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7 Ways To Stay Positive As A Writer

Writing is fantastic for creative expression, helping others, or even building a business, but there are always days when we can feel like it's too much, when we get discouraged, when we need a boost to continue along the author journey.  In today's article, Sara Crawford outlines some ways to stay positive as a writer.  […]

Publishing, Online Business And Tech Trends For Authors In 2018

We live in the most exciting time in history to be an author and creative entrepreneur. The opportunities are ever-expanding, but only if you embrace the changes rather than trying to cling to the old models. I wrote after my Oregon trip about the stabilisation of the indie author business model in 2017, and the […]

8 Tips To Improve Your Audio When Appearing On A Podcast Or Radio Show

If you want to be a successful author, then at some point, you are going to have to do an audio recording.  It might be a podcast or radio interview where you appear on someone else's show, or perhaps you choose to start your own podcast. My show, The Creative Penn podcast, has become the […]

Healthy Writer Tips: How To Use Dictation For A Healthier Writing Life

The word ‘writing' has become associated with hitting keys on a keyboard to make letters appear on a screen or inscribing by hand onto paper. But the end result is a mode of communication from one brain to another through the medium of words. Those words can be generated by your voice, just as people […]

How To Be Creative In Writing And In Business with Orna Ross

Tapping into our creativity around writing and around money can free us to pursue a more holistic and fulfilled life, and in today's show, Orna Ross talks about how to use F-R-E-E writing to break through your creative and money blocks. In the introduction, I give a personal update about my new screenplay adaptation of […]

Publishing Wide: Selling Ebooks And Print Books Direct From Your Author Website

Imagine if one company held all the power over your income every month. That used to be my reality when I had a day job.  Then one day in 2008, I was laid off, along with hundreds of others in my department and many thousands of others in the global financial crisis. I swore on that […]

A Personal Journey To Becoming A Healthy Writer With Dr Euan Lawson

I've been sharing my healthy writer journey recently, and in today's video and article, you can see how Dr Euan Lawson, my co-author for The Healthy Writer, blends his medical practice with writing and running, in his personal journey. Watch the video below or here on YouTube. Here's the text from the video: Hello I’m […]

Thoughts And Goals For A Creative 2018

It's the time of year for looking back at how far we have come and looking forward to what we will achieve in the coming year. I LOVE New Year and I'm a goal-setting junkie, so as I do every year, here are my thoughts and goals for 2018. Please do join in and leave […]

Round-Up Of 2017 Writing Goals And Lessons Learned

I was having lunch with an old friend recently and reminisced about the days when I used to clock-watch at the day job I hated. Every minute crawled past. Now the year turns again and time disappears so fast and my main concern is how to make more of it all, how to write all […]

A Personal Journey To Becoming A Healthy Writer With Joanna Penn

I've been talking about how much walking has helped me in the last few years, and now you can see behind the scenes as I walk along the canal and share my personal journey of becoming a Healthy Writer. Watch the video below or here on YouTube Here's the text from the video: Hello Creatives, I’m […]

How To Be A Healthy Writer With Dr. Euan Lawson

If you want to have a long and successful writing career, then you need to look after your body as well as your mind. In today's show, I discuss how to be a healthy writer with my co-author, Dr Euan Lawson. We talk about why writing is great for your health, as well as the […]

Sell More Books With An Eye Tracking Study of Amazon Book Buying Habits

The indie author community is often abuzz with rumors about the most recent algorithm changes, or the latest advertising hacks that will squeeze a few more books sales out.  But much of what is discussed is based on anecdotal data, the experience of individual authors. So author Michael Alvear commissioned a data study about buying […]

How To Make Money Writing Short Fiction With Douglas Smith

Short stories are creatively satisfying, but they can also bring multiple streams of income through different intellectual property licensing options. In today's show, award-winning short story writer, Douglas Smith, explains how you can make money writing short fiction. Show More Summary

How To Use The Polarities Of Marketing To Craft The Best Plan For Your Book

Book marketing is not a monolithic thing, it doesn't happen at one single time, and your marketing activities will change over your career as a writer. There is no magic bullet, only a number of different options that you can utilize along your author journey to craft the best plan for your book.  Here are […]

7 Steps For Adapting Your Novel Into A Screenplay

Look at the Amazon Charts or the New York Times fiction list and you will likely see books that have been made into movies or TV shows.  If you consider the number of people who prefer to watch than read a book, it's not really a surprise that adaptation is so popular these days. It's also […]

Selling More Books In Print Through Ingram With Andy Bromley

As global, mobile and digital book sales continue to expand into new markets, there is a continued desire for print in established markets. Many indies focus on using Amazon's own Createspace, but you can access thousands more bookstores, universities, retailers, libraries and booksellers through Ingram Spark for extended distribution. In this interview, I talk to […]

Why Writing For Therapy Can Change Your Life

I wrote my first book, Career Change, because I was so miserable in my day job that I would weep in the toilets at lunch-time, wondering what the hell I was doing with my life.  Excerpts from my journals appear in most of my non-fiction books, and I still write for therapy when I am […]

Estate Planning For Authors With M.L Buchman

Your intellectual property rights are valuable – both to you in your lifetime, but also for 70 years after you die according to copyright law. So what happens once you're gone? Have you ensured that your heirs and successors can still benefit? Plus, how to ‘tick the reader clock' with your book marketing in this […]

How To Leverage The Power of LinkedIn To Market Your Non-Fiction Book

Most book marketing help is focused on Facebook or Instagram these days, but did you know that LinkedIn is the most popular networking site for professionals? And that the average income on LinkedIn is higher than on any other platform?  So, if you're a non-fiction author, in particular, you can use LinkedIn to reach your […]

Business For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur. An Interview With Joanna Penn

An entrepreneur creates value with their ideas. They create a new reality based on thoughts and actions. That surely is the definition of an author! When you're writing your first book, you don't necessarily think about running a business or consider yourself an entrepreneur, but if you keep writing and putting your words in the […]

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