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Bring the hammer.

Prepare yourself for the hammer. No not that hammer. This one. The Malleidae, or the hammer oysters, is a suite of around 30 species, primarily in the genus Malleus, all with a hammer or T shape to the shell.  I mean look at this shell. I like to think in the evolution process a conversation […]

The Writing on the Sea-Wall: High Water Line

As science communicators, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to translate the ramblings of the ivory tower into a relatable and accessible public dialogue. In my experience, our strongest ally in this endeavor lies in the artists, musicians, and storytellers within our communities. “The Writing on the Sea-Wall” series seeks to highlight the […]


With the current administration attempting to torpedo NOAA’s incredible SeaGrant program, I’ve gotten into a reflective mood. One could highlight the tremendous return on investment of SeaGrant – 750% for every dollar spent. Or the thousands of people who have been employed (jobs!) off of SeaGrant. Or the reams and reams of awesome ocean science, […]

When Is An Internship Not An Internship?

An interesting discussion is playing out on NOAA Coral List regarding how we define “internships.” This got started after the Roatan Institute for Marine Science (RIMS) advertised their 4-week, $3000 (travel not included), summer “internship.” That sparked a lot push back from Coral Listers who complained (and I agree) that something a student PAYS for […]

Trolling in the deep: from raging rants to support of the strange

Today’s guest post is by Natasha Phillips, a marine biologist and PhD researcher based at Queen’s University Belfast, interested in the movement ecology, diet and energetics of ocean sunfishes (Twitter: @SunfishResearch, Blog: More Summary

Look at These Amazing Deep-Sea Creatures from the Remote Pacific Right Now

[View the story “Discovering the Deep: Exploring Remote Pacific Marine Protected Areas” on Storify]

How to recover when something goes very, very wrong at sea

No shit, Sherlock. A staggering achievement – fishing for a 2m thing in 5000m water with a 10,000m line … very, very well done. — Sheldon Bacon (@sheldonbacon) March 10, 2017 I could not have said it better myself. Last weekend the wire cable that the ship’s CTD hangs from snapped, sending the entire […]

The Pulse of Ocean Data Archiving

Every morning, I wake up and check my email. Overnight, I get a few pings from mailing lists, people in other time zones, spammers – the usual. Lately, I’ve been waking up every morning to hundreds of new emails, and it’s inspiring. It’s cheering the dark bit of worry it my soul. It’s making me […]

The importance of being NOAA

Did you look at the weather before you left the house today? NOAA provided that data. Do you eat salmon, shellfish or even McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish? NOAA works with fisheries to manage these resources so you can eat safe seafood tonight and tomorrow too. Did you turn on the light in your house? NOAA provides the […]

Support LUMCON ocean scholarships, and get rural, low-income kids hooked on marine science!

How do we solve the diversity problem in marine science? This a complicated question without a single answer – but there is no question that we need to do everything we can to get all the young’uns hooked on science. It is especially important to make science accessible (and fun!) for underrepresented groups – African-Americans, Latinos, […]

The Little Strawberry Squid with the Big Eye

If I were ever to write a Little Golden Book on par with The Poky Little Puppy it would about cute, little, and red, deep-sea squids with an adorable giant eye.  That’s not a typo.  It’s an adorable giant eye not adorable giant eyes. The title? The Little Strawberry Squid with the Big Eye The […]

You Had Me at Seaweed-based Glitter

As I was doing my morning internet perusing, I came across this fun video of a glittery bath bomb making a heinous mess is someones tub. I love me the glittery things, so naturally I was intrigued, but what really caught my attention was that this magical shiny substance wasn’t plastics-based like most glitter, but […]

This deep-sea jelly looks like something from a dream

A beautiful jelly was just sighted by the Ocean Explorer as they cruise the deep sea near American Samoa live at According to Dr. Allen Collins–a zoologist at NOAA and the Smithsonian–this little jelly is a rhopalonematid trachymedusa. Show More Summary

Scott Pruitt and the EPA: One of these statements is not like the other

The EPA: The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment. Scott Pruitt’s first address to the EPA employees (paraphrased): Let’s all be civil and compromise. I learned about it in a book about the founding fathers. Alexander Hamilton said let’s reduce state debt. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison said, sure…but only if we […]

So yeah ocean sunfish are ridiculous, dolphins are @#$@&, and deep-sea anglerfish are monsters

Recently a couple of interesting posts sparked some introspection on how I view, label, and discuss the denizens of the oceans.  Carla Litchfield, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy, at the University...Show More Summary

Reef raving revisited: 4 good reasons for fish to glow in the dark

This is a guest post form Maarten De Brauwer, a PhD candidate at Curtin University. You can find more of amazing work from Maarten on his social media sites, listed at the end of the article!      It isn’t the first time DSN gets it’s underwater rave on, whether we are showing you the fluorescent […]

And now for the all robot performance of “To Catch a Fish”

Give a robot a fish, you will feed it for a day. Teach a robot to fish, you will feed it for a lifetime. At least that’s what researchers at MIT have done with this freaky, clear robotic arm made using a new and novel hydrogel. It’s sort of rubbery, sort of tough and sort of […]

The Legacy That Lives On.

This past year, I was fortunate to visit many of our National Parks. In light of recent events and those yet to come, I saw it fitting and therapeutic to summarize some of those experiences. I hope you enjoy and can, at some level, relate. Cheers.  The Legacy That Lives On. I have stood in […]

Ocean Sunfish are the most useless animal (an epic rant)

Ocean Sunfish, also known as Mola Mola, look like a pancake and are just the weirdest fish. I was ambivalent about these creatures until reading this absolutely EPIC Facebook rant about their sheer uselessness – and now I can’t help but LOL wondering how they even continue to exist in nature. Mola Mola – the Pandas […]

The Kelp of Luxury

How do you define class? How do you define luxury? How do you define an experience like no other at 30,000 feet in the sky? Why, by reaching 30 feet deep. That’s the lesson of Emirates Air that will now provide their first class travelers with the ultimate definition of a life of luxury. What […]

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