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This Former Google Exec Is On A Mission To Develop A Blood Test For Cancer

A personal tragedy was one of the motivations for Jeff Huber to seek out his new role as CEO of Illumina spinout Grail. For many oncologists, the holy grail of medicine is a blood test that can detect cancer before symptoms arise. But developing such a test is a daunting challenge. Read Full Story

Everything You Need To Know About Twitter's New Timeline Tweaks

They're here, and nothing to panic over. But they do raise lots of intriguing questions, and might be a precursor of bigger changes to come. Want to freak out a bunch of Twitter users? Easy: Just give them the sense that Twitter is about to change in some fundamental way, without providing much in the way of concrete details. Read Full Story

Google's AI Software Can Now Legally Be Considered The "Driver" Of A Car

U.S. regulator's ruling puts it on equal footing with human drivers. In a huge boost to Google's self-driving car program, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Tuesday released a letter it sent to Google confirming...Show More Summary

FBI Says It Still Can't Unlock San Bernardino Shooter's Encrypted Phone

But researchers suggest data gathering is actually getting easier for intelligence agencies. On Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that encryption found on smartphones is "overwhelmingly affecting" law enforcement investigations and operations, reports Reuters. Show More Summary

Can You Get Fired For Having Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression can hit as many as one out of five new mothers up to a year after giving birth. Yet some still get fired. Depression. Anxiety. Bipolar disorder. OCD. These mental illnesses are not often thought of in the same context as a new baby. Show More Summary

Can This App Rewire Podcasts For The Future?

Anchor, freshly infused with VC cash, is rethinking how audio is created and shared. Is the age of participatory podcasts upon us? For a media format that's allegedly undergoing a renaissance, spoken audio is pretty stale. Unlike the...Show More Summary

The 15-Second Films Taking Instagram By Storm

Why Instagram was the creative medium of choice for the filmmakers behind Shield 5. Shield 5 is a captivating new thriller that follows a wrongfully accused man on the run, desperate to clear his name. It has a lot in common with shows like Homeland and 24, except for one tiny thing: Each episode is only 15 seconds long. Read Full Story

Could Solar-Powered Drones Deliver Electricity To The Developing World?

A smart drone network could bring solar panels to places that are off the grid. Distributed energy systems are a good idea for homes that aren't hooked up to the grid. But distributing solar panels to remote areas in the developing world is hard. That's why Mobisol, a German installer, is testing whether drones could do some of the heavy lifting. Read Full Story

The Making Of Sundance's Drama Breakout "Christine"

Procrastination, fascination, multiple wrong turns, and fortitude in the face of criticism. Here's how a compelling new film was written. The darkly beautiful film Christine, which recently premiered at Sundance, is tricky to write about. Show More Summary

Is It Possible To Get Divorced And Remain Business Partners?

Your business thrived, but your marriage didn't. Here's how to stay business partners with your ex. Stacey and Jan Roberts were a happily married couple with three children when they launched their Sacramento, California-based Unishippers logistics franchise in 1995. They were both making career transitions and had bright hopes for their future. Read Full Story

The Case For Teaching Your Kids To Code

Millions of computer science jobs are being created, but there are other reasons besides job prep to teach your kid tech skills. Not only are tech jobs going to be the jobs when your son or daughter graduates high school (by 2020, the U.S. Show More Summary

3 Surprising Ways You're Sabotaging Your Career

Who knew working too hard was bad for your career? You know that bad-mouthing your boss is a surefire way to put your job in jeopardy. Same goes for missing deadlines or blowing off a meeting with a key client. But fascinating new research has also pinpointed counterintuitive ways you could be inadvertently sabotaging your own success. Read Full Story

Here's How Obama's Cybersecurity Plan Could Affect You

The president's plan to upgrade cybersecurity isn't just a bunch of task forces and blue ribbon panels. It could actually have an impact. Today the White House dropped a massive Cybersecurity National Action Plan that aims to upgrade online security and privacy for the government, corporations, and regular citizens. Show More Summary

What To Watch For During Twitter's Q4 Earnings Report Tomorrow

As Twitter reports its fourth-quarter financial results, we're keeping an eye on these issues. Twitter is set to report its fourth-quarter earnings on Wednesday, and guidance from the company's executives can't come soon enough. TheShow More Summary

Will Patients Flock To This New "Find A Doctor" App?

It's not easy to connect people with the right primary-care doctor or specialist. Many startups have taken on the challenge of helping us find any doctor. But few companies are dealing with the complicated problem of connecting patients with the best doctor. Read Full Story

What To Watch For In Tesla's Earnings

The main concerns of the luxury electric carmaker's investors are the company's new vehicles, manufacturing capacity, and cheap gasoline. Tesla is set to announce earnings today as investors worry about the company's new vehicles, manufacturing capacity, and cheap gasoline. Read Full Story

Apple Employees: Hackers Have Offered Us $23,000 For Our Login Info

An Apple worker in Ireland told Business Insider that hackers often contact employees in an attempt to bribe them for information. Apple employees say they've been offered thousands of dollars by hackers who wish to obtain their login information, according to Business Insider. Show More Summary

Behold The Grammycam!

When artists win awards at next week's Grammys, a camera built into the trophy will capture the big moment from an all-new perspective. Back in 1959, when the music industry's Recording Academy presented Grammy awards for the first time,...Show More Summary

Kickstarter Hits Major Milestone: 100,000 Projects Now Funded

Company celebrates by releasing 100 facts, including that one Kickstarter project has won an Oscar. Kickstarter has announced that its 100,000th project has been successfully funded. The project by photographer Adriana Groisman is called...Show More Summary

Why Students Are Sending Earth Sounds To Astronauts

Space can feel awfully lonely. One professor let his students record soothing sounds from Earth and send them to the ISS. Last summer, Greg Smith was standing in front of a Home Depot when he got an unexpected phone call. When he answered, the voice of NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren greeted him on the other end. Show More Summary

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