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This Elegant, Organic LED Lamp May Be Pricey, But It's The Future Of Lighting

The light bulb's reign is over. If you thought LEDs were the future of lighting, you would be on the cutting edge, but only be partly right. The more far-out future is something called organic LED (organic light-emitting diodes), which offer several advantages over their conventional LED brethren. Read Full Story

Are You The Cause Of Your Own Stress?

Here are 5 easy ways to de-stress. We've all been there. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed and it snowballs from there. Then you spend the entire rest of the day trying to play catch-up and feeling your stress level growing. It turns out there are some simple stress-saving tips we can do throughout the day to make ourselves much more chill. Read Full Story

This Smartphone-Connected Grower Is Like A Keurig For Marijuana

"Companies are trying to rebrand what cannabis is," says Root cofounder Eric De Feo. "It's no longer this whole Jerry Garcia vibe." When Brielle Pettinelli takes the stage, a subtle, awkward laughter trickles through the room. She's here to talk about marijuana. Show More Summary

How The Creators Of "Orphan Black" Manage All Those Clones

Orphan Black creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett dig into the secrets of keeping an audience guessing while making a complex narrative work. Hint: Having really good actors helps. The second season of the BBC America show Orphan Black moved with such breakneck speed that it's hard to remember everything that happened. Show More Summary

Scheduling App Doodle Tries To Redesign Itself For An American Audience

A popular Swiss app is ditching its utilitarian design for a sleeker look. Nobody has truly made a huge business out of online scheduling—yet. But Swiss scheduling app Doodle, which launched in 2007, currently has 18 million users in Europe, and 7 million in America. Show More Summary

Hunks Need Not Apply: Abercrombie Loosens Its Hotties-Only Hiring Practices

You no longer have to show your abs to work at Abercrombie or Hollister. For years, working at Abercrombie & Fitch had one particularly stringent requirement: You had to be totally hot. Today, the teen clothing retailer announced that this policy is changing. Read Full Story

Debugging The Gender Gap: This Movie With A Mission Seeks To Inspire Women In Tech

Documentary director Robin Hauser Reynolds on the importance of encouraging a generation to start coding. "Never send a boy to do a woman's job." Read Full Story

Google Didn't Kill Glass, It's Just Making It Sexier

Google is partnering with the eyewear giant behind Ray-Ban to build its next face computer. For all the Jetsonian innovation packed into Google Glass, the product just couldn't live down its most glaring flaw: the dork factor. For regular people, the mere idea of a face computer is a creepy nonstarter. Show More Summary

Kleiner Perkins Wants Ellen Pao To Pay $1 Million For Losing Her Gender Discrimination Case

The VC firm suffered a major PR blow from the high-profile case, but making Pao pay them back for legal costs isn't likely to help their image. It's been nearly a month since a jury decided that Silicon Valley's prominent VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers didn't discriminate against its former employee Ellen Pao based on her gender. Show More Summary

These Stunning Photos Show The Night Sky We Can't See Anymore

Consider this: 8 out of 10 have never seen the Milky Way. When the Northridge earthquake knocked out most power lines in Los Angeles in 1994, the local observatory started getting phone calls: What was the "strange sky" they had seen...Show More Summary

This Man Was Crazy Enough To Swim In One Of America's Most Polluted Waterways

An activist takes a bath in Brooklyn's toxic Gowanus Canal to draw attention to centuries of neglect. Spoiler: He didn't die (yet). Call him foolish, call him courageous, Chris Swain did finally swim in the Gowanus Canal. Read Full Story

Take The Fast Company News Quiz

What happened this week? Here's our quiz for April 24, 2015. What happened this week? Research says that one of the best ways to solidify new information is to be tested on it. Here's a chance to bolster your knowledge of current events—and earn a special emoji badge. Read Full Story

Google Removes Image Of Android Robot Peeing On Apple Logo From Google Maps

A prankster edited an area of Google Maps outside the city of Rawalpindi to show the Android robot relieving himself on Apple's logo. Just outside the city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, was an Android robot peeing on an Apple logo. At least,...Show More Summary

BitTorrent Lays Off 40 Employees

The company that pioneered the popular "torrenting" file transfer method has significantly reduced its staff. BitTorrent laid off 40 of its 150 employees on Thursday, a source told Fast Company. The cuts were made in an effort to streamline business and focus on a smaller suite of products, according to sources speaking to BuzzFeed. Read Full Story

21 Things I Didn't Know About The Apple Watch Until I Started Wearing One

Initial ruminations on a tiny device that's bursting at the seams with new ideas, features, and approaches. Today is launch day for the Apple Watch. In some ways, that's more of a ceremonial rite than a statement of practical reality. Show More Summary

No More Trucks: Send Packages Through Underground Tubes Instead

The delivery service is a series of tubes. Here's an idea to cut congestion and pollution around major cities: dedicated freight pipelines that flow from out-the-way distribution centers to urban hubs. Read Full Story

Free App Friday: 5 Tools That Will Spark Your Creativity

Jot down your thoughts, write without distractions, share a virtual whiteboard, and more. It'd be great to be able to go from zero to maximum creativity at the drop of a hat. Most of us, however, need to ramp up quite a bit. Whether you're looking for a little shot of inspiration or you've got a great idea that you don't want to get away, these apps can help. Read Full Story

Will Gawker Employees' Decision To Organize Make Unions Cool Again?

Freelancers Union founder on what Gawker's editorial employees' recent announcement means for the next generation of labor organization. For a while now, I've been sensing a surge of support for the idea of unions, even as the national media, elected officials, and even many workers have conducted a decades-long death watch of the labor movement. Show More Summary

The Secrets To Being Creative On A Deadline

An Emmy award-winning comedy writer, a podcast producer, and a former Twitter executive share how they master creativity on tight deadlines. Deadlines are an unavoidable part of any kind of work. But the pressures of meeting deadlines can be even more intense when you are in the business of being creative. Show More Summary

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Billion-Dollar Legal Weed Biz?

Everything you need to know about legal pot, without having to smoke it. The legal marijuana market is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2018, and entrepreneurs and investors are rushing to get an early slice of the industry. Take our quiz below to learn more about the booming business of weed. Then, check out the rest of our #RebrandingPot coverage here. Read Full Story

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