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Abstract Murals Hide Folding Chairs In Plain Sight

Alexander Gendell's Pop Mural is a hanging wall piece that turns into six fully functional fold-out chairs. What if your folding chairs were so beautiful you could store them in plain sight? That's the idea behind Pop Mural, a series of three wall hangings that contain six flattened chairs. Read Full Story

The Unsung Stars Of Hollywood? The Chairs

The right chair can tell a story all on its own—enough to make you appreciate production design in a new way. From the spike-laden Iron Throne of King's Landing to Captain Kirk's boxy metallic recliner on the USS Enterprise, chairs can become every bit as iconic as the characters who sit in them. Show More Summary

Potholes Tweeted At Panama City's Government Until They Got Fixed

Sometimes the need for better infrastructure speaks for itself. Panama City has one of the fastest growing economies in Central and South America. A construction boom has given the city one of the greatest concentrations of skyscrapers in the world. Show More Summary

From MIT: Learn French Or Spanish While You Wait For IMs

Don't waste time waiting for your Google Chat contacts to stop typing. You could be learning a foreign language instead. "John is typing..." Read Full Story

A Cardboard Room In A Box You Can Set Up In 10 Minutes

Why bother taking a trip to an Ikea when all the flat-pack furniture you need can be delivered in a single box to your doorstep? When they descend upon campus in September, the next wave of doe-eyed froshes will face, for the very first time, the blank slate of an empty dorm room. Show More Summary

The Psychology Of Living In Skyscrapers

Might living in the sky subtly influence one's perspective of space, distance, and height? "Living in high-rises required a special type of behavior, one that was acquiescent, restrained, perhaps even slightly mad." So declares the protagonist (rather presciently, a producer of television documentaries) of J. Show More Summary

This Smartwatch Keyboard Is The Second Coming Of T9

Remember how you used to text on that ancient cellphone? iType brings that same concept to smartwatches. How does one turn a ballroom into a happening? By pressing one more letter. I watch as a single finger blazes through a sentence describing the meeting I am in. Show More Summary

To Drown Out Noisy Airplanes, Just Add Land Art

These land formations weren't the work of aliens: they were built by architects to muffle airport noise. Noisy airplanes aren't just annoying; they can be bad for your health. Research has linked consistent exposure to airplane noise to high blood pressure and diminished reading comprehension in children. Show More Summary

Inside Daniel Rozin's Funhouse World

The NYU professor and interactive artist is obsessed with reflections. Check out what happens when you use a mirror made of 500 penguins. You're standing alone in a room, towering like a giant over 500 plush penguins. As you move, you...Show More Summary

Gorgeous Photos Of Buddhist Temples Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job And Become A Monk

A peek into the psychedelic world of a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Buddhist monks can own nothing other than their red robes and a bowl with which to beg. Yet through the generosity of their communities, they can build massive, beautiful temples with details as rich as any cathedral. Read Full Story

Google's Minor UI Update Is Solving The Biggest Problem On Smartphones Right Now

By predicting what you want to do next in any app, Now on Tap is a small update that could become a very big deal. With its upcoming Android M operating system, Google revealed a major UI breakthrough for smartphones. It's called Now on Tap. Show More Summary

How To Launch Your Own Ideas Lab

The realities of launching an internal incubator can be daunting. Artefact co-founder Gavin Kelly shares lessons learned. Gordon Moore's prediction of an exponentially growing technological evolution has proven true and reached every industry, from healthcare to retail, from government to education. Show More Summary

Meet Project Jacquard, Google's Plan To Turn Your Clothes Into A Touchscreen

Google has a new technology that can turn virtually any type of fabric into a connected device. One of Frog's big predictions was that 2015 would be the year that textiles got techy. Maybe it heard rumblings of Project Jacquard, Google's new venture to weave touch controls into textiles right on the loom. Read Full Story

Uber Is Building A Giant Glass Campus To Prove It Has Nothing To Hide

Ha. Uber, the irresistibly convenient car service that's notorious for dubious privacy, legal, and hiring practices, is building a new campus in San Francisco's Mission Bay district. And in a somewhat ironic spin, its 423,000 squareShow More Summary

How Google Finally Got Design

Google's transformation into a company that creates beautiful software is the story of how tech itself has evolved in the mobile era. It would have been crazy to say just a few years ago. But today, Google produces better-designed software than any other tech behemoth. Show More Summary

Control Your Next Smartwatch With A Wave Of Your Hand

Meet Project Soli, Google's solution to Flavor Flav-sized watchfaces on wearables. We don't want big screens on our wrist, but small screens are tough to interact with unless we use a precision tool like a stylus. If smartwatches are going to be a thing, they'll need to offer users something other than a touchscreen. Show More Summary

Google I/O Was Boring This Year, And That's Okay

Why? Because it means Google's solved many of its most pressing problems. Let's admit it: Google I/O is boring this year. Read Full Story

Will Robots Take Your Job?

A librarian? Watch out. A substance abuse counselor? You're safe. Paralegals and food service workers: the robots are coming. Read Full Story

A Designers' Guide To New York City's Coolest Spots

New York design studio Hyperakt is building a new kind of city guide, curated by designers. Figuring out where to eat and shop in your city should be easy in the Internet age. But anyone who has used sites like Yelp knows how frustrating the reviews and messy site designs can be. Show More Summary

Google Unveils The Gmail Of Photos We've Been Wanting For Years

Google Photos is as magical as apps get. Here's why. A couple weeks ago, Yahoo unveiled a new update to Flickr that made Flickr worth taking seriously again. But, as often happens in the world of tech, it only took two weeks for someone to release a photo service that makes Flickr's update look old hat. Show More Summary

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