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What We’re Thankful For

‘Tis the season to give thanks! Fly fishing tugs at the heart-strings of all of us here at Deneki Outdoors, and we’re super lucky to spend our work days sharing spectacular fisheries with great people. We have many of you to thank for that for that, so first and foremost, thanks! As a matter of […]

Timeless Tips: 5 Reasons to Swing for Trout This Winter

Let’s face it, winter trout fishing is hard. If you are crazy like us, odds are you are not going to sit around and twiddle your thumbs until your next trip to Alaska or B.C. – you’re going to fish! Having hailed from all over the Northern U.S. and Canada (Alaska, Washington, Maine, British Columbia […]

Swing Season – The Slowdown

In case you missed it, our good friends from SAGE just released a great video for all you fellow spey-nerds out there. The ‘Slowdown’ digs past the fun-factor of swinging flies and sheds light on how the two-hander can actually be a great tool for conservation as well. If you like swinging flies for steelhead […]

5 Common Traits of Great Fly Casters

Most anglers want to be better casters. Whether you’re just beginning or have been fly fishing your entire life, there’s always room for improvement. The greatest casters on earth will tell you the same thing. The greatest anglers on earth will also tell you that casting is not fishing, and thus great casting is not […]

Nervous Water

When most anglers think of bonefishing, the image of fish cruising through gin-clear water, over white sandy bottoms, under the high sun of a blue-bird day is most likely what comes to mind. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If that was always the case, heck, spotting bonefish would be easy! But its not. Occasional […]

Nymphing Tip: Tag Your Split Shot

Way back in 2011, Alaska West alum and trout guru, JEB Hall, gave us the details for his go-to rig when slinging beads for big leopard rainbow trout. It’s still as current as it was six long years ago, so if you haven’t checked it out, be sure to hit the link to give it […]

Timeless Tips: Top 5 Mistakes Made Fighting Big Fish

At Alaska West and BC West we see a lot of big fish fought by our guests – we’re talking steelhead and king salmon here.  Sometimes our anglers do a great job fighting the big ones.  Other times…not so much. Fight hard, fight smart, and get it over fast! Top 5 Mistakes Made Fighting Big […]


Many of our first-time guests are quick to point out our flats are unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. “Out of this world,” we’ve even heard on more than one occasion. In fact, one of the most consistent comparisons we hear about the flats of South Andros is that its like fishing on the moon.. […]

Choosing the Right Fly

Choosing the right fly is important. Having confidence in the fly you choose is even more important. That said, it’s hard to have confidence in the fly you choose, if you’re not selecting flies based on, at the very least, an educated guess. Whoa. Well then how exactly do you choose the right fly? We’ve […]

Swinging for Naknek Rainbows – Video

Fall on the Naknek River, home to our Rapids Camp Lodge, is a trout-spey angler’s dream. In fact, we’d go so far as to say you’d be hard pressed to find a better river to chase trophy-sized resident trout with spey rods anywhere else in the world. How good could it really be you ask? […]

Keep Your Rod on Point

You’re patiently scanning the flats when you spot a fish off in the distance. You start closing in on your target when something; a flash, a shadow, a sound, catches your attention. You look away for no more than a second when you realize, “what, he disappeared!?” You scan around frantically for the fish you […]

Timeless Tips: Getting on the Same Page as Your Guide

When you’re new to the flats, spotting bonefish is hard – which is why we’ve passed on some handy tips on the topic in the past. Tips aside, it takes many hours on the water to become great at locating fish under all weather and visibility conditions. This is where a great guide standing high […]

Replace Your Backing

Fact: Backing doesn’t last forever.. We help hundreds of anglers each year rig up for hard fighting species at our lodges from bonefish, to steelhead, to king salmon, all of which have the potential to send your backing zipping out the rod guides. However, despite paying top dollar for premium rods, reels, fly lines, and […]

Reader Poll – Monofilament or Fluorocarbon?

We’ve written a lot of articles, about a lot of different topics related to fly fishing, since we first launched the Deneki Outdoors blog back in 2008. However, one of our most popular posts to date was an article we published back in 2014 comparing the differences between monofilament (nylon) and fluorocarbon leaders and tippet. […]

Popper Fishing for Barracuda – 3 Tips

A couple weeks ago we gave you a bunch of reasons why we love chucking poppers for barracuda on our flats at Andros South, not the least of which is, well, they work! For that reason alone, we have a feeling a few of you will be tossing poppers to toothy critters this season. That’s […]

Jerry French on the Double Spey – Video

Our pal, Jerry French, has teemed up with the folks at Aqua Flies to kick off a series of videos on spey casting tips. And to that, we say, FINALLY! Their first video focuses on the double spey, although does a great job at highlighting an important fundamental of any skagit-style spey cast – sweeping […]

Happy Halloween

Corpses, zombies, rotting flesh, skeletons.. While that might sound like October 31st to most, that sounds more like August in our neck of the woods. Each summer, towards to end of our season at Alaska West, thousands upon thousands of salmon complete their life cycle, littering the banks in an image that more closely resembles […]

Timeless Tips: 3 Things to Look For in Your Andros Bonefish Fly

OK, you’re going to chase Andros Island bonefish over the next 6 months, and you’re trying to decide which flies to bring along.  We’ve written quite a few posts on the topic of bonefish flies, but today we’ll keep it simple. South Andros Bonefish Flies – Three Things to Look For No weedguard.  Here’s an […]

What’s the Big Deal About Bonefishing?

We love fly fishing for bonefish. We also love writing about fly fishing for bonefish. Therefore, we’re going to put ourselves out there and make the assumption that many of you check in to our humble little fishing blog because, well, you also love fly fishing for bonefish. Whoa. However, we also realize that many […]

Bead Fishing for Trout: Advanced Rigging Tips

We’re back with our third and final installment of our series on advanced bead fishing tips from Deneki team member, Rob Rymph. In case you missed the others, be sure to check them out by clicking right here, and here. Today, Rob offers up a few advanced rigging tips he utilizes at Rapids Camp Lodge […]

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