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How we watch TV without cable (and how much it costs)

One of the main reasons Kim and I decided to move from our condo to this quiet country cottage was to save money. We were spending far too much living in the city. Simply moving made a huge difference to our budget. But now that the dust has settled, it’s time for us to look […] The post How we watch TV without cable (and how much it costs) appeared first on Get Rich Slowly.

How one man took on the scumbag “phantom debt” industry

I’m an optimistic guy. I believe that most people are basically good. So far, life has proved me correct. That said, I’m not naive. I know there are still plenty of scumbags out there — and that many of these scumbags prey on the unsuspecting in order to line their pockets with profit. Show More Summary

Visualize your budget flows with a Sankey diagram

There’s a new fad in the financial independence subreddit, one that might be fun for Get Rich Slowly readers to play around with. People have discovered Sankey diagrams, a type of chart that makes it easy to visualize data flows. That sounds sort of geeky, I know, so it’s probably best to show an example. Show More Summary

Your money blueprint — and how it shapes your world

A few years ago, I had a memorable dinner with two friends from high school. Tom, Paul, and I shared good wine, good food and, especially, good conversation. We spent a lot of time talking about how we perceived money when we were younger, and about how these “money blueprints” shaped us as adults. Show More Summary

Lessons from the kid who sold the most Girl Scout cookies in Brooklyn

The Cut has an awesome short interview with 8-year-old Amira Williams, who recently sold 1514 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, making her the top cookie-seller in Brooklyn, New York. Among Amira’s tips: keep your pitch simple, follow the foot traffic, practice effective merchandising, and stay focused on your goals. Show More Summary

A library of interviews with people from different careers

Have you ever wished you could take a peek at what it’s like to have a different career? Have you ever wondered how other people found their jobs? How much they earn? What they plan to do with their lives? Here’s a great way to satisfy that curiosity. Show More Summary

State of the blog (November 2017)

I sat down this morning to write a review of Dear Debt by Melanie Lockert. Today marks ten years since I said good-bye to debt, and I thought the review would be a fun celebration. But I ran into problems right away. Over the past 8-1/2 years, the previous owners made a lot of changes […] The post State of the blog (November 2017) appeared first on Get Rich Slowly.

Ask the readers: How do you know when your car is dead?

Earlier this month, I shared a link to a comprehensive guide to certified pre-owned vehicle programs. In doing so, I mentioned that Kim and I both believe that you should drive a car until it dies. This prompted a great question from Tired Scientist in the comments. Show More Summary

Shaquille O’Neal once spent $1,000,000 in a single day

Think you’ve made some poor financial decisions before? Have you ever spent one million dollars in a single day? That’s what former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal did — before becoming a pro basketball player. I go buy a $150,000 car. No negotiations. Show More Summary

How mutual fund fees can cost you big bucks

Robert Farrington from The College Investor recently went to bat for one of his readers. “I feel like my advisor isn’t steering me in the right path,” his reader told him. “When I mention [index funds] to him, he changes the subjectShow More Summary

Daily life during the Great Depression

Since the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009, there have been a lot of news stories about how awful everything is. Never mind that most Americans enjoy the best standard of living of any culture in history, people still find things to complain about. Show More Summary

Personal Finance for Engineers: An introduction to money management from Stanford University

Personal Finance for Engineers (CS 007) is a new course being offered during the 2017-8 academic year at Stanford University. Led by MBA (and Stanford graduate) Adam Nash, the class explores real-life situations using the latest info from behavioral finance and practical statistics. Show More Summary

Returns are almost never average

In the world of personal finance, we make a lot of assumptions. We have to. In order to project our financial futures, we have to make assumptions about our future income, about the future of the stock market, about future inflation rates and interest rates and a million other things. Show More Summary

Books about money that might make appropriate Christmas gifts

“My brother sucks with money,” a friend told me the other day. “I’m thinking of giving him a book about money for Christmas. Do you have any recommendations?” “Honestly, I’m not sure gifting a book about money is the best way to help,” I said. Show More Summary

Travel Deal Tuesday is the best day of the year to shop for flights

I suck at making plane reservations. That probably sounds ridiculous, but I’m not joking. Whenever I travel — which is fairly often — I put off booking flights because I find the process so tedious. As a result, I miss out on the best deals. Show More Summary

Black Friday vs. Buy Nothing Day

I’m off for the Thanksgiving holiday — my favorite time of year. I’ll be hanging out with family and friends, and hope that you do the same. Here are some things to consider during the next few days: If you haven’t already, now is the time to set ground rules for your family’s holiday gift […] The post Black Friday vs. Buy Nothing Day appeared first on Get Rich Slowly.

Identity theft is alive and well (and: What to do if you’re the victim of identity theft)

Last month, Kim was a victim of identity theft. Somebody used her debit card to make a large purchase of cosmetics. The thief first tried a couple of test transactions for amounts of $0.01 and $0.00. (How is a $0.00 transaction even possible? I have no idea.) When those worked, she went all-in. Show More Summary

Where to find affordable furniture

“Where is all the good affordable furniture?” lamented Andrew Zaleski last week in an article for Curbed: For many independent and smaller manufacturers, it’s difficult to create quality furniture at middle-of-the-road prices, something in between the Ikea items beloved by 20-somethings and the furniture on display in a store like Crate and Barrel. Show More Summary

Build your own smartphone expense-tracking app — even if you’re NOT a nerd

A lot of Get Rich Slowly readers like to get their hands dirty. Instead of paying for an app, they’d rather build their own expense trackers and net worth calculators and other money tools. If you’re one of these nerdy industrious folks,...Show More Summary

There are pros and cons to everywhere

Kim and I moved to our new home in West Linn on July 1st. Although we’re only 8.5 miles (and about twenty minutes) from the condo we owned in Portland, I haven’t been back to our former neighborhood since we moved. Yesterday, I decided to spend a few hours hanging out at some of my […] The post There are pros and cons to everywhere appeared first on Get Rich Slowly.

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