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Black History’s Hidden Figures That Inspired Today’s Innovators

Five groundbreaking black innovators you should know, and the modern entrepreneurs they inspired. Many of the products we consume today were made possible by the innovations, leadership, and inventions of black entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists. Show More Summary

How To Measure Your “Time Intelligence” (And Why It’s Important)

Before you can plan how to get more done, you need to figure out how you are really spending your time. When it comes to getting stuff done, many of us have go-to time management tools, such as time blocking, Pomodoro timers, or tried-and-true to-do lists. Show More Summary

Apple will store iCloud keys in China for local users from February 28

Chinese users of Apple’s iCloud service will see their data–along with that data’s cryptographic keys–stored inside the country beginning Wednesday, Reuters reports. The move will mean that Chinese authorities will have easier access to Chinese users’ iCloud data than before when that data was stored in the U.S. Show More Summary

Norway is spending $12.7 million to upgrade its doomsday seed vault

The Norwegian government has announced it will spend the money to upgrade the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which it opened 10 years ago. The vault currently holds more than 890,000 samples of seeds from around the world and has the capacity to hold 4.5 million crop varieties. Show More Summary

Social Capital’s Chamath Palihap­itiya Wants To Fix Capitalism

The former Facebook exec is betting his VC firm can change the way Silicon Valley picks and nurtures winning ideas. Silicon Valley billionaire Chamath Palihap­itiya, dressed in slim-fit ripped jeans and a caramel-smooth leather jacket, drops four pills out of a small ziplock bag: aspirin, cod liver oil, Lipitor, and vitamin D. Show More Summary

“What We Have Right Now Is A Really Brutal Economy”: Here’s How To Fix It

For the majority of workers in the U.S., the American Dream is unraveling in the face of unstable contract work, rolled-back benefits, and grueling labor conditions. These experts have some ideas to build a new path. Lawrence Katz, a professor of economics at Harvard University, likes to think of the American economy as a big apartment building. Show More Summary

Indonesia’s Go-Jek just raised $1.5 billion

The ride-hailing service is now valued at $5 billion–that’s just $1 billion less than Southeast Asia’s largest ride-hailing company, Grab, reports Reuters. Its newfound funds come from more than a dozen investors including BlackRockShow More Summary

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot might disappear in the next 20 years

If you’ve seen any picture of Jupiter you’ve no doubt noticed the massive red oval-shaped spot on its surface. Known as the Great Red Spot, the planet’s landmark feature is a massive storm the size of a few Earths. It’s been visibleShow More Summary

Microsoft’s digital privacy fight heads to the Supreme Court this week

On Tuesday the highest court in the land will hear arguments from Microsoft and the Trump administration over whether a decades-old law called the 1986 Stored Communications Act gives the government the right to access cloud data stored in other countries by U.S. Show More Summary

Sprint, Delta, and Airbus are teaming up to deliver in-flight 5G

The U.S. airline and European plane maker have teamed up with Sprint’s satellite startup OneWeb to deliver 5G internet as you streak across the friendly skies, reports Reuters. The consortium will be known as the “Seamless Air Alliance,” and will enable mobile providers to deliver their 5G services to customers via satellites. Show More Summary

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 And S9+ Are Super Cameras (And, Oh, Yeah, Phones)

A lot hasn’t changed much from last year’s Galaxy S models. But new dual-aperture technology could be a meaningful step forward for low-light photography, In 2012, Samsung announced a device called the Galaxy Camera. Though it looked...Show More Summary

Bob’s Red Mill’s 89-Year-Old CEO Starts His Day With (Duh) Carbs

Bob Moore shares the morning routines and work habits he’s relied on to run his employee-owned Oregon food brand for four decades. Lots of people struggle to get up early and eat the right (or any) breakfast to stay energized through the first half of a busy workday. Show More Summary

DJI’s Small, Smart Mavic Air Drone Is Easy To Fly—And Love

This new $799 drone comes packed with intelligent features capable of shooting a wide range of photos or videos. If DJI keeps this up, I’m going to have a problem. Read Full Story

How To Interview For A Job When You’ve Been The Boss For Years

Being the interviewee when you’ve been the interviewer for a long time is a big shift. Use this checklist to help you succeed. As a leader, you’ve probably got the role of interviewer down pat. You know just what to ask, how to ask it, and how to make a quick assessment of the person sitting across the desk from you. Show More Summary

The Parkland Teens Are Part Of A Long Line Of Kids Who Led Social Change

The brave group of Florida high school students leading the fight for gun control are carrying on a long legacy of kids growing politically active—and powerful. They may not be old enough to vote, but the high school students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school are impacting the political conversation about gun control in the U.S. Show More Summary

This Instagram Features The Most Depressing Sounding Places In The World

Damien Rudd’s Instagram account Sad Topographies features very sad (and very real) places like Hopeless Pass, Termination Point, and Dead Women Crossing. While searching for something on Google Maps, Damien Rudd happened upon Mount Hopeless in Australia. Show More Summary

Dropbox uploads its biggest document yet: Read its IPO filing

It must be a Friday afternoon because a major technology company has decided to dump some news. Dropbox has officially filed its initial public offering to be listed as a common stock on the Nasdaq, under the ticker “DBX.” Last month...Show More Summary

How Creating A Food Doc Made Momofuku’s David Chang Less Judgmental

Netflix’s “Ugly Delicious” is an eye-opening docu-series that explores haute cuisine snobbery, immigration policy, cultural appropriation, and more. David Chang is at a turning point. Read Full Story

Gucci put turbans on white models and explained it with cyborgs and Foucault

There were a lot of weird things happening at Gucci’s show at Milan Fashion Week on Wednesday. For one thing, the room was designed to look like a terrifying hospital, with models strutting around two operating tables with harsh yellow light streaming down on them. Show More Summary

Snapchat Needs To Get It Together Or Risk Becoming A Ghost

Snapchat’s new update has triggered a wave of backlash from Kylie Jenner to Maybelline–and all us regular users in between. When Instagram first started taking blatant cues from Snapchat’s success in the form of Instagram Stories, it was easy to feel a little bad for Snap. Show More Summary

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