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Artist Trevor Paglen talks to Jameel Jaffer about the Aesthetics of NSA Surveillance

Trevor Paglen is a New York-based artist whose work blurs lines between science, contemporary art, and journalism. On Friday, a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, will hear argument in Wikimedia v. NSA, a challenge to the lawfulness of “upstream” surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency. Show More Summary

Is This the Beginning of the End for Solitary Confinement in the United States?

Solitary confinement is increasingly being seen for what it is: a blight on the U.S. criminal justice system. Solitary confinement is a cruel and all too usual punishment in our country today. But there’s big change in the air.  TheShow More Summary

‘The Gray Wastes’ Are Built Upon Structures of Exclusion and Violence

Racial equality will only be possible when Americans examine the structural reasons for our persistent racial problems. Last week, two different sources within two days’ time voiced a very similar message about race. Both the timingShow More Summary

Let’s Assume the Kids (and Ahmed) Are Alright, Not Criminals

A 14-year-old reminder that irrational climates of fear threaten our civil liberties and hurt our children. Last Sunday night in Irving, Texas, a 14-year-old boy named Ahmed Mohamed got bored. But instead of firing up his X-Box for a...Show More Summary

Cops and Guards Getting Away With Murder (Taser Edition)

Natasha McKenna was tased to death in jail. The state conveniently claims she died from “excited delirium.” This piece originally appeared at The Guardian. “Excited delirium” might sound like a medical condition, but it’s not recognized by the American Medical Association. Show More Summary

Happy Constitution Day!

It's Constitution Day! Happy Constitution Day!  This lesser known holiday is just about as exciting to the ACLU as our birthday or New Year’s Eve, as it’s the day we get to highlight what we’re most passionate about and what we fight...Show More Summary

When the Government Criminalizes Cursing, It’s the Real Lawbreaker

A federal judge dressed down officials from Liberty, New York, for not understanding the First Amendment. Willian Barboza was 21 years old when he, in frustration, crossed out the name of the New York town “Liberty” and wrote “Tyranny”...Show More Summary

Catholic Bishops Play Doctor with Pregnant Woman with Brain Tumor

We're fighting for a woman to get a common procedure denied by a Catholic hospital A pregnant woman about to give birth should be focused on holding her new baby in her arms, not fighting a Catholic hospital for the right to a common...Show More Summary

Ohio Admits It Has a Problem With Mass Incarceration

The state is beginning to take a close look at its criminal code in the hopes of improving it. The first step is always admitting you have a problem. Yesterday in Columbus, Ohio, I saw lawmakers do just that, launching what could be the best chance to improve the state’s criminal justice system. Show More Summary

I Was a Domestic Violence Victim. My Town Wanted Me Evicted for Calling 911

The proliferating number of nuisance laws nationwide threatens the safety and lives of those most vulnerable to abuse. This piece originally appeared on The Guardian I remember the day I realized that I had to stop calling the police, no matter what danger I was in. Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood Bullies Are Back at School and Acting Out Already

Back in D.C., Planned Parenthood opponents pick up where they left off Congress returned to Washington this week with a heap of pressing issues to tackle and very little time to do it.  They face a looming fiscal deadline by month’sShow More Summary

Trans People Are Dying But New Proposed Rules Will Save Lives

Proposed rule mandates coverage for “medically appropriate health services.” After a routine visit to the gynecologist, I received a letter from my insurance company billing me for almost $2000. The letter explained that the procedure...Show More Summary

Our Criminal Justice System Failed Jamycheal Mitchell

A prime example of why criminal justice reform is necessary now. This blog originally appeared at the ACLU of Virigina. At 5:45 a.m. on August 19, jail officials discovered Jamycheal Mitchell’s dead body on the floor of his cell at Hampton...Show More Summary

Dear Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, You’re In Contempt of Court and the Constitution

Kentucky Clerk continues to refuse to issue marriage licenses despite multiple rulings. Anyone who has taken a middle-school government class knows that respect for the rule of law is one of our most basic democratic principles. When a court orders you to do something, you can’t simply ignore it. Show More Summary

Montez Spradley, an Innocent Man Once on Death Row, Is Free

There are many more Montez Spradleys on death row. It’s time we abolished the death penalty for good. Montez Spradley is finally free. He walked out of prison late last week, after spending more than nine years behind bars — including...Show More Summary

Boston’s License Plate Reader Database Was Online in Plain Text With No Password Protection

The police's supposedly dead license plate surveillance program is very much alive and was terribly insecure. The Boston Transportation Department has been operating a license plate tracking program seeking to identify parking scofflaws,...Show More Summary

The Brave New World of Discrimination

If we’re not careful, big data will only exacerbate discrimination inside the United States. In recent years, the Internet has played an important role in the continuing battle against discrimination. Because of the ability to shareShow More Summary

The Ballad of Rowan County — Love Still Wins

We’re celebrating our win in Rowan County with a playlist for our clients. Enjoy. Yesterday, Kim Davis walked out of the Carter County Detention Center to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger,” pumping her fists in victory. The song choiceShow More Summary

Why You Can’t Just Go to Another Clerk or Bakery

Because no one deserves to be treated like a second-class citizen just because of who they are. This piece appeared originally at Slate. You wake up to the awful clamoring of the alarm clock, hit the snooze button, and drift back into a light sleep. Show More Summary

Trans People Are Dying But New Proposed Rules Will Save Lives

Proposed rule mandates coverage for “medically appropriate health services” After a routine visit to the gynecologist, I received a letter from my insurance company billing me for almost $2000. The letter explained that the procedure...Show More Summary

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