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The real Alien vs. Predator is occurring right now in Antarctic waters

In the freezing and dark waters of the Antarctic, two marine species are pitted against each other in a battle of survival. Each of the players in the evolutionary game is trying to avoid a permanent residency in the other’s stomach. One of the competitors, you may not be surprised by. The behemoth colossal squid […]

One Stop Squishy Shop

Flashback to my freshman year of college. Even better, the first day I ever set foot in a marine lab. I had no idea what to expect, no idea where to go…I just knew I was suppose to meet a graduate student named Linsey and she was going to tell me everything I needed to know […]

Happy Birthday Mr. Trashwheel! Thanks for cleaning plastic before it gets to the ocean.

This is Mr. Trashwheel. He’s been quietly removing trash from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for over a year now. And everyone, he wants to know why you’ve forgotten that he’s cleaning plastic from the ocean RIGHT NOW (although others like to claim they are the first)…..ON HIS BIRTHDAY NO LESS?!! Mr. Trashwheel has been dutifully scooping […]

Six reasons the blanket octopus is my new favorite cephalopod

When I first saw a picture of the blanket octopus I did a double take. I’d never heard of a blanket octopus before, which is surprising given the internet’s obsession with both large cephalopods and bizarre animals. A two meter long octopus dressed like a fashion icon certainly falls under both categories. But the truth is, blanket octopuses are incredibly elusive. Very […]

All Walrus. All the time.

It’s Friday and who doesn’t need a little more Walrus in their lives? I certainly do. Streaming live 24-7 from Round Island, Alaska (in the aptly named Walrus Islands) is the Walrus Cam. You can watch the walrus in the waves. Walrus laying on the beach. The ungainliness as the they attempt to transfer between these two states. […]

Release the Glaucus!

Aliens? Squishies? Deformed Plastic? Jellyfish? Many descriptors have accompanied the emails, texts, and Facebook messages that have recently flooded my cellular device, all describing one unique ocean beastie… Exhibit A.   With Spring...Show More Summary

Malacology Monthly: Cephalopod Compendium

Even if you don’t care much for marine invertebrates, you gotta love Cephalopods.  Squid, octopus, nautilus, cuttlefish, they have the stylish panache and quirky evolutionary innovations that other spineless lumps don’t.  Their highShow More Summary

The awkward state of penguin molting

This oddly plumaged penguin appeared in my Antarctic & Arctic Data Consortium 2015 calendar (yes, I have a data calendar) and I needed to know…why on earth does this penguin have a fauxhawk? And of course there is no better day to answer this question than on World Penguin Day! Before this, I used to think there […]

These are a few of my favorite species: Paulasterias mcclaini “McClain’s 6-armed fleshy star”

Today is a very exciting day. Indeed, today is one of the best days ever! The next step in my evil science plans for total world domination to unlocking science achievement level 10 is now complete. Thanks to Chris Mah (@echinoblog), one of the world’s leading experts on starfish, there is now a species named […]

Day 1,825

5 years ago today, an explosion in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico lead to one of the worst human-induced environmental disasters in history. Check out this stunningly, beautiful recap of where we are now and the questions still remaining. This video, featured by onEarth Magazine, was concocted by the one and only Perrin Ireland (@experrinment). Having seen […]

Ten Simple Rules for Effective Online Outreach

Exciting news for the DSN team! What we do here on this site — our mission and core values — have now been immortalized in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. Yeah, baby! It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re so happy to announce the publication of “Ten Simple Rules for Effective Online Outreach”, a new […]

Which way does an octopus crawl? Anyway it wants.

Let’s face it, octopuses are just going to be our cephalopod overlords. They have 8 arms, 3 hearts, Moms eat their own babies so the others can survive and they put Houdini to shame with their escape artistry. And now let’s just add to the list that they are way better at crawling than we will ever […]

Video: Rare sperm whale encounter with deep-sea ROV

“if you’re watching on channel one the super sampler is…THE HECK IS THAT?!” And that is the start of an absolutely breathtaking real life close encounter in the deep sea. This video could easily fit in a blockbuster movie, but was actually filmed on April 14th, 2015, by the ROV Hercules, which also happened to be broadcasting LIVE at the […]

We are Going to Need a Bigger Helicopter

Working at a National Park results in a fair share of interesting encounters. Take for instance, yesterday when my boss emails me and says, “The Coast Guard is helping us move a humpback whale skull out of the intertidal, are you interested in watching?” Obviously, he knows me well and that my ocean nerdom would be piqued […]

Celebrity Wax Sculptures for Snails

Snails taste good. Well snails taste good to crabs. In fact almost every facet of certain snail’s lives is completely dictated by crabs. Crabs regulate populations of snails. Even the most characteristic part of snail, its shell, represents an evolutionary arms race between prey and predator. Yet, we do not know how many crabs and […]

Is Anybody Here a Marine Biologist?

Just a little something to get your Monday started off right.

Given the choice, corals would prefer oil to dispersant

Just near 6 million liters of oil spilled out of Macondo well in 2010, about 6 supertankers worth of oil. The ramifications of the oil spill are still being documented and far reaching but included aberrant protein expression in fish gills, altered bacterial communities, and a whole suite nastiness in dolphins. At three different sites […]

Malacology Monthly: Pilot Episode

Like seashells but are sick of social media?  Hate Facebook but need a hearty dose of marine invertebrates?  Want a bigger malacological meal rather than tiny tidbits of mollusk-based science? Do not worry, you can get all of the “Malacology Monday” posts from the Deep Sea News Facebook page right here on the official DSN […]

Super Colossal

Twelve years ago this month, a super squid was captured. On April 1, 2003, a massive squid was pulled up from the sub-antarctic waters south of New Zealand, and while a bit mangled by the fishing lines that captured it and suffering from additional damage from packing and travel, it still measured 5.2 meters (nearly 18 […]

The obnoxiously loud sounds of glaciers melting

No matter where you go in the ocean, there will always be noise. Rain, waves, wind, ice, whales, boats, kraken screams, etc. All these processes have specific noises associated with them, creating an ever present background rumbling in the ocean. But it’s the constant snap, crackle and pop of melting glaciers that turns fjords from […]

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