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My Wife's MUDDY 50K Race!

My rockstar wife finished the "Surf the Murph" 50K trail race on Saturday! (A 50K is about 31 miles for those readers from imperial countries.) I'm so proud of her! I stopped by to cheer her on after she was about 3 hours into the race. Show More Summary

Successful 11 Mile Run! Bring on the 13.1!

Last weekend, I posted that I hadn't ran in a week due to some ankle pain. I was hoping to run a bit, and then do a long run to "test" it to see if everything would hold up for a hopeful half marathon next weekend. Well, early on Wednesday morning, I got in 11 miles! I even did some "pace work" in the middle of that run. Show More Summary

Friday Funny 1345: Parents at Mealtime

Our household knows it: it can be BRUTAL getting kids to eat. So here are some funny tweets about parents dealing with mealtime: Those last 2 have happened in my house. Find lots more funny stuff posted 10x every day on Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1344: Insane Tinder Profiles

Some of these are a little spicy. If you're easily offended or don't like sex jokes then WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY BLOG?!? then maybe these aren't for you. Otherwise, enjoy: OMG. This is amazing. Lots more funny stuff posted all day long on Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1343: Strange Cars

This one reminds me of "Not Your Grandma's Cross Stitch" Friday Funny from 2 weeks ago... See lots more funny stuff on Steve in a Speedo

Final TC 10 Mile Photos, Garmin Data, Etc.

Here are three random things from the TC 10 Mile from over 2 weeks ago: FIRST: I only got one “official” photo from the race, and it was coming down the hill past the Cathedral with 0.2 miles left: Close up. Not too ugly for being the...Show More Summary

Streaking! (Sept in Review and an Injury Update)

Here's how my training looked in Sept leading up to the TC 10 Mile on Oct 1st: SWIM: 10,900 yards BIKE: 190.98 miles BIKE TRAINER: 1 hour 15 mins RUN: 81.98 miles STRENGTH/CORE: 17 hours 15 mins In mid-February, I had a bit of a knee/quad issue that wasn't going away with rest. Show More Summary

Injury Update: Haven't Ran for a Week

I posted last Monday about some ankle issues I had just before the TC 10 Mile (and the week after it). Later that Monday, I saw my chiropractor thinking that something needed to be adjusted in my ankle (it had been cracking and popping as I noted in Monday's post). Show More Summary

Friday Funny 1342: Fall

The temps are finally dropping. We still haven't had to turn on our heat, but we have used our fireplace a few evenings recently. Here's a final "Friday Funny" for today about fall: Lots more funny things posted a day long on HAPPY WEEKEND! Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1341: Trust Issues

Here are 16 people with trust issues... and for obvious reasons. (via) Well WHAT do you actually do?!? Lots more funny things posted 10x every day on Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1340: What Dr. Seuss Books Are REALLY About

These are old, but gold. Lots more funny things posted all day long on Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1339: Funnies About Food

Here are 21 funny/true tweets about food: I relate so hard with the "cookie dough" one (#12). Related to food: this video: Lots more funny stuff posted all day long on Steve in a Speedo

TC 10 Mile Photos from Mile 9.3

Coach Gary Westlund from the “Charities Challenge” races put up a Facebook album of 257 photos from the TC 10 Mile. I started looking through it for a picture of me as I waved at him when went past. I flipped through a lot of photosShow More Summary

Gotta Get Those High Fives!

After the TC 10 Mile 10 days ago, race buddy Facebooked me regarding his mention in my race report: (Yes, my final comment is a Simpson's reference...) Here's a photo from my race report showing me taking "the long way" around a curve as I cut across to high five my kids and niece and nephew. Show More Summary

Week of Training Post-Race

Eight days ago was the TC 10 Mile, and here's what last week looked like: - Wed: swim 6x200 - Thurs: bike 23 miles (moderate) - Fri: run 4 miles easy - Sat: bike trainer easy-ish for 50 mins - Sun: run 7.9 miles easy/moderate NoticeShow More Summary

Oops I Did It Again...

My sister-in-law Angela asked me a few weeks ago what I knew about a race called the "Minneapolis Halloween Half Marathon." I hadn't heard of it. We found out it's a brand new race this year. We're counting on it being a decent raceShow More Summary

Friday Funny 1338: Funny Tweets About College

Just 29 tweets about college: More funny stuff on Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1337: Things Men Will Understand

To be fair, I think women will understand most of these too. (Maybe women don't know that there are 2 kinds of men when it comes to #9 - I'm always the one on the right.) Oh man... the the shower one (#3) is tooooooo real. Lots more funny things posted all day long on Steve in a Speedo

Friday Funny 1336: Not Your Grandma's Cross Stitch

This isn't what I think of when I think of cross stitch. But that's a good thing. Lots more funny things posted all week long on Steve in a Speedo

Sept 2010 vs Sept 2017: Leading up to the TC 10 Mile

In 2010, Coach Jen coached me to a 59:05 TC 10 Mile. Just before last weekend's TC 10 Mile, I was wondering about my training leading up to that race vs this race. Here's my training this year vs 2010: Sept 2017 Sept 2010 Basically,Show More Summary

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