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Row Covers: 6 Reasons Why They Are Must Have in the Garden

Every year I hear gardening friends lament about how “someone” ate their strawberries.  Or that someone’s friend devoured their seedlings.  There are lots of someones in the land of gardening who find what you grow to be quite yummy.  So, I resort to row covers to help me keep those “someones” at bay. If I [...]Show More Summary

How to Germinate Celery Seeds. Fix that Love/Hate Relationship.

Don’t you hate when you can’t grow a certain vegetable no matter how you try?  And then one day, it magically grows?  Well, welcome to my life with celery. Germination is a btch.  Some years we had a great relationship and others years it was spotty.  This on and off again relationship was haunting me. [...]Show More Summary

Flower Essences: The Emotional Blockage Game Changer

Have you ever stopped to wonder why flowers captivate us so much?  I grow numerous flowers from seed for my vegetable garden.  Flowers just make me happy.  So, I wasn’t surprised to  learn that flower essences, which are derived from the vibrational imprint of flowers, help heal emotional blockages  They are powerful, yet so healing. [...]Show More Summary

How to Make a Salve Using Calendula & Comfrey

As delightful as summer can be, it can torture on your skin. Bug bites, rashes, eczema, poison ivy, and scratches all come to mind.  So, now is the time to learn how to make a salve using healing comfrey and calendula before summer arrives. Let’s get busy. Are you with me? I am using the [...]

Grow Plants from Seeds. 4 Reasons Why you Should

Growing plants from seeds indoors is such a win win to create a bountiful harvest. I am in zone 6 and  we have unpredictable weather from cold wet springs to really dry summers.  If I want to grow a descent harvest, then I have to grow seeds indoors to take advantage of  that perfect window [...]Show More Summary

Make Your Own Herbal Infused Oils for Life’s Bumps & Bruises

Do you have aches and pains or does your skin needs some TLC? Instead of buying chemically laden store bought products, make your own infused herbal oils with just dried herbs with your choice oil to soothe the inflammation.   Let me show you how.  Some of my favorite herb infused oils are calendula, comfrey, [...]Show More Summary

Hydrosols: Your Skin and Body Saviors.

  Do you want radiant skin without the chemicals?   Maybe it is time to switch to hydrosols, which is the water portion from essential oil production.   They are gentle and effective but pack a therapeutic punch.  Oh and did I mention your body will love them too? Anna, what the heck is a [...] The post Hydrosols: Your Skin and Body Saviors. appeared first on Green Talk®.

The Three Easiest Vegetables to Grow and Enjoy.

Have you ever dreamed of growing your own food but the thought scares you to death? You are not alone.   One of my readers recently asked me if I could suggest the three easiest vegetables to grow. Only three?  Oh boy.  That’s a tall order. If I were to narrow down that answer to the [...] The post The Three Easiest Vegetables to Grow and Enjoy. appeared first on Green Talk®.

My Three Favorite Vertical Gardening Tools for a Better Gardening Season

  Another garden season is almost upon us, and are you feeling a mix of excitement coupled with dread from the lackluster or not so great harvest of last year?  Or years past?  Been there.  So, four years, ago, I got smart and started to garden vertically.  Gardener to gardener, I want to share my 3 favorite [...]Show More Summary

Basil Dying? Turning Yellow? It May Be Downy Mildew.

Is your basil dying?  Turing yellow and brown?  Join the crowd.  Last year was the first year that my sweet basil didn’t flourish. Sadly, they turned yellow, then brown and subsequently died.  I learned during my master gardener classes that my basil dying was caused by downy mildew.  So if you want basil this year, [...]Show More Summary

Delicata Squash: Oh So Delicious. Move Over Butternut

This was my first year growing Delicata squash.  It reminds me of a striped zucchini with a hard shell.  I am in love with this squash since it is easy to grow and easier to cook.  Here’s the scoop about why Delicata squash should be on your table. I call it the new butternut!   [...] The post Delicata Squash: Oh So Delicious. Move Over Butternut appeared first on Green Talk®.

Make Your Own Bitters with This Easy Recipe.

My digestive system has always been wonky.  I can remember even as a teenager that “going to the bathroom” was a big deal. Maybe I was simply missing bitters in my diet?  So I made my own bitters and you can too.  Are you ready to end tummy woes and make your own bitters? I [...] The post Make Your Own Bitters with This Easy Recipe. appeared first on Green Talk®.

Best Nasal Irrigation System for Cold & Sinus Relief

  It’s cold time.   Everyone seems to be complaining about sinus infections, sore throats, and head colds. Who doesn’t want sinus and cold relief?  Here are my two weapons for relief:  hydrogen peroxide and a Waterpik®.  In my opinion, my Waterpik® is the best nasal irrigation system.   Isn’t a Waterpik® for teeth, Anna? Hear [...]

DeSeed Raspberries Easily to Make the Perfect Jam

I am a jam maker!  Every year I can’t wait for the raspberries so I can start making raspberry jam.  (Here is my famous recipe.)  But what about the seeds?  I got you covered with the easiest way to deseed raspberries.  Use a juicer.  It may be a mess but stop struggling with a sieve. [...]

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker: a Game Changer!

With a yearly expanding garden and a new herbal product business, I just don’t have time to cook like I use to.  Last year, I acquired an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker that has been a game changer for me. What a game changer! I simply plop my food in the container, turn it on [...]

Digestive Bitters: Need a Tummy Tune-Up?

Digestive bitters are my new best friend.  Although I eat a very clean diet, I along with others struggle with constipation, gas, and stomach issues.   The problem seems to be a lack of bitter food and herbs in our diet.    So, what are bitters and how do you get your hands on some? [...] The post Digestive Bitters: Need a Tummy Tune-Up? appeared first on Green Talk®.

How to Harvest Hibiscus Calyxes

This year was my first year growing hibiscus sabdariffa from seed, which is known for its tart calyx for making tea and adding to food. (You may recall Celestial Seasoning’s Red Zinger tea?)  So, I already taught you how to grow it from seed, and now let’s learn how to harvest hibiscus calyxes.  Can’t you just [...]Show More Summary

How to Grow Hibiscus Tea

Every year I pick a plant that seems too hard to grow in my zone or just something really out of the ordinary.  I am a push the envelope type of gardener. This year’s kryptonite was  hibiscus sabdariffa, which is famous for its red calyx which is used for tea.   It is an annual [...] The post How to Grow Hibiscus Tea appeared first on Green Talk®.

Lemongrass Recipes & Learn How to Cook with it!

  I adore lemongrass. Not only is it a beautiful plant that you can easily grow, all the parts of the leaves and the stems are edible.  You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy this lemony aromatic plant.  Simply buy lemongrass at your local grocery store or Asian market.  So, here is how [...]

How to Grow Lemongrass

Lemongrass is an absolutely beautiful plant for your garden and so easy to grow.  Every part of this gorgeous plant is edible.  So what is not to love?   Keep reading to learn how to grow lemongrass.  It is so easy. How to Grow Lemongrass Lemongrass seedlings remind me of grass when they sprout.  I [...]

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