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Thank You

About a week ago, I started a list of people and companies I’m grateful to. At some point, the list became overwhelming. Twelve years (I’m rounding up by four months or so, but I don’t think anyone is really surprised to have me exaggerate) of people being unbelievably nice to you can make creating a [...]

All FatCyclist Gear Now at Closeout Prices (Plus Free Socks)

If you’ve been on the fence about getting yourself (or someone you like) a new cycling kit, maybe it’s time to get off the fence.  Why? Cuz right now the remainder of my FatCyclist gear — 2015 and 2016 styles included — are on sale below my cost. Obviously I don’t have every item at every [...]

100 (+8) Miles of Nowhere Race Report: NASCAR Race Track Edition, by Don Buttram

A Note from Fatty About Someone Else’s Blog: Rich Dillen’s blog is a national treasure, which is why I’m starting a petition to get a movie made about it where that guy from Raising Arizona goes on a Very Dangerous Scavenger Hunt to find it. But until then, you can probably find it just by [...]

100 Miles of Nowhere Race Report: Family Fun Edition

A Note from Fatty: I am always awestruck by people who have the energy, tenacity, and skill to organize actual real-life events. As you’ve probably noticed, I am not one of those people. Which is why I put on a ridiculous virtual event: the 100 Miles of Nowhere.  What amazes and inspires me is that some [...]

100 [mumbles] of Nowhere Race Report, by Jeff D and Carlos P

A Note from Fatty: I’m very happy to be posting this story today, because it’s proof that I’m a real thinker. See, this is by a couple long-time Friends of Fatty — Jeff Dieffenbach and Carlos Perea — who got together for their own wacky race / road trip. It’s a longish post…which means you [...]

100 KoN Race Report: First-time Viking edition

A Note from Fatty: I’m always excited when I get an outside-the-US 100MoN race report, and I’m always excited when I get a race report from a first-timer. So this report — by Erin B of Trondheim, Norway — is a double-whammy of awesomeness. Enjoy! 100 KoN Race Report: First-time Viking editionby Erin B   I signed up [...]

100 Miles of Nowhere Race Report: Winner of the Mostly-True Division

A Note from Fatty: I love Nick’s race report, and applaud his use of profanity as a metric for distance. I swear, my readers have completely outstripped me, creativity-wise. A Mostly True Race Reportby Nick Charles I’m not a cyclist. I’m a bike rider. I’m not even an athlete. My idea of “getting serious” about doing 3 [...]

The Bean King: 100MoN Race Report, by Martin Bunge

A Note from Fatty: I love all the 100MoN race reports that come my way, but there are certain people I always especially look forward to hearing from, based on their previous 100MoN efforts. Martin Bunge is at the top of that list. He brings an inspired nuttiness to his efforts, whether he’s riding a [...]

100 Miles of Nowhere, Polar Bear Edition

A Note from Fatty: Congratulations to everyone who’s ridden (or is going to be riding) the 2016 100 Miles of Nowhere! I’m really excited to start posting your race reports and stories.  As a reminder, please email me ( your stories with “100 Miles of Nowhere” or “100MoN” somewhere in the subject line, so I don’t lose [...]

The Real Problem

I know, I’ve been gone and haven’t said why. It’s just been work: we ship a new version of a product Thursday, and I’m busy. You know, to the extent that I’m working late, working early, and working weekends.  But I wanted to write a little something today anyway, so you’d know I’m alive and stuff. Plus, I [...]

2016 100MoN Race Report: Winner of the Cascade Springs 50+ Age Group Division

A Note from Fatty: I know, I said I was going to start writing up my Crusher in the Tushar race report. But today I have my 100 Miles of Nowhere race report fresh in my mind, so I’m going to write it instead. Are you cool with that? Awesome. There’s some irony to my 100 [...]

2016 Crusher in the Tushar: A Tale of Many Women, Part 0

If you are a cyclist, you have a lot of fun. Like, way more fun than you can even hold in your head. This is cycling’s greatest truth.  This is also cycling’s curse. The fact is, as a cyclist, all your memories of the fun you have is going to start piling up, getting jumbled in your [...]

Interim Dream Bike

About a dozen days ago, I posted a little survey, asking you to tell me about your dream bike. (The survey is still open, by the way.) I wasn’t posting this survey idly; I’m really genuinely curious how other people think about dream bikes, because — much to The Hammer’s dismay — I have begun [...]

Guest Post: How leroy Won the 2015 Lantern Rouge 100MoN Competition

A “Last Chance to Register Note from Fatty: Friday, October 21 is your last day to register for the 100 Miles of Nowhere. What better way to cross the registration finish line this year…than to publish one last race report from last year?  I’m very pleased to have leroy — a Seriously Incredible Friend of Fatty [...]

Guest Post: Don B’s 100 Miles of Nowhere Plan

A Note from Fatty: I love publishing readers’ stories from their 100 Miles of Nowhere efforts. Today, though, I want to do something a little different: give you a peek into Don B’s preparation for the 100 Miles of Nowhere. Partially, I’m doing this because Don has put something awesome together.  More than that, however, I wanted [...]

Buy the Good Stuff

A few weeks ago, Dug and I went out on a lunch ride. “There’s some new trail in Corner Canyon you should see,” he said. What he showed me was a two hour ride combining some of the greatest hits of Corner Canyon with some extraordinary new trail, first and foremost being a one-mile stretch of singletrack [...]

Take My Dreamy Dream Bike Survey

I’m still away from home, working a lot of hours…and riding very little. (OK, none.) For some reason, when I can’t ride much, I tend to think about riding even more. And — and this is the part The Hammer needs to worry about — I start thinking about my dream bike more often. I ask [...]

Serious Thoughts for the Weekend (and Next Week Too)

Hi there. I’m going to be traveling for work for all of next week, and kinda doubt that I’ll have time to update my blog (though if I can, I will, so maybe check in once or twice during the week). Before I go, though, there are three things I want to bring to your attention. [...]

Gloves Fatty Loves (Plus Two Very Helpful Glove-Related Tips)

A 100 Miles of Nowhere Registration Update from Fatty: I’m really excited to be raising money for Camp Kesem, one of my favorite charities — they provide free, weeklong camps for kids affected by a parent’s cancer. My twins have been every year since Susan passed away and it’s the highlight of their summer.  If you [...]

Now Open: 2016 100 Miles of Nowhere

Hi there, and welcome to my post announcing registration for the 2016 100 Miles of Nowhere. If you already know the drill and just want to go to the registration page, click here. And for those of you who want to know what the t-shirt looks like, here you go:  And in case you’re having a hard [...]

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