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More on Steelhead Genetics from Wild Steelheaders United

Last week we shared with you part one of a fascinating article courtesy of Trout Unlimited’s Wild Steelhead Initiative’s ‘Science Friday’ series of posts on the genetic differences between summer and winter steelhead. The article shed light on how some recent research just might pave the way for better protection of wild steelhead populations in […]

Timeless Tips: Streamer Fishing for Trout – 5 Techniques

The first official day of fall is only a few short days away, and for many of us, that means streamer season. Fall spawning trout (brook and brown trout) are most territorial during this time, rainbow trout are on the prowl for large food items to fatten up for the long winter ahead, and as always, the […]

Listen While You Walk

Ask nine out of ten saltwater anglers their favorite thing about bonefish (or other flats species for that matter) and odds are you’ll get a response somehow related to the parallel between fishing and hunting. Stalking your quarry, only ever making a cast once you (or your guide of course) has spotted a fish, is […]

Updated Reference Pages

We’ve written an awful lot of posts about fly fishing since we started our blog back in 2008. Seriously, we’re closing in on nearly 3,000 posts.. That’s a lot of articles about fly fishing, and we’d be willing to bet you haven’t read them all! That’s why we’ve organized many of our posts into ‘reference […]

Trout Fishing: Hold On To Your Hook Set

Today we present you with a simple tip that we’ve seen learned the hard way on, not one, but many heartbreaking occasions. When fishing for trout, particularly when fishing sub-surface flies from a drifting boat, most successful anglers agree that the most effective method of hooking fish on flies you can’t see is by setting […]

Trout Unlimited on How Summer and Winter Steelhead are Genetically Different

Years ago we presented you with a brief post on the major difference between summer and winter steelhead – a distinction still widely misunderstood by even the most hardcore steelhead anglers. It’s a gray topic indeed, and one that continues to spark debate amongst anglers and biologists alike. However, our pal, steelhead aficionado, and Alaska […]

Timeless Tips: Wading for Bonefish – 5 Tips

OK, you’ve decided that you’re going to chase some bonefish on foot. Want to make sure you actually catch one? Here are 5 ways to improve your chances. Walk quietly. Bonefish sense noise and vibration from a long ways away. If you’re on a flat with a hard bottom, step softly – landing on the […]

Hurricane Irma Update

As most of you are well aware, Hurricane Irma continued its destructive path through the Bahamas over the last few days before moving on to Southern Florida yesterday as one of the strongest storms to make landfall in over 50 years. While we have yet to assess the extent of the damage done to our […]

Get Down with Glass Beads

Today we present you with a quick, easy, and sexier way of adding weight to streamers.. Glass beads! We throw a lot of streamers over the course of the summer for our aggressive Alaskan trout, and contrary to popular belief, they eat them all summer long! That’s right, even during the height of the salmon […]

Popper Fishing for Silvers – Video

We’ve posted an awful lot in the past about popper fishing for our ridiculous run of silver salmon at Alaska West. After all, big bright salmon inhaling surface flies, over and over again, is hard to keep entirely to ourselves.. That said, without seeing it for yourself, we don’t think reading about it does it […]

Happy Hump(y) Day

Because after flipping through some of our photos from the summer season, we couldn’t help ourselves but share this photo of Alaska West guide, Greg Houska, hoisting a humpy caught by Joseph Sherley-Dale. Happy hump day everyone! We hope this photo gets you through the rest of work week. More on Salmon Fishing Popper Fishing […]

Timeless Tips: Boat Speed and Strip Length

When you’re on the deck of a poled skiff looking for bonefish (or permit, or anything else for that matter), it’s really important to be aware of the speed that the boat’s moving, and to adjust the length of your strips accordingly. Fishing from a Moving Boat Most of the time (hopefully) you’re going to […]

Nice Fish, Kent!

Our pal Kent Ichiho joined us for the last week of our season this year marking his third consecutive year with us at Alaska West. During his stay, he mentioned how much he enjoyed fishing for our big leopard rainbows in the past, but had lost a few heartbreakers along the way. Well, we’re sure […]

Unsticking Fly Rod Ferrules – The Ice Method

We’re in the process of taking down our camp on the Kanektok for the winter, and as you might expect, we have our work cut out for us when it comes to breaking down rods, reels, lines, and a whole bunch of other gear for the off-season. While breaking down literally dozens of fly rods, […]

Greg Houska’s ‘Kriller’ Available at a Fly Shop Near You

We’re proud of the number of popular commercial fly patterns that have been developed over the years from our guides at Alaska West. We think its a testament to not only our incredible fishery, but also a long-standing fraternity of great (and incomparably nerdy) fishing guides. Well, we’re happy to report that another one of […]

Fall Colors

Fall starts early in Western Alaska, and while the first official day of fall might not be for a few more weeks, our dollies might say otherwise. Each season, our huge run of chrome, anadromous, dolly varden enter our river in early-mid july. However, as fall spawners, they undergo a massive transformation to their spawning […]

Timeless Tips: 9 Questions About Bonefishing You Were Afraid to Ask

Having just wrapped up our seasons at Alaska West and BC West, we’re starting to get antsy about our upcoming bonefish season at Andros South. We know a lot of you out there would love to try your hand on the flats, but might be a little overwhelmed at where to start. Not to worry, […]

Reeling Right or Wrong?

Over the course of the year, we’re lucky to share the water with a lot of super great, super fishy, people from countries all over the world. That lends itself to some healthy angler debate at times, allowing us to keep up to date on the latest tips and  techniques in the fly fishing world. […]

Thanks from Alaska West

We can hardly believe it, but today marks the last fishing day of yet another incredible season here at Alaska West. Whether you joined us this year, or followed along vicariously through our blog, we can’t thank you enough. You’re the reason we get to do what we do, and we sincerely appreciate it. Thanks […]

Simms Cam Wading Belt – Why We Like It

We know what you’re thinking.. “Really? Now the Deneki folks are telling us what belt to buy!?” Yes, really. Put it this way.. You’re humble editor has a habit (some might say ‘problem’) with buying fly fishing gear, lots of fly fishing gear. And, over the course of the year, one of his favorite pieces […]

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