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Cabbage Patch Kids Names From The 80s and 90s

If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, you’d remember the popular, sculptured dolls called Cabbage Patch Kids. Nearly every kid had one, unless your parents opted to buy the cheaper version. I had a similar doll which I called Judy. She came with me when I was six to get my tonsils […]

Foldable Paddle Pop Stick Treasure Map

School holidays are coming up, and having a few projects to extend children’s play is a good idea if you like having ideas up your sleeve for an opportune moment. Sometimes, I put together a School Holiday Fun Box, and you can read about the sorts of things I put in it here. This paddle […]

Whimsical Personalised Cushions

In my internet travels, I came across these lovely personalised cushions by There are a lot of personalised gifts like this available, but I thought these cushion designs were especially lovely and worth a share here. There are also wall banners, blankets and many other items.

No Laughing Matter

Brought to you by the Continence Foundation of Australia The kids were thrilled when we bought our first trampoline. I was excited too. Memories of my childhood flooded back. I remember jumping for hours on our trampoline-with-no-nets, perfecting tricks with my sisters, dodging the sprinkle sprays in summer and de-stressing after school. After the kids […]

Winter Meals Inspiration

One of the best things about winter is undoubtedly the food – delicious seasonal produce like cauliflower for making comforting cauliflower cheese; stewed apples and pears, baked in pies and served with warmed custard; and hearty stews and casseroles that are best eaten by the fireplace. Here’s our round up of winter recipes and meal […]

Bottom Up in a Top Down World

Over the years of parenting, I’ve gleaned a lot of knowledge that has rocked my mindset on how to raise my children.  Through all the rocking, I’ve been turned up-side-down, and, all of a sudden, it all makes sense. I’ve tried to explain my parenting journey of becoming bottom-up in a top-down world. Education is a […]

How Israel Helped Me Find My Reason Again

What I discovered in Israel was a curious mix of deep tradition with mind-blowing-out-of-the-box thinking. It would be easy to consider these things incompatible. As I attempt to explain my observations, I would start with family — the importance of family. You see, investing in family is central to life in Israel, and the role […]

Do Your Mum-Thing

I spotted my teenage daughter from my sprawled position on the sofa as she walked out of her bedroom one evening. “Have you done your skin?” I pounced, reminding her to moisturise her eczema-prone parts. She froze mid step, in mock affront at the sudden attack. My body began to shake from the laughter coming […]

Hiking and trail blazing for families on a budget

Hiking and trail blazing for families on a budget Looking back at my teen years I realise I had a very unique and wonderful upbringing, made so by my parents who guided my siblings and our friends into a world of exploration. Who else can say they canoed from 1770 to Gladstone when they were […]

How I’m Trying to Raise Independent Children at a Young Age

In the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about the way I’m raising my kids. My girls are 6 years, 4 years and 2 years old respectively. One of my goals as a parent is to raise my girls to be independent. It should be every parent’s goal. But sometimes I wrestle with giving up […]

Butterflies on a Stick Craft

If you’re looking for an easy craft activity with your toddlers, this butterflies on a stick craft is the craft for you. It requires minimal materials and only a little help from an adult. I asked my two and four year old daughters what craft they wanted to make today and they said they wanted to make […]

Travel: Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem

There are two things that struck me about the Tower of David Museum, situated near the Old City of Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate. Firstly: the building is the artefact. Most museums I’ve visited are modern buildings with ancient artefacts along with modern exhibits inside. On the other hand, the Tower of David Museum is a medieval […]

Road Testing the Best Lip Balms for Winter

We go through A LOT of lip balm in our family during winter. I asked the BAFM community on Facebook for recommendations (you can read through them here) and picked out some of the top rated balms and tried them out. In total, I road tested eleven lip balms/conditioners, and I’ll list them below.  Lip […]

Marvel Heroes Super Discs – Are they ruining our children?

Marvel Heroes Super Discs – Are they ruining our children? Now that I have your attention, my short answer is no, they are not. But this recent Woollies collectible that has kids and their mums in a Hulk-stalking frenzy has got me thinking. I’ve been watching with interest the increasing number of Facebook posts from […]

Pom Pom Pen Holders

Pom poms are all the rage at the moment, and that’s fine by me. I ADORE pom poms! They pop up in all sorts of forms, and below are some adorable products I’ve seen in my travels. Recycled Mats Felt Ball Rug | Felt Ball Cushion | Pom Pom, Tassel & Bead Earrings | Double […]

Construction Challenge: Marble Run with Recycled Materials

I came outside on Sunday morning to discover the children had made this marble run together. How very clever! I love this kind of creative play. There is so much learning and problem solving here!  I noted the materials they used after raiding the recycling bin etc. Collapsed box for base Toilet roll Plastic bottle Tape […]

What I learned About the Importance of Regular Family Time in Israel

A wave of longing hit me suddenly as I sat on a sofa, chatting away with a piece of cake balanced in my lap. The night was drawing to a close but I didn’t want to leave, and I’ll tell you why: it felt like home and I wanted to cling to that feeling a little […]

How Easy it Is to Make Play Dough

There are heaps and heaps of different recipe for play dough. For different types you can check out this post: 6 Play Dough Recipes. If you have never made play dough before, it’s so-so easy and something you can whip up with minimal effort. Below is a very non-glamourous video how I make play dough. […]

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child: Inside a Kibbutz Commune in Israel

It takes a village to raise a child… It’s a statement that’s often bandied about, especially in western societies where we mourn the socially isolated culture we’ve largely become. Often, the only contact we have with our neighbours is a quick wave as we drive into our internal garages, closing the electronic door behind us. […]

5 Ways to Add Value to Children’s Play with Items Around the House

Over the years, I have found the BEST way to enhance my children’s play is to add inspiration through regular items around the house. A little set up can go a long way. Below are some examples: 1. Milk Bottle Lid Plates for Dolls Save a few milk bottle lids, print out some food pictures […]

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