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Why Government Regulations Help Workers' Productivity

A new report shows how developed countries can increase economic growth without replacing everyone with robots. When it comes to overall economic growth, the conventional advice for governments is to get out of the way. After all, fewer...Show More Summary

How To Perfectly Time Your Request For A Raise

Here are nine times when you should strike while the iron is hot. Getting a raise isn't all about timing, but that's a big part of it. Before you consider asking for a raise, you first need to feel confident that your work is excellent or at least has been steadily improving. Show More Summary

Voter ID Laws May Have Actually Increased the Likelihood Of Voter Fraud—By Hackers

States that passed voter ID laws didn't just potentially disenfranchise voters. They made their elections more vulnerable to hackers. Over the past 16 years, only 10 cases of voter impersonation—out of 146 million registered voters—have ever been identified. Show More Summary

Let The Head Of TED Show You How To End Your Speech With Power

Chris Anderson offers three much better alternatives to, "Well, that's all my time, so, uh, thanks for listening." If you've held people's attention through your talk, don't ruin it with a flat ending. Read Full Story

The Jukebox At Your Local Bar Just Got More Dangerous

The new TouchTunes app blends personalization, good design, and better payment options to keep you pumping money into the jukebox. Rarely does a new music app make me feel nervous. But as the TouchTunes product team swipes through their app's redesigned interface and boasts about its new features, I realize I'm screwed. Show More Summary

The Business Strategy Behind Chobani's Generosity

Beyond the good PR and altruism, is there a business strategy for being generous to employees? Late last month, the yogurt company Chobani surprised many when its founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, announced that he would give some of his own portion of the company to the very employees who helped build it. Show More Summary

Netflix Knows Which Pictures You'll Click On--And Why

The service's recent experiments with images reveal some surprising (and useful) takeaways about why people click what they do. It's still one of the great mysteries of the Internet: with the millions of images that bombard us on the...Show More Summary

The LinkedIn For Women Who Have Taken A Career Break

Après is a new job marketplace that is targeted toward moms who want to opt back into their careers. Jennifer Gefsky is an accomplished professional. After graduating from law school, she was recruited by a New York firm and worked there for several years before becoming vice president and deputy general counsel for Major League Baseball. Show More Summary

Marvel Kicks Off Video Series To Ease in New Readers, Starting with Black Panther

With superstar writer Ta-Nehisi Coates behind the comic, and a movie on the way, now's the time to learn about the man known as T'Challa. Marvel grabbed some international headlines when it announced that its relaunched Black Panther...Show More Summary

Indiegogo Campaign Aims To Light Up The Dominican Republic With $25 LED Lamps

For 8 million Dominicans with spotty electric service, and at least a million who are off the grid, cheap lights could change lives. Outside of glitzy resort areas like Punta Cana, many Dominicans (about 8 million) live in the dark during nightly electric blackouts. Show More Summary

Why It's Worth It For JetBlue And Starbucks To Pay For Employees' College Education

These companies have found that going beyond traditional tuition reimbursement programs does more than just keep employees happy. Most companies offering tuition reimbursement typically provide employees about $1,000 a calendar year to pay for college. Yet, the average four-year public college costs more than $9,000 a year. Read Full Story

Adblock Plus Says It Knows How To Get Consumers To Pay For Content

Top ad-zapping software company will integrate Flattr, a system created by a Pirate Bay cofounder that lets people pay just what they want. "Just because people block ads doesn't mean they hate publishers," claims Linus Olsson, the cofounder of Flattr. Show More Summary

Afro Celt Sound System's Complete Guide To Creating The Perfect Home Recording Studio

From computers to mics, here's what you need to lay down beats like a pro. Wanna record some music? Sadly, scheduling time in a professional studio to record, mix, and master your tunes can set you back thousands of dollars. Happily,...Show More Summary

Here's What Happened When This Googler Made It Harder For Himself To Use Email

The theory is simple: When something's harder to do, you'll do it less. Email is about as much fun as going to the dentist, except in most jobs you have to do it every day. So it's no surprise that it's a huge source of stress: Messages pile up and we feel compelled to respond rapidly, but all that does is create more mail. Show More Summary

Apple Celebrates Mother's Day With Real Mom iPhone Footage

Real moms, real kids, and a real bull's-eye on the Mother's Day feels. WHAT: A simple, photo-based ad made with real shots and video taken with an iPhone that will probably make you want to call your mom. Read Full Story

What Happened To The Mosquito-Zapping Laser That Was Going To Stop Malaria?

The idea of the "photonic fence" debuted to much fanfare at TED. Years later, we may see it employed, but it won't be stopping malaria—at least not yet. Six years ago at TED, former Microsoft CTO and general genius Nathan Myhrvold demonstrated a "photonic fence" that uses lasers to track and obliterate disease-carrying mosquitoes. Read Full Story

Marissa Mayer Isn't The Only CEO Poised For A Massive Payday If Fired By A New Owner

The news that the Yahoo CEO could net a $55 million severance package made for breathless headlines this morning. Last Friday, Yahoo filed an amended 10-K document that revealed if CEO Marissa Mayer is fired within a year of the sale of the company, she will net nearly $55 million in cash severance, benefits, and accelerated stock options. Read Full Story

Why The New Chatbot Invasion Is So Different From Its Predecessors

The bots of yesteryear had hearts where their brains should have been. The new ones don't. The critically unloved 1999 film Bicentennial Man seems like an odd turning point in the evolution of chatbots, but for Robert Hoffer, Robin Williams's performance as an intelligent robot was an inspiration. Read Full Story

IBM's Watson Helps Design LED-Filled Dress For The Met Gala

The collaboration between Watson and Marchesa is part of a larger IBM effort to introduce its supercomputer into creative industries. At the Met Gala in Manhattan tonight, one model will be wearing a "cognitive dress": A gown, designed by fashion house Marchesa, that will shift in color based on input from IBM's Watson supercomputer. Show More Summary

Suffering From Professional Envy? Here's How To Turn It Around

You can beat back the worst outcomes of jealousy, and gain self-knowledge, with a few smart strategies. A colleague hired at the same time as you gets promoted into a new leadership role. You weren't actively gunning for that role yourself, but still, the speed of his ascent has alarms ringing in your head. Indeed, you soon find it hard to think of much else. Read Full Story

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