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Instagram's Square Photo Tyranny Has Been Abolished

Instagram's support for tall and wide pics means the days of worrying about cropping are over. Good news photographers, Instagram's UI now supports landscape- and portrait-oriented images—and video!—making it easier and less cumbersome to compose that perfect shot. Read Full Story

6 Tips For Designing An Awesome Rube Goldberg Machine

Hamster Wheel, the guys behind 3M's viral new Brand Machine video, tell us what makes a Rube Goldberg great. If nothing else, 3M is an impressive company for the sheer breadth of products it offers. According to Wikipedia, it makes more...Show More Summary

These Crystal Sheets Change Color When Layered Over Each Other

Designers Thomas Vailly and Laura Lynn Jansen created a material with crystalline characteristics. For a visual primer on how crystals refract light, look no further than the cover for Dark Side of the Moon. When light enters the prism, it slows down to different wavelengths and different colors emerge from the opposite side. Show More Summary

This Tinder Sim Will Teach You The Only Thing That Matters In Life Is Swiping

Whatever you do, don't stop swiping. Welcome to the thrilling world of app-based dating! Read Full Story

Scientists Have Developed A Glue That Works Underwater

The Voltaglue only gets stronger when shocked with electric voltage, making it impervious to environmental factors like heat and water. If you've ever gone swimming with a band aid on, you understand that water and adhesives are an ill-fated combination. Show More Summary

How Goodwill Is Refining Its Stores To Appeal To A Wider Audience

The charity organization has been opening stylish, well-curated boutique stores in affluent areas in an effort to expand their retail operation. Upon entering Rare, a boutique in Anaheim, California, customers are greeted with chicly dressed mannequins and standing racks full of designer clothing. Show More Summary

Free Reddit Check Tests Your Online Self For Terribleness

Misogyny. Racism. Reddit can be a bad place. Has it rubbed off on you? It was the most nervous I've been on the internet in a long time. I barely use Reddit. And when I do, it's not exactly to share virtual high fives at recently-defunct cesspools of racism like #coontown. Show More Summary

An Ex-Apple Engineer Takes On The Furniture Industry With Couches You Can Fedex

Campaign, a Bay Area start-up, yanks buying furniture into the 21st Century. Brad Sewell—formerly a design and manufacturing engineer at Apple—thinks we're buying furniture all wrong. The problems, as Sewell told Co.Design, lie in high shipping costs, lengthy shipping time, and crappy materials that won't hold up over the years. Show More Summary

Visualized: Global Trade As A Frenzy Of Color-Coded Pixels

Harvard researchers built an interactive infographic to unpack international exports. There's a rule of thumb that to have a healthy diet, you should eat the rainbow—meaning fruits and veggies of all colors. A similar notion could be applied to a country's economic health. Show More Summary

This Illustrator Has Created A Picture A Day For The Last Eight Years

Mike Winkelmann has been creating a daily illustration since 2007. Now over 3,000 images in, his work has started to veer into science fiction territory. Artist Mike Winkelmann has been making an illustration every day for eight years. Show More Summary

Zoom Wants Healthcare to Be More Like Visiting An Apple Store

The Portland, Oregon-based company has a plan to redesign the "full stack" of medical services and health insurance. There's one reliable way to get on-demand healthcare in the United States: have (or wait for) something medically serious to happen to you, and then haul yourself up the triage desk at your local ER. Show More Summary

From The Creator Of "Spelltower," A Version Of Solitaire That Actually Works On The iPhone

Nothing about Sage Solitaire screams DESIGN! And yet it might be one of the best designed games of the year. Most mobile games are shame-plays. Angry Birds and Clash of Clans might be your favorite time wasters, but only when no one's watching. Show More Summary

Virtual Reality's Biggest Weakness Could Make It The Next Nintendo Wii

Looking silly might not be VR's achilles heel, but a path to acceptance. The internet had a good laugh when Palmer Luckey appeared on the cover of Time, looking joyous and fantastically awkward. (I still think every bit of that cover...Show More Summary

Marian Bantjes Makes A Poster Out Of Dirt From Her Travels

The "Michelangelo of custom lettering" gets earthy with her latest impossibly intricate design. Designer Marian Bantjes has been collecting soil and sand from her travels for over six years. After traveling to locations as far-flungShow More Summary

How Ammunition And Apple's Ex-CEO Plan To Disrupt The "Design Center" Of The Smartphone World

John Sculley and Apple's former lead designer reveal two sub-$200 Android smartphones that prove great design can come cheap. Both John Sculley and Ammunition Group's Robert Brunner left Apple before the iPhone era. Sculley, the former...Show More Summary

A Metronome-Inspired Interface For Streaming Music Makes Finding New Tunes A Breeze

Get in touch with your music through "Radio Activity." The good thing about Spotify is the thousands of songs at your fingertips. The near infinite database is also bad thing for some, since discovering new tunes or picking an album can take a lot of time—everything becomes a decision. Read Full Story

How Facebook M Will Hook Us On Shopping At Facebook

A new personal assistant called Facebook M allows you to buy things by chatting with a Faceless assistant in Messenger. In March, Facebook quietly revealed a major play. Their Messenger platform, with 700 million users, would be updated to allow you to buy things right in the chat window. Show More Summary

These Stylish Geometric Clutches Are Made From Folded Paper

Petit Fou's colorful paper purses don't come with a lifetime guarantee—but they're pretty while they last. Paper is alive and well at Paperlux, a Hamburg-based design studio that specializes in paper etchings and paper-based packaging for high end clients like Hermès, Volkswagen and Alexander Mcqueen. Show More Summary

Add 5 Million Photo Filters, Just By Swiping

A new photo app called Infltr uses clever UX to juggle near infinite color options. Instagram offers a few dozen filters that can leave you confounded, swiping and tapping back and forth in existential crisis. Infltr, a new iOS app, has more than 5 million. Yet amazingly, they're never more than a split second away. Read Full Story

A Condom Package That You'll Just Know Is The Right Size For You

A stroke of genius. The world of condoms has been ruined by gimmicks and branding. It's been invaded by ancient armies covered in tropical lubes where euphemisms like "snugger fit" and bragging rights like "magnum" are our only guidance toward better tailored latex. Read Full Story

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