summary

Jurassic World Poster Drops Chris Pratt Into A Terrifying Situation

Jurassic World, the latest installment in the venerable Jurassic Park franchise, promises to be full of all kinds of harrowing situations. One in particular involves star Chris Pratt running from a nasty new baddie, which is on prominent...Show More Summary

Watch The Cool Pixar Animated Sequence Brad Bird Cut Out Of Tomorrowland

While Tomorrowland took a tepid photo finish victory during the Memorial Day weekend with $40.7 million over Pitch Perfect 2, the film, itself, was an immense awe-inspiring injection of optimism. However, one intended key piece of exposition in an animated sequence from Pixar was actually cut from the film. Show More Summary

6 Huge Things We Learned At Pixar About Inside Out

Pixar director Pete Docter recently experienced something every father dreads: his daughter, Ellie, once an optimistic, bubbly and goofy young girl grew up to become a closed-off, brooding and angst-ridden teenager. What happened toShow More Summary

Ant-Man's Costume Has One Massive Flaw

While comic book purists are generally hard to please, the comic-inspired costume that Paul Rudd wears in the upcoming Ant-Man seems to be controversy-free. However, some notable critics regarding the unitards's utilitarian value happen to be the people who created the getup. Show More Summary

Couple Whose Wedding Was Crashed In Bad Grandpa Are Getting Divorced

It's bad luck to see the bride in her wedding gown before the ceremony. It's bad luck to give a knife as a gift. And, apparently, it's bad luck to have Johnny Knoxville crash your wedding. The pranksman famously pulled one over on Jarrod Brom and Kimberly Peeler in the Jackass movie Bad Grandpa, wreaking havoc on the wedding cake and table setup. Show More Summary

Emilio Estevez Just Had An Awesome Mighty Ducks Flashback On Twitter

Monday was a big night for a couple reasons. It marked another victory for the Anaheim Ducks hockey team, who were in the middle of Game 5 with the Chicago Blackhawks, and it was the night Emilio Estevez returned to rooting for his old team. Show More Summary

Is DC Comics About To Change Its Movie Schedule?

The biggest problem with attempting to plan out a massive cinematic universe in the mold of Marvel is that you have no idea what changes could be on the horizon. Sony, for example, might send Spider-Man back to your universe. Or, if you are the Fast & Furious franchise, you might lose a cornerstone like Paul Walker. Show More Summary

Wolverine In The Deadpool Movie? Here's What Ryan Reynolds Says

Ryan Reynolds made his cinematic debut as Deadpool way back in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now that his foulmouthed, katana-swinging character has his own standalone X-Men movie, will Hugh Jackman return the favor? The actor has played...Show More Summary

Watch Batman Chase The Joker In Suicide Squad Set Video

Ben Affleck recently graced the set of Suicide Squad with his presence, giving fans yet another reason to head to theaters for David Ayer's DC supervillain teamup. But what is Bruce Wayne doing in a movie that already focuses on theShow More Summary

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