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A Big Win for Women Who Seek Care at Catholic Hospitals in Illinois

Illinois passes a bill to protect women at religious hospitals that routinely deny care. We’ve been fighting for nearly 100 years to protect religious freedom. Religious freedom, however, doesn't give people the right to use their beliefs to discriminate against and harm others. Show More Summary

Power Loves the Dark

Police nationwide are secretly exploiting intrusive technologies with the feds’ complicity. This piece originally appeared at TomDispatch.  Can’t you see the writing on the touchscreen? A techno-utopia is upon us. We’ve gone from smartphones at the turn of the twenty-first century to smart fridges and smart cars. Show More Summary

Prosecutors Still Using Race to Choose Juries in Death Penalty Cases, Despite Century of Supreme Court Rulings

Race-based jury selection is a flaw in capital punishment we can’t fix. It’s time to end the death penalty. Yesterday’s 7-1 Supreme Court decision in Foster v. Chatman was a huge victory for Timothy Foster, a 49-year-old Black man who has been on Georgia’s death row for 29 years. Show More Summary

The Federal Government Must Stop Catholic Hospitals From Harming More Women

We are filing a federal FOIA lawsuit to obtain patient complaints against Catholic hospitals. Unfortunately, it’s increasingly a common story. A woman who is expecting a baby rushes to the hospital knowing that something is going horribly awry. Show More Summary

Transphobia Hurts Us All, Especially Trans Women

When fear and hatred reign, antitrans discrimination has a way of becoming indiscriminate. Like any good attorney, I enjoy winning and being right. However, as a transgender attorney watching the fallout from antitransgender legislation across the country spin out of control, this is one time I wanted to be wrong. Show More Summary

Transphobia Hurts Us All, Especially Transwomen

When fear and hatred reign, antitrans discrimination has a way of becoming indiscriminate. Like any good attorney, I enjoy winning and being right. However, as a transgender attorney watching the fallout from antitransgender legislation across the country spin out of control, this is one time I wanted to be wrong. Show More Summary

Who Should Control Your Genetic Information — You or Corporate Laboratories?

Myriad Genetics denied its customers access to their full genetic record in violation of federal law. Should patients have the same right to access their genetic information from a laboratory as they would a copy of their MRI, X-rays,...Show More Summary

Why the Prosecution of Chelsea Manning Was Unconstitutional

The selective prosecution of those who disclose government information is profoundly dangerous to our democracy. Disclosures of government information happen all the time, whether by officials seeking to advance their interests or by whistleblowers exposing misconduct for public benefit. Show More Summary

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act Is Used to Discriminate. Let's Fix It.

The Do No Harm Act would amend RFRA to ensure federal law protects religious liberty without harming others. This piece originally ran at Religion News Service. When Congress passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 1993, theShow More Summary

The Misconduct Continues: Border Officer Verbally Abuses 51-Year-Old Grandmother By Calling Her a ‘Whore’

Border police continue to violate people’s rights and strip them of their dignity without consequence. A version of this blog originally ran at the ACLU of New Mexico. “You’re a whore.” That’s what a U.S. Customs and Border Protection...Show More Summary

One Year Later: We Still Don’t Know How Many Shot by Police

When the federal government gives out federal dollars, law enforcement has to hand over the data. One year ago today, the White House released The Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing – 116 pages of recommendations...Show More Summary

A Historic Week for Transgender Rights

The federal government just took dramatic action to protect the rights of transgender Americans. Thank President Obama for protecting transgender rights Decades from now, I’m going to look back at the second week of May 2016 as a historic turning point for transgender equality. Show More Summary

Pregnancy Is Scary Enough Without Having To Worry That a Catholic Hospital Might Turn You Away

As more hospital beds reside in Catholic hospitals, more women will have healthcare choices made by bishops, not doctors. This piece originally appeared at The Huffington Post.  Maybe I’m just more attuned to it these days — your 30s will do that to you — but lately it feels like everyone I know has a scary story about pregnancy. Show More Summary

Airline Pilots Should Not Have to Choose Between Their Jobs and Breastfeeding Their Babies

Frontier Airlines made me and other female pilots choose between our jobs and breastfeeding our children. I’m a commercial airline pilot, and I love my job. As a kid, I was obsessed with airplanes.  My parents encouraged my passion for...Show More Summary

Why Government Use of Social Media Monitoring Software Is a Direct Threat to Our Liberty and Privacy

Rather than accepting SMMS’s use by police as inevitable, we should consider the serious implications for our society. A version of this post originally appeared at the ACLU of Oregon. As we’ve previously written about, analysts at the...Show More Summary

Transgender People Aren’t A Threat To You

The anti-trans crusade isn’t about protecting children. It’s about demonizing difference. Over the course of the past few weeks, we have witnessed an escalation of anti-trans rhetoric, which is saying a lot for state legislative season...Show More Summary

After Losing in Court, Michigan Funeral Home Now Claims Religion Justifies Firing Transgender Woman

The First Amendment’s religious freedom protections don’t give employers license to discriminate. For decades transgender people have been fired or turned away from jobs just because of who they are. Courts and federal agencies are finally...Show More Summary

When Traffic Cops Become Part of Immigration Enforcement, Civil Rights Violations Are Almost Inevitable

An ACLU of Arizona investigation reveals that 75 percent of traffic stops by Tucson police have constitutional problems. Whether they like it or not, state and local police do not have the authority to enforce immigration law. And that’s...Show More Summary

Victory! Court Rules Against Louisiana’s Online Censorship Law

A federal judge has blocked a harmful Louisiana law that chills the exercise of free speech rights. Before Friday, a Louisiana bookstore might have feared prosecution for allowing a teenager to browse a book like “The Catcher in theShow More Summary

You Serve Your Time, Earn Your Freedom, Then the Job Market Shuts the Door in Your Face

Jason Hernandez had to take extreme measures to get around employers’ bias against former prisoners. This piece originally appeared on The Huffington Post. When I was in prison on a nonviolent drug offense, all I could think about was getting out, even though I had a life sentence without parole. Show More Summary

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