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The official anthology of Rick Ross rapping about crustaceans

I generally bow to Dr. M and Alex when it comes to rap music knowledge, but I’m just going to add this little factlet to the DSN vaults. Rick Ross, raps about crustaceans. A LOT. And after reading all these lyrics, I’m positive there is a special place in his stomach for all arthropods. What does this dude do […]

My 25 Favorite Things For Ocean Field Work

I am particular about my set of gear and equipment that I take when I am out at sea. Much time spent was spent on trial and error research and development of my sea kit. The items below reflect advice from my scientific mentors and advice about tools from my father and father-in-law, one an […]

No way is that a Manta in the Kelp Forest…

Yes…yes it is.   This video was just taken off of San Clemente Island by spearfisherman Carter Jessop (used with permission). This is his account of the miraculous interaction: “The real excitement of the trip came on the second afternoon at the island. We were diving a spot with strong wind and current and I […]

A little unexpected Monday Morning Zen with a Portuguese Man-of-War

It’s monday morning and I’m dragging a little. You might be too. But this gorgeous video of Portuguese Man-o-War by Aaron Ansarov (via National Geographic) reminded me of all the amazing things and processes that remain to be studied in the ocean. And that just perked me right up! Ansarov is a retired U.S. Navy combat photographer, who […]

The Etiquette of Flags At Sea

John Tissott from the East Fremantle Yacht Club in Perth, Australia has just developed an infographic (below) on the topic of flags flown at sea.  For example, I have just learned that flags are flown by owners and worn by the yacht.  Or in my case a dinghy with substantial hole. Over at the DSN HQ we […]

What the “Call of the Reef” is Telling Us

Coral reefs are in crisis. They are fragile. They are complex. And they are disappearing faster than we are able to understand them. This threat is exacerbated by an ecological battle raging on reef lines between corals and seaweeds. When fish are removed, seaweeds run rampant, and corals suffer. This negative feedback loop is often […]

Throwback Thursday: France’s Lab Buoy

I recently received an email from a colleague asking for a copy of a recent paper. In return, they sent me a plot of inertial current circles from 1965 along with this intriguing image. First thought…OMG it’s the french version of R/P FLIP! But after clumsily wading through a bit of french text with the help […]

Plaaaaaaaannnkktooooonnnnn In Spaaaaaccccce

According to several “news” agencies ocean plankton have supposedly been found on the outside of the International Space Station.  From the ITAR-TASS News Agency that broke the story, An experiment of taking samples from illuminators and the ISS surface has brought unique results, as scientists had found traces of sea plankton there, the chief of an […]

No Honey, there are no sharks in Ontario Lakes

This post is authored by Andrew Lewin a Marine Ecologist, Marine Conservationist, and Oceanpreneur. He is the founder of, a website dedicated to help people get involved in Ocean Conservation in their daily lives, careers, and businesses. Last week I was at a cottage with my family just north of Toronto, Ontario on a […]

Future Shark: Living in an Ocean on the Brink

Last week Discovery Channel successfully botched yet another Shark Week. Big surprise there. Don’t get me wrong, there were some (and by some I mean few) shows I did enjoy, but seriously when will they let poor Megalodon just die? He and his buds have been extinct for quite a while now, no need to […]

A Narrative of Coral-Dwelling Barnacles With the Aid of Internet Memes

Not everything on a coral is actually a coral.  Embedded into the hard coral’s surfaces are nearly 100 species of specialized barnacles—the Pyrgomatidae. New work by Machel Malay and François Michonneau indicate that our understanding of how different Pyrgomatids are related is…well horribly wrong. Show More Summary

Floating Forests

This is a guest post by one of our most fabulous DSN Scientist in Residence and shanty singing partners, Jarrett Byrnes. Jarrett is a professor at the UMass Boston where he studies food web complexity. There’s something I’ve always wanted. Something that would take kelp forest science to a new level. Something that would let […]

The Superiority Complex

“The marlin I just caught was an infant by comparison with the great fish, only 120 pounds and about four years old, but it is not the size that matters here… What matters is that the fish are proof that the wonders of the sea are not only real, but tangible. Through the shivering line […]

A New Inside Anus Found Very Deep

One of the most obscure invertebrates of all of the ocean is the Entoprocta. It doesn’t take a student of Latin to understand that it’s name means “anus inside”.  Sure, it’s unfortunate, and all the well-to-do invertebrate biologist prefer the name Kamptozoa, meaning “curved animals”, but I prefer Entoprocta for the same reason I prefer […]

Penguin Problems

For African Penguins, humans can make really lousy neighbors, but they have even bigger problems. In real estate it’s all about location, location, location. A cozy home with an ocean view, white-sand beaches, comfortable climate, close to great food, and good neighbors. But that last part is currently giving penguins a problem. Boulders Beach, a suburb […]

The Immigrant

Because when you are a polar bear living in the 21st century, the struggle is indeed real.   Props: Omar Malik, Monte Kawahara, Ben Goldfarb, Geoff Giller, Mwanzaa Brown.

Sex, Snails, Sustenance…and Rock & Roll

  One of the things in the title was not actually part of my latest published research, unless you count the soundtrack I played while doing analyses.  The research question was simple, how do the sexual lives and strategies for the subsequent offspring change depending on the availability of food.  In the oceans, the amount […]

The Atlantic Sun is a potential environmental disaster

EDITOR’S UPDATE 7/24/14: The Atlantic Sun weighed anchor and left the Biosphere Reserve under its own power on 7/23/14  Thank you to all our readers who helped us spread the word and contact CONANP. I’ve got something important I want to share with you that is not getting the attention it should from press or […]

The predictions of this model kills my love of models.

  Few things give me greater joy than a model.  No not those waifs that strut the fashion runways but mathematical models.  Sure my pulse increases with the mention of deep sea, body size, food (in the scientific sense), snails, or combination thereof.  Stop you had me at gigantism. But model with projection plots, equations, […]

Tracking the cold wake of a super typhoon

I’ve been absolutely fascinated by 2 things recently: amazing images of typhoons and animated gifs. In regards to the former, check out this amazing 3D movie dissecting Typhoon Neoguri’s rainfall (and giving me the spins). In response...Show More Summary

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