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Maybe this is why Facebook rethought that whole “open and connected” thing

Facebook has been accused of not being forthcoming about all the ways the Russians may have used the social network to influence the U.S. election, and now Senate and House investigators are growing concerned that the company is withholding key information that could help them understand the extent of what went down. Show More Summary

Six Reasons To Feel Good About Downloading iOS 11 Today

Most iPhone users will see a notification of the operating system upgrade today. If you use an iPhone, chances are you’ll see a notification of a new software update sometime around 10 a.m. Pacific time today. Read Full Story

What Our Relationships Mean For How We Sleep

A researcher explains how the company we keep by day may determine how well we sleep at night. Studies have shown that the quality of our relationships may determine how healthy we are, how well we recover from illness, and even how long we live. Read Full Story

Hedge Fund Guru Ray Dalio Reveals His Closely-Guarded Workplace Secrets

In his new book, “Principles,” the investing legend shares his management philosophy, which is guided by the principle of radical transparency. In the world of finance, legendary hedge fund guru Ray Dialo is best known for his unbelievable...Show More Summary

With hands-free Alexa, Amazon’s new tablet edges in on Echo territory

On the surface, the big news about the new version of Amazon’s new 10? Fire HD 10 tablet is that the company upped the display resolution to 1080p, ramped up performance by (Amazon says) 30%, doubled the RAM to 2GB, and increased claimed battery life to “up to” 10 hours. Show More Summary

Shiftgig, With New CEO, Positions Itself As The Job Board Of The Blue-Collar Gig Economy

The startup’s app offers clients the ability to grab workers to fill last-minute shifts for jobs like warehouse stocking, bartending, or working retail. Whatever your views on the benefits or harmful consequences of the gig economy, one thing is clear: It just keeps growing. Show More Summary

How To Future-Proof Your Brain For Your Entire Career

Neuroscientist Tara Swart says that, cognitively speaking, you really can teach an old dog new tricks. Here’s her take on how “to keep your brain plastic and flexible” between the ages of 25 and 65. More from Dr. Tara Swart: These Are...Show More Summary

How These Female Engineers Reinvented The Bra

Evelyn & Bobbie set out to make a bra women might actually look forward to wearing. That means no straps, no wires, and no tags. All her life, Bree McKeen deeply resented her bra. Read Full Story

This Is How Napping Made Me More Productive

Taking two short “power naps” every day made it easier to focus, but it was important to nap the right way. When it comes to sleeping, humans get the short end of the stick compared to others in the animal kingdom. Adult humans, on average,...Show More Summary

MealPal doubles down on food pickup as everyone else focuses on delivery

As more and more companies fixate on creating premium delivery services, one company is standing by pickup. For a monthly fee starting at $120, MealPal lets hungry workers book their midday carry-out in advance. Subscribers get 20 lunches, which breaks down to $6 per meal. Show More Summary

Trump’s Childhood Home Was On Airbnb, So These Refugees Went There To Tell Their Stories

As the Trump administration prepares to make key decisions on its response to the refugee crisis, Oxfam took over the president’s old house to create a living lesson in compassion. When Oxfam learned that President Trump’s childhoodShow More Summary

Now it’s believed the Red Sox use a Fitbit to cheat, not an Apple Watch

Earlier this month it was reported that the MLB found that members of the Red Sox were using an Apple Watch to cheat during games. Red Sox staffers were allegedly “watching instant replays to pair catcher signals to pitches and thenShow More Summary

Meet The Team Willingly Going Head-To-Head With Sharks For Research

Ocearch’s mission is to protect sharks in our ecosystem by tracking them and conducting biological studies. The nonprofit organization utilizes social media in innovative ways, and has a unique model for funding its work. Ocearch’s mission is to protect sharks in our ecosystem by tracking them and conducting biological studies. Show More Summary

This New System Helps Bioengineering Happen 10,000 Times Faster

A new system from a startup called Kytogen could jumpstart advances in modifying bacteria, allowing researchers trying to create new drugs, fuels, or food to work much more quickly. When researchers genetically engineer bacteria or yeast...Show More Summary

Blavity just acquired Travel Noire, a travel site for black millennials

Blavity, the media startup for black millennials, already boasts a monthly audience of 30 million people. With its acquisition of Travel Noire, the startup is poised to become the go-to site for black millennials looking for travel pointers and recommendations. Show More Summary

Toy stocks are falling on news that Toys “R” Us will file for bankruptcy

Not that there’s ever a good time to file for bankruptcy, but the beloved toy retailer Toys “R” Us is reportedly getting ready to submit a Chapter 11 filing at the worst possible time–just weeks before the start of the holiday shopping season. Show More Summary

Look what you made us do, hackers tell Vevo after dumping pile of internal data

Vevo, which hosts music videos from popular artists on YouTube and its own site, is the latest media company to be struck by hackers. The hack, carried out by the grey-hat security group OurMine—which also included a link to the data...Show More Summary

Here’s Microsoft’s Satya Nadella in 1993 honing his presentation skills

During his keynote at this year’s Build conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella mentioned the existence of a 1993 “DevCast” video in which he talked about building apps using Microsoft’s then-new Windows NT. As I worked on our new cover story about Nadella and Microsoft, I dug up the video on YouTube. Show More Summary

Many Of Us Are Holding Out For The iPhone X, Say Analysts Looking At iPhone Preorder Numbers

The new X won’t go on sale until November 3, and supplies will likely be constrained for months. Plenty of consumers may be eschewing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and holding out for Apple’s most expensive phone, the $1,000 iPhone X, according to some analyst reports released today. Read Full Story

Ellen DeGeneres Is One Step Closer To “World Domination” With Her New YouTube Series

“Ellen’s Show Me More Show” is a digital extension to her popular daytime talk show–but is it content overload? Ellen explains why that’s not the case. After 15 seasons, 59 Daytime Emmy Awards, and around 62 millions hours of TV, people still can’t seem to get enough of Ellen DeGeneres and her long-running talk show. Show More Summary

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