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Sir Walter Raleigh’s Sons: Damerei, Walter, Carew

Sir Walter Raleigh, the English gentleman and New World explorer, didn’t have a whole bunch of kids — just three sons. But two of those three sons had rather unusual names: Damerei, born in 1952 Walter, born in 1953 Carew, baptized in 1604 Walter’s name is easy enough to figure out…but where do “Carew” and […]

Top Baby Names in Eindhoven, 2017

Anna and Dex/James were the most popular baby names in Eindhoven (in the Netherlands) in 2017.

Will Jumanji Come Back?

You’ve probably seen advertisements for the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which is currently playing in theaters. It’s a sequel to Jumanji (1995). The second film (starring The Rock) quickly became more successful than the first (which starred Robin Williams). So now the question is this: Should we expect to see Jumanji return to […]

Popular Baby Names in the Netherlands, 2017

Emma and Noah were the most popular baby names in the Netherlands in 2017.

The Name Lettice?

When I do historical research, I sometimes come across the name “Lettice.” It always reminds me of lettuce, the leafy salad green, but of course that’s not the source. The source is Letitia (Lætitia), which comes from Latin and means “joy” or “gladness.” In England during the Middle Ages, various forms/spellings of Letitia emerged, and […]

Black Panther Baby Names: T’Challa, Shuri, Nakia

The much-anticipated movie Black Panther, which comes out today, is already guaranteed to be a success (based on strong advance ticket sales). Even better? The film features lots of great names, many of which are currently uncommon. The one I’m really keeping my eye on is T’challa, which was a one-hit wonder in the mid-1970s: […]

Popular Baby Names in Queensland, 2017

Charlotte and Oliver were the most popular baby names in Queensland in 2017.

For the Wine Lovers: Oenone & Oeneus

Ok, first things first: Oenone (Œnone) is a female name pronounced ee-NOH-nee. Oeneus (Œneus) is a male name pronounced EE-nee-us. Both names come from Greek mythology: Oenone was a mountain nymph who was the first wife of Paris of Troy. (Paris later left her and took up with Helen — a move that eventually led […]

Popular Baby Names in Minnesota, 2017

Evelyn and Oliver were the most popular baby names in Minnesota in 2017.

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Dainette

Here’s a name I can’t quite figure out: Dainette. It popped up in the mid-1950s, dropped out of the data the next year, and never came back. It ended up as the highest-hitting one-hit wonder of 1955. 1957: unlisted 1956: unlisted 1955: 14 baby girls named Dainette 1954: unlisted 1953: unlisted Names with -ette and […]

Five-Name Friday: Girl Name Like Petra, Selma

It’s time for Five-Name Friday! Here’s today’s request: My baby girl is due next month and I’m still on the hunt for an old, Germanic name for her that also works in Portuguese. Something in the vein of Petra, Carla, Selma & Frida. Can you come up with five great baby name suggestions for this […]

Popular Baby Names in Victoria, 2017

Charlotte and Oliver were the most popular baby names in Victoria, Australia, in 2017.

The Olympic Baby Name “Sochi”

The name Sochi debuted in the U.S. baby name data in 2014, then dropped out of the data the very next year. 2016: unlisted 2015: unlisted 2014: 10 baby girls named Sochi 2013: unlisted 2012: unlisted I’m sure you know the source of this one: The 2014 Winter Olympics, which were held in the Russian […]

Popular Baby Names in San Diego, 2017

Emma and Liam were the most popular baby names in San Diego County in 2017.

Name Quotes #57: Gage, Ciku, Abigail Fortitude

"It never occurred to you that my first names are Abigail Fortitude--that I've had to put up with them all my life!"

Initials that Spell Names

In June of 1982, the Toledo Blade ran a short article about two local brothers who “enjoy the distinction of having initials which spell their names.” One was Thomas Owen Matzinger (T.O.M.), the other was James Irvin Matzinger (J.I.M.). Their dad Mike said it was “just as well” that he didn’t have any more kids, […]

Popular Baby Names in New Zealand, 2017

Charlotte and Oliver were the most popular baby names in New Zealand in 2017.

The Debut of Devy

The baby name Devy popped up in the SSA’s data a single time, in 1960. But it wasn’t just any old one-hit wonder — it was the top one-hit wonder of 1960. In fact, Devy was one of the top one-hit wonders of all time, with over two dozen baby girls being named Devy that […]

Popular Baby Names in Canberra, 2017

Charlotte and Oliver the most popular baby names in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in 2017.

Crimean Baby named “Bitcoin”

A baby boy born in Crimea last December — while Bitcoin prices were soaring — was named “Bitcoin” after the digital currency. The boy’s father, 31-year-old Oleg from Simferopol, told reporters that “he and his wife owe their financial wellbeing to the spike in bitcoin’s value, and wanted to show their gratitude.” Speaking of babies […]

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