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The Hilarious Way People Are Petitioning For Superman's Mustache Footage To Be Released

Want to get a look at Henry Cavill's Superman mustache from Justice League? We do, too.

Blade Runner 2049 Almost Had A Completely Different Ending

Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 is a meticulously crafted and intricate sci-fi sequel to a beloved cult classic. Despite its lengthy run time, it's evident that each and every scene exists for a specific reason, contributing new pieces to an elaborate puzzle.

Fast And Furious 9: What We Know So Far

With the ninth Fast and Furious film currently in development, here's everything that CinemaBlend currently knows about the upcoming blockbuster!

How Tyrese Gibson Really Feels About The Fast And Furious Spinoff

If you are a Fast and the Furious fan, you may already know there has been quite a bit of drama related to the franchise and its upcoming spinoff starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

Apparently Bill Condon Tried To Get Beyonce Into Beauty And The Beast

Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is still the highest grossing movie of the year, but one has to wonder how much money it might have made if it had one of the biggest stars in the world playing a part.

Mark Ruffalo Accidentally Livestreamed Part Of Thor: Ragnarok

Mark Ruffalo may be on Marvel's list today, as he accidentally streamed a portion of the threequel during last night's world premiere.

One Shot In The Last Jedi Is A Return Of The Jedi Reference For Star Wars Die Hards

The newest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi had lots of great material that has fans buzzing all over the internet. However, it also included a brief reference to one of the earlier Star Wars movies that many fans probably misse...

New Thor: Ragnarok Clip Reveals How Thor Feels About Losing His Hammer

The clip focuses on Thor, seemingly as he is preparing to fight in the arena seen in the early trailers for the film.

Black Panther Is Getting His Own Lego Movie

Black Panther is becoming a huge part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with his own standalone movie coming out early next year. However, that's not the only place to see the King of Wakanda on screen in the coming months.

Pierce Brosnan Doesn't Care If You Hate His Mamma Mia Singing

Pierce Brosnan recently spoke about reprising his role in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!, and letting the criticism wash right off his back

What The Venom Creator Is Most Excited To See Play Out In The Movie

WIth Eddie Brock gearing up to take center stage in his own solo movie next year, the character's creator has chimed in on what he's most excited to see in Sony's new Venom project.

The Big Role Michelle Pfeiffer Gave Up That Still Kills Her

Out of all of the missed opportunities that Michelle Pfeiffer has experienced, one still stings her to this day.

What The Bad Moms Christmas Directors Want Audiences To Take Away From The Film

There's a message hidden deep inside of every film. Some of them are more obvious that others, some are much more resonant, but there's always something that its writers, producers, and director want their audience to go home with. Even though it is packed with raucous humor, A Bad Moms...

How Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Director Feels About The Porgs And Whether They're Too Cute

Ever since they first appeared in the promotional material, the furry, bird-like, porgs have been a significant topic of conversation among Star Wars: The last Jedi fans. It's generally agreed upon that they're pretty cute, but therein lies the problem.

How Bad Moms Christmas Will Avoid Repeating The Original

The sixteen month gap between the release of Bad Moms and its impending sequel A Bad Moms Christmas means that the writing and directing team of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore had little to no time to try and come up with an idea for the sequel.

The Dick Cheney Biopic Has Found Its Colin Powell, And It's A Surprising Choice

Adam McKay has a lot of experience putting together outstanding ensembles, from Anchorman to The Big Short, and he's been putting together yet another amazing cast for his developing Dick Cheney movie.

Walt Disney Animation Has Cancelled One Of Its Big Upcoming Projects

Walt Disney Animation has some major follow-ups in the works, including Frozen 2 and Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, but it seems that the studio has axed the only non-sequel on their upcoming slate.

Could We Soon See A Planet Of The Apes Movie With No Humans? Here’s What Andy Serkis Told Us

Caesar has been the lead character of all the current Planet of the Apes films so far, but it's been noteworthy that each story has continued to see a dwindling role for humans to play in the larger narrative.

Avatar 2 Cast List: All The Confirmed Heroes And Villains

For the longest time, it seemed that those Avatar sequels were going to be the sorts of movies than languishing in development hell forever. However, over the last few months the wheels have begun to actually turn, and now it appears that these movies may actually happen.

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