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Now That It Knows Who’s Talking, Google Home Might Reach Its Potential

Until recently, the Google Home connected speaker didn’t have much of a purpose in life. While Home has been an effective showcase for Google’s voice recognition skills and its deep understanding (or occasional misunderstanding) of the web, it’s also been strangely disconnected from Google services. Show More Summary

One Specific Wavelength Of UV Light Might Be The Secret Weapon Against Superbugs

After he saw a friend die of an antibiotic-resistant infection–following a minor surgery, despite the friend’s overall health–physicist David Brenner decided to devote his own research to the challenge of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It’s...Show More Summary

Empowering News Readers To Take Action, And Other World-Changing Apps

In recent months, reports of people and communities under threat–Muslim immigrants being barred entry to the U.S.; hate crimes against religious and ethnic groups in this country–have flooded the news. It’s difficult to scan to the bottom...Show More Summary

Why Even Our Water Supply Is Not Safe From Hackers

There’s been a lot of attention lately on the U.S. “mother of all bombs,” Russia’s “father” counterpart—and North Korea’s nukes—but there’s another WMD lurking that we all need to be afraid of. Very afraid. It’s cyberattacks, and not the ones that steal your personal info to go on a J.Crew shopping spree. Show More Summary

Are Dorms For Adults The Solution To The Loneliness Epidemic?

More Americans are single than ever before, and more are living alone. That fact is one of the reasons we’re also starting to die earlier: one study found that living alone increases mortality risk 32%. Vivek Murthy, the former U.S.Show More Summary

4 Habits Of Endurance Athletes That Can Power Your Career

Imagine adding a part-time job to your already crazy schedule. Turns out your friendly neighborhood triathlete has. Training for an Ironman—a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2 mile run—requires a minimum of 20 hours per week for six months, the equivalent of adding a part-time job to the athlete’s schedule. Show More Summary

Weight, Sobriety, and Trump: How Rob Delaney’s Reality Informs “Catastrophe”

If Catastrophe makes viewers fundamentally uncomfortable, it’s a feeling they share with the show’s creators–and it comes from a very real place. In most cringe comedies, the wincing and face-shielding come as characters ineptly navigate their careers or the dating world. Show More Summary

Six Reasons Why Your Argument Failed To Persuade

Many people think persuasion is essentially “debating lite.” To make your argument successfully, you’ve got to pick out flaws in somebody else’s way of thinking, showing them that their perspective is off-base—as long as you do it nicely. That’s wrong. Show More Summary

HAIM Returns with a Paul Thomas Anderson-Directed Video That’ll Get You Pumped

WHAT: The first new song in years from sisterly indie-pop trio, HAIM. WHO: Director Paul Thomas Anderson. WHY WE CARE: HAIM didn’t exactly pull a disappearing act after releasing their debut album nearly four years ago. They toured and...Show More Summary

What Happened When I Started Saying “Not Yet” Instead Of “No”

A decade ago, I was a fresh-out-of-college entrepreneur trying to convince a Sri Lankan tea seller to make a deal with me. It wasn’t going very well. I wanted the seller, who owned a boutique tea company, to become a supplier for the...Show More Summary

Amid Crackdown, Immigrants Are Dying Of Neglect In ICE Detention Facilities

Capital & Main is an award-winning publication that reports from California on economic, political, and social issues. Late last March, Osmar Gonzalez Gadba, a 32-year old Nicaraguan immigrant, was found hanging by a bedsheet at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Adelanto Detention Facility. Show More Summary

Exclusive: First Look At The Mirando Corporation’s Mysterious “Super Pig Project”

Organic food and research company the Mirando Corporation recently announced the winner of its Super Pig Project, a 10-year campaign that placed 26 piglets with 26 farmers worldwide with the intention of isolating one pig that will go...Show More Summary

These Are The 3 Traits Of Bosses That Everyone Wants To Work For

People don’t work for companies; they work for people–namely, their bosses. In a recent employee report done by workforce engagement software provider TinyPulse, 1,000 working Americans were asked what one thing they wished they could change about their manager, and the second most popular answer was to have their manager quit. Show More Summary

Cloudflare Shores Up Defenses For Internet Of (Easily Hackable) Things

Security experts have long warned that the connected devices that make up the so-called internet of things are way too vulnerable to hack attacks. These gadgets—fridges, fitness trackers, thermostats, sleep monitors, your next pieceShow More Summary

How To Make Managing Someone Older Than You Less Awkward

You worked hard and finally landed that promotion. Now you’re the boss—and in charge of a number of team members who are significantly older than you, and who may have complicated feelings about reporting to a younger manager. “A lot of millennials haven’t done a lot of supervising yet,” says workplace diversity expert Jennifer L. Show More Summary

At Last, Silicon Valley May Have Found A Trump Proposal To Like: His Tax Plan

After grappling with the Trump administration over the travel ban, climate change, and the rollback of broadband privacy rules, Silicon Valley may have finally had reason to cheer the White House today. The White House’s one-page outline...Show More Summary

“American Gods” Builds Its Mythology Around The Immigrants Who Built America

Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods, published in 2001, is the story of an ex-con named Shadow who accompanies the Norse god Odin–who goes by the name of “Mr. Wednesday,” a play on the Norse naming conventions of our days of the week–on an epic road trip across the United States as the old god seeks to consolidate power against the new ones. Show More Summary

How Satellite Data Caught Gulf Oil Companies Hiding Enormous Oil Spills

In the Gulf of Mexico, which accounts for 17% of U.S. crude oil production, appetite for drilling is ticking up amid President Trump’s drive for energy deregulation. In late March, the Department of Interior auctioned off over 900,000 acres of leases in the Outer Continental Shelf of the Gulf for $275 million, up from $156 million last year. Show More Summary

The Flint Water Crisis Is Far From Over: They Still Need New Pipes

Three years ago, the city of Flint, Michigan, in search of a cheaper water supply, connected its system to the nearby Flint River. The switch was meant to be temporary; as such, officials neglected to treat the water flowing into the pipes to ensure it wouldn’t cause corrosion. Show More Summary

Fighting Climate Change Means Building Dense, Diverse, Walkable Cities

“Let me add to the complexity of the situation we find ourselves in: At the same time we’re solving for climate change, we’re going to be building cities for three billion people,” said the urban designer Peter Calthorpe at the beginning of his talk at TED 2017. Show More Summary

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