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A New Year, A Look Back

January. A time for half-baked resolutions, fully-baked apple crisp, 2.5 weeks of dutifully honoring my pre-paid annual gym membership, and a buttload of retrospective, end-of-the-year lists. In between shirking my gym commitment and shopping for rolled-oats for some apple crisp, I found time to document my own idiosyncratic look-back on 2016. This being me, I’m […]


For when it’s Thursday and everyone needs a little bit more cute, cuddly, and slightly slimey things in their life…Etsy never let’s us down. I have seen a lot (LIKE A LOT) of fun ocean arts and crafts in my day, but I couldn’t help but SQUEEEE when I saw these adorable woolen nudis by artist […]

Look at the Size of that Kelp

I think one reason DSN wanted to rope me in was that Alex wanted another algae nerd on staff. And I hope I make her proud. For you see, it was not always this way. I started my life academic as an invert guy – sea squirts à la dock. It’s taken me some time, […]

Can you hear me, Major Tom?

“Can you “Here am I floating ’round my tin can Far above the moon Planet Earth is blue And there’s nothing I can do” -Space Oddity (Bowie) A few weeks ago I took a visit to one of my favorite places in Los Angeles, The Huntington Library. Usually, I go because I am obsessed with […]

What did the Boyan Slat and the Ocean Cleanup do last summer?

Because I haven’t written an update on the Ocean Cleanup and Boyan Slat in a while… They deployed a 100-m long prototype that is really 30-year old RO-BOOM technology with some new fancy hardware.   Deployed in only 30 m of water during a calm summer the prototype failed after 2 months. Because shackles. It cost […]

New video shows the hidden world under Antartica’s ice

I’m constantly amazed by the beauty and diversity of life under Antartica’s ice. Below is one of the best videos I’ve seen of this stunning natural wonder. The water is below freezing, at a heart-stopping -1.5°C (29.3°F), a meter of ice covers the surface for much of the year, and the whole ecosystem is plunged into Antartica’s winter […]

Rocky Intertidal v.2.0

Last year, DSN compatriot and Captain of the rag-tag crew over at Southern Fried Science, dropped a science outreach bomb. Dr. A.D. Thaler struck some ecological/technological brilliance in the form of the Scanning the Sea project. In a word, I was inspired and wanted to do my part in pushing this magical ocean outreach toolbox forward and to […]

In the evolution of fishes, this is a one seahorse race

alternative titles include “Looking a gift seahorse (genome) in the mouth”, “My kingdom for a seahorse genome”, “Hold your seahorses“, and “The galloping evolution of seahorses“. Let’s face it, seahorses, pipefishes, and seadragons are messed up. That’s not a subjective opinion but an evolutionary fact.  It’s like all the approximately 300 species in Syngnathidae (the […]

AUV with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?

How does Santa get presents to the deep sea? With ocean robots of course! Enjoy Oceaneerings Holiday Card with 8 tiny ReinROVs. And if you need to deliver gifts on land, Boston Dynamics has also got you covered.

Tentacles, Tube Feet, and Other Sticky Things.

You guys…I did a thing. I published my first book. It’s a children’s sticker book all about the intertidal squishies that I love so much! Each page has a description of one of 12 critters and explorers of all ages can commemorate finding each one with a fabulous sticker. With the help of some amazing […]

Salty Introduction: Jarrett Byrnes

Hello hello. I thought I’d introduce myself as one of the newest members of the DSN crew. I’m an assistant professor at UMass Boston studying kelp forests, salt marshes, and changes in ocean biodiversity and ecosystem function. So, I’m more on the shallow sea news side of things – -5 to ~40m in depth. But […]

Ocean robot seized, causes international incident

This past week, a US Naval drone was seized by a Chinese submarine in international waters in the South China Sea. When I hear the word drone, I imagine a flying contraption that someone with a shotgun took down because they thought it was spying on their house. This is not that kind of drone. The drone they are […]

Have you been nautical or nice? Gifts for the marine scientist

This holiday season be sure to treat the weekend, aspiring, or career marine scientist in your life with the gear and equipment they need.  Better yet treat yourself. 1. Carhartts Nothing beats a brand spanking new comfortable pair of Carhartts. No wait that isn’t true. A new pair of Carhartts is rougher than sharkskin and […]

Have you been nautical or nice? Take your present wrapping game to the next level

Throughout the years my dad and I have had some duke-out contests wrapping the holiday gifts. We aren’t just talking about fancy bows and ribbons here. Oh no…one Christmas all of my presents were shaped like pyramids, while all of his presents were in double duct-taped boxes. Yeah…it get’s real in Casa de Warneke. This season, […]

Big wave story is big

I imagine somewhere there is a cold-war era control room in a deep bunker where an alarm bell starts ringing every time a giant ocean wave is detected. When the  World Meteorological Association announced there was a new record holder for the World’s biggest wave recorded by a buoy, I immediately scrambled for more info! A lone buoy deployed by […]

The Trump Administrations Attack on Science

Well let’s see where things stand… President Elect Trumps transition team requested the Department of Energy name staffers who worked on climate change programs. Thankfully they refused. A Trump team member just compared climate science to the flat-Earth theory The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee tweeted a link to a widely debunked Breitbart article […]

Are you worried about Trump deleting climate data?

“Are you worried about trump deleting climate data?” This was a text I received from a friend last night. My first cynical kneejerk reaction:After I got that out of my system, I thought a little bit more. Her question stemmed from a series of articles that have cropped up on the interwebs regarding how some scientists are […]

In New England, We Love Our Football and our Barnacles

I’m not saying that the 50 yard line at Gillette stadium doesn’t have a barnacle on it, but, as pointed out by Will White, marine quantitative ecologist extraordinaire, the 50 yard line for the Pats Gillette stadium TOTALLY HAS A BARNACLE ON IT!!!   Epic barnacle win!

A Decade of Deep Sea Decadence

Today is legendary! Why, you ask? Well, we are celebrating TEN YEARS of DSN posts. That’s right – if you go wayyyyyyyyy back in the archives you will note that the proto-Deep Sea News empire began with a little post by Dr. M on December 13, 2006. What were we all doing in 2006? Well […]

Have you been nautical or nice? Dr. Sargent’s Maritime Gift Guide

Dr. Elizabeth Sargent, posted this amazing #OceanGift list on twitter and was kind enough to share it with DSN! And I am going to insert a shameless plug here: you should definitely check out her awesome Etsy shop. Someone in your life NEEDS an Oarfish Dish. When she’s not being an ocean gift guru, Dr. Sargent is an adjunct marine […]

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