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Spring Flowers: What’s Blooming in May.

The beginning of May is probably my  busiest time in the garden.  There are weeds to remove, new mulch to install, new beds to create and the list goes on and on.  Every year, I declare that the garden is going to kill me since there is so much to do.  But this May, I [...] The post Spring Flowers: What’s Blooming in May. appeared first on Green Talk®.

Love Lavender: 24 Culinary and Homemade Product Recipes

I love lavender.  It is one of my favorite herbs. Its smell is intoxicating.  And its color so vivid. I would never have thought to cook with it or make anything other than lavender sugar.  Well, you are in for a treat since I enlisted my blogging friends to share some of their favorite lavender [...]Show More Summary

Vinyl Flooring Could Comes With a Health Price. Toxic Phthalates.

People love their vinyl flooring for its resilience and cost. In fact, Floor Weekly reported 2011 sales for vinyl sheet and tile flooring “hit a record high wholesale value of $2.11 billion” in the United States. However, that resiliency comes with a health price tag.  Phthalates are added to vinyl flooring to reduce the rigidity [...]Show More Summary

Eco-Skin Care by Herban Lifestyle: Pure, Small Batch Created +Giveaway

Herban Lifestyle’s products are an eco skin care line that is committed to sustainability from sourcing quality fair trade and/or organic ingredients down to their packaging.  What I love about this company is their ingredients are so pure and don’t contain any synthetic chemicals. Better yet, the products are produced in  small batches to assure quality. [...]Show More Summary

Spring Garden Maintenance Checklist. Get Started Now.

There is something so poetic when the forsythia bloom.  For me, it signifies that spring has arrived.  And there is plenty of work to do around the homestead.  Here is my spring garden maintenance checklist.  Add yours as well in the comments below. #1 Remove Grass from your Beds. Remove grass from your beds.  I [...]Show More Summary

6 Easy Vegetables to Grow

When I look back at all the years, I have been gardening, I can truly confide that there are only six easy vegetables to grow. Why did I say “easy” because all vegetable could have issues such as pests, powdery mildew, etc. Also, plant issues could also be magnified by where you live. Just to [...] The post 6 Easy Vegetables to Grow appeared first on Green Talk®.

5 More Foods You Can Freeze. Part 2.

I am a freezer fanatic.   I would rather throw food in the freezer and hope it unfreezes to some manageable state than throw it in my composter.  But I bet you already know that, having read my previous article, “6 foods that I bet you didn’t know you can Freeze.” (Wink)  Well, I have [...] The post 5 More Foods You Can Freeze. Part 2. appeared first on Green Talk®.

Seed Scarification: Wondering Why Seeds Don’t Germinate?

A couple of weeks ago, I started growing my seeds inside.  Over the years, I have discovered that not all seeds are alike. Certain seeds need to be scarified, stratified, soaked, or inoculated.   I will be focusing on seed scarification for this article and will touch upon the other methods in future articles. I [...]Show More Summary

Free Garden Webinar: How to Create a Successful Veggie Garden

I have been a  vegetable, fruit, and landscape gardener for about nine years and can count all my mistakes on both my hands and toes. (And your hands and toes as well.)   Believe me, I am not done making mistakes.  What happens if I could help you to get over the hump to grow [...]

Philadelphia Flower Show: Magical Landscapes, Dreamy Flowers

Right around the time that I can’t stand snow anymore, the Philadelphia Flower Show calls me to bask in her spectacular flower displays.   I was surrounded by lush landscape, new plants, and wonderful  vendors with the promise that spring is just around the corner. I could feel and touch grass, smell the aroma of plants, [...]Show More Summary

6 Foods You Can Freeze! I Bet You Didn’t Know.

My freezer and are BFF (best friends forever.) Seriously. She opens her arms and says, “Anna, what do you have for me today?” She knows how much my garden harvest means to me and over the years, has gone that extra, extra mile to delivers delectable thawed vegetables. So, I bet you have a freezer [...]Show More Summary

Why Soak Nuts. Health+Taste Benefits

Over the last couple of years, my family has made diet changes based on our health issues. I have been struggling with my gut issues for awhile. So, my family is eating fewer grains and more nuts from almond milk, almond flour, and raw nuts. While investigating my issues, I learned that their nut consumption might [...]Show More Summary

Tap-n-Flush Toilet Water Conservation Device Review

  I love a device that could save water and money. Wouldn’t you? Over the years, I noticed that the cost of water keeps rising. So when Jeff Nasrallah, the inventor and owner of Tap-n-Flush, offered  mea toilet water conservation device to review, I immediately jumped at the chance to try it. So that you [...]Show More Summary

Freeze Cucumbers & Learn How to Use Them.

I started off writing a post about all the food you can’t imagine that you can freeze–singing the praises of my freezer. But as I drafted the article, I realized very quickly I could spend a whole article simply talking about what to do with an overabundance of cucumbers! Now, I am not talking about [...]Show More Summary

Carrot Ginger Soup: Health Benefits in Each Warm Slurp

I adore anything carrot–especially carrot ginger soup. When I saw a recipe in Edible NJ from Jess Niederer of Chickadee Creek Farm, Pennington, New Jersey using carrots and ginger together, I thought to myself–soothing and immune boosting. What is not to love? Carrots and Ginger wallop a punch in the health arena.  Ginger may help to [...]Show More Summary

Selling Cell Phones Online or at Stores. Keep out of Landfills.

A week ago, I wrote about recycling, donating, or selling your electronics. Phones are probably the easiest to sell since many people upgrade their phones every two years. I left my old phones in a drawer for a year and never thought they would be worth anything–but I was wrong. So, go and get those [...]Show More Summary

Flooring Choices: My Durability, Cost, & Environmental Perpective

When we built our house ten years ago, the choice of the right flooring was a huge decision. Not only did we look at the environmental aspect of each flooring choice but we also took into account durability and cost. It wasn’t easy.  Listed below were our flooring choices.  (Be sure to check out the [...]Show More Summary

How to Cook with Frozen Peppers from Summer Harvest

I love growing and eating peppers. Unfortunately, pepper season ends around October in zone 6. So, how do I keep my pepper addiction alive during the winter? I freeze my summer harvest of peppers! Yep, I freeze them and use them the whole winter. Let me teach you how. Anna, come on. If you defrost [...]Show More Summary

How to Get Rid of Old Electronics: Donate, Sell, or Recycle

Once I put the garden to bed in November, I start to see my house in a new light. I love this house, but this year it needs a super “de-cluttering.” We aren’t talking about simply re-arranging the pantry which I do every, single year–we are talking cleaning out the closets. Over the next couple [...]Show More Summary

Watermelon Jam. Saving Summer for Later.

I love watermelon, but you can’t grow it in the dead of winter. But I can surely grow them in the summer–10 to 15  large watermelons.  By the third watermelon, my children scream”ENOUGH.”  So, what happens to all those watermelons?  I either give some away and the rest, I juice and store in the freezer [...]Show More Summary

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