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The Baby Name Manina

The baby name Manina debuted in the U.S. data in 1951: 1954: unlisted 1953: 6 baby girls named Manina 1952: 7 baby girls named Manina 1951: 6 baby girls named Manina 1950: unlisted Where did it come from? The movie September Affair, which was released in the U.S. in late 1950. One of the main […]

Popular Baby Names in South Australia, 2016

Charlotte and Oliver were the most popular baby names in South Australia in 2016.

Early TV Shows with Curious Titles

Here’s something different to start the week. In doing research for my pop culture posts, I learn about a lot of old, obscure stuff. Like early TV shows. Some of those early TV show had interesting titles, so today I thought I’d highlight a handful of them… Your Television Babysitter (DuMont, 1948) This was a […]

Rare Girl Names from Early Cinema: T (part 1)

Here’s the next installment of rare female names collected from very old films (1910s, 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s). There were a lot of T-names, so I split the list into two posts. The second half will be up in a few weeks. Taffy Taffy was a character name in multiple films, including Penthouse Rhythm (1945) […]

Baby Named “St. Paul” for Train

In early 1898, the St. Landry Clarion (and other newspapers) ran the following story about a baby boy who has named after the train on which he was born: When the St. Paul train No. 4, the through Omaha and Chicago express, rolled into the Union depot at Chicago the other day it brought one […]

The Transient Tessibel

Tessibel appeared only once in the Social Security Administration’s baby name data, way back in 1917: 1919: unlisted 1918: unlisted 1917: 7 baby girls named Tessibel [debut] 1916: unlisted 1915: unlisted For a better picture of what usage looked like around this time, though, let’s check out data from the Social Security Death Index: 1921: […]

Popular Baby Names in Tasmania, 2016

Charlotte and Oliver were the most popular baby names in Tasmania in 2016.

Mystery Monday: The Name Staria

The name Staria debuted rather impressively in 1955 with 20 baby girls: 1958: unlisted 1957: 9 baby girls named Staria 1956: 15 baby girls named Staria 1955: 20 baby girls named Staria [debut] 1954: unlisted 1954: unlisted So far, I haven’t been able to figure out why. None of the other Star- names (like Starla […]

Baby Name Battle: Clint vs. Flint vs. Quint vs. Vint

It’s the end of The Week of Int! We’ve looked at the names Clint, Flint, Quint, and Vint — all four of which were associated with TV cowboys during the second half of the 1950s, and all four of which saw increased usage on the baby name charts in the ’50s thanks to these associations. […]

The Week of Int: Flint

The final “Week of Int” name is Flint. It has been on the charts since the 1910s, but the only year in which it was able to achieve triple digit usage was 1959: 1963: 35 baby boys named Flint 1962: 49 baby boys named Flint 1961: 59 baby boys named Flint 1960: 86 baby boys […]

The Week of Int: Quint

Today’s “Week of Int” name is Quint, which debuted in the SSA’s data in 1959 and saw peak usage in 1964: 1965: 56 baby boys named Quint [rank: 992nd] 1964: 87 baby boys named Quint [rank: 810th] 1963: 51 baby boys named Quint 1962: 13 baby boys named Quint 1961: 5 baby boys named Quint […]

The Week of Int: Vint

The baby name Vint debuted in the baby name data in 1958: 1964: unlisted 1963: 5 baby boys named Vint 1962: unlisted 1961: 9 baby boys named Vint 1960: 15 baby boys named Vint 1959: 35 baby boys named Vint 1958: 21 baby boys named Vint [debut] 1957: unlisted The influence? Vint Bonner, the main […]

The Week of Int: Clint

Welcome to the Week of Int! “The week of what?” The Week of Int! It’s a week of posts focusing on the four -int names that were popularized by fictional TV cowboys (or the actors who played them) during the late ’50s and early ’60s. First up? Clint. Clint was already seeing moderate usage in […]

Five-Name Friday: Boy Name Starting with J

Welcome to Five Name Friday! Here’s today’s baby name request: We’re looking for J-name ideas for a boy, but not something that sounds like the ’80s. Mom and Dad also have J-names. Can you come up with five great baby name suggestions for this person? Here are the rules: Be independent. Choose your five names […]

How Was Rudyard Kipling Named?

Where did Bombay-born English writer Joseph Rudyard Kipling, most famous for The Jungle Book, get his memorable middle name? His parents, John and Alice, got engaged in the summer of 1863 on the shores of Rudyard Lake in Rudyard, Staffordshire, England. Wedding planning finally started in late 1864, after John secured a job in India. […]

Kidnapped Preemie Influences the Baby Name Charts

Back in 1950, a kidnapped preemie with the name Chaneta influenced the baby name charts.

Popular Baby Names in Hungary, 2016

Hanna and Bence were the most popular baby names in Hungary in 2016.

Mystery Monday: The Name Carlester

Ready for another mystery baby name? Today we’ve got Carlester, which jumped on and off the SSA’s list (with curious regularity) throughout the ’50s: 1959: 6 baby boys named Carlester 1958: 9 baby boys named Carlester (5 born in Maryland) 1957: unlisted 1956: 9 baby boys named Carlester (5 born in Maryland) 1955: unlisted 1954: […]

Five-Name Friday: Boy Name with Positive Meaning

Welcome to Five Name Friday! Here’s today’s baby name request: Looking for names for a boy. Name must be 5 letters and have a positive character-trait meaning. Can you come up with five great baby name suggestions for this person? Here are the rules: Be independent. Choose your five names before checking out anybody else’s […]

Why Was Marilyn Monroe Named “Norma Jeane” at Birth?

We already know how Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, came up with her stage name — “Marilyn” was from Marilyn Miller, and “Monroe” was her mother’s maiden name. But why was she named “Norma Jeane” as a baby? In 1922, her mother Gladys, originally from California, moved to Kentucky to try to get her […]

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