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Stretchy Slime

This is the most fun we have had with a sensory play activity in ages and is perfect with Halloween just around the corner.   I must admit it has the been frustrating for me as I tried so many different ingredients and methods to come up with the one that we thought was the best. But […]

Pirate Peg Doll

This activity is really very simple. Most of it is simply drawing details on. I gave it to my 11-year-old and she everything herself.   Materials Felt (or light card) Texta / Ball point pen Wooden Peg (You can get them from places like Spotlight) Craft/Hot Glue Scissors 1. Draw a pirate hat shape out […]

Fun Coloured Appliances

Sponsored by Spotlight and Nuffnang Spotlight has launched the IMK Colour range of appliances including kettles, toasters, blenders and stick mixers.  I have been using some of these appliances recently and I couldn’t be happier! They are affordable, stylish and best of all, they come in in a range of fun and vibrant colours. Below […]

Playdough Nature Landscapes

Nature landscapes with playdough I love anything to do with nature and especially craft activities that get the kids out there amongst it. In this activity we created nature landscapes using playdough as the base to keep it all together. I really enjoyed doing this with my children and watching them all work together to […]

Funny Characters Drawing Game

I ended up in emergency with one of my kids recently. It wasn’t an emergency-emergency, but after visiting the GP with a health concern, she felt it was important to have further investigation done by a specialist that day, so asked me to head to the hospital. After waiting almost 5 hours, we saw the doctor and […]

Whole Food Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch boxes: over the years of making them, I’ve changed my perspective from trying to work out how to fill them to looking at it as an opportunity to feed nutritious food to my kids. For me it stated with challenging myself to pack left over dinner items in the lunch box for a week […]

Let Them Play

Parenting: It’s Kids Play! Much-loved and well-respected child development and parenting expert Maggie Dent recently published an eBook of advice from experts and parents on important things parents should know about raising pre-school aged children. Show More Summary

DIY Watercolour Paints

Homemade watercolour paints I couldn’t resist the urge to make my own watercolour paints as a small tray doesn’t last long in our house with 3 kids. It is an interesting experiment and one that I wasn’t sure if it would work. I had to try it a few times as the first batch I […]

Why being a tradie is women’s work

Recently, we were renovating our house and needed some electrical work to be completed. When two female electricians arrived and set to work, my nine year old daughter couldn’t contain her surprise. As they installed fans, dimmer switches and replaced light bulbs, my daughter whispered to me, “Mum… they’re ladies! Isn’t that funny?” Having always […]

Tuna & Fettuccine Bake

We love tuna pasta and this is a great way to have it – in a bake covered with cheese! It is easy to prepare and perfect for that busy week day as you can make it earlier in the day and it will be in the fridge waiting for you to cook at dinner […]

Don’t Rush Things That Need Time to Grow

  I watched a conversation thread on an acquaintance’s Facebook wall with interest.  The question posed was one of parents taking children to a cafe (and their noise disturbing other patrons).  The person who posed the question was not a parent, and although not antagonistic in regards to parents in general, was rather annoyed that the […]

New Playground – Southbank Parklands Brisbane

Sponsored by Nuffnang and South Bank When people ask me about visiting my hometown Brisbane and where to go, one of my top picks is South Bank because it’s such a beautiful spot for families. I’m excited to announce there’s a new playground being built that will make this already fab spot even more awesome. […]

Rainbow Tea Party Ideas

This is a fun and colourful activity to undertake with your kids that they will absolutely love. Setting up a rainbow tea party can get everyone involved from setting the table/picnic rug, making the food and serving it to their family and friends. I have included rainbow bread, strawberry & marshmallow kebabs and fruit platter […]

How to Carve a Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin

We aren’t really into Halloween as a family but have always wanted to carve a pumpkin out because they are so cool! My husband lived in America for a few years of his childhood so he did this activity with the kids and they loved it.   I have fond memories of Halloween from my time […]

I see you

I eased my foot on the break as I saw the figures waiting on the side of the road near the pedestrian crossing. It took a little while before for the persons in question made a start on the zebra lines. I waited. A mother held an infant of about 6 months old; a small […]

10 Toys I Don’t Regret Buying

I’ve been a parent for 14 years now, so I’ve gone through pretty much every stage of toys. Some items have been one hit wonders, providing little entertainment for my kids before being broken or sidelined. And then there are some play items that have been used over and over and over again, engaging my […]

Stationery Travel Packs for Kids

We are going on a our annual family holiday to the South Island in New Zealand!  I can’t wait! For our yearly big family holiday, I always pack something special for the kids. We are driving around in a camper-van this time so I decided to get journals and stationery packs for my kids and […]

Best Chicken Noodle Soup

It is warming up in Queensland but it is still cold in many parts of Australia (and around the world) so this recipe will still come in handy. It is especially good at the moment given there is a lot of sickness around and a big hit of protein and vegetables is bound to kick […]

Jurassic World Inspired Cake

My 8 year old son seems to know a lot about Jurassic World considering he hasn’t even seen the movie (and won’t for a long time yet)! He’s hit a dinosaur obsession stage and it’s awesome. He asked for a Dinosaur/Jurassic World inspired cake, and we made a simple one and he loved it.  The idea was […]

DIY Scratch & Sniff Painting

Scratch & Sniff Painting Scratch & sniff stickers certainly bring me back to my primary school days where I couldn’t wait to check my homework in the hope that there was a smelly sticker on it from the teacher. Oooohh… the strawberry ones were the best!! I haven’t seen them around for many years so […]

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