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The largest iPhone ever is coming this year, a second report says

A second report, this time from Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, says Apple will release a 6.5-inch “phablet” that will feature the largest display ever on an iPhone. The display will reportedly be the same OLED technology used on the current iPhone X. Show More Summary

In rebuke to Trump, appeals court says employers can’t discriminate against gays

A U.S. appeals court in New York City ruled today, in a closely watched case involving the meaning of “sex discrimination” in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, that the 1964 federal law’s non-discrimination protections apply to sexual orientation, not just gender. Show More Summary

Uber and Lyft are making streets more congested: Report

Uber and Lyft have forever promised to reduce the total number of cars on roads through their shared system of rides. But what if these platforms are actually just making traffic worse? That question is tugging at the lobes of academic researchers. Show More Summary

Apple’s New iPhone X Ad Celebrates Marriage Equality In Australia

The new commercial takes same-sex marriage beyond an election issue to an accepted way of life.  What: An iPhone X spot that poignantly celebrates marriage equality down under. Read Full Story

YouTube adds live streaming features to catch up with Twitch

YouTube’s live streaming service is getting two new features that launched a couple of years ago on Amazon-owned rival Twitch: Streamers can add automatic live closed captions in lieu of professionally produced ones, and viewers can now see the text chats that went with a live stream while watching them on replay. Show More Summary

Tommy Wiseau’s New Movie Looks Very Much Like A Tommy Wiseau Movie

“Best F(r)iends” is the first collaboration between “The Room” auteur and his muse, Greg Sestero, in 15 years–and it looks suitably bonkers. What: The first trailer for Best F(r)iends, a camp classic in the making. Read Full Story

No, Kylie Jenner didn’t kill Snapchat

Despite the alarming headlines you may have read recently, Kylie Jenner’s tweet about not using Snapchat didn’t actually cause the company’s stock to crumble. It was a fun narrative about a prominent pop culture figure having market-moving effects, but it likely isn’t what played out. Show More Summary

Do These Things To Reduce Turnover Among Your Best Hires

It takes work to retain star employees. Here are the steps you can take to stop losing them to “better offers.” If there’s anyone more hopeful than a new employee showing up to her first day on the job, it’s the hiring manager who offered it to her. Read Full Story

Amazon probably hasn’t picked its new city yet, but amateur investigators are on the case

Move over, Encyclopedia Brown! Sleuths around the country are working to crack the case of where Amazon is planning on building its new headquarters. The Washington Post has laid out the trail of “clues” that business-minded gumshoes are following as they try to unearth the greatest mystery of the internet age. Show More Summary

Wireless carriers are selling Samsung’s Galaxy S9 at inflated prices

File under “reasons to buy your phones unlocked”: As noted by Fortune‘s Aaron Pressman, wireless carriers are marking up the price of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones by as much as 11%. Here’s a price comparison: Samsung (unlocked):...Show More Summary

Here are all the illegal ways that Peter Thiel reportedly sought to destroy Gawker, before the lawsuit

We all now know how it played out. Peter Thiel helped bankroll  Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker, which ultimately bankrupted the website. But before the billionaire Facebook board member decided on that litigious strategy, even more devious plots were brainstormed. Show More Summary

What is Vero? What you need to know about the rising social media platform

While Facebook and Instagram and sure, why not, Snapchat are thriving, the social media landscape is littered with the husks of once-thriving social networks like MySpace, Friendster, Google Plus, and Ello. Now wading into the fray is “Vero – True Social” or Vero. Show More Summary

How To Answer Questions About Your Career Goals When You’re Unsure

It’s difficult to answer, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” when you are still figuring out what you want, but you can still give a good answer without sounding lazy. There are certain questions all job candidates should come to expect during the interview process. Show More Summary

With CBS Sports HQ, the network has a free streaming answer to SportsCenter

CBS has just launched a free streaming video service for sports highlights, with live, anchored coverage throughout the day. Dubbed CBS Sports HQ, it’s available on the web and through the exisiting CBS Sports app on TV devices, phones, and tablets. Show More Summary

These just-launched plain white tees have a 2000-person wait list

I hear about fashion items that rack up big wait lists, but few of them are as basic as these plain white and black t-shirts that just launched at AYR, a women’s fashion startup whose name stands for All Year Round. Even before the shirts were released, they racked up a 2000-person waitlist. Show More Summary

Stop Staying Late At Work By Doing These Three Things

It’s not enough just to work faster. Leaving work late sucks. As if fluorescent lighting and empty cubicles aren’t depressing enough, you know what lies ahead: a heart-pounding dash to the train, a night of unhealthy takeout, and your spouse giving you that disappointed “working late again?” look. Read Full Story

John Oliver just won the right to use a giant squirrel to mock a coal baron

Last Week Tonight won a big victory over the coal industry last week when a West Virginia court declared that host John Oliver has a First Amendment right to call coal king Robert Murray a “geriatric Dr. Evil” and use a giant squirrel named Mr. Show More Summary

Ask These 4 Empathetic Questions When You’re Struggling To Listen

Losing your patience and beginning to tune out (or line up a snide rebuttal)? Try this instead. You don’t need to be convinced that empathy is a good thing–not just for ethical reasons but for practical ones, too. While we’re still often...Show More Summary

John Oliver Is Running In 2018… To Be Italy’s Next Prime Minister

John Oliver discussed the assorted oddballs vying for Italy’s top leadership position on “Last Week Tonight,” and threw his own hat in the ring. What: An illuminating segment on Italy’s upcoming election on Last Week Tonight. Read Full Story

The Weinstein Company will file for bankruptcy

The company’s board of directors has confirmed the film studio will seek bankruptcy protection after talks to sell it collapsed, reports CNBC. In a statement, the company said, “The Weinstein Company has been engaged in an active sale process in the hopes of preserving assets and jobs. Show More Summary

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