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Frozen Yoghurt Bites

I’m always looking for after school snack idea for my children (there’s over 60 ideas here: After School Snack Ideas).  I served these frozen yoghurt bites with fruit last week and they were a hit.  They are delicious gobbled up on their own, or added to fruit salad. More Frozen Yoghurt Pops

Travel Dice

You learn these little hacks from experience, others along the path and from necessity. As campers, we find it works brilliantly to keep dice in a small clear container. This idea is great for home too.  Another tip: if you don’t like the sound of the dice in the container, you can get rubber dice [...]

Pineapple & Watermelon Heart Puzzle

  Ingredients Whole Pineapple Watermelon Heart Cookie Cutter Small sharp knife Instructions  1.  Trim the skin off a whole pineapple and slice thinly so you have roundish pieces. 2. Use a cookie cutter in the centre of each pineapple slice to remove the core.  If the cookie cutter doesn’t cut cleanly through the fruit, use [...]

Fun (non-tech) Ways to Keep Kids Occupied While Waiting

It’s from my favourite Dr Suess Book. There’s something about the rhythm of this page about waiting that has always struck me.  There’s anticipation in it. Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go or the mail to come, or the rain to go or the phone [...]

2014 Health Challenge (week 2 – 4)

My daughter came up to me the other day, and told me how proud she was of me: of my determination & commitment to health and fitness.  Sometimes I forget how being an example, living it out, is the best way to teach our kids, and I felt so encouraged by my daughter’s words. I [...]

Decorative Tape: Party Ideas

Sponsored by 3M (S1 Post) The new Scotch® Expressions Tape is a brilliant addition to the family stationery stash.  It can be used to decorate a variety of household, stationery and recycled items.  I recently wrote a post about 5 ways I’ve been using the decorative tape around the house.   This time, I’m sharing how the tape [...]

Silhouette Pictures

Sunday afternoon. We did a test drive to the train station.  My husband is working 2 hours away this year, which makes things extra challenging here at home. He won’t be able to come home every day, and there will be some weeks that he won’t come home at all. I feel sad this week [...]

Lunch Box: Nachos

A yummy nachos version for the lunch box.   Corn chips Bean dip (with cream cheese) Carrot sticks Apricot Choc date ball Bean Dip 2 cans drained kidney beans 1 can tin tomatoes 1/3 – 1/2 cup sweet chilli sauce (to taste) Whizz all ingredients in a Thermomix or food processor until smooth. This bean [...]

Keep on Keeping on: Health and Fitness

It isn’t a great heading for this post and I know it.  There’s a lot of noise about weight loss around these days, and much of it is sensationalised.  If I really wanted to get good click throughs to what I’ve written here, I probably should have titled it something like: How I Turned from [...]

Discovery Box

We love exploring as much as we can as a family.  Australia is a vast and beautiful country, and there’s so much natural wonder in our backyard.  On our many adventures, my kids enjoy collecting little bits and bobs along the way, from bottle caps for a ‘Bottle Cap Game’ they made up to pretty [...]

Lunch Box: Pizza Scrolls Recipe (Thermomix)

These pizza scrolls are the best. The kids and the husband LOVE then. I’ve never had a fail batch.  Sometimes, I do a double batch and pop them in the freezer for school lunches.  Pizza Scrolls Recipe Dough Ingredients 310 g Luke warm water (1  1/3 cups) 1 sachet dry yeast 1 teaspoon salt 1 [...]

Staring School: From a Mum’s Perspective

Holding my arms parallel on the steering wheel, I lowered my head between them and cried. Part of my life was over. I felt like I held a small bird in my hands. The little bird I tended, taught and loved since birth. Then, lifting my arms high, I let the bird fly out of [...]

Easy Horse Themed Cake

I love how the cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday turned out.  Easy too. Materials Rectangle cake (with chocolate icing – for the paddock) Horse Plastic Toy Figurine  (I used a Schleich horse figurine and fence which acted as a gift for my daughter too) Cake bunting (I purchased from Sew Sweet) On the day of the [...]

Making Big Dreams Happen (on a small scale)

It’s a story of a woman who made a dream happen but she did it on a small scale. I love that: it’s something I aim to foster in my own life, especially amongst family life because it’s easy to let go of dreams in the busyness instead of looking for opportunities to weave them [...]

3D City Skyline Craft

Empty medicine boxes are the perfect size for a 3D City Skyline project inspired by the Love and Lollipops Blog. Materials Empty boxes of varying sizes (Panadol and Nurofen are perfect sized boxes for this craft) Box or canvas for base Glue Paint & Paint Brushes Instructions 1. Paint the backdrop as per the diagram below (or anyway your [...]

5 Ideas for Using Decorative Tape Around the House

Sponsored by 3M (s1 post) Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape Scotch® Expressions Magic™ Tape I love this stuff because I can make regular and recycled items around the house look awesome, colourful and funky. Oh, and there’s the kids too: as my children get older, I need to cater for their own projects (rather than being [...]

Striving to Set the Year Up Well

I’m striving to set the year up well.  It means I need to invest in the right places and so I haven’t been online so much recently. 1. Children’s Rooms Helped to clean and reorganised the children’s rooms in preparation for the start of the school year. 2. School Lunches Cooked batches of lunchbox food [...]

Lunchbox: Apricot & Oat Balls

I’m on the hunt for lunchbox friendly snacks and I came across this recipe for Apricot Balls. I tried them out and they are easy to make and delicious! (My kids liked them too). Ingredients 1 cup of dried apricots 1/2 cup of shredded coconut 1/2 cup of oat bran 1/4 cup of skim milk [...]

Street Name Quest

Quest: search for something. My kids love that element of excitement in a quest. It’s like a treasure hunt. A Street Name Quest is a cheap and easy activity (and you discover new places along the way). 1. Names Search on a directory like Google Maps or I find good for this type of thing.  Look [...]

Summer Fun: Boats, Boats, Boats

I spend some of my childhood in Papua New Guinea.  There was no Winter, only the wet season and dry season. “The rain marches across the sky,” my mum used to say. I’ve never seen anything like it in Australia. The rain did, indeed, march; you could see it from a way off — you [...]

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