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Philippines SUV Experience: Ford EcoSport

It’s a zippy number! I took the Ford EcoSport out for a spin through the Pamanga district in the Philippines. Our convoy navigated through high density traffic sections and open stretches of road. It provided me with a good feel for this compact urban vehicle which has a high driving position for seeing over traffic and […]

Mother’s Day Magazine Poetry Project

A recycled poetry project is a great way to show your love for Mum. It’s affordable – and personal. You choose words and decorations that speak straight from your heart … to Mum’s. You will need: • Magazines and brochures (Mother’s Day brochures are perfect for Mother’s Day poetry projects!) • scissors • craft glue […]

Dear Mum – Fill in the Blanks Mother’s Day Letter

Over the years, my favourite gift for Mother’s Day have been the adorable fill in the blank letters. Some of the answers the kids come up with are gorgeous and hilarious. I remember one time my son writing my favourite food is coffee. Pretty much. Liss Smith, helped me design these gorgeous fill in the blank letter […]

Felt Flower Brooches For Mother’s Day

I get excited every year for Mother’s Day. Despite the commercialness of it all, I love when my girls bring a handmade card or craft that they put a lot of effort to give to me on Mother’s Day. It’s their beautiful way of appreciating me, and I love their creativity. Sometimes Mother’s Day can […]

Where to Find Inspiration for the Perfect Baby Name

I had my first baby before the internet was a big thing. I remember meticulously flicking through a pocket book of baby names when I was expecting, hunting for the perfect name both my husband and I agreed on. If I was pregnant today (and I’m not!), I  would turn to the internet before a book. Name […]

Disney Inspired Tutu Dresses

Oh my heart! Check out these absolutely adorable tutu dresses inspired by classic fairytales. They are made right here in my state, Queensland by Little Chiyo. Little Chiyo create the fluffiest, most beautiful dreamy designer tutus for both adults and children. All items are handmade with love by Sasha, so if you want to order one, be […]

Getting Kids to Brush Their Teeth | Philips Sonicare for Kids Toothbrush

Review of Philips Sonicare For Kids Connected Toothbrush Helping my children learn how to brush their teeth properly is a constant challenge for me as a parent. It’s not only getting them to brush long enough, but moving the brush around the teeth and gums also. We have found using a timer helpful because two […]

Mother’s Day Giveaway – Choose Joy!

Mother’s Day is almost here, and I have a gorgeous giveaway running. I’ve been eyeing off this Choose Joy tee from BOOM SHANKAR for months because it’s so happy. To give an indication of size, this is me wearing a size 10 tee shirt (but I’m usually more of a 12 so the size is generous). It fits […]

What I learned from Israel and the Women Who Live There

A spark. A hunger. A drive. These are things you can’t force or, I could argue, even learn, and yet they are such incredible gifts. My time in Israel surprised me with these gifts. Never has a place left such a hunger in me. A hunger for knowledge, a spark for creativity and a drive […]

Easter Eggs & Sibling Love

The younger two (currently in primary school) happily dawdled behind. I had just collected my teen from school and together we walked half a kilometre through bushland to where the car was parked.  “We had an Easter egg hunt today,” my sweet-tooth daughter explained after pulling out treats from her bag with a sorry-if-they-are-crushed apology. […]

Make Drinking Water Fun with SodaStream + Giveaway

Brought to you by SodaStream Make Drinking Water Fun with SodaStream Water is the drink of choice in our household. We use a filter which means our family enjoys lovely water straight from the tap. If I’m craving something different, I like to carbonate the water. I’ve used a SodaStream for many years now, and […]

Mix Your Own Drink Fun – Inspired by Halo-Halo from Philippines

When I was in the Philippines doing a test drive of Ford’s EcoSport SUV, we stopped at Susie’s Cuisine in Pampanga. It reminded me of a delicatessen back here in Australia, with a host of gourmet and interesting foods.  We tried a popular drink in the Philippines called Halo-Halo, which essentially means mix-mix. The idea […]

10 Minute Banana Bread

Hi everyone, Amanda from ‘Simple Home Cook’ here to share another recipe with you.  This one is from my first cook book and is one of the most popular recipes with everyone who has a copy.  I’ll keep it simple:  10 mins to prepare  One bowl  Throw it all in and mix  Bake  It’s sturdy enough for lunchboxes and won’t break […]

Frozen Disney on Ice Australia Tour Dates

Since my eldest daughter started school (last year!), I have been promising her we would have a mummy and daughter date. She feels a little left out when she hears I’ve taken her younger sisters to the park or the shopping centre while she’s been at school. I explain that she had wonderful outings with […]

10 Freezer Meal Challenge

Sometimes a term of school can pass by in a blur of lunches to be made, emails to be returned, washing to be hung out, and children to be ferried to football practise or dance lessons. Finding the time to cook the evening meal after a busy day of work, school and extra-curricular activities can […]

Easter Gift Ideas

If you want to do give something special to the kids over this Easter break (that doesn’t involve chocolate), below are some sweet ideas. 1. Easter Egg Hunt Gifts Mix up the Easter Egg hunt by filling plastic eggs with little gifts. I made my own a couple of years ago and below are some […]

Bacon and Egg Pie

Hi everyone, Amanda from ‘Simple home cook’ back with another simple weeknight meal. This one is a bacon and egg pie. Of course it is simple (otherwise I wouldn’t be cooking it) and it is a huge hit with the kids. Even my fussy little eaters devoured a big piece for dinner. You will probably […]

Organic Gardening Bug Spray

Brought to you by Australian Natural Pyrethrins® I have a little herb and vegetable garden in the backyard. I love it. I like looking at it from my kitchen. I like when the kids come in excited with hands full of tomatoes. I like going out into the garden to pluck herbs to add to […]

Tips for Enjoying School Holiday With Your Kids

I joked with a friend the other day, “I can’t believe the kids expect to be fed. Every. Single. Day!” They are always hungry, so it seems, on the school holidays. Despite being a feeding machine, dealing with constant shifting family dynamics and very little quiet, I do enjoy the school holidays (most of the […]

Parenting Scene in Israel

Things have been busy the last couple of weeks as I have been organising myself (and the entire family in my absence) to head to Israel with not-for-profit organisation called Vibe Israel. After a recommendation from the lovely The Imperfect Mum, I applied to be part of this trip. I chatted more to the Vibe […]

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