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FCLA 2016 In Photos: Meditation, Innovation, And Inspired Creation

This week, Fast Company hit L.A. to bring together the most creative minds under the sun. See how it all went down. When Fast Company's FCLA 2016 festival kicked off earlier this week, expectations were high. Attendees would be shown...Show More Summary

Is America's Strongest Biometric Privacy Law About To Be Gutted?

Facebook could win a class action lawsuit over its facial recognition feature if this BIPA amendment passes in Illinois. One way to avoid difficult legislation is to change the law altogether. Read Full Story

This Startup Promises To Make Paperwork Less Of A Nightmare For Freelancers

For a monthly fee, AND CO takes care of financial paperwork and tracks projects, offering structured support for the self-employed. The number of nontraditional careers, from traditional freelancing to multi-job juggling in the gig economy, has only grown since the Great Recession. Show More Summary

Watch An Animated 1963 Interview With "Twilight Zone" Creator Rod Serling

PBS Digital Studios animated a 53-year-old interview Rod Serling, in which he talks about childhood creativity. "Some liars go to prison, others write television shows," said Rod Serling. Luckily for TV history, Serling falls into the latter camp—he created the kooky science fiction series The Twilight Zone in 1959. Read Full Story

Verizon's Multi-Billion-Dollar Play To Take On Netflix, Amazon, Google & Facebook

The telecom giant, which is in talks to acquire Yahoo, wants a piece of the digital content revolution. It's barely noon and the teenage girls at AOL's live studio in downtown Manhattan are already doing the giggle-scream, their excitement at the sight of Beau Mirchoff, star of MTV's Awkward, bubbling over into shrieks and Snapchats. Read Full Story

The Brands That Do The Most And Least Good For The World--Ranked By Consumers

The surprising list, topped by Goodwill, Amazon, and Google, shows that consumers perceive "good" in a different way than the experts. A company's shareholder value doesn't necessarily reflect its value to the wider world: how useful its products are, the good it does for people, how much it tries to minimize social and environmental harm. Show More Summary

How To Turn A Work Friend Into A Real Friend

If you turn a work acquaintance into a true confidant, you'll have more fun at work—and improve your life too. Friends make life better, and work is an easy place to meet potential friends for a simple reason: We spend a lot of our lives there. Show More Summary

WWE Superstar John Cena Lays Out The True Meaning of "Authenticity"

You think you know what the words means, but you have no idea until you hear how John Cena explains it. Authenticity has become a buzzword that has been steadily losing its flavor because brands and marketers rarely assess its true meaning tailored to their products. Read Full Story

Three Weeks With Apple's iPhone SE, A Mostly Excellent Starter iPhone

Apple hits a new price point with the new SE, but doesn't sacrifice much quality or many features to get there. Saying this might make Apple's marketing people wail and gnash their teeth, but here goes: The company's new iPhone SE is a value phone. Show More Summary

Four Lessons On Work Culture That I Learned At Google

The cofounder of Google Analytics explains how he's borrowing what he liked best at Google to build his new startup's culture. I spent nearly 10 years at Google doing all kinds of stuff. I watched the company grow, change, get better, get worse, make mistakes, find solutions, and evolve—all from the inside. Show More Summary

How To Use Snapchat To Get A Job

Using a cleverly designed geofilter, one job candidate targeted his preferred employer and got the job. Anyone who's ever dismissed Snapchat as a just vehicle for sexting or silly face-swapped selfies should take a second look. The mobile app that traffics in disappearing messages was just used as a vehicle to apply for and land a job. Read Full Story

Dismantling The Myth Of The Self-Reliant CEO

A survey sheds light on how startup CEOs deploy a battery of coaches, therapists, and support groups in order to thrive. Mark Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs. Elon Musk. Tony Stark. Only one of those four is fictional, but all share in a popular...Show More Summary

Gut Check: These Are Four Things You Don't Owe Your Boss

Pouring yourself into your job isn't necessarily a bad thing, just as long as you set boundaries. A recent study conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health found that "more than oneShow More Summary

How To Do Facebook Live Well

Facebook's new live video tool offers great possibilities for building community if you're smart about using it. Online video is nothing new, and neither is Facebook, but in the past year, Facebook has rolled out a new tool to all users that combines the two in intriguing ways. Show More Summary

This One Thing Gives Women The Edge In Crowdfunding

The use of language and the ability to tell a story helps level the playing field for women entrepreneurs seeking funding through Indiegogo. From glass ceilings to wage gaps, women in the workforce are often at a disadvantage. For female entrepreneurs, the challenges are sometimes even greater. Show More Summary

Samsung Is Working Hard To Humanize Its Image

The company's top marketing guys in North America talk about a changing brand, the new medium of VR, and a new approach to selling phones. Samsung is getting an image makeover. Historically, the South Korean electronics giant has been seen by Westerners as huge, foreign, inscrutable, and old school. Show More Summary

Three Ways Your Workspace Is Quietly Hurting Your Productivity

We don't so much adapt to less-than-ideal work environments as merely put up with them. For most of us, our workspace is what it is. If your employer has cubicles or one long communal table, then that's where you work, and the best you can do is adapt. Show More Summary

Why We Secretly Want Leaders Who'll Be Unethical On Our Behalf

We want to feel like good people, but we also want self-interested outcomes. Some leaders let us have both. How did Donald Trump emerge as the Republican presidential nominee? That's a question political analysts and pundits will be trying to answer for years, even though there's already no shortage of theories. Read Full Story

How You Should Answer The 10 Most Common Interview Questions

We talked to hiring experts to find out which questions trip up most job candidates, and the better answers that could win you the job. Going on a job interview can make you feel like you're back in school taking an exam. Instead ofShow More Summary

Spotify's Discover Weekly Has 40 Million Listeners--More Than Apple Music And Tidal

Not even a year after launch, the playlist is boasting some big, impressive numbers. We knew that Discover Weekly was a hit when we saw our friends on Spotify listening to the personalized playlist in droves. Now the data keeps rolling in: Discover Weekly has streamed nearly 5 billion tracks since its launch last July. Show More Summary

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