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Public-Sector Union Fees Don’t Violate the First Amendment

The argument behind Janus v. AFSCME is based on a faulty premise. This piece originally appeared at The Nation.  Can state employees who decline to join a union in their workplace be required to pay fees to support the union’s work? On February 26, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Janus v. Show More Summary

New Data Reveals Milwaukee Police Stops Are About Race and Ethnicity

Milwaukee residents have long thought they were targeted for their race. New data reveals they were right all along. For years, Black and Latino residents of Milwaukee have protested the fact that they and their neighborhoods have been consistently and unfairly targeted for overzealous police stops. Show More Summary

There's No Such Thing as 'Consensual Sex' When a Person Is in Police Custody

In New York and 34 other states, police officers accused of raping people in their custody can offer a consent defense. On the night of Sept. 15, 2017, Edward Martins and Richard Hall, narcotics detectives with the New York Police Department, pulled over an 18-year-old woman and her two male friends for being in a park after dark. Show More Summary

Can Schools Discipline Students for Protesting?

Students have turned last week's school shooting into an exemplary push for change. Here's a quick primer on their rights. Students around the country are turning last week’s heartbreaking school shooting in Parkland, Florida, into an inspiring and exemplary push for legislative change. Show More Summary

6 South Carolina Legislators Want Same-Sex Marriages to Be Called 'Parody Marriages'

Same-sex marriage is a product of the secular humanist religion and thus unconstitutional, bill's sponsors say. Sometimes legislators do something so discriminatory and full of hate that it’s hard to believe someone isn’t trying to pull your leg. Show More Summary

Debt Collection Companies Have Hijacked the Justice System

People who can’t afford to pay bills face arrest and jailing because of powerful money-hungry debt collectors. Denise Zencka, a mother of three in Indiana, had to file for bankruptcy because she couldn’t afford to repay her bills for treatment for thyroid cancer. Show More Summary

House Members Are Pushing a Bill That Will Roll Back the Rights of People With Disabilities

The "ADA Education and Reform Act" neither reforms nor educates. The entrance to the post office in a small town was up a flight of 20 steps. When told he needed to make the post office accessible to wheelchair users, the postmaster was befuddled. Show More Summary

Where Does #MeToo Start?

How sex stereotypes in schools perpetuate sexual harassment in the workplace and beyond. Reckoning with the prevalence of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the wake of #MeToo has prompted many to reexamine the conditions that have allowed harassment and violence to flourish. Show More Summary

Appeals Court Declares Third Muslim Ban Unconstitutional

Trump’s ban, says court, “strikes at the basic notion that the government may not act based on religious animosity.” Once again, an appeals court ruled that President Trump’s Muslim ban — now in its third iteration — violates the Constitution’s...Show More Summary

Take It From a Death Row Exoneree: The Dallas County DA Election Is a Big Deal

The most powerful elected official you've never heard of. This piece originally appeared at the Dallas Morning News. On March 6, the voters of Dallas County will begin the process of choosing their next district attorney. This is a critical...Show More Summary

We’re Challenging Ohio Lawmakers’ Thinly Veiled Attempt to Push Abortion Out of Reach

The Ohio law pretends to protect people with disabilities, but it’s really an attack on a woman’s reproductive rights. Ohio politicians have launched yet another attack on women’s health and reproductive rights, and to make matters worse,...Show More Summary

ICE Keeps Challenging Federal Courts’ Authority — And Losing.

In national assault on immigrants’ rights, ICE believes no population is off the table. U.S. law and courts say otherwise. In a recent span of 10 days, four courts issued decisions that could literally save lives. Our clients live across...Show More Summary

I Sentenced a Teen to Die in Prison. I Regret It.

A retired judge sentenced a teenager to 241 years in prison. She now believes her sentence was unconstitutional. This piece originally appeared at The Washington Post.  “You will die in the Department of Corrections.” Those are the words...Show More Summary

Your Rights in the Border Zone

As Customs and Border Protection becomes increasingly aggressive, knowing your rights is crucial. On Jan. 19, two Border Patrol agents boarded a Greyhound bus at a Fort Lauderdale station and proceeded to question passengers row by row. Show More Summary

Ohio’s Chief Justice Stands Up to Jeff Sessions in Support of Low-Income People

Supreme court justice in Ohio reminds judges everywhere that criminalizing poverty is unconstitutional. In late December, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded crucial guidance that advised courts not to unfairly punish people simply for being poor. Show More Summary

House Members Are Pushing a Bill That Will Roll Back the Rights of People With Disabilities

The "ADA Education and Reform Act" Neither Reforms nor Educates The entrance to the post office in a small town was up a flight of 20 steps. When told he needed to make the post office accessible to wheelchair users, the postmaster was befuddled. Show More Summary

9 Major Insurance Companies Are Profiting the Most Off the Broken Bail System

Accredited Surety is one bail shark among many who exploits poor Americans trying to make bail. Chances are you’ve never heard of Bermuda-based insurance investment conglomerate Randall & Quilter and its wholly owned Florida-based company...Show More Summary

Police Officer Wins Settlement From City That Fired Him for Not Shooting a Black Man

To combat the use of excessive and deadly force by police, we need more officers trained in de-escalation nationwide. In the early hours of May 6, 2016, the lives of rookie police officer Stephen Mader and R.J. Williams intersected in Weirton, West Virginia. Show More Summary

Why the U.S. War on ISIS Is Illegal

No court has ever addressed the government’s justifications for military force in so many places. Now, one will. The United States’ war with al-Qaida has gone on so long, and has metastasized into so many different uses of U.S. armed...Show More Summary

Good News!

Novelist Joyce Carol Oates dystopian short story on America in the post-civil liberties era Or so at first it seemed. I’d been named valedictorian of my class at Pennsboro High School. And I’d been the only one at our school, of five...Show More Summary

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