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A Few Days of Rest

On Thursday morning, I looked like this: Pic taken 24 hours later (Friday morning) at the gym. I saw my chiropractor on Thursday, and he checked out my sore left knee. (I know a chiro isn't the BEST person to see regarding running issues, but I trust him, he's close, and he's in-network so it costs me $0. Show More Summary

Baby Henry / Biking Memory

This was my "Facebook memory" from yesterday: Such a chubby little guy!! Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1384: Ironic Things

#6 has to be a joke. Right? Lots more funny things posted all day long on Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1383: Parenting

This was us with Henry FOR SURE. I have a picture like this of baby Charlie inside my robe as I worked one morning. YESSSSSSS. Lots more funny things on Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1382: Realistic Slogans

Here's what it might look like if this handful of companies had realistic slogans: Remember that Chick-Fil-A story? Whooo doggy, that was a good one. And the Hidden Valley Ranch slogan is WHY I EAT VEGGIES. More funny things on Steve in a Speedo

2017 Year-End Training Totals

- Swim: 140,570 yards (79.87 miles) - Bike: 1,687.14 miles (20.18 mph ave), only a few miles of that pulling my boys on my MTN bike. - Run: 800.15 miles (7:15 / mile ave), 83.88 miles of that in the single stroller, 104.71 miles of that...Show More Summary

Waterpark Weekend

Just 3 quick photos from a busy weekend. Back with training updates soon. My Mother-In-Law turned 60 on Friday, so all of her kids (and their spouses) went to a stand-up show at a club at the Mall of America: The first act opened with...Show More Summary

Dead Toe

My beat-up toenail that I first posted about last weekend has turned a nice shade of deep purple: This has been an important update. You may now continue with your weekend. Thank you. Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1381: Women Tweet About Men

Lots more funny things posted all day long on Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1380: Bad Christmas Gifts

Now that we're past the holidays, it's time to share the worst Christmas presents: He gets a photo of himself on a shirt every year for Christmas. He wanted 100 things from the dollar store. That's what he god. Graphic designer designs...Show More Summary

Friday Funny 1379: Satan on Twitter

Lots more funny things posted on Steve in a Speedo

Winter "Camping" at Lake Shetek

You know how it's been COLD here in Minnesota over the last few days? Well, when that cold hit last week, the boys and I went "camping" in a camper cabin in far south-western Minnesota. Here are a few pics: Every camping trip starts with this photo... ... Show More Summary

More Intervals, Retired Shoes, and Winter "Camping"

I went on my last run in these orange Nikes yesterday: You gorgeous ladies have treated me well in the last half of 2017! I usually like to put around 350 miles on my running shoes, but these have over 460. I finished the year nicely with that fartlek workout I like to do at the track at my gym. Show More Summary

Frozen Long Run

The middle of this past week was cold. We were below 0 for quite some time during a few days. When it was 8 below 0 on Wednesday morning, I headed out for 9-10 miles. Part way into the run, EVEN THOUGH I was wearing pants, Under Armour tight shorts, and (most importantly) wind-proof briefs, I felt my penis getting a bit too cold. Show More Summary

Friday Funny 1378: The Sneakiest Cheaters

(via) As someone said in a comment where these were found: “Let's see: I got one student checking compulsively under her fingernails with several other girls squinting at their nails; another student ripping up a band-aid on their arm...Show More Summary

Friday Funny 1377: The Best Non-Sexual Feelings

#3 IS THE BEST. #10? "Pee shivers?" I do NOT like those. But new socks (#14) are magical. Lots more funny things posted all weekend long on Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1376: Honest Signs

Some brutally honest signs (from Pleated Jeans): Technically true. It just sounds unpleasant. If you like funny signs, check out these 3 "Friday Funny" posts regarding signs from the last few years: Funny Signs, Obvious Signs, and Bar Signs. More funny things posted on Steve in a Speedo

A Running Stroller That Nobody Wants

A spunky librarian friend posted a video of a “hands-free” running stroller on my Facebook page last week: Here’s a direct link to the actual Facebook video that she shared with me. It’s just 70 seconds long. This was my initial response: So yeah... Show More Summary

Christmas at the In-Laws

Just a quick Christmas pic from my in-laws over the weekend: Me and my crew of 4 of the right. My family last night! #MarriedUp Merry Christmas! Hope everyone can spend some time with loved ones! Steve in a Speedo

Consistent Long Runs

On Wednesday, I tweeted this: This week makes 3 weeks straight of long runs 8.5 - 9.1 miles (all just over 60 minutes). Three weeks ago was the week that didn't crack 1 hour, but it was under 2 minutes shy. And then 2 weeks before they...Show More Summary

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