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GIF Week at DSN

From December 6th to the 12th, we are getting giffy with it at DSN.  We’ll be posting marine science GIF roundups,GIFs of our favorite animal behaviors,GIFs of oceanographic equipment being deployed,GIFs of currents,GIFs explaining science, and much more.  We will even be creating some new GIFs just for you. Are you a scientist and want contribute to […]

Meet the sea slug that looks like a fish, lives in the deep sea, and glows

Biologists have a habit of naming things after cool animals. Cars named after comb jellies, internet passwords after giant squid. Most of these names I recognized, but then I saw my friend’s wifi signal: “Phylliroe”, an animal name I’d never heard before. It took me a while to figure out who this odd and honorary […]

The Art and Anatomy of the Yeti Crab

There is so much to love about this Squidtoons.  Fantastic artwork? Check. Adorable deep-sea creature? Check. Scientific accuracy? Check.  Mentions of source scientific articles? Check, Check, Check. I’m in a little bit of nerd heaven this morning. Wait you can buy a poster of this for only $20!  Excuse me for a few minutes.

Dramatic Cuttlefish is Dramatic with Bonus Video

Deep Underwater from Alex Soloviev is a sequence of trippy music and great underwater footage.  The theme music is Solar Walk 3-Event Horizon by Astropilot.  So yeah…trippy.  Soloviev describes the video as On the surface you can see only sequences of moments. If you will dive deep underwater you may meet an eternity. Time does not exist […]

“It’s like a deep-sea version of Truck Nuts”

Yes, that’s a direct quote from National Public Radio. I was giggling this weekend when I turned on the legendary NPR quiz show Wait Wait..Don’t Tell Me, and heard actress June Squibb (naturally) answering trivia questions about giant squid. The show didn’t delve very deep into the science, so I thought I’d go a little […]

Jurassic Hermit Crabs Are Even More Awesome Than You Can Envision

In case it every comes up in a Jeopardy Daily Double question, the fossil record does not contain many hermit crab fossils.  That’s right, those cute little beasties, so abundant you can buy them in magnitudes at your local pet store, are rarely found as fossils.  It’s not that hermit crabs haven’t been around long […]

More Food, More Species

The Notorious B.I.G., Mase, and Puff Daddy understand. Increase one variable in a system and another variable rises en suite. For the B.I.G. this was money and problems. It’s like the more money we come across. The more problems we see. In the biological realm, increasing the food available increases the number of species. More […]

Malacology Monthly: It Eats Whaaaat?

Not all snails scour the ocean bottom for algae and muck, but some have more refined tastes. But taste is one thing, and having the tool to get that food is what gastropods do best.  Snails have a unique tooth-studded tongue – the radula – that natural selection has warped into a wide variety of specialized […]

Awesome nerd joke hidden in Wikipedia’s “List of Cetaceans”

First, two key facts: 1) Whales and dolphins and all those sorts are called cetaceans. It’s the science word for whales and dolphins. 2) When there’s a statement on Wikipedia that doesn’t have a source, helpful Wikipedia elves put a tiny [citation needed] by the alleged ‘fact’ in ‘question’. K. Now, let’s all take a moment […]

From the Top Shelf

“I fell in love with seaweed at the kitchen counter. I had returned with a sack full from the windswept beach, and as I dropped each specimen into a tub of saltwater, its form and color and translucent sexuality awakened. Pale pinks mingled with bright greens and yellow oranges. Rounded fronds, bumpy textures, and slender […]

First Tide Table Publication

  In December 1866, the U.S. Coast Survey (NOAA’s predecessor agency) began printing tide tables as an independent, annual publication. The first edition, for the year 1867, separated the predictions for the Atlantic coast and Pacific coast of the United States into two publications and gave only the daily high tides. Low tides were added […]

Baby Giant Squids

We know almost nothing about Giant Squids with mantles lengths less than 1000 mm  (~40 inches).  Very young squids are even more enigmatic than adults.  A recent study reports the collection of three very young Giant Squids off the Japanese coast.  The three young measured 140.8, 332, and 332 mm (5.5 and 13 inches). The heaviest of […]

How long would it take to drain the ocean?

We are honored to have a guest post from David Aldridge (@D_Aldridge on Twitter) a marine biologist and Pd.D. survivor. He is founder of @Words_in_mOcean.  Please check out his new book Do Fish Sleep? What if somebody removed a bathroom plug from the bottom of the ocean… how long would it take all the water in the […]

I Pity the Species That Doesn’t Decorate

Mr. T made mohawks and fool pitying a life goal for many.   Another life goal for many, thanks to first name Mr, middle name period, last name T, was decorating themselves with enough gold chains to crash a third-world economy.   Although humans are the only species where decoration functions strongly in social interactions (see Beyonce), […]

How Urban Renewal Gets You Giant Sea Hares

Why masses of giant ocean mollusks invading your city’s rest & relaxation zone is actually a good thing   At the heart of downtown Oakland, San Francisco’s stereotypically grittier and unpolished sister city across the San Francisco Bay, lies an urban lake that is experiencing a remarkable rebirth. Lake Merritt isn’t so much a lake […]

My Other Ride is the Belafonte

You know when you have too much time on a Sunday. (Or you actually don’t, but you spend too much time on something absolutely unproductive…but you secretly love it.) Well, in my semi-productive Sunday Funday state, I have been playing with the infographics platform, Piktochart. Soon I hope to actually be creating serious scicomm data […]

Malacology Monthly: Inside-Out

This Open-House Special brings you inside the modern homes of today’s most popular marine mollusks Are you old enough to remember the show MTV Cribs, where a camera crew invades the home of a filthy-rich celebrity and takes annoyingly jumpy quick-shots of how awesomely decked-out and unnecessarily opulent their ‘crib’ is? Think about that approach, but […]

How to hold a piece of the deep sea

Joan Lederman is holding a truly remarkable bowl. “Do you see those little bumps?” she asks me, pointing to the green glaze. The glassy surface of the bowl has the texture of an orange skin. “I really don’t know why it does that. But it’s just remarkable.” Joan is fascinated by the texture, but I’m […]

Oh my god, what the @#$% is that bro?

I can’t help it. I’m in love with a new viral video.  Is it the fact that features the largest species of fish?  Is nostalgia for the Boston accent that reminds me of my days in graduate school?  Is there sheer excitement of this man for ocean life?  Maybe it’s the profanity.  Below the fold is […]

What Would A Kosher Jew Eat in the Cretaceous?

The answer to what kosher observing Jew would eat 310 million year aog is finally answered thanks to three paleobiologist.  The short answer?  Dinner will be short. The first step the authors take is to identify the rules of kosher. First the mammals. Kosher mammals (“beasts that are on the earth”) “have true hoofs, with clefts […]

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