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The Id of the Squid

Does the squid consider with only revulsion The prospect of sex under jet propulsion? Or does he think it all slightly spectacular, This flying embrace so tightly tentacular? Or perhaps he is shy, so he cleverly thinks, “Any loving we do will be hid by our inks.” But when they embrace, whether flying or hid, […]

So what do you call a group of cuttlefish?

Octopuses are generally loners. Squids often form schools. But cuttlefish (or seacuttles if you will)…they outright just don’t get along with one another. In the video below two Giant Australian Cuttlefish males that are bit cranky fight over a female. They are both flashing the characteristic Zebra “Don’t FK With Me” pattern.  Make sure you […]

The EDC of the SEA

Grab your glow sticks. Throw on all the neon swag you can possibly find. Turn up the Calvin Harris and DROP. THAT. BASS. We are going Reef Raving. Reef Raving, more formally know as Fluorescence Diving, is a relative newer, underground form of sea exploration. Utilizing the power of blue light flashlights (the only light available […]

I prefer my seafood without sperm, thank you

With the first taste of palolo I understood the Samoans’ love for it. Certainly it suggested a salty caviar, but with something added, a strong, rich whiff of the mystery and fecundity of the ocean depths. —R. Steinberg. Pacific and Southeast Asian cooking. Time-Life Books, New York, 1970 (opening quote from from Schulze 2006) This […]

These Are A Few of Our Favorite Species: Mandarinfish

Coral reefs are synonymous with colorful fish, but in a world teeming with Technicolor extravagance, few fish can rival the psychedelic spectacle of the Mandarinfish. Named after the brightly-dyed silken robes of the imperial Chinese elite, these kaleidoscopic colors could be the swirling pattern of Grace Slick’s flowing dress at Woodstock, the pulsating rainbow light […]

Let’s Get Sea Star Wasted!

  We have ALL had one of THOSE nights. The epic evenings characterized by fun and debauchery, a handful of good friends, and more than enough Kraken Rum to go around. However, in the midst of squid shots and shanties, every once in a while these matters can get a little too crazy. One might […]

Squid 1, Shark 0

In South Pacific, hovering over the peaks of seamounts at depths more than one kilometer deep swims a squid. This dark red squid, Idioteuthis cordiformis, well over one meter in length (3.2 feet) hovers here…waiting.   Other species in the whip lash squid family are diminutive with microscopic suckers. These species likely feed by dangling their tentacles […]

Outward bound and off to new adventures

While we may be scattered across the country (or at this point across the world), the Deep Sea News crew has got each other’s backs. That’s why I am particularly sad to say goodbye to two members of the team, Al and Rick. I’m in awe of how Al and Rick aren’t afraid to speak their minds, […]

Does this ROV belong to you?

Jacob Levenson (@JacobLevenson) drew my attention to an expected discovery on a Belizean beach yesterday…a car-sized, remotely operated vehicle (ROV).   The ROV was found on Hol Chan Marine Reserve on a reef in front of Ambergris Caye. It measures almost 12 feet long by 6.6 feet wide and 7 feet high.  Both Andrew Thaler (@SFriedScientist) and I managed […]

A Fond Friday Farewell

Parting is always such sweet sorrow. Although we have a tinge of sadness this week at DSN, sometimes we’re powerless to halt change. In this case, we must console ourselves with cocktails and wave our friends off into the sunset. Rick and Al have left the nest. But a loss for DSN means a big […]

The Animals of the Musashi Battleship

On November 1st, 1940 the Imperial Japanese Navy launched the Yamato Class Battleship the Musahsi. She and her sister ship, Yamato, were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed.  The Musahsi was lost on October 24th 1944 during the Battle of Leyte Gulf during World War II. On March 2nd, an expedition lead by Microsoft cofounder, Paul Allen, […]

The Life, and Death, of Jairo

Every year female hawksbill, loggerhead, green, and the massive leatherback sea turtle come to nest on the Atlantic coastline of Costa Rica, each female returning to her home beach after a year of feeding in the open ocean. During the 1960s, the nearly every green turtle nesting in this region was taken to export for […]

Long May Your Big Jib Draw

Goodbyes are the worst things ever. EVER. Especially when it comes to two people I have looked up to for so long. Not only are Al and Rick impeccable science communicators, when I think of tangible hope for our oceans…their names are at the top of the list. I could not think of two finer gentlemen on […]

Farewell My Friends

“When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.”  -Jacques Yves Cousteau I can think of no two men this quote applies to more than Rick Macpherson and Al Dove.  For the last five years, these two men have shared freely […]

Malacology Monday

You already know that Deep Sea News provides expert reporting, in-depth analysis, first-person research, and sarcastic mockery of contemporary topics relevant to our ocean world. Unlike other popular science sites that can be wildly imaginative and dangerously inaccurate, DSN’s crew of scientists cut through the pop-science b.s. Show More Summary

Why the Foldscope is My New Favorite Toy

This past year Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell, and William Moerner received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy.” From simply putting two pieces of glass together for magnification purposes to being able to follow individual molecules within a cell, I think saying we have come far in the field of […]

What’s this viral video mystery blob? (hint: it’s not a pyrosome)

Hi lovely internet. I’ve noticed lots of folks getting really excited about a new video going viral. Many are calling this giant strange worm a pyrosome. Now, I love pyrosomes. I’ve written about pyrosomes and am very honored that news sites are quoting my article in their coverage of this video. Thank you. It means a lot and […]

Are the ocean and atmosphere finally cooperating and is El Niño really here? Probably.

El Niño has been playing with my heart for a whole year now. It’s coming. It’s not coming. It’s gonna be huge. It’s not coming now. The ocean looks like en EL Niño but the atmosphere doesn’t. Y U SO FICKLE THE CHILD? I cut my loses, ran from this atmospheric/ocean phenomena prediction and healed my bruised […]

For Hoff Yeti Crabs Food, Sex, and Birth Determine Living Space At Vents  

Within just a few short centimeters the temperature drops from 350?C to -1.5?C (692 to 29.3?F). At 2.6 kilometers deep in the Antarctic Ocean lies the East Scotia Ridge (ESR) dotted with hydrothermal vents. Here, in this unique spot the world’s coldest ocean is in contact with one of the seafloor’s hottest environments. Life residing at hostile vents […]

What the hell is a “Sea Hawk” anyway?

               The Bird is the Word, but it’s the Wrong Word for the Right Bird It’s Superb Owl Sunday, and America is once again pitting two sets of millionaires against each other in a sanitized, televised, and heavily corporatized modern version of gladiatorial combat of eons passed. With the […]

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