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How Trump's Threats Against the NFL Could Violate the First Amendment

Official threats of retaliation can chill speech, with or without actual punishment. Across the country, African-American athletes have been taking a knee or raising a fist during the national anthem. They are protesting the killings...Show More Summary

I’m a Sexual Assault Survivor, and for That I Will Not be an AmeriCorps Member

The national public service organization discriminates against people with mental health issues for no good reason. For many soon to be college-graduates, the unfolding of the final year of college holds literally endless opportunities. Show More Summary

We Don’t Think an 8-Year-Old Boy Should Be Put in Handcuffs. A Judge Finally Agreed With Us.

A federal judge just put a small crack in the school to prison pipeline. In the fall of 2014, “SR,” a little 8-year-old boy in Kenton County, Kentucky, had a terrible day at school. The assistant principal put him in a restraint hold after he yelled at kids who were mean to him. Show More Summary

We’re Suing the Government for Violating the Rights of Passengers on Delta Airlines 1583 in Police-State Fashion

CBP agents detained every passenger on a domestic flight and forced them to show their papers before deplaning. On February 22, 2017, Delta Airlines Flight 1583 departed San Francisco and headed for John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. Show More Summary

Think You Have a Constitutional Right to an Attorney? Not in Many South Carolina Courts

Municipal courts in South Carolina are treating the right to counsel as a luxury the poor cannot afford. Imagine getting arrested, charged with a crime, prosecuted, convicted, and hauled off to jail. Imagine that happening without ever being represented by a lawyer. Show More Summary

Kansas Won’t Let Me Train Math Teachers Because I Boycott Israel

The state should not be telling people what causes they can or can’t support. I’m a member of the Mennonite Church. I’ve also been a math teacher for almost a decade. Because of my political views, the state of Kansas has decided that...Show More Summary

Our Fight to Stop Discriminatory Screening Practices at AmeriCorps

The program's intrusive health screening forms and guidelines discriminate against people with disabilities. Has your employer, school, or volunteer program ever required you to disclose all the medications you are taking – including...Show More Summary

Want to Roll Back Trump's Tough on Crime Playbook? Then We Must Elect Candidates Committed to Criminal Justice Reform.

Nixon's tough on crime political playbook has resulted in a mass incarceration crisis. This piece originally appeared at In Justice Today. It’s been almost 50 years since President Richard Nixon played the law-and-order card to help him win the presidency. Show More Summary

The Right to Boycott is Under Threat

The First Amendment squarely protects the right to boycott. This article was originally published at Haaretz. The First Amendment squarely protects the right to boycott. Lately, though, a legislative assault on that right has been spreading...Show More Summary

Justice for José Antonio, a 16-Year-Old Boy Killed By U.S. Border Patrol

There is no Constitution-free zone where border patrol agents can kill unarmed civilians, no matter their country. If a U.S. Border Patrol agent uses excessive and unnecessary force to kill a noncitizen in a foreign country, are there consequences under the U.S. Show More Summary

Discrimination Is the Big Winner in the Justice Department’s New Religious Guidelines

The Trump administration’s religious -liberty guidelines undermine equality and the separation of church and state. The Department of Justice today issued religious-liberty guidelines for all federal agencies, and anyone who values equality...Show More Summary

I Lost My DACA Status for No Reason. Now I’m Suing to Get It Back.

I joined a class-action lawsuit to restore my DACA status and to make sure others don't go through the same experience. One night in February, when I had been working as a driver for Uber and Lyft   almost a year, I got a call from a friend. Show More Summary

The House Is Moving Along a Bill Worth $10 Billion That Would Fund Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful’ Wall and Expand His Deportation Force

A House committee advanced a bill yesterday that will only make the unconstitutional abuses at our borders worse. Last month, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Immigration Statistics concluded “the southwest land border...Show More Summary

We’re Suing the Trump Administration for Taking DACA Away From People Who’ve Followed the Rules

The ACLU just filed a lawsuit against the arbitrary termination of people’s DACA protections. In April, President Trump had a message for the 800,000 young undocumented immigrants who were given permission to live in the U.S. under President...Show More Summary

Think Religiously Motivated Discrimination Can’t Affect You? Guess Again.

No one should be fired from their job simply because they are transgender. Aimee Stephens knows first-hand how religiously-motivated discrimination can wreck your life. Aimee worked as a funeral director for a Michigan funeral home for six years. Show More Summary

Why My Patients Need Easier Ways to Get the Abortion Pill

My patients have to fly 150 miles to get an abortion pill because of medically unnecessary regulations. For the past eight years, I have been a family medicine doctor in Kauai, Hawaii, providing a range of health services and delivering over 800 babies on the island. Show More Summary

The Abortion Pill Is Safe and Effective, and We’re Suing to Make it More Accessible

The ACLU is taking on the FDA’s medically unjustified restrictions on the abortion pill, which hurt patients across the U.S. The idea that the regulation of medical care must be based on scientific evidence is not controversial — unless...Show More Summary

We’re Challenging Muslim Ban 3.0, Which Is Just More of the Same

Adding North Korea and Venezuela to the Muslim ban doesn’t even qualify as a fig leaf. President Trump signed the third version of his Muslim ban executive order on Sept. 24, about two weeks before the case involving the second version of the ban was to be argued before the Supreme Court. Show More Summary

President Trump’s Response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico Confirms Second-Class Citizenship

The humanitarian crisis brought on by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico is a civil rights issue. Over tweet s this weekend, President Trump confirmed that his administration’s underwhelming response to Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico is a symptom of these American citizens’ second-class status. Show More Summary

How A Bond Hearing Saved Me From Deportation

Detention almost broke me and I could have lost my life in the only country I’ve known since I was six years old. Today the Supreme Court will hear Jennings v. Rodriguez, a case that will decide the fate of thousands of men and women locked up in immigration prisons across the country. Show More Summary

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