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Book Marketing Tips For Fiction And Non-Fiction With Ricci Wolman

I love learning from smart marketers who are using data to analyze what actually works in selling books. In today’s show, Ricci Wolman shares some brilliant tips based on extensive sales data through Freebooksy, Bargainbooksy and more. In the intro I mention the first Createspace print on demand book to hit the bestseller lists, perhaps […]

Soundtracks For Books: How One Author Is Using Booktrack For Her Novels

I live in central London and every time I travel on the Tube, I see people reading … with headphones plugged in. They are listening to music at the same time as reading.  My husband does it at home as well, usually to block out the sound of my interviews for the podcast. Ambient noise […]

Abundance For Authors And Taking Action With Honoree Corder

The ‘poor, starving artist’ myth has kept a lot of creatives down, but we’re living in a time of abundance – of creativity, of global readership and of the opportunity to publish and reach them. In this interview, Honoree Corder shares her abundance ideas for authors, plus some interesting ideas for expanding income streams. In […]

Broken, Not Bitter. An Author’s Life with Repetitive Strain Injuries

A writer’s life is not an inherently healthy one. We sit for long periods of time, and studies show that sedentary behavior is bad for us. We hunch over keys, creating back problems. We stare at screens, giving us headaches and we type and mouse a lot. All of this can lead to Repetitive Strain […]

Q&A Show On Self-Publishing And Book Marketing With Joanna Penn

In today’s show, I tackle more of your questions from The Creative Penn survey about self-publishing and marketing. The last Q&A show was one of the most popular of the podcast, so I hope you enjoy this one too. In the intro, I mention that I visited Highgate Cemetery yesterday and if you’re a fellow […]

How To Build Your Own Self-Hosted Author Website In Under 30 Minutes

Your website is one of the most important things to get sorted if you’re taking your career as an author seriously. It’s your home on the internet and the hub for your books. It’s how readers, agents, publishers, journalists, bloggers and podcasters judge how professional you are. It’s where you can start to build an […]

Discipline And Practice In Writing And Swordfighting With Guy Windsor

Sometimes I just have to interview people I think are super cool and today I talk about swordfighting with Guy Windsor I haven’t yet included a swordfighting scene into my modern day thrillers, but it might have to happen, because this was a lot of fun We also talk about how the discipline and practice […]

How I Make A Six Figure Income With My Writing

I love the transparency of the indie world. It’s so important for us to share information so we can learn from each other. I’ve just finished my 2014 -2015 tax returns in the UK, so I wanted to share my breakdowns in the hope that it helps you with your author business. How does my […]

Productivity And Working Smarter, Confidence For Writers And Breaking The Rules With Chandler Bolt

I love meeting people who challenge me by what they accomplish and how they work. Chandler Bolt has inspired me with his focused and ‘work smarter’ approach and today I interview him about how he does it. Here come the productivity tips! In the intro, I talk about the launch of Deviance and the Desecration […]

5 Lessons Learned From Writing 10 Fiction Books

Deviance is out today! It’s my tenth fiction book, the 3rd in the London Psychic series which completes the trilogy. There are also 7 books in the ARKANE series, 4 novels and 3 novellas. So these days, I finally feel like I have a bit of a clue about what I’m doing so here’s a […]

Genre, Story Tips And Getting A Film Deal With Charles Harris

It’s always good to learn from industry professionals outside our direct area of writing. Today I discuss genre, loglines and getting a film deal with Charles Harris. In the intro, I mention some VERY exciting news! I’ve just hired my husband out of his corporate job to join the business and that gives me more […]

Start Before You Know What You’re Doing. Interview With Joanna Penn On The Writer’s Journey.

I’m in my 7th year of the writing journey and things have changed a LOT in that time! In this interview on Lovelyn Bettison’s Imagine the Possibilities podcast, I go through how it all got started, how I changed careers and what I’ve learned along the way. I talk about going from newbie author to […]

Digital, Mobile, Global, Indie? The Future Of Publishing With Thad McIlroy

Regular listeners will know that I am a (not so closet) futurist. Today I get to indulge my passion with Future of Publishing author, publishing consultant and speaker, Thad McIlroy. Yes, we both get super excited about mobile, digital, global sales and the creative disruption of indies! In the intro, I round up my time […]

Ambition, Writing Tips And Being An Indie At #ThrillerFest15

This was my third Thrillerfest and as in previous years, I was amongst my tribe! I also heard several other authors say the same thing, “I couldn’t find my people anywhere else, but here, I feel at home.” Here are some of my highlights from this year and you can also check out my 2012 […]

Social Media Tips For Writers With Frances Caballo

I learned a ton of new stuff about social media in this interview with Frances Caballo from SocialMediaJustForWriters. I know you will too! I’ve scheduled this in advance as I am away in New York for Thrillerfest. In the intro I mention Deviance, which is out on pre-order right now at a reduced price of […]

Webinar: Find Your First 10,000 Readers And Put Your Book Marketing On Autopilot With Nick Stephenson

I’ve shared before how Nick Stephenson’s advice helped me to grow my own fiction email list substantially, so I am super excited to be able to present this webinar for my audience. Click here to learn more and book your seat at the webinar. This is a free value-packed webinar with Nick covering: Why Amazon […]

Audiobook Production And Marketing Tips with Jeffrey Kafer

I’m super excited about growth in audiobook sales in the coming year and today I discuss lots of interesting aspects with Jeffrey Kafer, award winning voice talent and narrator for one of my latest audiobooks, One Day in New York. In the intro, I mention my tech and health gremlins, the KDP Select page count […]

Writing Habits And Routines, Filling The Creative Well And More Tips On Writing And Productivity

This is an excerpted chapter from my latest book, How To Make a Living with Your Writing. You can’t make a living from your writing if you’re not actually writing. And while writing may seem easy to some and it has its fun moments, it’s actually really hard work! I think it’s the best job […]

Do You Want To Move From Author To Entrepreneur? Check Out The Self-Publishing Summit

I’m super excited about the Self-Publishing Summit, coming up July 12 – 23 – and you can access the amazing speakers for free! Read on to find out more. 35 top authors and entrepreneurs will be speaking and the event’s broken down into 3 steps so it’s easy to navigate. You can get access to […]

On Writing And Mindset For Indie Authors With Susan Kaye Quinn

So much of becoming a successful author, indie or otherwise, is about mindset. Today I talk to Susan Kaye Quinn about some of the biggest issues we all have as writers: self doubt, fear of judgement and comparisonitis. We also go into branding and tips on organizing your marketing. In the intro, I mention the […]

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