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You May Not Have Noticed Facebook's New Logo

Facebook just unveiled a rounder, trimmed-down logo. Spot anything different about Facebook's logo this morning? Possibly not, if all you saw was the iconic "f" favicon when you logged on. Read Full Story

"Holy FK": When Facial Recognition Algorithms Go Wrong

Google responded swiftly when its Photos app unintentionally tagged two people as "gorillas". Google's new Photos service, which uses machine learning to automatically tag photos, made a huge miscalculation on Monday when it automatically...Show More Summary

The Secret To Walt Disney's Corporate Strategy

It's all a massive feedback loop. A 1957 infographic of Walt Disney's corporate theory reveals a complex web of strategic channels. The illustration might be nearly 60 years old, but it's still the basis of the brand's success. Read Full Story

Could We End Road Rage If You Could Just Send A Smiley Face To Other Drivers?

The power of a simple gesture can do wonders, even from within a dangerous hunk of metal. Trapped in rush hour traffic, there aren't many ways to communicate with other drivers—the horn, an angry gesture—and most don't tend to foster positive feelings. It's even harder to communicate when it's dark and you can't see faces. Read Full Story

Photo Essay: In Abandoned Amusement Park, A Glimpse Of Environmental Catastrophe

In her series, Dead Water, photographer Dana Stirling captures Atraktzia, an Israeli water park, in all its faded glory. In Kibuts Kalia, an Israeli resort town along the Dead Sea, the Atraktzia amusement park sits locked up and long abandoned. Show More Summary

Welcome To The Age Of The Micro-Singularity

You know it when it happens: All of a sudden, everyone on the Internet is talking about the same thing. What does it mean for the future of information? Last month, over a billion people around the world suddenly knew the name and appearance of the very same woman, and simultaneously began exchanging opinions about her. Show More Summary

Uber Rallies To Protest Legislation That Would Limit Its Growth In New York

Six months after losing its legal battle over sharing New York trip data, Uber is again gearing up for a regulatory fight. The ads are plastered on the back of hundreds of New York City buses, at driver's eye-level: Join Uber, and make $35,000 in fares over the next six months. Show More Summary

New Rules For Overtime Pay: Blessing Or Curse For Business?

Increasing the salary threshold for overtime benefits will help workers, but will it undercut businesses' bottom lines? If you earn more than $23,660 as a full-time salaried worker, it doesn't matter how many hours you put in above and...Show More Summary

The Countries Where Female Entrepreneurs Have The Greatest Chance Of Success

It's not easy to be a woman running a company—but it's a lot harder in some places. If you were to think of a nation with the most confident and eager female entrepreneurs, it's unlikely that Nigeria would come to mind. But more than...Show More Summary

Mark Zuckerberg: The Future Of Facebook Is Sharing Thoughts

"I believe we'll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology." During a Q&A on Facebook today, Mark Zuckerberg revealed his dream for the future of social media: mind-to-mind thought sharing. Read Full Story

Your Top 10 Productivity Killers And How To Fix Them

How to cut through all those emails, meetings, and noisy coworkers to finally get things done. Distractions in the workplace are everywhere, and it's a wonder anything gets done. Read Full Story

Facebook Offers Option Of Paying For Video Ads After 10 Seconds

The social network looks to make itself more attractive to advertisers. Facebook is now giving advertisers the opportunity to only pay for video ads after they have been viewed by users for a minimum of 10 seconds. The new option debuted...Show More Summary

Photos Of People Taking Photos With Selfie Sticks: Meta Or Most Meta?

The selfie stick crazed are documented in Alexander Short's photo series. It's said that you can get used to anything, but it's hard to imagine ever looking out on a crowd of selfie stick users without at least giggling. And due to the...Show More Summary

Apple To Pay $450 Million In Settlement For Price Fixing E-Books

A federal appeals court stood by a 2013 decision that found the tech giant guilty of fixing e-book prices with publishers. Apple's last-ditch attempt to avoid paying $450 million to e-book buyers was just quashed, according to the Wall Street Journal. Show More Summary

New Evidence For Letting Employees Nap At Work

Sleeping on the job has measurable benefits for work performance. Sleeping pods, mobilize! We here at Fast Company have long been proponents of napping at work to increase productivity. A new study in the journal Personality and Individual...Show More Summary

Europe To Nix Mobile Roaming Charges By 2017

The new rules are intended to soften the borders of the European Union's member states. European officials declared Tuesday that the European Union would put an end to mobile roaming charges starting in June 2017, according to Agence France-Presse. Show More Summary

When Banks Get Too Big, Economies Do Less Well

2008 is calling, and wants its obvious conclusion back. You might think a big banking sector would be good for economies. After all, we all know that availability of credit for individuals and businesses is key for investment and consumer demand. Show More Summary

East Coast Vs. West Coast Beef: The Juiciest, Most Epic Rap Battle About Burgers Ever

In-N-Out or Shake Shack? Fat Burger or Five Guys? Fire up the grills, people. In-N-Out Burger. Shake Shack. Fat Burger. Five Guys. There is one rivalry that has affected countless generations. Today we get to the bottom of it and settle...Show More Summary

How NASA's "Mohawk Guy" Will Search For Life On Europa

Europa mission planner Bobak Ferdowsi on Star Trek, haircuts, and NASA's search for life. On August 6, 2012, NASA's control room was gripped by seven minutes of terror as the Curiosity Rover descended through the Martian atmosphere.Show More Summary

In These Urban Forest Neighborhoods, The Houses Are Disguised As Trees

The Lord Of The Rings Elf city of the future. If one Dutch architect gets his way, we might soon be living in car-free urban forests where the buildings look like trees. Read Full Story

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