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Custom Dyed Arctic Fox from Waters West

If you’ve ever tuned in for some of our step by step fly tying posts, odds are you’ve noticed we love tying with Arctic fox. Arctic fox (particularly the tail) is an incredible material. It’s easy to handle, extremely durable, and offers incredible movement in the water. Plus, unlike many natural materials, it also holds color […]

Timeless Tips: 9 Questions About Alaskan Trout You Were Afraid to Ask

Today is another edition of a series of posts where we answer basic questions about some of the topics we normally cover in a lot of detail.  No question is too simple! We’ve covered basic questions about bonefishing and spey fishing.  On to trout fishing in Alaska… 9 Questions About Alaskan Trout Fishing You Were […]

BTT on Bahamas Bonefish Habitat – Video

A while back we shared with you the first video of a great series from our friends at Bonefish and Tarpon on the best handling practices for bonefish. They’ve put out some other great videos of late as well, including one on the current status and importance of bonefish habitat in the Bahamas (something we […]

The Morrish Mouse 2.0 – Tying Instructions

Ken Morrish’s ‘Morrish Mouse’ is arguably one of the most well known (and effective) mouse patterns ever created. In fact, it’s one of our favorite flies at Rapids Camp Lodge. However, originally tied on a traditional down-riding hook, some believe the original Morrish Mouse has a tendency for shorter strikes and potentially a higher rate […]

Prime King Openings at Alaska West

This just in: We just had a couple of cancellations for two of our most popular weeks of the season at Alaska West. June 24th – July 1st July 1st – July 8th What’s so great about these weeks? How about some of the best spey fishing for chrome bright king salmon on the planet. […]

Congrats, Grant!

Those who have joined us at Alaska West sometime within the last half-decade or so likely recognize the angler the above. For those that haven’t, that’s veteran Alaska West guide, Grant Turner, hoisting a South Andros bonefish.. But not just any bonefish mind you, that’s Grant’s first bonefish to hand, which as most of us […]

Timeless Tips: Fighting Bonefish in the Mangroves

You spotted your bonefish, made a beautiful cast despite the wind, retrieved your fly at just the right pace to get the follow, and the fish took the fly. You even fought the urge to trout set, and instead strip set the fly making a solid connection.  Fish on! Although you did everything right, your […]

Steaming Fly Tying Materials

A few weeks ago we shared with you a clever hack for rejuvenating those beat-up flies at the bottom of your boat bag or wader pocket using a quick steam treatment. Admittedly, we forgot to include the tip that gave us the idea in the first place.. The same process works wonders on tying materials too! […]

Nate Karnes Fly Fishing Art & Apparel

Last summer at Alaska West, a decal toted by one of our guests caught our eye – a rainbow trout, in the shape of a pig. Brilliant. The level of excitement that brought to your humble editor shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who understands his affinity (some would say obsession) with big, gluttonous, […]

Plan D Articulated Fly Boxes – New and Improved

Way back in 2016 we told you about the first release of Plan D Articulated Fly Boxes – fly boxes designed specifically to house articulated and ‘stinger-style’ flies (something we use a lot of at our lodges). Plan D’s innovative ‘eye-hook’ and slotted foam design was the best solution to taming free-swinging articulated patterns we’d […]

Nice Fish, Chris

Every now and then we like to take a break from telling you how to catch more big fish, or what we gear we like when trying to catch big fish, and just share a photo of one our guests with, you got it, a big fish. Our pal Chris Wilks tied into this beauty […]

Timeless Tips: How to Tie Better Flies Faster

Winter is here, and for many of us that means it’s fly tying season. If you’re looking to restock your boxes for next season, try a few of these tips to fill them up faster! Take Your Time on the First Pattern. Before you hit production mode, take your time on your first fly pattern. Experiment […]

Make Space for More Flies

When fishing for steelhead and salmon, we fish a lot of articulated style flies tied with a ‘stinger hook‘ attached to the body of the fly using a loop of stiff wire or braid. However, many of these flies tend to be fairly large and often take up a lot of space in the fly […]

Spey Casting: The Rewind Cast (Video)

Ever heard of the Rewind Cast? Probably not.. That’s because it was developed by OPST frontman and Deneki alum, Trevor Covich. Not only does it look super cool, for the experienced spey caster the Rewind Cast can help produce efficient casts under some difficult casting situations, not the least of which includes safely setting an […]

Simms G3 Guide Tactical Jacket – Review

Simms recently released their latest wading jacket, the G3 Guide Tactical, as their newest edition to their highly popular G3 Guide series. We were fortunate to receive an early release of the G3 Guide Tactical this past summer and after ample time to put it through the ringer, we’re happy to report that we think […]

Happy Valentines Day

Today is February 14th (ahem, aka Valentines Day), the day to celebrate the ones you love. Whether that’s a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, friend, or fish.. We hope you’re sharing the water today with someone you love. Happy Valentines Day. More Things We Love Swinging for Chums Popper Fishing for Silvers Mousing for […]

Timeless Tips: DIY Sunglasses Retainers

Call them what you want – retainers, chums, croakies, whatever – but that simple strap on the back of your sunglasses is invaluable in making sure your shades don’t end up in the drink. Whether you’re sporting some gas-station budget shades or a pair of 250 dollar Costas, the fact is, losing your sunglasses stinks. […]

‘Cuda Camo

One look at a barracuda in its natural environment reveals what makes it such a successful predator on the flats. Aside from their razor sharp teeth and ability to reach impressive speeds in a moments notice, barracuda are also able to blend into their environment extremely well. Couple that with the intelligence to ambush their […]

Swinging Flies: How to Set the Hook – OPST Video

When swinging flies for king salmon and steelhead, we’d argue that more fish are lost due to a poor hook-set than at any other point during the fight. Unlike techniques associated with traditional upstream dry fly, nymphing, or even streamer fishing, swinging flies requires a different technique to effectively drive the hook home. How so […]

With Bad Weather Comes Big Bonefish

Waking up to a day of cloudy skies, heavy winds, and a chance of rain is disheartening before a day on the flats. There’s no doubt about it, bonefishing is a visual game, and the more clouds and wind present, odds are the more difficult the day is going to be. However, there’s a secret […]

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