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Writing Tips: How to Finally Get that Novel Written

I started writing journals in 1990. I was 15, and I dreamed of being a novelist.  But I didn’t seriously commit to writing my first novel until 2009 when I was 34, nearly 20 years later.  Sure, I had plenty of ideas, and I read a LOT of writing books and went to all kinds […]

Take Your Writing And Author Business To The Next Level With This Limited Time Books For Writers Bundle

If you’re ready to take your writing and your author business to the next level, check out this awesome bundle of books and resources. Available for a limited time only! The initial titles in the Write Stuff Bundle 2017 (minimum $5 to purchase) are: The Crime of Our Lives by Lawrence Block Goals & Dreams: […]

Audiobook Production, Distribution And Sales With J. Daniel Sawyer

Publishing industry reports continue to show the rise of audiobook sales, and there are lots of opportunities for indie authors to get their books out there in audio. In today’s show, J. Daniel Sawyer explains some of the options. In the intro, I mention the Digital Book World report on what’s fueling the audiobook boom, […]

How to Use Gumroad To Create Multiple Streams Of Income From Your Book

A truly independent author does not rely on one product, one retailer, or one stream of income.  Because what if that one stream dries up?  That’s why I emphasize the importance of developing multiple streams of income for author-entrepreneurs. Direct sales from your website are one possibility, and although I personally choose to use, […]

K-lytics: The Easy Way To Use Data To Improve Your Book Sales

I understand the need to use data to improve my book sales, but I definitely don’t enjoy spending my time with categories, keywords, spreadsheets and ad results. I’d rather spend my time researching obscure artefacts in dusty museums, writing more books, or just getting on with life. ???? But recently, I’ve been co-writing sweet romance […]

Co-Writing Dark Fantasy In New Orleans With Lindsay Buroker, J Thorn And Zach Bohannon

A month ago, on March 18, 2017, four authors met for the first time at Chicago Union station and boarded an Amtrak train for New Orleans. On the (bumpy, noisy, sleepless) journey south, we plotted a story, then wrote for a week in New Orleans while having some adventures in the area. Today, the co-written book is […]

Writing Tips: 6 Points To Consider When Writing A Memoir

Memoir is one of those genres that many writers start with because it’s a slice of our own lives. It seems like it should be easier than making something up.  But actually, memoir is one of the most difficult genres to write. There’s your own personal process to go through, but there’s also the way […]

The Future of Publishing: AI, Mixed Reality, Machine Learning And More With Thad McIlroy

In 2007, Apple released the iPhone and Amazon released the first Kindle. A LOT has changed in the publishing world since then. Technology has shifted reading as well as writing and new companies spring up every day that may disrupt the old order of things. Today I talk to Thad McIlroy about the future of […]

Am I Good Enough? The Validation Of Awards For Writers

This week, the International Thriller Writers announced the finalists for the 2017 awards. My novel, Destroyer of Worlds is a finalist for the Best Ebook Original category and I am over the moon! So why does this mean so much to me? (1) Validation One of the amazing things about being an indie author is […]

How To Make More Money With Your Books. Joanna Penn Presents At London Book Fair 2017

It is possible to make a very good income as an author these days, but you need to think further than one book, one format or one platform. In this short, 12 -minute presentation from the London Book Fair 2017, I share how you can make more money with your books. I presented alongside Orna Ross, […]

The Importance Of Time For Selling Books And Building An Author Career With Bryan Cohen

Finding time to write while juggling family and work commitments is one of the hardest things for creatives. It also takes time to build your writing career once you do get some books out there. Today, Bryan Cohen and I discuss these issues as well as tips for selling more books. In the intro, I […]

The Bulletproof Writer: How To Deal With Rejection

Rejection is part of the writer’s life, whether that’s from an agent or publisher, a one-star review, or lack of sales. But that doesn’t mean that rejection has to destroy you. Here are some tips from Michael Alvear on how to handle it in a more positive way.  What danger is to a cop, rejection is […]

How to Become a Successful Writer and Work Full-Time at a Day Job

Back in September 2011, I quit my consulting day job to become a full-time author-entrepreneur and I’ve never gone back. But I started writing my first non-fiction book in 2006 and my first novel in 2009, so it took me 5 years to transition out of that day job into full-time writing. So I know what […]

Podcasting Tips And Tricks With Jerod Morris

Podcasting definitely changed my life and so I am an evangelist for audio! Whether you want to start or improve your own show, or become a guest on other people’s, you’ll find lots of useful tips in this interview with Jerod Morris. In the introduction, I give an update from New Orleans where I’ve been co-writing […]

Can Changing Your Book Covers Really Help You Sell More Books?

One of the best things about being an indie author is the ability to change things over time.  It’s important because no one starts out with all the answers, and we all figure who we are and what our books mean along the author journey. I retitled and re-covered my first three books, and I’ve changed […]

Advertising For Authors With Mark Dawson

It’s a crowded book market, and even if you have a quality product with a great cover, you still need to get attention for your book somehow. Amazon Advertising opened up to all authors who publish on Amazon in Dec 2016, and I’ve been trying them out with some success. In today’s show, Mark Dawson […]

3 Unconventional Ways To Use Social Media To Effectively Find Your Readers

I’ve been a Twitter power user since 2009. It’s my favorite social media platform, and to be honest, it’s how this introvert manages a social life ????  But many authors make mistakes with their social media marketing. In today’s article, Dan Blank gives some tips on how to use social media effectively to help you […]

Using Improv Techniques For Creativity Plus Facebook Ad Tips With Andrea Vahl

Creativity in writing is about saying ‘yes’ to the Muse, about leaning into what we think, rather than self-censoring. But this is one of the hardest things about being a writer. In today’s interview, Andrea Vahl gives us some tips from improv and stand-up comedy. In the introduction, I discuss the latest Author Earnings report and […]

Self-Publishing And Diversity: Tips For Writing Diverse Books

I’m proud to say my family is diverse. I’m the eldest of five siblings and between us, we are Hungarian-Jewish-Kiwi, Nigerian, Canadian, Black British, and mixed race. The publishing industry has a historic lack of diversity, but self-publishing has enabled new voices to emerge. In today’s article, Lucy Mihajlich talks about her experience with a book that […]

What Authors Can Learn From the Music Business with Dave Kusek

Changes in the music industry have preceded the shift in publishing: physical to digital formats and now streaming and micro-payments; musicians choosing to go indie instead of joining big labels; and the need for multiple streams of income and building an audience online. Today, I explore these changes with David Kusek. In the intro, I mention […]

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