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Rare Girl Names from Early Cinema: W

Time for more unusual female names from old films! Here’s something I didn’t know until recently: many (most?) of the “Indian maiden” characters in early movies had names starting with W. As a result, about half of the names below refer to Native American characters specifically. I’m not sure how many of these Native American […]

Could “Unicorn” Become a Baby Name?

The baby name Unicorn: Ridiculous? Inevitable? Both? I’m not asking because I think Unicorn should become a baby name. I’m asking because I think there’s an outside chance that it could see some usage this year, thanks to the sudden trendiness of unicorns. The word “unicorn” is being used to market all manner of colorful, […]

The Baby Name Wetona

Here’s a curious one: Wetona. The name started appearing in the baby name data during the second half of the 1910s: 1922: 10 baby girls named Wetona 1921: 6 baby girls named Wetona 1920: 12 baby girls named Wetona [peak] 1919: 9 baby girls named Wetona 1918: unlisted 1917: unlisted 1916: 5 baby girls named […]

Babies Named for the Wind…

In January of 1940, The McMillan family of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, welcomed a baby girl “[a]t the height of a windstorm.” Naming the child was easy. The McMillans called her Wendie Dae. Had this scene had occurred in the late ’60s instead of the early ’40s, I wonder if the McMillans would have gone for “Windy” […]

Lalage: Chatterbox Baby Name?

Lalage’s quirky definition is what first caught my eye. Horace, the Roman poet, created the name Lalage over two thousand years ago from the ancient Greek word lalagein, meaning “to chatter,” “to prattle,” “to babble,” or (in the case of a bird) “to chirp.” He invented it as a fitting alias for the “sweetly laughing, […]

Five-Name Friday: Soft, Flowery Girl Name

"We need a girl's name that preferably starts with S (but definitely not a R, M, or A); middle name will be Cathleen. Mom wants something soft and flowery (Lilah and Lily are contenders)."

Most Popular 1-Syllable Baby Names of 2016

The top one-syllable baby names of 2016 were Grace and James.

Most Popular First Letters for Baby Names, 2016

In 2016, the most popular first letter for U.S. baby names was A, followed by J and M. The least popular first letter was U.

Pop Culture Baby Name Game Results, 2016

Winners in 2016 included Luna, Camila, Greyson, Adonis, Kehlani, Wade, Prince, Lyanna, and more. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Most Popular Lengths for Baby Names, 2016

The most popular length for U.S. baby names in 2016 was (again!) six letters.

Biggest Changes in Boy Name Popularity, 2016

Boy names that made big gains in 2016 include Kylo, Creed, Mateo and Oliver. Boy names that slipped include Jonael, Aaden, Logan, and Jacob.

Biggest Changes in Girl Name Popularity, 2016

Girl names that made big gains in 2016 include Kehlani, Royalty, Adeline, and Charlotte. Girl names that slipped include Caitlin, Caitlyn, Sophia, and Alexa.

Top Boy Name Debuts of 2016

Yuvin was the boy name that debuted most impressively on the U.S. charts in 2016. In order for a rare baby name to debut on the Social Security Administration’s annual baby name list, it has to be given to at least 5 babies of either one gender or the other within a given year. Of […]

Top Girl Name Debuts of 2016

The movie-inspired name Rey was the top debut name for U.S. baby girls in 2016. In order for a rare baby name to debut on the Social Security Administration’s annual baby name list, it has to be given to at least 5 babies of either one gender or the other within a given year. Of […]

Most Popular U.S. Baby Names of 2016

According to the Social Security Administration, Emma and Noah were the most popular baby names in the United States in 2016. Here are the top 10 lists: Girl Names 1. Emma, 19,414 baby girls (same rank as in 2015) 2. Olivia, 19,246 (same rank) 3. Ava, 16,237 (up from 4th) 4. Sophia, 16,070 (down from […]

Five(ish)-Name Friday: Hyphenated Girl Name

"I want to follow a family tradition and give my daughter a hyphenated first name, but I don't want it to be a familiar combination..."

A Boy Named After a Toy?

According to the census, a teenage boy named “Radio Rex Musselman” was living in Ohio in 1940. Know what Radio Rex was? A relatively high-tech toy from the 1920s. Radio Rex was the first children’s toy to respond to voice commands. Rex the dog would spring out of his doghouse at the sound of the […]

The Return of Rousey?

Though I’m talking about the baby name and not the UFC fighter, the two are inextricably linked. In 2015, California-born mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey was at the peak of her fame. How do I know this? Just look at Google’s 2015 search rankings. She was the most searched-for athlete, the 3rd most searched-for person, […]

Ariosa – Possible Baby Name?

I came across the name-like word Ariosa while doing research for the Isla Tudor post. What did Ariosa refer to? A coffee blend sold during the late 1800s and early 1900s by Arbuckle Bros., which was a well-known East Coast coffee company at that time. The Arbuckle brothers, John and Charles, started selling coffee that […]

Baby Names from Pullman Cars?

Like trains? Here are over 100 baby names inspired by the names of Pullman cars...

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