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The Odd Nautilus Organs Named After People

Inside a Nautilus are the normal organs—the caecum, the stomach, the crop, the nidamental gland, etc.—with normal names and known functions. However, my favorites, yes I have favorite Nautilus organs, are the Organ of Valenciennes, Organ of Van der Hoeven, and the Organ of Owen. The fact these tissuey lumps of fun do not have […]

Where is the best place to put your ocean cleanup device? Not where currently proposed.

You might think that to clean up the problem of plastic in the ocean, you should place your cleanup device where there is the most plastic. And this isn’t a horrible initial assumption, which has been made by “The Ocean Cleanup”. But a slick new modeling study by Peter Sherman and Erik van Sebille show […]

Megafauna and Minerals on the Pacific Abyss

This guest post is from Dr. Diva Amon (on Twitter @DivaAmon). Dr. Amon is marine biologist specialising in deep-sea biology, working on a range of environments, from abyssal plains to chemosynthetic habitats. Dr. Amon is currently based at the University of Hawaii at Manoa as a post-doctoral fellow but was born and raised in Trinidad and […]

TGIF: Subway Car Artificial Reefs!

A sunken city of NYC subway cars lives off the coast of Delaware – yep, you read that right. They were sunk there on purpose, to serve as artificial reefs that attract fish. And, er, we’ve apparently been throwing a lot of things down there to see what happens – think “Will it Reef?” (a deep-sea version […]

The real-life cousins of SpongeBob

The beloved animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants, is the wonderful creation of animator Stephen Hillenburg. What you may not know is that Hillenburg is a marine biologist, graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State University in 1984, majoring in marine resource planning and interpretation. Show More Summary

New Video of Giant Squid Surfaces

Video of a very large squid swimming near a dock made the rounds last week across many social media streams.  The squid is actually an Architeuthis, aka the Giant Squid.  The was confirmed by Dr. Mike Vecchione from the Smithsonian, one of the world’s leading experts on cephalopods, on Dr. Chris Mah’s, also of the Smithsonian, Facebook post of […]

Malacology Monthly: Going Deep

Sub-Neritic Gentrification For November we will be doing some deep thinking about deep-sea mollusks in an attempt to understand the complex history and adaptations of these animals living in the depths of our oceans. Biodiversity of today’s marine snails can be traced to several different ecological and environmental phenomena, but in the Deep-Water Helmet Shell […]

Ninja Lanternshark: the New Shark Species You Will Never See Coming

You will never see the Ninja Lanternshark coming, not because it’s dark and elusive, but because you won’t be swimming below 1,000 feet deep off the coast of Central America any time soon.   Discoveries in science are not often the result of the stereotypical and unrealistic step-by-step scientific method, but usually occur through other more […]

The See Life Collection

Shameless Self-promotion Alert: This article was written on a recent exhibit I put together for the National Park Service. Though this collection spans both the aquatic and terrestrial biomes, I felt the marine images would be of great interest to DSN readers.  “So much wildlife is undervalued simply for the reason that it is not […]

10 Reasons Why the Ocean’s Struggle is Real

1. It’s Getting Hot in Here.   2. One Fish. Two Fish. Red Fish… No Fish.   3. Snow Caps Cones for Everyone.   4. Too Many Lionfish on the Dance Floor.   5. I See Deadzones.   6. No Escape from Plastic Monstas.   7. Where Have All the Coral Reefs Gone and Where are […]

Cephalopods: Masters of W.T.F? – Enough GIFs to Kill a Kraken

With octopus, squid, & cuttlefish, reality is stranger than fiction. Shape-shifting, color-changing, or morphing into a Las Vegas billboard are nothing new for these real-life transformers. Superheroes?  Who gives a heck.  I was too busy reading marine biology text books than to waste my time with the imaginary – and usually blatantly contradictory – special powers […]

Ten GIFS that show waves being complete jerks

In situ wave watching? NO. Blissful matrimony? RUINED. Engagement you’ll never forget? NAILED IT. Yoga? I THINK NOT. Try to appease my wrath? YOUR OFFERING IS INADEQUATE. Skim boarding without appropriate attire? DON’T EVEN TRY. Casual jog along the sea wall? YOU’D BETTER RUN. AND NO BIKE RIDING EITHER. Try and take my picture? I […]

Go home Dinoflagellate, you’re drunk

Sally, one of my lab mates, takes amazing videos of protists under the microscope (she posts these on her Instagram, pondlife_pondlife – go check it out). She showed me this video of a Dinoflagellate, a common marine protist that’s part of the plankton. They microscopic, and they swim like this: This rather graceful swimmer is a […]

6 times an invertebrate punched a vertebrate in the face (and it was awesome)

A guest post from Katie Thomas, a graduate student at Duke University researching the evolution of bioluminescence in squids. (@katiethomas10) For those of us who love the spineless weirdoes of the ocean, it can get old always hearing about the dolphins and the whales, the sharks and the fish and the turtles that everyone loves so much […]

Dancing Squat Lobsters of the Deep

From former DSN’s own Peter Etnoyer (posts here) comes a great set of deep-sea GIFS. Among the many revelations of recent studies of Gulf of Mexico deep-sea coral beds is that squat lobsters appear to be the lazy ninjas of the deep-sea. They sit waiting in coral beds practicing ju-jitsu while hapless squid drift by unawares. The […]

My favorite deep-sea GIFs

Comb Jelly, Phylum Ctenophora The giant deep-sea jellyfish, Stygiomedusa gigantea Siphonophore Blanket Octopus, Tremoctopus sp. Dumbo Octopus, Grimpoteuthis Vampire Squid, Vampyroteuthis infernalis Giant Squid, Architeuthis dux Swimming sea cucumber, Enypniastes sp. Show More Summary

This Is How We Do It

From Spice Girls to Fresh Prince the 90s were an eclectic mash-up of pop tunes and catchy anthems. Perhaps one of the more popular, get-stuck-in-your- head-all-day ditty’s, Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It,” is one that comes to mind every time I read up on one particularly fun topic…Ocean Sexy Time. With things such as penis fencing and […]

Aquaman GIF Roundup

Thanks to @SFriedScientist there is a an ocean full of  animated Aquaman GIFs.  Here are a few favorites. Finally a dolphin is useful Of course the dolphin really is pointless   The mightiest of superheros Aquaman shaking his grove thing in the frozen seafood section The Aquasteed is not amused Splish…splash

An animated GIF guide to the indoor oceans

THE PERFECT INDOOR STORM Before setting any vessel or offshore structure into the sea, you need to figure out whether it will survive the ocean’s wrath. Meet the University of Maine’s new W2 Ocean Engineering lab. Scale winds of 200 mph. Scale waves 100 m tall. Fans that rotate 360 degrees around the tank to make winds […]

Five Mind-Blowing Bivalve GIFs That Will Blow Your Mind – Your Blown Mind Won’t Believe #6!

Since the dawn of human civilization, much has been written about the sheer adrenaline-pumping excitement of clams, scallops, cockles, but today’s digital age has cranked-up that heart-pounding thrill to 11. If these five gifs don’t rock the pleasure centers of your cerebrum like being at front-stage of a Whitesnake concert, they may just pop an artery […]

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