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TGIF: Barnacles put a ring on it

Have you ever seen the bottom of a barnacle? Or to be totally accurate, the top? I hadn’t either until a good friend and photographer, Michael Ready, showed me this photo he took in down in Baja California. There is just something about it, that I find absolutely stunning. Similar to annual growth rings found in […]

+1 For the Robot Army

What better animal to use as the spokesperson for the first soft bodied, autonomous robot?? To the engineers at Harvard 1. You win science today and 2. I would like all the baby octobots please.   Wehner et al. 2016 An integrated design and fabrication strategy for entirely soft, autonomous robots. Nature. 536, 451–455 doi:10.1038/nature19100

I Am With Her…and you can be too.

“Representation of women matters. When I see a woman doing something awesome and empowering, it inspires me to empower myself.” –Patrice Banks (Materials Engineer, Super Cool Scientist Project) Before I joined the crew here at DSN, I was an avid fan. I don’t even remember now how I happened along the salty wires to this […]

A Dream Job in Social Media and the Oceans Awaits

If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram, then you know that I am having the time of my life down here in southern Louisiana in my dream job as the Executive Director of a marine laboratory (LUMCON).  I mean seriously my job comes with fan boat rides. #imonaboat well #imonafanboat A photo […]

Have you been watching Okeanos explorer? If not, this week is your chance!

I’m kind of obsessed with Okeanos Explorer. Why? Because being able to watch a live feed of an ROV exploring the deep ocean on the TV in my living room is pretty amazing. THE FUTURE IS NOW PEOPLE. Okeanos Explorer is a NOAA boat whose sole business is ocean exploration. It uses two ROVs equipped with mega […]

Pokémon GO players, please don’t take drifters from the ocean. THEY ARE NOT POKÉBALLS.

Love it or hate it, Pokémon Go is undeniably a phenomenon. Although we here at DSN previously warned of the perils of Poké hunting in the ocean, some Pokémon trainers have not heeded our warning. According to scientists at UCSB, some rather enthusiastic players spotted what they thought was a Pokéball floating in the ocean near Isla Vista, […]

My What A Big Claw You Have! All the Better to Love You With.

  For fiddler crab males, size is everything.  Well over 60 different species of fiddler crabs, genus Uca, exist across the globe.  You are probably familiar with the crabs.  The males have one ridiculously large claw.  You might think I’m being unfair to fiddler crabs, but the claw of male fiddler crabs is one of […]

An open letter from DSN to our fellow scientists

The recent string of violent tragedies, both in the USA and abroad, have wrenched our hearts and left our minds baffled. Minnesota, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Orlando. This list continues. Some may view these tragedies as separated from science. We disagree, science does not happen in a vacuum. Science happens in the daily interactions of curious […]

The Worst Ocean Environments to “Catch Em’ All”

This week the best part of the 90s has returned in full force with the Niantic’s release of Pokémon Go. You guys, this is like that thing when they re-released Oregon Trail for mobile devices…but better. For those not in the know, Pokémon Go basically blurs the lines between the real world and the virtual […]

Rare mass sighting of pyrosomes in the Azores

So on June 7th I was all, ‘Facebook, what’s happening today?’ and as I’m scrolling through my feed I see this picture–posted by a scuba diver from a small group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called the Azores–and I know my day is about to get real interesting: This is a […]

Wait, did I just become a commodore?

From Wikipedia… Traditionally, “commodore” is the title for any officer assigned to command more than one ship at a time, even temporarily, much as “captain” is the traditional title for the commanding officer of a single ship even if the officer’s official title in the service is a lower rank. As an official rank, a […]

Science Spoiler Alert: Finding Dory

In which Dr. Milton Love ruins the magic behind Finding Dory with Science, but we love him anyways. TUNE IN HERE

Build your very own CTD. Then kiss it and love it and call it George.

OMG OMG OMG OMG, Andrew Thaler, Kersey Sturdivant and Russell Neches over at Oceanography for everyone have just published a Build Guide for the OpenCTD, the CTD you can build at home. In case you didn’t know, a CTD is the tool that enables us to calculate the temperature, salinity and density of seawater. They are […]

The Ocean Cleanup deployed a prototype and I honestly have A LOT of questions

Judging from the number of emails Miriam and I received from reporters today, the general public wants to hear what we have to say about the project a lot more than the Ocean Cleanup does. But with the new media blitz that is going on, I admit I checked out the prototype that the Ocean […]


Who knew that a battle between an articulate robotic sampling arm and a colonial organism related to soft corals rooted to the seafloor could be so suspenseful? I have no emotional connection to either of these opponents, but I FEEL the utter disappointment of the loser in this epic 50-sec confrontation. This battle has been brought to you […]

The Ethics of Respect for Nature

  Lately I have been saddened by a series of unfortunate events that have become all to common. These incidents center around one central theme- human interaction with wildlife. From bison making their way into cars at Yellowstone National Park, Gorilla’s being shot at the Cincinnati Zoo, and even in my own backyard, Sea Lion’s […]

TGIF: Elasmo-Lite-Brites

Basically, the ocean is a glowing rave of awesome…but you already knew that. Happy Friday!  


One thing I’ve learned from the Okeanos Explorer’s ROV trip to the Marianas Trench, is that deep sea jellyfish just like to let it all hang out. How else you going to feed effectively if you don’t wave your tentacles around like you just don’t care? But get too close to this unidentified jelly, and you risk triggering […]

Hard Celebrity Science: The Ocean Salinity Edition

The story of sea salt. It’s a story of geology, endurance, and erosion. Unfortunately, this story seems to be unknown to several persons of dubious copious fame. And they’ve taken it upon themselves to create a menagerie of strange, kickass and even gross theories on ocean salinity. Join me now on a strange and wondrous trip to debunk some bad celebrity […]

The origin of ripples and other fantastic fluid experiments by Hertha Marks Ayrton

To any one who, for the first time, sees a great stretch of sandy shore covered with innumerable ridges and furrows, as if combed with a giant comb, a dozen questions must immediately present themselves. How do these ripples form? Are they made and wiped out with every tide, or do they take a long […]

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