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Kinect-Equipped Digital Mirror Shows Your Innards

This new installation marries biomedical imaging and Microsoft Kinect technology to show a person's body--organs and all--as it moves in real time. In the past, we've written about the powerful (and potentially embarrassing) accuracy of Microsoft Kinect, but one thing the Kinect couldn't offer via its 3-D technology was a peep inside your own skin. Show More Summary

Pot Looks Psychedelic Under The Microscope, Dude

You may feel like you've smoked a little when looking at these otherworldly close-up photos of cannabis. Woah, dude. A new ebook shows pot in a whole new light, and it's up close and personal. Read Full Story

Heartwarming Photos Of A Farmer And His Beloved Pigs

Japanese farmer Otchan cuddles with his 1,200 pigs, takes them on sunny walks, serenades them with an acoustic guitar. Not since watching Babe have we seen such a stirring ode to the bond between a farmer and his pig(s). In Pigs andShow More Summary

Watch This Artist Transform Herself 1,064 Times, Using Body Paint

Makeup artist Elvis Schmoulianoff nods to Basquiat, Fritz Lang, and more in a stop-motion film that reveals the transformative power of body paint. You may think facepaint is only for five-year-olds at street fairs or creepy clowns at...Show More Summary

Maze-Like Sauna Is A Steamy Winter Retreat

In Matter Design's Spruce sauna, rooms are nested vertically and ceilings are curved to circulate steam. Boston-based Matter Design has come up with a sauna that's certain to both relax and intrigue. In this narrow structure, built for a New England farm, you get to your steam room by climbing a series of picturesque, enclosed wooden stairways. Read Full Story

Samsung's Design Statement Proves It Is A Company Of Robots Bent On Enslaving Man

To Samsung, good design is "inspired by humans." All the better to enslave them. When Apple released a statement on its design process last year, the company said, rather poetically, that every great design starts by trying to evoke an emotion in a person's heart. Read Full Story

Can A Cup Of Coffee Make Workers Less Likely To Lie?

Researchers think so. Sleepy but caffeinated workers are better at resisting social pressure to act unethically. Go ahead and have another cup of coffee. A new study from the Journal of Applied Psychology says that coffee helps sleep-deprived workers resist social pressure to act unethically. Read Full Story

This Barn Looks Like It's Wearing An Invisibility Cloak

The architectural folly of a barn in stealth mode, shaped like a parallelogram and wrapped in Mylar. Wrap a barn in Mylar (formerly of space blankets and birthday balloons) and what do you get? A quasi-invisible barn. Read Full Stor...

A Prettier Wikipedia Design That Could Never Work

Even so, you can admire the effort. Wikipedia's designers are working hard to bring the site's aesthetic into the 21st century. But they need the consensus of the entire (and often wrong) Wikipedia community to make changes to Wikipedia's 32 million+ pages. Read Full Story

MIT Is Drawing 10,000 Maps To Save The World

The Social Computing Group wants to initiate social change via data visualization at the rate of a map a day. The little things that make an otherwise cramped-and-concrete urban life worthwhile (green space, bike lanes, coffee shops) are exactly what the You Are Here project is about. Read Full Story

Whimsical Illustrations Of Famous Buildings, From Fallingwater To The Farnsworth House

Informational illustrations educate the design-clueless and double as beautiful art prints and postcards. To get non-designers to give a damn about the difference between Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright, Michie Cao, an interaction...Show More Summary

The Worst Infographic Of 2014 (So Far)

In a baffling move, NBC has turned data on U.S. demographics into a map showing that all Asians live in Maine. Earlier this week, the NBC Nightly News decided to recreate an infographic originally published by the Pew Research Center, showing the distribution of race and ethnicity in the U.S. Show More Summary

Eggs, Butts, Beyonce: The Weirdest Things People Have Turned Into Type

These alphabets, made from naked men to Beyonce, take the artistic potential of the letterform to its limit. Lately, we've noticed that alphabet-obsessed designers are seeing letters in some pretty strange places. They have created typefaces from things as random as office cubicles, images of human flesh, gay porn, and marine debris. Show More Summary

Batman Turns 75: Insiders Share Sensational Stories From The Bat Cave

The Dark Knight's 75th anniversary is spawning a year-long celebration. We asked some Batman notables to spill some behind-the-scenes tales from bringing the Caped Crusader to life. Holy shuffleboard! Batman is 75? Read Full Story

MVRDV's Furniture Playfully Undermines Urban Sprawl

The Dutch architecture firm designs a fun series with a visually exciting, building block effect. Last week in Milan, the Dutch architecture firm MVRDV unveiled an installation of 77 colorful, large foam cushions that look like they belong in an upscale indoor playground. Read Full Story

A Shipping Container Hotel You Can Play Jenga With

At Hive-Inn, rooms can get swapped out and rebranded. Hive-Inn, a new hotel concept by Hong-Kong-based architects at OVA Studio, looks like what might happen if Times Square and Las Vegas had a baby. And that baby grew up and had a baby with the game Jenga. Read Full Story

Every Single Highway In The United States In One Simplified Map

A Portland-based designer obsessively and impressively maps out the country's intricate network of highways, inspired by the design of subway maps. Here to show us the stunning intricacy of U.S. highways is Sydney-born, Portland-based graphic designer Cameron Booth. Show More Summary

Feast Your Eyes On These Infinitely Looping Flipbooks

Every kid loves a flipbook. It's magic, at first sight, the way flipbooks bring sketches to life one frame at a time. But, horribly, flipbooks might also represent one of the first of many disappointments in a kid's life: Pages run out, the animation stops dead. Show More Summary

How Nike Turned An Italian Suit Label Into The Air Jordan XX9s

Following a series of incidents in which shoes have fallen apart on the basketball court, Nike releases the Air Jordan XX9s. A 250-year-old weaving technology makes them the toughest and lightest Jordans to date. A well-designed clothing label is resilient. Show More Summary

Save The Planet By Boozing With These Paper Wine Bottles

PaperBoy Wine uses recycled cardboard bottles and their carbon footprint is 67% smaller than that of glass. Now that's how we like to celebrate Earth Day. On-the-go drinking isn't just about breaking open container laws. Outdoorsy types...Show More Summary

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