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How Can the Justice Department Help CIA Torture Victims? In This Case, By Doing Nothing.

Will the Obama administration once again block torture victims from their day in court? Is the Obama administration going to stand in the way of justice for torture victims? We’ll know soon enough. Last month, the ACLU filed a lawsuit...Show More Summary

Judges Say No to Obama’s Lock-’Em-Up-With-No-Questions-Asked Immigration Detention Policy

Two federal courts rule against the Obama administration’s prolonged jailing of immigrants. Detention is one of the cruelest aspects of our broken immigration system. On any given day, the federal government holds tens of thousands of men, women, and children in a vast network of jails and prisons across the country. Show More Summary

Houston, We Have a Problem.

Opponents of Houston’s Proposition 1 preyed on unfounded fears of trans women to kill the city’s equal rights ordinance. “No men in women’s bathrooms.” Those five words animated a campaign based in fear and deception that used anti-trans...Show More Summary

If Nothing Happens Between Now and Tonight, Missouri Will Execute an Intellectually Disabled Man

States continue to execute the intellectually disabled in violation of the Supreme Court and basic morality. Nine months ago I found myself crushed and crying over a beer on a cool, dark January night in Texas. The state of Texas had...Show More Summary

Say It Ain’t So, SXSW 2016 (Updated)

The South by Southwest Interactive festival has unfortunately succumbed to the heckler’s veto on #GamerGate. Update (10/30/15): In response to feedback, SXSW has added a day-long summit on the topic of online harassment to its 2016 programming. Show More Summary

Stop Brutalizing Kids in the Classroom

Too often, children in schools have found themselves targeted by officers, not protected by them. This must end. This piece originally appeared on MSNBC. A turning point in the civil rights movement came in the spring of 1963 when the...Show More Summary

Say It Ain’t So SXSW 2016

The South by Southwest Interactive festival has unfortunately succumbed to the heckler’s veto on #GamerGate. #GamerGate is the controversy — and the hashtag — that won’t die. Ask four people what #GamerGate is about, and you’ll get four different answers: A movement to challenge lack of ethics in video game journalism. Show More Summary

Is This What School Safety Looks Like? Because It's Terrifying.

A video of a police officer manhandling a student epitomizes the risk of criminalizing kids for being kids. Yesterday, a video surfaced of a young female African-American student at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina being put in a headlock and then slammed to the ground while sitting in her desk by a white police officer. Show More Summary

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors Should Feel Safe Seeking Police Help, Not Shame, Hostility, or Indifference

Law enforcement continues to fail women survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Imagine that you were just assaulted and needed emergency assistance from the police. But instead of responding with care and concern, the police reacted with hostility, shamed you for seeking help, and expressed disinterest in your safety or in investigating your case. Show More Summary

Court Chooses to Ignore Overwhelming Evidence of NSA’s Mass Internet Spying

A federal district court yesterday dismissed Wikimedia v. NSA A federal district court yesterday dismissed  Wikimedia v. NSA, a lawsuit brought by the ACLU on behalf of a broad group of educational, legal, human rights, and media organizations...Show More Summary

Getting it Right for Transgender Students

What our client wants is pretty basic – to be accepted for who she is and treated just like other students. Last week, a suburban Chicago school district – High School District 211 – announced that they would not comply with a ruling...Show More Summary

At Guantanamo, Sometimes Even the Judge is In the Dark

So many questions arise when you try to invent justice as you go along. I’m writing from Guantánamo Bay, where pre-trial proceedings in the military commissions prosecution of the 9/11 defendants have restarted after an 18-month delay. Show More Summary

An Apology May Seem Like a Small Thing After Being Tortured. It’s Anything But.

Torture ruins lives. Apologies and compensation to victims can help repair them. An American torture survivor tells his story The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will hold a hearing on Friday, October 23, to address the implications of impunity for CIA torture and the need for reparations for victim. Show More Summary

Drone Disclosures, Official and Not

The government has only itself to blame for whistleblowers. As readers of this blog already know, last week The Intercept published a series of fascinating stories about the US drone campaign. The stories, and the official documentsShow More Summary

Victory for New York Women: Governor Andrew Cuomo Advances Equality for Pregnant Workers

New women’s equality laws aim to remove barriers that perpetuate sex discrimination Over the years the New York Civil Liberties Union and ACLU have heard countless stories from pregnant workers across New York who were forced on unpaid...Show More Summary

Criminal Justice Needs a New Investment Strategy

For decades, we’ve been writing blank checks with taxpayer dollars. This piece originally appeared on The Washington Examiner. Our criminal justice system is broken. Lives, families and communities are laid to waste while over two million Americans languish in prison. Show More Summary

This System Tramples on Poor People

The stories of two people in Mississippi who were thrown in jail for being unable to pay traffic fines. Today the ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of two poor people who were jailed by Biloxi, Mississippi, because of their failure to pay traffic tickets. Show More Summary

“All I want to do is be a normal child and use the restroom in peace.”

We’re appealing a court’s decision to deny our transgender client the right to use the restroom. A few minutes ago, we filed our opening brief in our appeal of Gavin’s case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. I wrote about Gavin’s case last July, when we argued on behalf of Gavin in federal court in Norfolk, Virginia. Show More Summary

NYPD Says ‘Trust Us’ on Potentially Dangerous X-Ray Vans Roaming the Streets of New York

Yet the department won't answer simple questions on the very real privacy and health risks associated with the technology. The New York Police Department, apparently, believes it should have the power to see through walls and that New...Show More Summary

Native American Women Deserve the Same Reproductive Health Care as Any Other Woman, No Questions Asked

Indian Health Services has finally updated its policy requiring its facilities to provide the morning-after pill. Imagine being blocked completely when trying to access the same emergency contraception that every other woman can get by walking into their neighborhood pharmacy. Show More Summary

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