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These Robots Battle To The Death For Resources, All In The Name Of Art

"Drone Garden" presents a future where robots have the will to live. It's getting easier by the day to imagine a future where robots can understand and express emotions, and replace humans in even jobs that now seem safe from automation. Show More Summary

The Best Way To Recycle Old Tech Gear? Decorate With It

Eat alongside an ethernet cord. Worldwide, consumers toss 20 to 50 million metric tons of electronics each year. That's more than 5% of all municipal waste. In the U.S. alone, we generate 3.41 million tons of e-waste a year, only about 30% of which gets recycled. The rest ends up in landfill and incinerators. Read Full Story

Borges's Universal Library Is Now A Website, But Good Luck Finding Anything

Borges concept of an infinite library is brought to life, staying true to his point that logic is precious and scarce. A library that contains all books ever written or ever to be written, all but lost within a nearly infinite number of works of meaningless gibberish. Show More Summary

Proof The Time Is Right For The Government To Approve Same-Sex Marriage

But we're probably a decade out from recreational weed. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on the federal-level legalization of same-sex marriage. From a human rights standpoint, there's no question that it should be legal. Show More Summary

The Urn, Reimagined As A Dildo Full Of Your Dead Spouse's Ashes

This Dutch-designed cremation urn wants widows to recognize the role of masturbation in the grieving process. Cremation urns usually only hold the ashes of a spouse. With his new work 21 Grams, Dutch designer Mark Sturkenboom reimagines the urn as an interactive memory box for widows. Show More Summary

Why A Building Made From Papier-Mâché Isn't As Crazy As It Sounds

Ball-Nogues Studio developed an advanced kind of papier-mâché to create a compostable pulp pavilion at Coachella. The Los Angeles studio Ball-Nogues is known for making architectural installations out of unlikely materials: glass beads, stainless steel orbs, and even T-shirts and coffee tables. Now it has moved on to paper pulp. Read Full Story

Go Ahead, Spill Coffee All Over This White Shirt. It's Unstainable

Elizabeth & Clarke claims that a nanotech coating of hydrophobic material make this crisp white shirt impossible to stain. There's nothing worse than spilling food on a crisp white shirt. But a new product called The Unstainable White Shirt, by the budget women's fashion brand Elizabeth & Clarke, promises to repel liquids like magic. Read Full Story

How Much For A Camel, Beer Or Prostitute? Google's Most Popular Cost Searches In Each Country

A revealing look at some of the most-Googled prices around the world. What would you consider buying abroad? Beer? A luxury car? A camel? A new infographic from reveals that the answer differs by country. Taking the top Google...Show More Summary

How To Build A Brand In 5 Days

After Hillary Clinton's logo broke the Internet, Moving Brands considered a new, logo-less approach in a five-day design sprint. When Hillary Clinton announced her bid for the 2016 presidential election, the Internet freaked out—mostly over her campaign logo. Show More Summary

Clothes That Respond To Light Showcase The Softer Side Of Wearable Tech

Photochromia makes affordable clothing that interacts with your environment. Scan the landscape of wearable tech available today, and you'll see endless hardware—fitness trackers, step counters, smartwatches, and more. None of it is particularly wearable. Show More Summary

Anonymous Activist Gets Potholes Fixed By Drawing Giant Penises Around Them

The city of Manchester can ignore its residents, but thanks to Wanksy, it can't ignore the one-eyed monster. Like many cities, Manchester, England, is plagued with potholes, where one half-mile stretch of road can have as many as 70 holes. Show More Summary

Use The Apple Watch's Terse Notifications To Play This Secret Agent Game

Because somebody had to do it. Your whole life has been leading to that one moment when you paid too much and strapped on the Apple Watch. But you think it was sent from one of Apple's factories in China? Pfft. It's been sent by your...Show More Summary

Artist Invents A Machine To Create Life From Scratch

The ReBioGeneSys can simulate conditions on any planet in the universe, and given enough time, create new life from them. At the University of Michigan, conceptual artist Adam W. Brown has assembled an installation of glass beakers, hot plates, and rubber tubes. Show More Summary

How Cars Are Made, In 20 GIFs

Even if you don't care about cars, these GIFs are hypnotic. Think of an automobile factory. It's a cacophony of whirring robots, massive clunking steel stampers, spark-spitting welders, and buzzing drills. But separate all the stepsShow More Summary

Logitech Pulls Millions From Mice, Invests It In Design

The peripheral maker is planning a big design-led turnaround. So can they pull it off? The year 2006 was a big year for headphones. It's when the Beats brand debuted, took over every pair of ears in professional sports, and exploded into a $3 billion lifestyle-led technology company. Show More Summary

Google's New Interface: Just Tell It What To Do

The search giant is creating a future where it doesn't just find you an answer; it wants to solve your problem. Google used to tell you how to do something. Now, it'll just do it for you. Read Full Story

Google Ventures On How To Design A Killer Website

To build the best consumer website, go shopping, says GV's Michael Margolis. What do buying coffee beans, making an investment, and choosing a doctor have in common? They're all forms of shopping. In each case, customers follow predictable processes for finding, evaluating, and narrowing options. Show More Summary

Sony's Clever Trick For Taking A Photo Without Touching The Camera

No hands. No timers. No remotes. Just wave your hand for the perfect way to take a lowlight shot. Anyone who has taken a photo in low light knows that it's very easy to take a blurry shot. That's because your camera's shutter needs to remain open for a long time to suck in all of the photons it can. Show More Summary

Infographic: How To Choose A Typeface

A flowchart of font choices, all in one $20 poster. Once you really understand them, typefaces can be powerful. A properly chosen font can either give your words authority, or totally undermine them. Even a typeface as openly reviled...Show More Summary

Designers Build Karl Lagerfeld A Giant Paper Castle

In a new exhibit, Lagerfeld's iconic fashions are sheltered by a canopy of delicate paper foliage. No one could call fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld indecisive: he is known for burning any drawing he doesn't end up making into a garment. Show More Summary

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