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Make Your Own Bitters with This Easy Recipe.

My digestive system has always been wonky.  I can remember even as a teenager that “going to the bathroom” was a big deal. Maybe I was simply missing bitters in my diet?  So I made my own bitters and you can too.  Are you ready to end tummy woes and make your own bitters? I [...] The post Make Your Own Bitters with This Easy Recipe. appeared first on Green Talk®.

Best Nasal Irrigation System for Cold & Sinus Relief

  It’s cold time.   Everyone seems to be complaining about sinus infections, sore throats, and head colds. Who doesn’t want sinus and cold relief?  Here are my two weapons for relief:  hydrogen peroxide and a Waterpik®.  In my opinion, my Waterpik® is the best nasal irrigation system.   Isn’t a Waterpik® for teeth, Anna? Hear [...]

DeSeed Raspberries Easily to Make the Perfect Jam

I am a jam maker!  Every year I can’t wait for the raspberries so I can start making raspberry jam.  (Here is my famous recipe.)  But what about the seeds?  I got you covered with the easiest way to deseed raspberries.  Use a juicer.  It may be a mess but stop struggling with a sieve. [...]

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker: a Game Changer!

With a yearly expanding garden and a new herbal product business, I just don’t have time to cook like I use to.  Last year, I acquired an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker that has been a game changer for me. What a game changer! I simply plop my food in the container, turn it on [...]

Digestive Bitters: Need a Tummy Tune-Up?

Digestive bitters are my new best friend.  Although I eat a very clean diet, I along with others struggle with constipation, gas, and stomach issues.   The problem seems to be a lack of bitter food and herbs in our diet.    So, what are bitters and how do you get your hands on some? [...] The post Digestive Bitters: Need a Tummy Tune-Up? appeared first on Green Talk®.

How to Harvest Hibiscus Calyxes

This year was my first year growing hibiscus sabdariffa from seed, which is known for its tart calyx for making tea and adding to food. (You may recall Celestial Seasoning’s Red Zinger tea?)  So, I already taught you how to grow it from seed, and now let’s learn how to harvest hibiscus calyxes.  Can’t you just [...]Show More Summary

How to Grow Hibiscus Tea

Every year I pick a plant that seems too hard to grow in my zone or just something really out of the ordinary.  I am a push the envelope type of gardener. This year’s kryptonite was  hibiscus sabdariffa, which is famous for its red calyx which is used for tea.   It is an annual [...] The post How to Grow Hibiscus Tea appeared first on Green Talk®.

Lemongrass Recipes & Learn How to Cook with it!

  I adore lemongrass. Not only is it a beautiful plant that you can easily grow, all the parts of the leaves and the stems are edible.  You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy this lemony aromatic plant.  Simply buy lemongrass at your local grocery store or Asian market.  So, here is how [...]

How to Grow Lemongrass

Lemongrass is an absolutely beautiful plant for your garden and so easy to grow.  Every part of this gorgeous plant is edible.  So what is not to love?   Keep reading to learn how to grow lemongrass.  It is so easy. How to Grow Lemongrass Lemongrass seedlings remind me of grass when they sprout.  I [...]

The Best Sweet Potatoes Growing Tips!

I think I found the secret to growing amazing sweet potatoes.  Seriously.  It only took seven years of growing sweet potatoes to discover this trick. Sheesh.  So come closer and I will share my newest best sweet potato growing tips. Realize it can be simply dumb luck or Mother Nature was taking it easy on [...]

Swiss Chard Stem Soup. Move over Celery.

I adore Swiss Chard. But did you know that you can not only use the leaves, you can use the stems too?   Don’t compost or throw out the stems.  They taste similar to celery. So, let’s make soup–Swiss Chard Stem soup! Once I tasted the Swiss Chard stems, I knew that I could substitute them for [...] The post Swiss Chard Stem Soup. Move over Celery. appeared first on Green Talk.

Soapwort Laundry Detergent Recipe for Delicates & Regular Wash

Are you afraid to wash your hand washables?  Not feeling the Woolite these days?  I don’t blame you.  This product received a D rating on Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning.  What if I told you there is an herb that is a natural soap and gentle on your clothing?  Yep, we talked about [...]Show More Summary

Jewelweed Poison Ivy Remedy: Nature’s Antidote

  Ever walk in the forest and spot this beautiful plant with a tiny orange flower?  It may be Jewelweed,  which is actually poison ivy’s antidote.  It often grows near poison ivy which is quite ironic.  But Jewelweed isn’t just for preventing a poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak rash.  It is also for [...]Show More Summary

Soapwort: Mother Earth’s Natural Cleaning Herb

Years ago, I purchased a soapwort plant from a plant sale.  When it bloomed the following year, I was pleasantly surprised with its bell shaped pink flowers and powdery smell. It grows to about 2 to 3 feet tall.  I never thought much about this plant until one day I researched it to find out [...]

Preserve Vegetables For Year Round Use in 6 Easy Ways

Did you plant too many plants this summer and are expecting a boat load of veggies? Or buy too many vegetables at the farmer’s market?  I feel your pain since every year I face this dilemma.  So what is a veggie lover to do? Sure, you can give away your abundance to your friends and [...]

Poison Ivy Remedies From a Veteran Poison Ivy Getter

Poison Ivy and I are not friends.  Half of the time, I don’t even see it.  I think the oil lurks in my wood mulch or I touch it hidden among my plants.  Every year–especially when it gets hot and humid, I get those obvious bumps and familiar itch.  With 10 year of gardening under [...] The post Poison Ivy Remedies From a Veteran Poison Ivy Getter appeared first on Green Talk.

Swiss Chard: How to Grow it & Eat it!

If I  had to pick one vegetable that is extremely easy to grow, Swiss Chard would be my #1 pick. While other greens are wilting or bolting from the heat, Swiss Chard just laughs at the heat and flourishes. In addition, it is a stunner in the garden with its bright leaves and matching ribs. [...] The post Swiss Chard: How to Grow it & Eat it! appeared first on Green Talk.

How to Store Dried Herbs

Since I started growing and harvesting my own herbs, I have learned a trick or two on how to preserve them for optimal use. Believe me, you don’t want washed up looking or tasteless herbs.  Here are 5 tips on how to store dried herbs. If you don’t grow your own, I will also provide tips [...] The post How to Store Dried Herbs appeared first on Green Talk.

Test Your Soil! 1st Rule of Gardening.

With gardening you learn something new every year. I am an avid reader of gardening blogs, YouTube, and garden Web forums.  So, when I hear add eggs shell, Epsom salt, and everything under the sun to to my soil, it peeks my interest.  I too want a HUGE harvest.  Last year for some unknown reason, [...]

Grow Vertically Using Trellis for Your Best Season Ever.

Sometimes aggravation is the mother of invention.  I have been gardening for over 10 years and really enjoy taking on new challenges such as growing pumpkins, squashes, watermelons and other vining fruits and vegetables.  However, like everyone else, I am limited in space and got tired of stepping over my vines and watching my hard [...]Show More Summary

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