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Lovable blobfish figure is lovable

EricHo has this amazing 3D printed sculpture of a blobfish for sale.  Just the thing I need to add to my collection.  Go buy one now and declare your love of blobfish.  Don’t be a hater.

Boom Boom like a Jellyfish

How this song escaped being the summer earworm of 2015 is beyond me?! I have no idea what it means or even if jellyfish go “boom boom” (although technically they would probably go “smack smack”), but THERE’S A JELLY DANCE. All I’m know is that Rebecca Helm needs to have this on repeat all day long.

Rare Giant Jellyfish Caught on Video

New spectacular video of a enigmatic jellyfish is going viral across the internet (see below).  Although first collected in 1901 and scientifically described in 1910, the giant jellyfish,Stygiomedusa gigantea, is rarely collected or seen.  A paper in 2010 by Mark Benfield and William Graham found that only 110 observations of the species had been made from 1899 to […]

The Art of Saving Our Seas

“Artivism: An explosion of creativity, a marrying of art and activism” Over the past three years, street artists across the globe have taken up their brushes, prepped their spray cans, and united for one common mission. To Save Our Seas. From endangered species and coral decline to ocean plastics and loss of global biodiversity, these artists have depicted […]

Malacology Monthly: A Look at Bivalves, From Both Sides Now

Bivalves: clams, scallops, oysters, cockles, and mussels, have rich lives and complex evolutionary histories far beyond the deep-fryer. Here are vignettes of four bivalves that provide a small glimpse into their world. So next time you order the frutti di mare linguini, ponder for a second what you are about to eat. Smart Scallops Edward ‘Doc’ […]

Most expensive goddam picture of fish ever taken!

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to interview, Don Walsh one of two men to first visit the deepest point of the world’s ocean and one of only three to succeed. Below is that interview reposted. I asked, “What were the events that lead to you to dive the Marianas Trench?” “I found myself there […]

Dolphins and Drugs – The Shocking Connections

Is Flipper a junkie? Deep Sea News has always provided the fair and balanced approach to dolphins, recognizing their essential role in the oceans’ ecosystems, yet bringing to light their darker side. Of all the heinous acts dolphinsShow More Summary

Car-sized ball of squid eggs filmed off the coast of Turkey

Oh July 9th, 2015 a group of lucky divers happened upon something truly remarkable–A 4-meter-wide clear sphere floating off the coast of a small town in Turkey. The sphere was 22 meters below the sea surface, and even up close, it appears almost invisible. But what exactly is it? The divers didn’t know. Lutfu Tanriover, the videographer, […]

An Unexpected Surprise in My Mail

When Andrew Thaler (@SFriedScientist) asked me for my home address a few days ago, I was…well…concerned.  I have the tendency to be drawn to friends who are pranksters and Thaler excels at this talent.  But alas, what I received in the mail far exceeded by expectations. Over a week ago, Thaler tagged in my a […]

How currents pushed debris from the missing Malaysian Air flight across the Indian Ocean to Réunion

What seems to be debris from the Malaysian Air flight MH370 that mysteriously vanished in March 2014 has washed up on on the island of Réunion in the western Indian Ocean. Investigators from Boeing are still figuring out whether the flaperon (the technical name for the piece of airplane wing) is from the missing plane, but it seems […]

OMG Its A Monster From the Deep…Or It’s A Colossal Squid

A Russian trawler for Patagonian Toothfish, probably in the Antarctic Seas, caught video of a Colossal Squid.  The squid, Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, was feeding on one of longlined toothfish.  Some news outlets seem to be suggesting this is giant squid (and here, and here). However, the body shape and size is clearly all wrong for that assumption.  The tentacles are […]

Remembering Raup

I asked my friend and colleague Roy E. Plotnick, paleontologist and faculty in the Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, to write a post about his former advisor David Raup.  What I received from Roy, the post below, is a warm tribute full of heartfelt admiration and playful anecdote.   The […]

10 Not-So-Obvious Ways Seaweed is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

Remember way back, when you couldn’t leave the dinner table before you ate all of your leafy veggies? Remember how for 8 year old you, that was pretty much the worst thing that could have ever happened? Well now 8 year olds of the world (and those who still act like it) can rejoice as […]

Nicholas Cage is making a movie about the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Yes, you read that right. I have no idea what it’s about, or why it’s named “The Runner”, but I do know that the trailer contains Nicholas Cage spouting this epic line: “Even though this is a BRITISH Petroleum spill, it’s AMERICA’S Ocean”

The Tension of Intention: A Surfer, A Shark, A Fox, And A Grizzly

Guest post by DSN Alumni Rick Macpherson When my pal Dr McClain yanked me out of retirement and asked me to pen a quick post on all the hubbub around the televised and much discussed close encounter between world-champion surfer Mick Fanning and a presumed great white shark at the start of the J-Bay Open […]

The Science of Sea Bunnies: You’ll Never Believe The Top Ten List We Created To Get You To Visit Our Website.

Recently a friend brought to my attention that the Internet was losing its collective mind over “sea bunnies”. Googling, “sea bunny” I found articles at International Business Times, Metro, RT, Apex Tribune, Weather Channel (wait what?), The Dodo, HuffPo, Geek, Women’s Day (umm), and The Telegraph. Well gosh darn it! How to I jump on up on this […]

This squid won’t stop staring at you

Stop it. Stop staring at me Taonius sp. All the other squids that MBARI featured during Cephalopod week are either cute, athletic, or named after breakfast foods. But you, you just can’t stop staring can you? I know you are just floating there below 300 m with your arms up in the air water like you […]

Digital Seashells and David Raup

My love of snail shells did not begin at a young age. This is not a story of a 6-year old boy discovering his first shell on an idyllic sandy beach. The year was 1998. I was 23 and in the first semester of graduate school. I was not sitting in the sand with the […]

The Deep-Sea Coral That Is Older and More Awesome Than David Caruso

From the deep flanks of the atolls and islands of the tropical Pacific, live corals as old as Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza. At 4,000 years old, the Leiopathes sp. black corals beat the quahog clams, which live to be 400, and the tortoise Jonathon, who’s 176. Of course, these deep-sea black corals are colonial creatures, a little […]

It’s time to geek out over a new global bathymetric data set

Nothing makes my little heart go pitter-patter like a new data set. And the new General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) does not disappoint. Let’s go geek out over some data, shall we? What exactly is GEBCO? It’s a giant, high-resolution map of the ocean seafloor (with some topography thrown in to make land feel better […]

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