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Oh my god, what the @#$% is that bro?

I can’t help it. I’m in love with a new viral video.  Is it the fact that features the largest species of fish?  Is nostalgia for the Boston accent that reminds me of my days in graduate school?  Is there sheer excitement of this man for ocean life?  Maybe it’s the profanity.  Below the fold is […]

What Would A Kosher Jew Eat in the Cretaceous?

The answer to what kosher observing Jew would eat 310 million year aog is finally answered thanks to three paleobiologist.  The short answer?  Dinner will be short. The first step the authors take is to identify the rules of kosher. First the mammals. Kosher mammals (“beasts that are on the earth”) “have true hoofs, with clefts […]

A Story of Climate Change Told In 15 Graphs

Recently, on Twitter and Facebook I noticed graphs of climate change and its impacts being posted.  These were often unaccompanied with data sources or links. A lot of misinformation occurs across the web in both denial and support of climate change. Beyond a shadow of doubt, anthropogenically caused climate change is occurring.  However, we do the […]

Play Around With a 3D Snailfish and Octopus Online

It’s early Monday morning.  You really don’t want to work.  Well let me help you out.  Grab that cup of coffee, grab your mouse, and get ready to play.  Amy Scott-Murray is a Ph.D. student at Aberdeen University who researches how digital visualization techniques can be applied in marine science. In her latest project, Scott-Murray […]

Malacology Monthly: Spines and How to Use Them

Evolution is repetitive, especially if it produces adaptations that works well. If it’s all about survival, spines do the trick throughout the mollusk world. Scorpion Without a Sting This leggy shell belongs to a group of gastropods called the Spider Conchs, and this particular species is the Scorpion Spider Conch (Lambis scorpio), which can neither bite […]

Life of Every Color & Kind

When one of my favorite papers of all time gets made into a School House Rock-esque production….magic happens. I was smiling the whole time like the nerdy Ecologist I am. Happy Hump Day.    

Letters to a Pre-Scientist

Calling all scientists!!! Looking for a way to make a big impact with relatively little effort ? Do you like talking about your research to a captive audience that won’t run away? Do you actually remember how to write a letter that’s not an e-mail? (Seriously though….). You are in luck. The group “Letter’s to […]

Before Giant Plankton-Feeding Sharks, there were Giant Plankton-Feeding Sharks.

In the fossil history of sharks, a unique evolutionary experiment happened much earlier than anyone thought. The largest fishes in the oceans feed on some of the sea’s smallest organisms. Several massive plankton-feeding elasmobranchs – the group of fishes that include sharks and rays – evolved adaptations to gulp huge mouthfuls of water and filter […]

Aplacophorans: The fuzzy little Mollusk you don’t know

Cute and cuddly may not be the first words you would to describe a Mollusk. A group whose name literally means “soft-bodied” in Latin. However, the approximately 300 species of aplacophorans are quite cute. These cylindrical mollusks lack the shells of their brethren but rather are covered in small calcified spicules that given them a […]

Become a Social Media Pro User: Tweeting Your Own Talk

Tweeting during a conference and joining in on a conference hashtag is becoming the norm for scientists on Twitter. Indeed conference’s hashtags are becoming a virtual subconference. But instead of just Tweeting to the conference hashtag flex some social media muscle and become a Twitter god. How you ask? Tweet your own talk by scheduling […]

Ocean spin cycle traps hapless pufferfish.

Oh little pufferfish. Your tiny little fins are no match for a mini-ocean maelstrom. You and your buddy are trapped in a small ocean vortex that keeps spinning you around and around. Other fish just idly swim by watching your sad little tumbles. I’ll admit your awkward rolls made me chuckle. Although the narrator claims the vortex happens […]

Why are there no fish in the deepest deep sea?

Here’s a mystery: below 8,400 meters there are no fish. There are other creatures: sea cucumbers, anemones, tiny worms, but no one has ever seen a fish. At 8,370 meters? There are fish. But not below 8,400 meters. At its deepest the ocean reaches roughly 11,000 meters, so there is plenty of space. And right below 8,400 […]

The Hat You Didn’t Even Know You Needed.

I now know what all the Deeplings are getting for Christmas…. This might be the best thing I have ever seen on Etsy.

Lovable blobfish figure is lovable

EricHo has this amazing 3D printed sculpture of a blobfish for sale.  Just the thing I need to add to my collection.  Go buy one now and declare your love of blobfish.  Don’t be a hater.

Boom Boom like a Jellyfish

How this song escaped being the summer earworm of 2015 is beyond me?! I have no idea what it means or even if jellyfish go “boom boom” (although technically they would probably go “smack smack”), but THERE’S A JELLY DANCE. All I’m know is that Rebecca Helm needs to have this on repeat all day long.

Rare Giant Jellyfish Caught on Video

New spectacular video of a enigmatic jellyfish is going viral across the internet (see below).  Although first collected in 1901 and scientifically described in 1910, the giant jellyfish,Stygiomedusa gigantea, is rarely collected or seen.  A paper in 2010 by Mark Benfield and William Graham found that only 110 observations of the species had been made from 1899 to […]

The Art of Saving Our Seas

“Artivism: An explosion of creativity, a marrying of art and activism” Over the past three years, street artists across the globe have taken up their brushes, prepped their spray cans, and united for one common mission. To Save Our Seas. From endangered species and coral decline to ocean plastics and loss of global biodiversity, these artists have depicted […]

Malacology Monthly: A Look at Bivalves, From Both Sides Now

Bivalves: clams, scallops, oysters, cockles, and mussels, have rich lives and complex evolutionary histories far beyond the deep-fryer. Here are vignettes of four bivalves that provide a small glimpse into their world. So next time you order the frutti di mare linguini, ponder for a second what you are about to eat. Smart Scallops Edward ‘Doc’ […]

Most expensive goddam picture of fish ever taken!

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to interview, Don Walsh one of two men to first visit the deepest point of the world’s ocean and one of only three to succeed. Below is that interview reposted. I asked, “What were the events that lead to you to dive the Marianas Trench?” “I found myself there […]

Dolphins and Drugs – The Shocking Connections

Is Flipper a junkie? Deep Sea News has always provided the fair and balanced approach to dolphins, recognizing their essential role in the oceans’ ecosystems, yet bringing to light their darker side. Of all the heinous acts dolphinsShow More Summary

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