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How Constitutional Change Happens: Q&A With David Cole

The author of “Engines of Liberty” talks with the ACLU about the power of citizen activists to change the law. The following is a Q&A with David Cole, civil liberties litigator, law professor, recipient of the ACLU’s inaugural Norman...Show More Summary

After the Ticker Tape Parade, a Grim Reality for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

Five members of the celebrated team are suing U.S. Soccer over their second-class treatment in pay. The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team has won three World Cup championships. Four times, they’ve won Olympic gold. They’ve been ranked number one in the world for most of the past seven years. Show More Summary

They Came A-Knockin', and I Said "As-Salam Alaikum, Y'all!"

An American Muslim family leaves city life behind for a small town in the South. In 2012, my family and I moved from a bigger city in the Midwest to a much smaller college town in the South — population 17,000. While the move was inconvenient to my social life (no more Fun Day-Mondays with the girls), I chalked it up as one more adventure in my life. Show More Summary

This Map Shows How the Apple-FBI Fight Was About Much More Than One Phone

The FBI’s request was part of a sustained government effort to exercise novel law enforcement power. The government insisted that its effort to force Apple to help break into an iPhone as part of the investigation into the 2015 San Bernardino shootings was just about that one case. Show More Summary

When a Headscarf Becomes a Target

To make clear their rights, the ACLU has just released a Know Your Rights guide for women and girls who wear hijab. Libraries and schools are supposed to be inclusive spaces for learning, growing, and tolerance. But two women last week — one in California, one in D.C. Show More Summary

The Fight Against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Heads to Court

The ACLU, Lambda Legal, and Equality North Carolina are suing to strike down North Carolina’s unconstitutional HB2. Apparently the most urgent need in the state of North Carolina involves stopping transgender people from using bathrooms. For...Show More Summary

Hey Albany, New Yorkers Deserve Paid Family Leave

If you care about civil rights, you should care about paid family leave. American workers have it hard. We put in more hours at work than any other workers in the industrialized world, and we are given — and take — fewer vacation days. At...Show More Summary

With Nuisance Laws, Has ‘Serve and Protect’ Turned Into ‘Silence and Evict’?

Nuisance laws are proliferating nationwide and making it an offense to call for help. This piece originally appeared at  When Nancy Markham called 911 multiple times between March and August 2014 because of her abusive ex-boyfriend, the single mother didn’t know that her calls for help would only lead to more fear and insecurity. Show More Summary

Can Your Boss Claim Their Religion Means You Can’t Get Birth Control Coverage?

Why should any of us be denied health insurance coverage guaranteed by law because of our employers’ religious beliefs? I’ve had Donna Summer’s 1983 hit playing in a loop in my head:  “She works hard for the money, so you better treat her right.” Okay, maybe this dates me a bit, but you get the point. Show More Summary

Two Lawyers Walk Into a Bar. And Get Kicked Out for Being Black.

We're used to taking on injustice and speaking out on behalf of our clients. This time the discrimination happened to us. This piece was originally published at the ACLU of Northern California's Medium page.  We began the evening onShow More Summary

Lawful but Awful: Texas Law Enforcement Agencies Must Find Alternatives to Lethal Force

Recent police shootings highlight the urgency for reforms in use-of-force policies. On March 13, 2016, off-duty Farmer’s Branch police officer Ken Johnson confronted two youths — 16-year-old Jose Raul Cruz and his friend Edgar Rodriguez — as they were allegedly attempting to break into a car. Show More Summary

Apple v. FBI: What Just Happened?

The FBI might not need Apple’s help to unlock this one phone, but the fight is far from over. Last night, on the eve of its courtroom showdown with Apple over a locked iPhone, the FBI surprised everyone. In a motion filed with the court,...Show More Summary

The Texas Border Surge Is Backfiring

The increase in law enforcement officers in the Rio Grande Valley makes residents feel less safe. Last year, the Texas Legislature passed an $800 million omnibus bill that, among other things, flooded the Rio Grande Valley with law enforcement officers. Show More Summary

The Apple Fight Is About All of Us

A joint statement from Access Now, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. A joint statement from Access Now, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Apple is engaged...Show More Summary

Police Accountability Doesn't Stop At the Schoolhouse Door

The Salt Lake City Police Department and School District have agreed to make changes in how they treat students of color. On December 16, 2010, the Salt Lake City Police Department and the Safe Streets Violent Crimes Task Force, in coordination...Show More Summary

The Public’s Need for the Full Story of CIA Torture Has Gotten Even More Urgent

Why we’re arguing for the release of the full 6,900-page Senate torture report. Given the recent and re-manufactured debate over torture’s legality, morality, and “effectiveness,” our nation is presented with a stark choice: Do we learn...Show More Summary

This Kentucky Prison Is Censoring Books and Magazines That ‘Promote Homosexuality’ Because Prisoners Who Read About Gay People May Become Gay Themselves

A Kentucky prison has a mail policy that prohibits prisoners from receiving books and magazines that “promote homosexuality.” It’s 2016, but the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex didn’t get the memo.    The minimum and medium security...Show More Summary

The Department of Justice Throws Its Weight Behind Ending the Jailing of the Poor for Unpaid Fines

Biloxi charts a better path for collecting fines the day after the federal government joins the fight. The fight against modern-day debtors’ prisons just got a new champion: the Department of Justice.  Yesterday the department called...Show More Summary

Is it Okay to Kick People Out of Campaign Rallies? That Depends.

Campaigns have the right to exclude people from their events as long as they don’t run afoul of nondiscrimination laws. While there may not be a single policy issue this year’s presidential candidates can agree on, there does seem to...Show More Summary

Ida-NO: Gem State Lawmakers Consider Bill to Allow Bible in Science Classes

Idaho legislators unconstitutionally push the Bible as a reference text for science classes. Idaho’s public school students may soon have an additional reference text in science class — the Bible.  Senate Bill 1342, which will be heard...Show More Summary

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