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Do We Need to Talk About Kevin?

Have you heard of “Kevinism”? It’s Europe’s bias against people who have first names that are “culturally devalued” like Kevin, Chantal, Mandy and Justin — names that were popularized by American pop culture, typically. In the case of Kevin, actors like Kevin Costner and Kevin Bacon — not to mention the very successful 1990 Christmas […]

Double Whammy Baby Names: Pier & Angeli

While Cyd Charisse gave both her first and last name a boost on the baby name charts, those debuts didn’t happen in the same year. In the case of Italian-born television and film actress Pier Angeli, though, both Pier and Angeli popped up in the data in 1953: Year # Piers # Angelis 1956 1955 […]

Double Whammy Baby Names: Cyd & Charisse

As far as I can tell, the very first person to boost both their first name and their last name into the baby name data was dancer and movie star Cyd Charisse (b. 1922). Charisse debuted in 1946, and Cyd followed a year later: Year # Cyds # Charisses 1950 1949 1948 1947 1946 1945 […]

Popular Baby Names in Czech Republic, 2016

Eliska and Jakub were the most popular baby names in the Czech Republic in 2016.

Rare Girl Names from Early Cinema: T (part 2)

Looking for a rare girl name with a retro feel? Here are dozens of ideas. All came straight from very old films that were released from the 1910s to the 1940s. This post is part of a series of posts featuring female names from early cinema. I’m going backwards, so the other lists so far […]

Hawaiian Nature Name: Lehua

The Hawaiian name Lehua (pronounced leh-HOO-ah) refers to the showy flower of the ‘?hi’a lehua plant, Metrosideros polymorpha. The flower’s petals are very small, but its stamens are long and typically bright red. The plant is endemic to the Hawaiian islands and has great cultural significance among Hawaiians. The word lehua refers not just to […]

Keedy: The ’90s Baby Name that Never Was?

Not long ago I discovered a new-to-me pop star from the early ’90s named Keedy (born Kelly Ann Keedy). In 1991 she put out the album Chase the Clouds. Two singles from that album ended up the Billboard Hot 100. The catchier of the two, “Save Some Love,” peaked at #15 in May. The follow-up, […]

Popular Baby Names in Western Australia, 2016

Charlotte and Jack were the most popular baby names in Western Australia in 2016.

The 24 Children of Isaac Singer

A reader got in touch recently to ask about several unusual names. One of them was “Vouletti,” which belonged to a daughter of Isaac Merritt Singer (1811-1875). Isaac Singer is best remembered for his successful sewing machine manufacturing company, founded in 1851 and still going strong today. Also notable, though, is the fact that he […]

Name Battle: Dobie Gillis Names vs. Scooby Doo Names

Did you know that the teenage characters of the cartoon Scooby Doo, Where Are You! — Fred, Shaggy, Daphne, and Velma — were based directly on four of the teenage characters in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis — Dobie, Maynard, Thalia, and Zelda? (And, did you know that Shaggy’s real name was Norville?!) So […]

The Many Names in Dobie Gillis

Girl-crazy teenager Dobie Gillis was a character created by writer Max Shulman in the 1940s. He was first brought to life in the movie The Affairs of Dobie Gillis in 1953, but the most memorable portrayal of Dobie was by Dwayne Hickman in the four-season TV sitcom The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, which premiered […]

The Debut of Jeri Lou

The name Jerilou appeared for the first and only time in the SSA’s baby name data in 1953: 1954: unlisted 1953: 9 baby girls named Jerilou [debut] 1952: unlisted (The SSA omits spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes, so “Jerilou” here includes Jeri Lou, Jeri-Lou, and other potential renderings.) Where did Jerilou come from? Child actor Jeri […]

Popular Baby Names in Oregon, 2016

Olivia and Oliver were the most popular baby names in Oregon in 2016.

Name Quotes #55: Lehia, Evian, Onix

"You know what, Evi? You should be really embarrassed, because your parents named you after bottled water."

Five-Name Friday: Girl Name for Alastair’s Sister

It’s Five-Name Friday! Here’s today’s baby name request: My husband and I are expecting our fourth baby and looking for girl names. We’d like a first name that can go with siblings Vivienne, Gemma, and Alastair. Can you come up with five great baby name suggestions for this person? Here are the rules: Be independent. […]

Fake Celebrity Baby Name: “god”

In the early 1970s, the Internet as we know it didn’t exist. But people back then were just as fascinated by scandalous celebrity baby names as they are today. For example, in 1971, Grace Slick and Paul Kantner, both of the band Jefferson Airplane, welcomed a baby girl. Grace told the press that her daughter’s […]

The Introduction of Tisa

The cute name Tisa first appeared in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s baby name dataset in the late ’40s: 1951: 6 baby girls named Tisa 1950: 5 baby girls named Tisa 1949: 11 baby girls named Tisa 1948: 15 baby girls named Tisa [debut] 1947: unlisted What gave the name a boost that year? The […]

Popular Baby Names in Sonoma County, CA, 2016

Emma and Mateo were the most popular baby names in Sonoma County, California, in 2016.

Ten Animals with Interesting Names

Here are ten interestingly named animals to start the week: Canuck, crow. He was hand-raised in Vancouver, Canada, and his ongoing crazy behavior is being chronicled via Facebook, naturally. John L Sullivan, elephant. He was a circus elephant trained to “box” (standing on hind legs and wearing boxing gloves). He was named for boxing’s first […]

Five-Name Friday: Girl Name for Willa’s Sister

It’s Five-Name Friday! Ready for another baby name request? I am looking for a girl’s name for our fourth child. Siblings are Piper, Miles, and Willa. Can you come up with five great baby name suggestions for this person? Here are the rules: Be independent. Choose your five names before checking out anybody else’s five […]

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