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The Glorious Courtyards Of Budapest, Photographed From Below

Photographer Zsolt Hlinka wants people to look up more when they come to Europe's most beautiful city. Any architectural tour of Europe has to include a trip to Budapest's Great Boulevard—or Nagyko?ru?t—built in 1896 to celebrate Hungary's 1,000th anniversary as a country. Show More Summary

Microsoft Is Bringing Clip Art Back

Let the PowerPoint design crimes recommence! After providing a gross arsenal of bitmap art crimes to design-blind office drones for the better part of two decades, Microsoft officially announced that it was ending support for clip art in 2014. Show More Summary

These Photos Transform Shanghai Into A Real-Life Gothic City

Architect and photographer Amey Kandalgaonkar's series, 'Dark Deco,' transforms China's emerging financial hub into a real-life Gotham City. "The architecture in Shanghai is very similar to the architecture in New York: it's chaotic,...Show More Summary

The Year's Most Beautiful (And Bizarre) Bird Photography

The National Audubon Society selects the best photographs of avians great and small. Since 1905, the National Audubon Society has dedicated itself to the appreciation of birds in all their fine feathered splendor. The annual AudubonShow More Summary

Legendary Designer Seymour Chwast On Failure, Egos, And The Value Of Self-Promotion

Chwast, who founded the studio Push Pin with Milton Glaser and Edward Sorel, has a new book on Kickstarter. One of the most influential graphic designers and illustrators of the 20th century, Seymour Chwast founded the collaborative studio Push Pin in 1954 with Milton Glaser and Edward Sorel. Show More Summary

Committing Crime Is Just Another Way To Use A City

For criminals, architecture is the ultimate abettor, writes Geoff Manaugh in A Burglar's Guide to the City. Before they knew his name, they called him Roofman. He would cut holes in the roofs of chain stores and fast food restaurants—usually a McDonald's—then drop down through the ceiling to rob the startled employees. Read Full Story

These Optical Illusions Make Drivers Slow Down For Crosswalks

Is that a crosswalk or a roadblock? Zebra crossings—the striped crosswalks common on roads around the world—don't necessarily work very well. In one Swedish study, drivers stopped for pedestrians only 5% of the time at the crosswalks, and rarely slowed down. Read Full Story

Are Chatbots Really The Future Of Web Design?

Here's what working designers think of the conversational interface trend. Adrian Zumbrunnen was terrified of what conversational interfaces meant for him as a UX designer. "The conversational interface is scary," he says. "Will I still have a place in this industry when pushing pixels around is no longer the thing that designers do?" Read Full Story

This Is VR's WTF Moment

Does Samsung's remote parenting app show how VR will connect us, or keep us apart? The reason that we're not all wearing Google Glass today can be summed up by two fateful "WTF" moments. Read Full Story

A New App Lets Kids Design Their Own Games

Infinite Arcade is the latest app from Brooklyn-based TinyBop that is designed to create inclusive digital experiences for kids. For all their aesthetic virtuosity, kids' gaming apps can actually be pretty limiting. Whereas analog toys forced kids to use their imagination, high-tech games with intricate narratives end up doing much of the imagining for them. Read Full Story

Why Traffic Studies Make Our Cities Worse For Everyone

If the goal is that all development should never increase road congestion, car-centric, sprawled-out cities will never be able to change. Each time a major building development is planned, a traffic study is carried out. The surrounding...Show More Summary

Google Launches New Hardware Division Under Former Head Of Motorola

Nexus phones, Chromecast video streams, Glass AR headsets, and even experimental ATAP devices now report to Rick Osterloh. Google's on-again off-again love affair with Motorola continues, as the company has hired Motorola's former President Rick Osterloh to run a new hardware division, in news broken by Re/Code. Read Full Story

Video Reduces Kung Fu To Its Essence, And It's Gorgeous

Like watching a violent ballet They're called martial arts for a reason. A kung fu master moves with all the choreographed grace of a prima ballerina. But that can be easy to forget as fists and knives fly, and the id-infused glee of watching bad guys getting kicked in the face hits you full bore. Read Full Story

What Happens To Your Brain When It Hears A Story

Forget the Mariana Trench. The deepest unexplored geographies on the planet are trapped right inside our skulls The human brain is a mysterious hunk of meat. For example, as you read this, you're "hearing" the words in your brain, and sorting out their meaning, but where exactly are these gray matter word lockers? Wonder no longer. Show More Summary

New Design Incubator Will Have You Building A Shippable Gadget In 8 Weeks

Successful applicants to Nascent Objects' new program will be mentored by Ammunition on how to bring their ideas to market. The product development company Nascent has launched a new hardware incubator aimed at helping designers bring gadgets to market in just eight weeks. The typical product development process takes 6 to 12 months. Read Full Story

The Harvard Professor Who Is Digitizing Scent

David Edwards wants scent to become as essential to our well-being as light or sound. On Wednesday night, in the basement theater of New York's Rubin Museum, audience members were passed a squat metal cylinder and instructed to take a whiff before passing it along to their neighbor. Show More Summary

Mapping The Stunning Complexity Of The World's Shipping Routes

Researchers from the UCL Energy Institute plot 250 million data points to show the movements of the world's commercial shipping fleet. At any given moment, the world's oceans are teeming with fleets of commercial ships—carriers packed...Show More Summary

Mapping The Disturbingly High Rates Of Food Insecurity In America

For the poor, food access is not a given—even in some of the most agriculturally rich places in the country. America continues to have a lot of hungry people. Some statistics may have improved since the recession. But the nation's level...Show More Summary

The Ultimate Party Game For Design Nerds

Dutch artist Sigrid Calon blends two signature typefaces to create her own abstract twist to the classic memory card game. The Dutch artist Sigrid Calon has applied her gradated, geometric patterns to everything from beautiful Risograph prints to hospital walls and water tanks. Show More Summary

This Architecture Firm Is Turning VR Into The Next Great Productivity Tool

NBBJ is the first major architecture firm jumping headlong into VR—by incubating its own platform. Virtual reality is steadily spilling over into the design industry and is already changing how we create. The technology's potential (and...Show More Summary

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