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Corn Cob Stock: Don’t Toss Those Cobs

  I seem to be on a kick of how to reuse everything from my garden from leek leaves to raspberry seeds.  So, now we move onto corn cobs.   Remember, I taught you the easy peazy way to take corn off the cob?  Well, what can you do with those cobs?  In my case, there were 50 [...] The post Corn Cob Stock: Don’t Toss Those Cobs appeared first on Green Talk®.

Leek Greens: From Unloved to Fab with 11 Recipes

Do you cook with leeks?  I am going to let you in on a secret.  Come closer.  Come even closer.  Did you know that the dark green parts are yummier than the white and light green parts? Yeah, I am talking about leek greens. See, recipes always call for the white and light green part, [...] The post Leek Greens: From Unloved to Fab with 11 Recipes appeared first on Green Talk®.

How to Make Raspberry Seed Crackers

I love raspberry jam but most people turn their nose up at the “seediness” of the jam.  So now I put my raspberries through a vegetable juicer to separate the jam from the seeds.  I wish that my juicer could leave all the jam and just give me the seeds, but inevitably I also lose [...] The post How to Make Raspberry Seed Crackers appeared first on Green Talk®.

How to Cut Corn Off the Cob. The Easy Peazy Way

I know it isn’t corn season but everything I harvest somehow ends up in the freezer.  As I was purging the freezer, I realized I had over 50 ears of corn stuck in a bunch of different places.  How the heck was I going to take off all of those kernels to make room in [...] The post How to Cut Corn Off the Cob. The Easy Peazy Way appeared first on Green Talk®.

How to Make Raspberry Jam: Low Sugar No Pectin

I love homemade gifts. Love is written all over these gifts. Over the years, I have given my children’s teachers home grown dried herbs and jams for the holidays.    My favorite gift is jam.  All my jams come from my apple and peach trees or my raspberry and blackberry bushes.  But my all time [...]Show More Summary

12 Jam Canning Tips I Wish Someone Taught Me.

Over the last week, I have been jamming—literally. I made over 40 raspberry and blackberry jams for the holidays. As I sat down to write my jam recipe post, I realized that I have learned so much from my canning mistakes. I wish someone had told me the 12 canning tips before I started my [...] The post 12 Jam Canning Tips I Wish Someone Taught Me. appeared first on Green Talk®.

4 Important Life Lessons My Father Taught Me.

Yesterday was a sad day for me.  I normally don’t write about my personal life on the blog but it has been one year since my Dad’s death. He was 86 when he died.  I no longer have this lifeline.  My mother died when I was in my late twenties.  But as I grieve, I [...] The post 4 Important Life Lessons My Father Taught Me. appeared first on Green Talk®.

5 Fall Garden Maintenance Tips to Make Spring Productive

I bet you think that once a hard frost delivers its lethal blow that gardening comes to a stand still for the year.  Actually the hard work begins–the old clean-up.  My husband tells me–“let it wait until Spring.”  But as a veteran gardener, that last thing you want to do is clean up last year’s [...]Show More Summary

30 Pumpkin Seed Recipes to Spice Up Your Life

You know I grow pumpkins and squashes–right?  I am a broken record about the dreaded squash vine borer and squash bugs.  But the reality is–growing them might not be your thing and  you would rather savor those delectable pumpkins or squashes. I can’t blame you.  Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie, butternut squash  soup, or any [...]Show More Summary

How to Freeze Parsley for Year Round Enjoyment

How many times have you bought parsley and it eventually spoils since you only needed a little?  Been there and done that.  I started to grow my own but unfortunately, parsley doesn’t overwinter in my gardening zone.  So, I decide to freeze the parsley so  every time a recipe calls for fresh parsley, I am [...]Show More Summary

Frozen Zucchini Nut Flour Casserole.

Summer might be over but it lives indefinitively in my freezer. Oh, do I love my freezer.  It generously stores my frozen zucchini, yellow squash, peppers and herbs so I can savor the bounty of my garden all year long.  But like you, the thought of limp, watery zucchini doesn’t sound too appealing UNTIL you [...]Show More Summary

Apple Core Apple Juice Recipe. Use those Cores!

I love picking apples in the fall.  After picking all those apples I can’t wait to make crockpot sugar-free apple sauce.   But what happens when your small heirloom apple orchard decides to give you a lot more apples than the previous year. Or you just happen to pick way too many apples?  Are you swimming in apple [...]Show More Summary

Green Tomato Chili. Use Those Green Tomatoes!

  This time is the saddest time of the year when my tomato plants are ready to be pulled or suffer the ravages of the first killing frost.  I guess the tomatoes didn’t get the text message to slow down as they continue to flower and create new tomatoes in September.  So instead of trying [...]

18 Healthy Kale Recipes to Assure You Will Love Kale

I love kale. It is  such a nutritious powerhouse.   And growing it couldn’t be easier except the moths think it is divine as well. Since I let my kale go to seed, I have an abundance of it in the garden and tried to sell it along with my other vegetable overages. No one [...] The post 18 Healthy Kale Recipes to Assure You Will Love Kale appeared first on Green Talk®.

Grow Eggplant Successfully. Win the Bug Battle.

I have discovered the secret to growing eggplant.  I am hesitant to share it with you since you too will have a bumper crop of those shiny purple, yummy tasting veggies.  The horrors. For five years, I was an eggplant growing loser.  I walked with shame. How can someone who grows everything fail at eggplant? [...]Show More Summary

Canning Tomatoes Recipe–A Better Way.

Every year I tell myself–don’t grow so many darn tomatoes.  And every year I never listen to myself.  I don’t have the heart to thin out my tomato seedlings.  So consequently, I am harvesting a boat load of cherry and slicing tomatoes.  In the past, I would remove the  skin and seeds, cook them down [...]Show More Summary

How to Preserve Zucchini and Summer Squash

As gardeners we talk a lot about how to grow and harvest our vegetables but rarely talk about what to do with the excess from those prolific bearing vegetables.  You know which ones I am talking about– zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes.  In the past, I provided a tutorial on how to can tomatoes, but you can’t [...]Show More Summary

Powdery Mildew Spray with Milk. Nip it in the Bud.

Powdery mildew on your plants seems like a rite of passage as a gardener.  The fungus causes the leaves to become a rainbow of colors of yellow, white, and brown.   Eventually, many of the leaves die.  My squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers are infected with powdery mildew every year.  So instead of fighting it, I am [...]Show More Summary

14 Ways Raising Backyard Chickens Help the Environment

Raising your own chickens is the new black. Seriously. I haven’t gone down this alley due to my abundant wildlife issue.  My property is teaming with hawks, raccoon, fox, and other hungry animals.  I couldn’t bear to see them killed. But if you are thinking about raising backyard chickens, read 14 reasons how raising chickens [...]Show More Summary

How to Identify and Remove Squash Vine Borer Worm

Every year I battle the squash vine borer.  I must lose a couple of pumpkins and squashes every year.  Luckily I have saved my zucchinis by cutting out the worm.  Last year, I wrote about how to be pro-actively prevent them from laying their eggs.  (Read  HERE.)  If any of my methods don’t work, you have [...]Show More Summary

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