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Writing Tips: How To Create Immersive Worlds For Science Fiction And Fantasy

Look at the top-selling books and movies of all time. Harry Potter. Star Wars. The Lord of the Rings. Even stories like Gone with the Wind or Titanic. They all transport people to a different time and/or place, providing an escapist fantasy for the reader or viewer to fall into. But it only works if […]

How To Use Dictation To Write Faster And Stay Healthy With Scott Baker

Authors as diverse as Henry James, Winston Churchill, Barbara Cartland, and Dan Brown have used dictation to write their first drafts, and with the development of ever-more precise software, many authors are moving into dictation to speed up writing and maintain their health. In today's show, I talk to Scott Baker about his tips for […]

7 Ways Travel Can Enhance Your Writing

I'm definitely a travel junkie, and I spend nearly all my money on traveling or books. In fact, when I was miserable in my day job back in 2006, trying to decide what to do with my life, I wrote down the two things I enjoyed most in the world: travel and reading. What job […]

How To Write a Mystery With Rebecca Cantrell And J.F.Penn

There are key elements that mystery readers expect so if you want to write a bestselling or award-winning mystery, check out this conversation with Rebecca Cantrell. In the intro, I talk about the fantastic new audiobook partnership between Draft2Digital and Findaway Voices, which will be open to authors all over the world, give control over […]

Self-Publishing In French With Cyril Godefroy

Self-publishing is well established in the English-speaking market, but it is an emerging force in other languages and territories. We will likely see the most growth in book sales in other languages as ebook and print book retail expand online over the next few years, so it's an exciting time if you speak a language other […]

Changes In The Publishing Industry And Launching Non-Fiction Books With Dan Blank

Is the author platform still a necessity in an age of paid advertising? What has changed in the last few years of publishing? I discuss these questions and more with Dan Blank in today's show. In the intro, I discuss some of the publishing talk coming out of Book Expo, Amazon's new smartphone aimed at […]

Art, Money And Changes In The Publishing Industry with Orna Ross and Joanna Penn

On the last Tuesday of the month, I spend an hour discussing the latest news and events in the publishing industry with Orna Ross, founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors, poet and author of historical fiction and non-fiction. Orna is a friend as well as a creative mentor, she's been in the publishing industry […]

Silent Voices: How Poetry Can Help Those Who Struggle To Speak

We are writers, so we can sometimes take it for granted that communicating is easy. But for many people, it can be almost impossible and it takes a special person to enable silent voices to be heard. I went to Hawkesbury Upton literary festival earlier this year and attended a panel about writing difference. Two ladies […]

How To Manage Your Time and Automate Your Author Marketing With Nick Stephenson

There is never enough time for everything we want to do as writers, let alone in the rest of our lives. In today's show, I talk to Nick Stephenson about prioritization and automation of author marketing, so we have more time to write … and to live. In the introduction, I talk about some exciting developments […]

5 Critical Mistakes of Author Collaborations And How to Avoid Them

In March 2017, I got on a train in Chicago with J. Thorn, Lindsay Buroker, and Zach Bohannon. We headed south to New Orleans and within a week, we had the first draft of a novel, published a month later as American Demon Hunters: Sacrifice.  It was an amazing creative experience as well as an […]

Global Sales, Multiple Streams Of Income, And True Independence. Reasons To Go Wide

Should you self-publish exclusively on Amazon? That is the question many authors consider whenever they put a book out. I was recently interviewed on Kevin Tumlinson's Wordslinger podcast about my reasons for being wide with my main series and author names. I do use KDP Select for some books, but prefer to keep most of […]

Inside The Writers’ Room: Screenwriting And Pitching Tips From Adam Gaines

Today I have an interview with screenwriter Adam Gaines. We discuss what happens in the ‘writer's room', collaboration, how self-publishing his own one-act play got him a deal, as well as how you could pitch your book. In the intro, I give a personal update about CrimeFest and my progress on the Third edition of […]

Writing Tips: Creating Believable Characters

Characters are important in every book you write because people care about people and you need to get personal as soon as possible in your writing. As EB White said, “Don't write about Man. Write about a man.” (Or woman or alien or child!) This is applicable for non-fiction as well. You will find bestselling […]

The Art And Business Of Bookbinding With Lisa Van Pelt

Print is definitely not dead, and in fact, beautiful print books are having a renaissance. In today's show, I discuss the art and business of bookbinding with Lisa Van Pelt. In the introduction, Amazon announces Amazon Charts, described as a Bestseller List for What People are Really Reading and Buying, as opposed to the opinion based […]

My Breakdown Of Book Sales By Format, Vendor, Genre, And Country. May 2016 – April 2017

My company tax year runs May – April and although I keep a tight rein on my accounts throughout the year, I only do management reporting annually when I break down my revenue in various ways to figure out what I need to change, stop doing or do more of. You can read my 2015-2016 […]

Art, Money, Ambition: Lessons Learned From Damien Hirst’s Treasures From The Wreck Of The Unbelievable

Damien Hirst is my favorite modern artist and sculpture is my favorite physical art form, so when I heard Hirst was doing his latest exhibition in Venice, I booked immediately. It’s only a two-hour flight and filling the creative well is an important part of my writing process. Plus, it’s Venice … ???? Here’s what I […]

Ebook Bundling For Authors With Chuck Heintzelman

51% of my fiction book sales income for the last year has been from boxsets, rising to 77% of my Kobo fiction sales income. Without box sets, my income would be significantly less – plus, being in multi-author-boxsets enables me to reach new readers. So if you're not bundling your books, you're missing out on […]

Writing Tips: 7 Strategies For Writing Suspense

You must hook a reader early on because there are plenty of other books to read and life is too short to read a book that doesn't engage you.  Suspense is one technique you can use, and in today's post, Tony Lee Moral explains how you can bring it into your novel.  Alfred Hitchcock was the famed […]

How To Make A Million With Your Books With Dean Crawford

Writing books is not a get rich quick scheme … but it can be a get rich slowly scheme, and provide a rewarding, creative life. In today's show, I discuss writing, publishing and book marketing with Dean Crawford. In the introduction, I talk about the ‘fake news' from the Publishers Association as reported on the […]

How to Use Infographics to Successfully Promote Your Book

I love using visuals in marketing, but I haven't personally used infographics. So today, I am thrilled to introduce Ashley Kimler who explains how to use infographics as part of your book marketing process.  It’s time for you to promote your book. Sadly, when it comes to being seen, authors don’t have it easy because […]

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