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This Tower Gobbles Up Air Pollution, Turns It Into Jewelry

Trash fashion, anyone? Smog is downright nasty. In some cities, it's an occasional nuisance. In others—ahem, Beijing—it's a severe public health hazard. Many a designer has grappled with ways to abate air pollution—like the smog-eating...Show More Summary

This Roll-Up Map Highlights Parks And Pools When It's Hot Out

Just like Waze directs you around traffic, this physical map shows you the best parts of a city to visit according to the weather. We're used to digital maps that can automatically adapt themselves to road conditions, traffic, and time of day, but paper maps are usually a different story. Show More Summary

Michael Graves's Famous PoMo Kettle Turns 30—With A Dragon

From the flames, a classic form renewed. The great humanist architect Michael Graves died this year, but before he passed away he revisited one of his most recognizable designs: the 9093 "whistling bird" kettle. Read Full Story

Netflix Designed A Symphony From Random Brainwaves

For the theme song to their new sci-fi show, 'Sense 8', showrunner J. Michael Straczynski used eight people's brains as instruments. Netflix's new sci-fi show by Babylon 5 alum J. Michael Straczynski, Sense 8, is all about eight characters around the world who can suddenly communicate with each other telepathically. Show More Summary

How A Group Of Bloomberg Radio Reporters Improved The MTA Announcements

As told by the "stand clear of the closing doors" guy. "Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the unavoidable delay." Read Full Story

A DIY Pantone Stained Glass Door Anyone Can Make

Designed by Armin Blasbichler, this breathtaking door uses old film slides of Pantone colors to achieve its effect. Not to get all Instructables on you, but as a design writer, sometimes you come across a design detail that is just so lovely and well executed and approachable, you want to call attention to it, so other people can give it a try. Show More Summary

Google Will Now Tell You The Best Time To Eat Dinner Alone

Look up any business, and Google will show you how crowded it is at any given time. Sometimes you just can't handle waiting for an open treadmill at the gym, or standing in line for some taco just because the place was featured on Eater. Show More Summary

Is This The Ultimate Burning Man Tent?

There's even a pouch to keep your hallucinogens frosty cool. (Okay, that's a lie.) Once a hippie festival full of improvised housing, Burning Man has become a playground for the rich, with luxe, temporary accommodations brought in by Valley types like Elon Musk. Renting a premium RV for the week can set you back five figures. Read Full Story

How To Turn Scrap Materials And Overlooked Items Into Design Gold

In this exhibit, trash is turned into treasure. Humans are wasteful creatures. The sightly good news is that designers are sourcing materials that often end up in the garbage (or ocean) to fabricate creative objects. A new group show at the Aram Gallery called Extra Ordinary details the work of 14 such practitioners who see opportunity in overlooked items. Read Full Story

Zaha Hadid's Latest Building Is Stuffed Inside A Mountain

The starchitect pairs up with famed rock climber Reinhold Messner for the final installment of his museums dedicated to mountain culture. The renowned mountaineer Reinhold Messner—a prolific adventurer famous for making the first climb up Mt. Show More Summary

These Gorgeous Sculptures Are Made From 1000 Nautical Miles Of Sea Trash

With their lavish Gyrecraft pieces, Studio Swine repurposes tiny pieces of plastic debris, giving the disposable material renewed value. Designers Azusa Murkakmi and Alexander Groves have made a name for themselves creating beautiful objects out of refuse they've collected on far-flung journeys around the globe. Show More Summary

Healing Injuries Could Be Better Thanks To This 3-D Printed Cast

Fiberglass casts may soon be relics of the past. When Scott Summit tore a ligament in his arm he knew there was a better way to heal than spending six months trapped in a fiberglass cast from his biceps to his knuckles. The senior director...Show More Summary

Machine Learning Is Just A Big Game Of Plinko

From Google's auto-sorting Inbox, to Microsoft's unparalleled image recognition, we owe machine learning our gratitude for many of the magical experiences lurking inside software. But how does it actually work? How can you actually train...Show More Summary

A Carpet That Hooks Up To Your Radiator To Kill Dust Mites

The Fervent Carpet helps asthmatics reintroduce textiles to their life. For those with acute asthma, owning a carpet can be murder. Even if you vacuum regularly, a rug serves as a perpetual pleasure garden for tens of thousands of attack-inducing dust mites. Show More Summary

DIY This Floor Lamp Using 3-D Printed Parts

Do the bright thing. Why settle for generic box-store products when you can construct your own designs? The folks at the Polish firm UAU Project think that more people can tap into their inner maker, and hope the SMF.01 lamp will help make that a reality. Read Full Story

The Golden Rectangle Makes For A Great Set Of Shelves

The Golden Ratio might have no bearing on aesthetics, but Peng Wang's Fibonacci Shelf is still one sweet piece of design. The Golden Ratio might be design's biggest myth, but that's not to say that it's useless. Aesthetics aside, the Fibonacci Sequence upon which the Golden Ratio is based is a very useful formula for modeling growth and compartmentalization. Read Full Story

Cards Against Humanity's Latest Pack Is All About Design

The party game's latest booster teams 30 famous designers with George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can't Say On Television." Have you ever wondered how famed Mac designer Susan Kare might go about designing a pair of pixel art tits, orShow More Summary

Uber Fudges The Position Of Local Drivers, But They've Got A Pretty Good Reason Why

Uber admits that its driver map isn't 100% accurate, but say it's for UI speed and driver safety. Load your Uber app right now in the heart of any big city, and you probably see exactly eight cars circling surrounding blocks. In reality, there may be many more drivers around you, and they might not be in the exact spots the service claims on the map. Show More Summary

This Big White Button Mutes Your Life So You Can Get Work Done

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique? No problem. Just hit this button and work. Email. Twitter. Slack. Work. Email. Twitter. Slack. Work. Repeat for 10 hours, maybe throw in a few Facebooks and a sad desk salad, and you've just diagrammed the modern distracted workflow. Read Full Story

The Story Behind New York Magazine's Powerful Cosby Cover

New York mag's photography director, Jody Quon, on the cover's creation and hearing the women's stories firsthand. By now you've likely seen the cover of this week's New York Magazine. Thirty-five of the 46 women who have publicly accused...Show More Summary

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