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Can Entrepreneurship Fight Violent Extremism?

The seventh annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit met in Silicon Valley to promote startups as a counter to the nihilism of terrorism. Back in 2009, soon after he entered the White House, President Obama traveled to Egypt to give his...Show More Summary

Millennial Women Will Close The Gender Pay Gap—And Marketers Are Taking Note

A huge population of young women now has the means to buy luxury goods. Smart marketers are adapting their strategies. Women earn 79 cents for every dollar pocketed by men. Brands know this, and often channel marketing spending accordingly. Show More Summary

Creative Office Design Won't Make You Better At Your Job, But This Might

One of the most important ways our workspaces impact productivity can't be designed by architects and decorators. When you enter the corporate offices of ViaSat, you're not walking into the headquarters of a global broadband services company. Show More Summary

Three Better Ways To Start Your Next Presentation

If you want to be remembered, do the opposite of what's expected. And don't waste time doing it. Here's a fact that most speakers—even experienced ones—tend to forget, even if they know it's true: People internalize the first things they hear much more quickly and effectively than whatever follows it. Show More Summary

Three Ways Being A Great Mentor Helps Your Career

Mentoring somebody isn't just an act of charity. Invest in the experience, and it can pay off on both sides. When you sign on to be a mentor to a junior employee, you probably think the arrangement is weighted in favor of the mentee....Show More Summary

3 Times You Should Tell Your Boss You Didn't Do Your Best Work

In an ideal world, you'd give your all 100% of the time. In real life, you sometimes can't. Here's when and how to own up to it. Everyone has an occasional crisis of confidence. You're about to turn something in and you wonder, "Is it good enough?" Then, your next thought is, "Do I need to say something to my boss?" Read Full Story

7 Ways To Maintain Your Professional Network Without Annoying Your Contacts

These simple tips can keep your name on your contacts' radar regularly but unobtrusively. Ever notice how moving forward in your career comes down to networking? Eighty percent of job openings are never publicly advertised, according to a 2013 Wall Street Journal article. Show More Summary

Meet The New Wave Of Wearables: Stretchable Electronics

Scientists have figured out how to make electronics as pliable as a temporary tattoo—meaning the next big tech platform may be your skin. If you purchase La Roche-Posay sunscreen this summer, it may come with a complimentary device that looks something like a heart-shaped Band-Aid. Show More Summary

6 Mistakes That Can Teach You The Most In Your Startup's Early Years

Mistakes aren't all fatal. In fact, they're inevitable. Here are a few that new entrepreneurs can learn from the most. Every successful entrepreneur has horror stories. When it's you and your idea against the world—at least that's what...Show More Summary

From Habit Breaking To Googlers' Brainstorming: This Week's Top Leadership Stories

This week's top stories may help you brainstorm better, get a handle on your worst habits, and wind down an unwanted work friendship. This week we learned how Googlers brainstorm, why breaking bad habits is so hard for our brains, and what it takes to end a work friendship gracefully. Read Full Story

Why Others Might Not Trust You As Much As You Think They Should

Trustworthiness is in the eye of the beholder, and probably better in moderation than we tend to think. Here's why. Most people see themselves as pretty trustworthy. The trouble is that psychologically speaking, trustworthiness is mostly in the eye of the beholder. Show More Summary

Exactly What To Do After Someone Visits Your LinkedIn Profile

Here's how to tap into LinkedIn's "Who's Viewed Your Profile" section to convert strangers into full-blown connections. LinkedIn. It's a powerful platform that connects you with millions of professionals across the globe. Blah, blah, blah. Sure, that's amazing and all—but, it's not even close to my favorite part about this networking tool. Read Full Story

How To Make Sure Your Most Outspoken Employee Doesn't Hog The Spotlight

When you're the manager of someone who monopolizes every conversation, how do you make sure they don't ruin everyone's work life? The squeaky wheel gets the oil, and sometimes the squeaky wheel is just an irritating distraction. When...Show More Summary

What Does Brexit Mean For Tech Companies? Lots Of Friction

The firms that are more likely to suffer are tech companies and startups based in Europe. The U.K.'s decision to leave the European Union not only has major implications for the world economy, but will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the tech sector around the globe, say experts and analysts. Read Full Story

For European Startups, Brexit Is An Ugly Divorce Where Each Side Gets Half The House

Experts say Britain will be left with most of the venture capital, while the continent will keep a surplus of talent Even for hardy startup entrepreneurs known for their ability to make lemonade out of lemons, those in Europe were in...Show More Summary

7 Ways To Slow Summer Down

Remember how endless summer used to feel when you were a kid? Here's how to recapture that sense of having all the time in the world. To the young, summer seems to stretch out endlessly. Long days make time feel expansive. By middle age, though, the days can blur into each other. Show More Summary

Director Nicolas Winding Refn On The Beauty And Horror Of "The Neon Demon"

Elle Fanning stars as an L.A. model whose beauty inspires jealousy and violence in the Drive director's controversial latest. The pressure on women to be what society considers "beautiful" starts at a young age, and as the father of two girls ages 13 and 7, it's something Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn thinks about quite often. Show More Summary

The Workplace Of The Future: Brought To You By Art, Education, Travel, And Startups

For offices to be places that young people want to work, companies need to look outside the business world for design ideas. The workplace of the future is always being created. Every day, companies are introducing new ideas, strategies, and technologies that change how and where we work. Show More Summary

Inside The Weird And Wonderful World Of Instagram Pet Influencers

What does it take to make your pet Internet famous? We took a look at the world of Instagram product endorsements to find out. When Loni Edwards graduated from Harvard Law School, she never imagined her career would involve running a talent agency for Internet-famous pets. Show More Summary

CVS Health And Walgreens: Fighting To Eat The Other's (Healthy) Lunch

CVS Health and Walgreens compete to be the No. 1 drugstore. Thanks to CVS, drugstores are finally focused on promoting healthy living rather than buy-one-get-one Snickers deals. CVS continues to expand its antismoking mission with a new $50 million, five-year education and advocacy campaign. Read Full Story

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